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    Ather Reports Best Quarter Results Ever – Books Profit For First Time

    Image – abhithadi / AtherAther’s current focus is on expanding operations and improving fast charging infrastructure
    One of the early entrants in the electric two-wheeler space, Ather Energy has reported its best ever quarterly performance. Ather has consistently ranked among the top five electric two wheeler manufacturers. In February 2021, Ather was at fourth place with sales of 624 units. YoY growth was 69.11% and market share at 10.30%.
    Ather Q4, FY21 results
    As per info shared by the company’s co-founder and CEO Tarun Mehta, Ather sales have increased by a whopping 250%. This has been made possible with the company’s focus to expand operations across the country.
    Ather has presence in most of the top cities such as Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune and Ahmedabad. Several smaller cities have also been covered such as Coimbatore, Hubli, Jaipur, Kochi, Kozhikode, Nagpur, and Trichy. Ather has plans to launch operations in several other cities this year.
    In other positive developments for Ather in Q4, 2021, the total number of test rides during this period has increased 6X times. Rise in fuel prices is one of the key reasons why more people are now thinking about electric two wheelers. This represents a good opportunity for the company. In Q4, the number of cities covered by Ather has increased from 4 to 10.
    Ather Founder, Tarun reveals the staggering growth performance of their electric scooter
    Ather is also working to increase the number of fast charging stations. This has increased from 79 to 129 in Q4. Readily available fast charging infrastructure takes care of range anxiety and is an important factor that influences acceptability of electric two wheelers. Ather will be adding more of these in the future. In terms of production, Ather has been able to reduce assembly time by 32%.
    Positive margins achieved
    In a first, Ather has been able to register positive margins for the first time. Startups require heavy investments and achieving profitability is often an uphill task. With positive margins, Ather is in a better position to attract new investments, boost production and expand operations to new cities.
    Ather’s primary offering is its 450X electric scooter. It is equipped with an IP 67 rated water and dust resistant 2.9 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that sends power to a 6kW PMS motor. Torque output is 26 Nm.
    Ather 450X has ride modes of Eco, Ride, Sports and Warp. Max range of 85 km is available in Eco mode. In Ride and Sports, the range is 70 km and 60 km, respectively. Max speed and acceleration is possible in Warp mode, where 0-40 kmph can be achieved in 3.3 seconds. Ather 450X can be charged with any 5A plug point and can load 15 km in just 10 minutes. More

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    Ather Electric Scooter Production Capacity To Triple By March 2023

    Ather 450XCurrent capacity of Ather Energy stands at about 9,200 units per month, from its Hosur plant
    Ather Energy, the makers of the 450X and 450 Plus electric scooters, plan to increase their production capacity three fold to 3 lakh units by the end of FY23 (March 2023). Current annual capacity stands at 1.10 lakh scooters and 1.20 lakh battery packs.
    Though the production capacity is at about 9,200 units per month, Ather does not produce that many scooters currently. The company expects to use the current capacity to 100% by 2022. Investment into this plant currently stands at Rs.130 crores. Total investment till date stands at Rs 650 crores.
    More production, More space
    Current production of 1 lakh units capacity is from the factory area of 1.2 lakh sq ft. When they increase the capacity, they will increase the plant area as well. Ather states that the area can be extended to 4 lakh sq ft by the end of FY23, which will help increase production capacity of e-scooters as well as battery packs.
    The increased demand being shown toward the Ather 450X has stirred up enthusiasm to boost capacities. The company currently stands at No.4 in the electric two wheeler segment with a market share of 10.30 percent. Ather 450 Plus is priced at Rs.1,40,514 while the Ather 450X is priced at Rs.1,46,926 in Delhi.
    New Ather EV Plant
    Despite the fact that this price is much higher the price of a petrol powered scooter, sales have seen a significant increase. The higher prices of fuel coupled with several state and central government initiatives have given this sector a boost.
    Ather Experience Centers
    Ather Energy has set up experience and delivery centers in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Coimbatore, and Kochi, while deliveries are set to commence in Trichy, Mysore, Hubli, and Delhi from later this month. The company targets around 27 delivery centers by the end of this year.
    Ather Energy also offers free charging not only for the Ather 450X but for any electric scooter at their experience centers and public charging stations. Plans are afoot to set up take up the county from a current 130 to 400 charging stations by the end of Dec 21.
    New Athers
    Ather has revealed that they have plans to launch more scooters and motorcycles. Yes, Ather has plans to enter electric motorcycle segment as well. But they have not shared a timeline as to when they will launch their next electric scooters / motorcycles. As of now, they will continue to focus on entering new cities, increasing charging infrastructure and increasing plant capacity.
    Ather 450X Specs
    The 450X gets its power via a 6 W PMS motor along with an IP67 rated 2.9 kWh lithium ion battery pack that makes 25 Nm peak torque. Acceleration from 0 to 40 km/h is achieved in 3.3 seconds while in Wrap mode and top speed is at 80 km/h. Battery charging from 0-80 percent is achieved in 3 hours 35 minutes and can be charged upto 100 percent in 5 hours 45 minutes. The company offers a 3 year warranty on the 450X which includes the battery.
    More recently, the company introduced the 13 OTA update (Atherstack Atom) for the 450X. This offers Bluetooth based music and call feature via the user’s smartphone. This update is via the Ather App and is currently only offered on Android and Google PlayStore while it will be released on Apple App Store for iOS users later this year. More

