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    Hero MotoCorp Feb 2021 Sales Crosses 5 Lakh – Splendor, Destini, Maestro

    Image – Abhishek
    Hero MotoCorp sales surpass the 5 lakh units mark yet again in February 2021

    Yet again Hero Motocorp has reported total sales at over 5 lakh units. February 2021, saw the manufacturer reports sales decline for motorcycles, and growth for scooters. Motorcycle sales fell to 4,63,723 units, down from 4,79,310 units at volume loss of 15.587 units. Sales decline stood at 3.25 units.
    Motorcycle sales contributes to the lion’s share of volumes at over 90 percent. Scooter sales improved significantly in Feb 2021. Sales was up at 41,744 units, up from 18,932 units. Sales more than doubled at volume gain of 22,812 units. Growth is pegged at 120 percent to raise scooters’ share in total sales to 8.26 percent.
    Hero MotoCorp Exports Feb 2021
    Hero MotoCorp does most of its business at home. Domestic sales stood at 4,84,433 units, remaining flat-tish, up from 4,80,196 units sold in Feb 2020. Some of the star performers in sales were Splendor, Passion, HF Deluxe, Maestro, Pleasure, Glamour, etc.
    Exports grew by 16.56 percent, up at 21,034 units, up from 18,046 units at volume gain at just under 3k units. Exports accounted for just over 4 percent of total sales at Hero MotoCorp. Total sales growth last month is reported at 1.45 percent. Sales rose to 5,05,467 units, up from 4,98,242 units. Volume gain stood at 7,225 units.
    Hero MotoCorp Sales Feb 2021
    MoM sales growth is reported at just over 4 percent, up from 4,85,889 units. volume gain stood at 19,578 units. MoM motorcycles’ sales growth is reported at 3.27 percent. Sales rose from 4,49,037 units at volume gain of 14,686 units. Scooter sales MoM growth is reported at 13.27 percent. Sales rose from 36,852 units at volume gain of 4,892 units.
    Of this domestic sales MoM growth stood at 3.56 percent at volume gain of 16,657 units. Sales rose from 4,67,776 units sold in Jan 21. Exports grew by 16.13 percent at volume gain of 2,921 units. Exports rose from 18,113 units a month earlier.
    YTD sales
    Despite Hero MotoCorp’s ability to sell two wheelers by the dozen, the manufacturer is staring at sales decline for the fiscal that ends in March 2021. This is but expected considering the slow start to business in FY21. After a complete lockdown through April 2020 owing to Covid-19 pandemic, the following months were spent smoothening logistics and supply chain disruptions. While business in recent months has been favourable, the year will end on a slow note.
    YTD FY21 motorcycles sales is down by 15.40 percent at 48,08,849 units, down from 56,84,508 units. Despite uncertainties, scooter sales has improved at just under 4 percent. Over 4 lakh units have been sold in the last 11 months, up from just under 4 lakh units for the same period in FY20. Total domestic YTD sales has crossed the 50 lakh mark, down from just under 60 lakhs at the same time last year.
    Exports decline marginally at 1,58,991 units. The start to 2021 appears to be strong with Hero MotoCorp wholesales through January and February being reported at just under 10 lakh units. More

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    Hero Xtreme 160R 100 Million Edition At Dealer Showroom – First Look Walkaround

    Hero Xtreme 160R 100 Million Edition
    Hero MotoCorp’s 100 million edition lineup will feature six models including Maestro, Destini, Splendor, Passion Pro, Glamor and Xtreme 160R