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    Ather 450X Series1 First Unit Delivered In Delhi – To Dr Pawan Munjal

    Ather 450X Series1 and its 1st owner. Image – Ather / Tarun MehtaThe Ather 450X electric scooter has been launched across markets and now retail operations in New Delhi commence
    Following the opening of retail operations of Ather Energy in New Delhi, the first unit of Ather 450X Series1 was handed over by Tarun Mehta, co-founder and CEO of Ather Energy to Dr Pawan Munjal, Chairman and CEO of Hero MotoCorp. Hero MotoCorp is a leading investor in Bengaluru based Ather Energy, currently holding nearly 35 percent stake.
    Ather 450X is an electric scooter manufactured by Ather Energy that has been well received in the country. The company currently stands at No.4 in the electric two wheeler segment with a market share of 10.30 percent.
    Ather 450X Series1
    Ather Energy offers the 450X and 450 e-scooters both of which are on sale via showrooms. The Ather 450 Plus is priced at Rs.1,40,514 while the Ather 450X is priced at Rs.1,46,926 in Delhi, where retail operations have just been opened.
    This price includes both Central and State Govt subsidies and charges for performance upgrades. The company is also offering buyers the Ather Dot home or portable charger at a discounted price. Insurance, road tax, registration, etc, are extra.
    Ather 450X Series1
    The 450X e-scooter is presented in colour options of Space Grey, Mint Green and White. Series1 is a special edition finished in Black and red accents. It is positioned on an aluminum cast frame with a single piece seat and headlight mounted front apron. It gets a 7.0 inch TFT display with Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity, all LED lighting and rides on 12 inch alloy wheels.
    It gets 4 riding modes of Eco, Ride, Sport and Wrap and comes in with a 3 year warranty on the 450X and battery. It uses a 6 W PMS motor with an IP67-rated 2.9 kWh lithium-ion battery that offers 26 Nm peak torque. Acceleration from 0 to 40 km/h is possible in 3.3 seconds in Wrap mode while top speed stands at 80 km/h.
    Ather Energy claims a True Range of 85km/charge in Eco mode, 70km/charge in Ride mode and 60km/charge in Sports mode. There are owners who have managed to achieve a range much higher than that. The battery offers upto 0-80 percent charge in 3 hrs and 35 min and from 0-100 percent in 5 hrs 45 min. Suspension is handled by telescopic forks on the front side and a mono-shock unit on the rear end.
    Ather 450X – 13th OTA Update
    Ather Energy recently rolled out the 13th OTA update (Atherstack Atom) for the 450X. This allows Bluetooth based music and call feature with the user’s smartphone synced to the touchscreen dashboard. This update is via the Ather App and is initially available on Android in the Google Play Store while later it will be released in the Apple App Store for iOS users.
    This is for existing users of the 450X while new deliveries with find this as a built in feature. Through this app, users can answer or reject calls via the dashboard. The dashboard will also show album art, name of song and artist in the display. Following this update, the company is now set to introduce a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) for the Ather 450X. More

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    Ather 450X Electric Scooter Receives Atherstack Atom OTA Update

    Ather 450x in PuneAther Energy has released the 13th OTA update for their 450x electric scooter
    The Ather riding experience is now more convenient with the latest Atherstack Atom update. This means one can take phone calls and change tracks with Ather 450X control. With this, one can view music and phone calls from the Ather 450X dashboard.
    The revamped Ather app means existing owners can get feature upgrades via OTA. This is the 13th OTA (Over the Air) update to Atherstack Atom. Now one can enjoy Bluetooth based Music & Call feature on Ather 450X. One can pair the scooter’s 7- inch touchscreen dashboard to a smartphone in use.
    Atherstack Atom
    When music is playing, album art, song name, and artist name can be viewed on the dash. When stationary, the rider can switch to previous track, play/pause current track or switch to next track. The update is compatible with all popular music streaming services and podcast services.
    One can accept/reject the call on the touchscreen dashboard. A combination of physical switches can be used when riding. Ather Energy is working to introduce a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), which will further enhance vehicle performance. Take a look at the short video on the newest update.
    [embedded content]
    With these additions, the need to pull out one’s phone when riding is limited. The new Ather App proves to be a clean, intuitive interface with a contextual home screen for easy access to all info a rider typically needs. Currently, it’s available on Android in the Google Play Store. In a few weeks it will be released in the Apple App Store for iOS users.
    Tarun Mehta, Ather Energy, said “We are happy to finally update the Bluetooth based Music & Call feature on our flagship model. With the Atherstack Atom update, we aimed at simplifying a user’s ride experience, improving convenience, and removing all mental overheads when a phone rings while also being safe.
    We hope that every Ather 450X owner will love the experience just like we did. Every Ather 450X delivered to date will automatically download the OTA, while the new deliveries will have the feature built-in. Our team is also working on adding more smart and connected accessories so Ather owners can have a fully integrated system.”
    Fast Charging Points
    Ather Energy will also go about installing Ather Grid, 3-4 fast charging points at key locations across the cities they are present in – with the count set to double by the end of this year. For this, the company seeks partnership with cafes, restaurants, malls, gyms and tech parks. To date, Ather Energy has a presence in over 17 cities with 120+ fast charging points.
    Ather offers the 450 and 450X electric scooters, both of which will be on sale via the new showrooms. The Ather 450X is priced at Rs.1,59,524 while the 450 Plus retails at Rs.1,40,514. More