    A few weeks ago, Hero MotoCorp celebrated a unique achievement of 100 million cumulative production units across India ever since its inception. It became the only two-wheeler manufacturer in the country to achieve this feat. To mark this momentous occasion, Hero announced that it will be launching special edition models of some of its two-wheelers.
    Earlier, we had covered the 100 Million Edition model of Splendor and the cosmetics differences from its standard counterpart. Now, the company has launched a new 100 Million Limited Edition model of its premium motorcycle Xtreme 160R. The bike comes with a new paint scheme and body graphics.
    Updated Styling
    The changes in the special edition model are limited to cosmetic updates only as it is identical to the regular model in every other respect. It sports a new livery with a dual-tone colour scheme flourishing red and white. While the front half of the bike is dominated by red colour, the latter half is painted in white.
    For instance, the bike’s front fender, headlamp mask, fuel tank extensions and side panels are covered in red thereby enhancing its sporty appeal. Take a detailed look at the new limited edition Hero Xtreme 160R in a walkaround video below, credit to MotoXpert Khan.
    [embedded content]
    Latter half of the fuel tank and part of the rear fender is sprayed with white as the base colour and have red graphics with 160R decals. The manufacturer has also added a ‘100 Million Limited Edition’ logo/badge on the fuel tank to make the motorcycle look more attractive. The mechanical components such as engine-gearbox assemble, kick start, footpegs, alloy wheels and part of the rear fender have been covered in black accentuating its sportiness.
    Features on offer
    The bike gets the same set of features as the regular model including an LED headlamp, LED indicators, dual-tone fuel tank, minimal cowls, smoked-out LED taillamp with ‘H’ signature and a heavily contoured single-piece saddle which are exactly the same as the regular Xtreme 160R.
    The special edition model continues to feature creature comforts such as a fully digital inverted LCD instrument console, hazard lights and side stand engine cut-off. Price of this limited edition Xtreme 160R is Rs 1,08,750, ex-sh. In comparison, Xtreme 160R single disc costs 1,03,900 and double disc costs 1,06,950. This makes the special edition about Rs 2k more expensive than the dual disc variant.
    Hero Xtreme 160R 100 Million Edition
    Mechanical Specs
    Even mechanically, this special edition model is identical to the regular model. It is powered by the same 163cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that kicks out 15 bhp against 14 Nm of peak torque. It is paired with a 5-speed gearbox.
    New Xtreme 160R is capable of sprinting from 0 to 60 kmph in just 4.7 seconds and has a kerb weight of 139.5 kg. It rolls on 17-inch alloy wheels wrapped by 100/80 and 130/70 sections of rubber at front and rear respectively. The special edition model comes equipped with disc brakes on both ends assisted by a dual-channel ABS. More

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    Hero MotoCorp Model Wise Sales, Exports Jan 2021 – Splendor, Passion, Pleasure

    Image – RGB BIKES
    Hero Splendor was the best-selling product by the company in both domestic and overseas markets in January 2021

    Hero MotoCorp continued to sell large volumes of two-wheelers at the start of this new year and clearly outnumbered its rivals by a fair margin. Although the manufacturer did face a slight drop in sales in the domestic market last month. Against a sales volume of 4,90,286 units in January 2020, the company recorded a sales volume of 4,67,753 units last month.
    Domestic Sales- Splendor, HF Deluxe, Passion Pro Lead Charts
    This meant YoY sales declined by 4.60 percent while it held a market share of 32.71 percent. As usual, Splendor was the biggest contributor to Hero’s sales volume as the commuter bike raked in 2,25,382 units for the OEM in January 2021. Last year during the same period, the figures stood at 2,22,578 units which translated to a YoY growth of 1.26 percent.
    Splendor was followed by another entry-level motorcycle HF Deluxe which recorded sales of 1,34,860 units last month as opposed to 1,91,875 units in January 2020. This translated to a YoY decline in sales by 29.71 percent.
    Passion Pro followed in next to occupy the third spot. The Star City-rival raked in 43,162 units last month against last year’s 26,905 units, therefore, registering YoY growth of 60.42 percent.
    Hero MotoCorp Domestic Sales Jan 2021
    Strong numbers by scooters
    Glamor took the fourth spot after it recorded a sales volume of 22,681 units in January 2021. During the same month last year, Hero sold 40,318 units of the 125cc bike which translates to a decline in YoY sales by 43.74 percent.
    Glamor was followed by the company’s entry-level scooter offering Pleasure Plus. Hero dispatched 18,603 units of Pleasure in January this year. In comparison, the company dispatched only 4,239 units in January 2020 which translated to an impressive YoY growth of 338.85 percent. Pleasure was followed by Destini 125 with a sales volume of 9,484 units last month against a paltry 394 units sold in January 2020. This translates to a massive YoY growth of 4674.56 percent.
    The seventh spot was occupied by the Maestro brand of scooters which raked in 6,388 units for the manufacturer as opposed to 656 units in January 2020 with an impressive YoY growth of 873.78 percent. The eighth and ninth places were taken by Xtreme 160R and Xpulse 200 with a humongous YoY growth of 4674.56 percent and 1159 percent respectively.
    Hero MotoCorp Exports Jan 2021
    Exports- Splendor Leads
    As far as exports are concerned, Splendor was leading the charts again with 5,671 units shipped to overseas markets. In comparison, the company shipped 2,732 units of Splendor in January 2020 which meant a YoY growth of 107.58 percent.
    It was followed by Xtreme 150 which recorded 2,675 units shipped abroad last month against January last year’s 230 units. This meant it registered a YoY growth of 1063 percent. HF Deluxe took the third spot after it registered sales of 2,675 units in January 2021 thus recording a decline in YoY sales by 17.52 percent.
    Products such as Duet (1,794 units) and Hunk (1,566 units), which have been discontinued in India, were also shipped overseas in decent numbers. A total of 18,113 two-wheelers were shipped by Hero last month against a total of 13,533 units dispatched during the same period last month. More

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    Hero Xpulse 200 Modified To Look Like An Enduro Bike – Adventure Ready

    Hero Xpulse 200 Modified
    Hero Xpulse 200 competes against entry-level adventure tourer motorcycles such as Royal Enfield Himalayan and KTM 250 Adventure

    At Rs 1.15 lakh (ex-showroom), Hero Xpulse 200 is by far the most affordable adventure motorcycle in India. It may not be the best looking bikes but it gets the job done for the purpose it has been built. Apart from being a good touring machine with decent off-road capabilities, the fact that it is super affordable makes it a fan favourite among biking enthusiasts looking for an entry-level adventure tourer.
    It is also a fan favourite when it comes to aftermarket modifications and is one of the most sought after customised bikes in India currently. Over the years we have seen many examples of a modified Xpulse 200, some of them quite tasteful in fact. The latest case is one such example.
    Customised Design
    This piece of Xpulse 200 owned by an enthusiast named Tushar Doultani has been modified to look like an enduro bike. Getting into the details of its design, its stock circular headlamp has been replaced with a square-ish aftermarket unit.
    It also wears a new headlamp cowl to suit its squared-off arches. The modified bike also gets a straight-line handlebar with aftermarket knuckle guards. The owner has ditched the factory fitted rearview mirrors.
    Hero Xpulse 200 Modified
    Switching to its rear end, quite a few interesting mod jobs have been carried out. The most prominent highlight being the aftermarket fender which completely alters the bike’s visual appeal. An almost vertical tail section gives it a much needed enduro look. It has been installed at an angle very similar to its saddle. To top it off, the custom paint job makes it look ready for a dirt rally.
    Hero Xpulse Rally Kit
    However, all the above mentioned modifications look good mainly because the bike has been installed with Hero’s official rally kit. The bikemaker offers a rally kit with Xpulse 200 which comes with a bunch of components that make the bike much more friendly in tough off-roading conditions.
    The package includes an adjustable cartridge front suspension unit, a preload-adjustable rear suspension and chunkier Maxxis tyres. Also part of the kit are an extended gear pedal, extra-long side stand and handlebar risers. It also gets a flat and taller bench-style seat which is useful for long-distance touring.
    Hero Xpulse 200 Modified
    Engine Specs & Features
    Xpulse 200 draws its power from a 199.6cc, single-cylinder, oil-cooled engine returning an output of 17.8 bhp at 8,500rpm and 16.45 Nm of peak torque at 6,500rpm. This unit is paired with a 5-speed gearbox. On the feature front, it is offered with a full-LED headlamp and a digital instrument cluster and Bluetooth connectivity for navigation and call alerts.
    Source More

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    Hero Electric Scooter Dealers Register Record Footfalls – Thanks To Rise In Petrol Prices

    Hero Electric Scooter
    Petrol and diesel prices continued to soar to new heights as rates were hiked for the 12th consecutive day on Saturday

    Rising fuel prices over the past several weeks has caused some concerns to consumers. Following the most recent price hike, petrol now stands at Rs 90.58 per liter, while diesel is at Rs. 80.97 per liter in Delhi. This has led to consumers seeking alternative measures to counter such rising expense and higher cost of ownership.
    Use of public transport is also looked upon with some trepidation due to the ongoing pandemic, making the consumer turn towards alternative options of travel. It is here that electric vehicles come into play and EV makers in the country have been noting higher demand.
    The Government of India has also unveiled the ‘Go Electric’ initiative with a logo being released and an exhibition held wherein electric e-buses, e-cars, 3-wheelers, and 2-wheelers were on display along with Fast and Slow Chargers.
    Hero Electric Dealerships Note Rising Footfalls
    Dealerships have been reporting rising footfalls with customers seeing test rides of these electric bikes. Buyers are also seeking exchange options to trade in their existing petrol powered vehicles for electric models.
    Hero Electric Scooter Dealer
    Hero Electric has stated that over the past few weeks, dealerships have been seeing increased footfalls and the Hero City Speed NYX electric scooter has been much in demand. Launched in October 2020, this e-scooter is priced at Rs.64,640 and offers a range starts at 82 km per charge going upto 210 km per charge, depending on battery size.
    Hero Electric Bikes
    Hero Electric also offers City Speed e-bikes Optima and Photon. These e-scooters offer affordable mobility solution especially under the present scenario and hence customers are not only coming into dealerships asking for test rides but are also seeking exchange options to trade in their petrol scooters.
    Hero’s City Speed range offers better long terms saving and lower cost of maintenance, especially along with the Central Government’s FAME II scheme. An electric scooter has several advantages over an ICE scooter. It brings expenses on regular maintenance, spares and fuel down to zero while each of these vehicles offer best in class efficiencies in terms of speed, pickup and performance even under heavy traffic conditions.
    Hero Electric’s City Speed e-Bikes, Optima, Nyx, and Photon, in the light weight, city speed and high performance range, offer low running costs and command high load carrying capabilities. They boast of an attractive design and are fitted with a host of connectivity features.
    The e-scooters offer complete solutions to B2B customer with 90 percent plus uptime and swappable infrastructure with minimum cost of ownership and zero emissions. The bikes are ideally suited for city and office travel, made especially convenient with the company having a total of 750+ charging stations set up across the country. More

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    2021 Hero Passion Pro New TVC – Celebrates 100 Millionth Edition

    New Hero Passion Pro
    Hero Passion Pro is one of the top-selling motorcycle in the country

    Hero Passion Pro is a commuter bike. It is priced from Rs. 67,608 to 69,808 in India and is presented in two variants and four colour options. In its BS6 avatar, to which it was updated earlier last year, it gets several design updates. Detailed in a new TVC, the Passion Pro appeals to buyers to ‘Chalo Apni Chaal’ and to break away from the ordinary and set new standards following their own paths.
    Hero MotoCorp 100 Millionth Unit
    Earlier this month, in celebration of the production of the 100 millionth unit, Hero MotoCorp unveiled special editions. These were of Xtreme 160R, Passion Pro, Glamour, Destini 125, and Maestro Edge 110.
    All these are now on sale across India. Hero MotoCorp become India’s only two wheeler brand to achieve this feat of producing 100 millionth two wheeler and this milestone model was the Hero Xtreme 160R which rolled out of its Haridwar plant.
    New TVC for Passion Pro 2021
    Hero Passion Pro is powered by a 110cc BS6 engine. This engine makes 9.02 hp power and 9.89 Nm torque. Though power figure drops as compared to that seen on its BS4 counterpart, there is a hike in torque. It gets drum brakes at the front and rear and combined braking system on both wheels. Weight is at 117 kgs and tank capacity of 10 liters. New TVC can be seen below.
    [embedded content]
    Where styling is concerned, the BS6 Passion Pro 110 looks sportier than its earlier counterpart. It receives a black visor, 3D Hero badging and 18 inch alloy wheels. New graphics also make the bike stand apart while the Passion Pro is also offered with F1 and i3s technology.
    It also gets larger and more angular headlamps with new bikini fairing, fuel tank extensions with ‘PRO’ decals and under seat panels along with a sharper tail lamp. Feature updates include a new semi digital instrument cluster offering real time fuel efficiency and other data while suspension travel is increased by 15mm for a more comfortable ride.
    For even easier riding through traffic, the new Hero Passion Pro gets a feature called Auto Sail. This eliminates the need for the rider to use the clutch in traffic and prevents the bike from stalling.
    Hero MotoCorp Upcoming Products
    Hero MotoCorp has revealed that the company will be launching 10 products each year over the next 5 years. These will include new models or updated variants of its existing products while the company will also pay special attention to reduce its carbon footprint with eco-friendly facilities and fuel efficient models.
    The company has also set up a separate unit to sell Harley Davidson bikes in India after the US based company shut down its operations in the country. Hero has added 11 new dealerships for the Harley Davidson brand and Hero will also develop motorcycles to be sold under the Harley brand. More

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    Hero Splendor 100 Million Edition Detailed In First Look Walkaround

    Hero Splendor 100 Million Edition. Image – ConsumerABS
    Hero Splendor is the manufacturer’s entry-level motorcycle and the highest-selling motorcycle in the world

    Hero MotoCorp recently celebrated production of 100 million two-wheelers since its inception in the Indian automotive market. This makes it the first two-wheeler company in the country to clock this momentous figure. In order to commemorate this special occasion, Hero has launched special 100 Million Edition models.
    The special edition lineup includes models such as Maestro, Destini, Splendor, Passion Pro, Glamor and Xtreme 160R. These 100 Million Edition models have cosmetic enhancements over their regular counterparts but no mechanical or design updates. In a video uploaded by YouTube channel ConsumerABS, the vlogger reveals details of a 100 Million Edition of Splendor.
    Updated Cosmetics
    Hero Splendor is currently retailed between Rs 61,785 and Rs 65,295. For starters, it wears an all-new red paint with body graphics on its fuel tank, side panels, rear fenders and headlamp cowl. Chrome and silver elements on the mechanical components have been reduced.
    For example, the engine and transmission assembly has been painted black instead of silver. So have been the toolbox and front suspension forks. It also rides on blacked-out alloy wheels as opposed to silver-finish alloys on the regular model. Below is a detailed walkaround video of the new Splendor 100 Million Edition.
    [embedded content]
    Other blacked-out elements include the exhaust pipe, muffler and swingarms. Some chrome elements such as the leg-guards, handlebar, ignition kick, exhaust guard and luggage carrier at rear have been retained in chrome.
    The other notable inclusion is ‘100 Million Edition’ branding on fuel tank and seat. Speaking of seats, this special edition motorcycle gets a dual-tone seat with contrast red stitching. On the whole, the bike looks sporty as well as aesthetically pleasing.
    Design & Features on offer
    As mentioned earlier there are no other changes on the bike what-so-ever. Its design highlights include bikini fairing and its iconic rectangular headlight, taillight and turn indicators. It gets the same set of features as the standard model which includes halogen lighting setup and an analogue instrument console that reads out information like speed, total distance covered, and fuel level.
    Hero 100 Million Editions
    It also gets a new i3s technology which is shot for idle stop start system. This feature kills the engine off while it idles for more than 5 seconds, This helps in bringing down consumption of fuel.
    Mechanical Specs
    Coming to its engine specs, it is powered by a BS6 compliant 97.2cc single-cylinder sloper fuel-injected engine which produces 7.9 bhp and 8.05 Nm of peak torque. This unit is paired with a 5-speed gearbox. It is built on a double-cradle frame which is suspended on telescopic forks at front and preload-adjustable twin shocks. Stopping power comes from 130mm drum brakes at both ends with CBS as standard. More

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    Hero MotoCorp Sales Jan 2021 – Splendor, Passion, Maestro, Pleasure, Xpulse

    Hero Splendor
    Hero MotoCorp reports decline in domestic wholesales and growth in exports for January 2021

    For January 2021, Hero MotoCorp reports total wholesales of motorcycles and scooters at 4,85,889 units. Sales decline stood at 3.14 percent, down from 5,01,622 units at volume loss of 15,733 units. Two aspects around which Hero MotoCorp’s success is built is that fact that it sells way more motorcycles than scooters, and that the majority of its sales is in the domestic market.
    FY21 YTD total sales is currently down by 15.56 percent. Total sales is down at 47,09,114 units from 55,76,830 units at volume loss of over 8.5 lakh units. FY21 YTD motorcycle sales has dropped by 16.52 percent. Sales through the past ten months fell to 43,45,126 units, down from 52,05,198 units at volume loss of just over 8.6 lakh units.
    For January 2021, Hero MotoCorp motorcycle sales decline is reported at 9.18 percent. Sales fell to 4,49,037 units, down from 4,94,432 units at volume loss of 45,395 units.
    Scooter sales growth
    Scooter sales last month totalled 36,852 at considerable growth from 7,190 units. Volume gain stood at just shy of 30k units. In total, motorcycle sales accounted for 92.42 percent of company sales, and scooter sales for 7.58 percent. YTD FY21 scooter sales decline is considerably small at 2.06 percent. Total scooter sales accounts for 3,63,988 units, at volume loss of just over 7.5k units, down from 3,71,632 units.
    Hero MotoCorp Sales Jan 2021
    Domestic sales last month accounted for 4,67,776 units at 96.27 percent of monthly sales. Domestic sales decline is reported at 4.16percent, down from 4,88,069 units at volume loss of just over 20k units. YTD FY21 domestic sales decline is reported at 15.89 percent. Wholesales are down at 45,71,157 units from 54,34,577 units.
    Exports grew by a third last month. Up at 18,113 units from 13,553 units at volume gain of 4,560 units. Exports accounted for 3.73 percent of total sales. YTD FY21 exports has declined by 3.02 percent. Exports are down at 1,37,957 units from 1,42,253 units at volume loss of 4,296 units.
    MoM motorcycle sales growth is reported at 8.18 percent, up from 4,15,099 units. MoM scooter sales growth stood at 14.32 percent, up from 32,236 units at volume gain of 4,616 units. Total MoM sales growth is at 8.62 percent, up from 4,47,335 units. MoM loss was reported only for exports, down 17.79 percent. Exports fell from juts over 22k units at about 4k units volume loss.
    Hero MotoCorp 10 crore production milestone
    Hero MotoCorp has had a great run through January 2021. On January 21, 2021 the company announced it had reached cumulative production milestone of 100 million (10 crore) units to date. The 100 millionth unit to rollout was deemed to be a Xtreme 160R unit from the manufacturer’s Haridwar plant.
    The milestone was marked by the introduction of six celebration edition models. They include Splendor+, Xtreme 160R, Passion Pro and Glamour; and two scooters – Destini 125 and Maestro Edge 110. Sales for these celebratory edition begins in February 2021. More