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    Ather 450X Electric Scooter Launched In Jaipur – Bangalore Deliveries Restart

    Ather 450X Electric ScooterAther’s new retail outlet in the pink city is being opened in association with Akhand Distributors
    Ather Energy continues with their expansion spree. Following the new experience center in Pune at the end of February, an Ather Space will open in early April in Jaipur.
    Ather Energy Experience Centre will be opened at BL Tower-2 on Tonk Road near Durgapura Flyover in Jaipur. This marks the foray of the electric scooter maker into Rajasthan and Ather 450X and 450 Plus e-scooters will now be available at this new dealership.
    Test rides have already commenced and deliveries are set to be initiated by early April 2021. Ather Energy aims to be present in as many as 40 Indian cities by the end of this year.
    Ather Grid by Month End
    Along with the setting up of the new dealership in Jaipur, Ather Energy will be installing fast charging points across key spots in the city. Targeting 3-4 outlets by the end of this month, Ather Energy hopes to double this count by the end of 2021. With around 120 public fast charging points across Indian cities, the company seeks to partner with hosts including cafes, restaurants, tech parks, malls and gyms for easy accessibility of EV owners.
    Ather Electric Scooter In Jaipur
    In Jaipur, the Ather 450X and 450 Plus retail at Rs. 1,59,524 and Rs. 1,40,514 respectively. The Bengaluru-based electric vehicle manufacturer is also offering a buyback scheme to customers who will be assured of a guaranteed cash back of Rs.85,000 on the Ather 450X on completion of a 3 year period. The e-scooters are also offered on lease at Rs.3,394 per month.
    Ather 450X e-scooter Specs
    Ather Energy currently retails the 450X and 450 Plus e-scooters. The earlier two models, 340 and 450 has been discontinued. The company has noted increased demand for the 450X which is India’s quickest and smartest e-scooter. It is presented in three colour options of Grey, Green and White.
    The 450X gets a 4G SIM and Bluetooth connectivity via which users can access phone calls and music on the 7 inch touchscreen dashboard. The dashboard comes in with colour depth of 16M and a Snapdragon Quad-Core processor. Android Open Source gives access to Google map navigation, on board diagnostics along with Over-the-air updates, Auto Indicator off and Guide-me-home lights.
    Ather Electric Scooter Deliveries Restart In Bangalore
    Ather 450X e-scooter comes in with a 6 kW PMSM motor along with a 2.9 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. It receives four riding modes namely Eco, Ride, Sport and Warp and claims a range of 85kms in Eco Mode. In the warp mode, the scooter can accelerate from 0 to 40 km/h in 3.3 seconds, thus making it the fastest scooter in the 125 cc category. Top speed is at 80 km/h.
    Akhand Distributors Pvt Ltd, are involved in various businesses in retail and wholesale distribution and in retail of Telecom, CE and FMCG and Lifestyle products. Apart from Rajashtan, the company has a presence various other states of Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. More

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    Ather 450x Electric Scooter Deliveries Suspended In Bangalore – Kochi Gets New Experience Center

    Ather 450x electric scooter in Kochi
    Ather Energy opens doors to new dealership, Kochi Experience Centre inaugurated

    Ather Energy is keen on increasing its footprint in India, and the latest buzz is in Kochi, Kerala. The location for the newest dealership is Vytilla at Chakkiapadam Building, Ather Space Kochi.
    Earlier in the week, the e-scooter manufacturer scheduled test rides at Tiruchirapalli aided by a pop-up store in Annamalai Nagar. The Kochi Experience Centre opened its doors today, and the company looks forward to starting deliveries.
    FAME verification OTP
    In another announcement this week, Ather Energy has had to suspend deliveries in Bangalore. This is owing to that fact that as notified by TRAI, the OTP mechanism has been affected across the board. As a result, FAME verification is impacted as it needs an OTP to be shared.
    Keeping this in mind, deliveries in Bangalore are suspended for a few days. The Ather team will reach out to customers in regard to how to proceed if one has a delivery scheduled roundabout now.
    Ather Electric Scooter delivery suspended in Bangalore
    Ather Energy expansion
    Less than a month ago, Ather Energy began production at its Hosur facility. The move enables the manufacturer to increase manufacturing manifold. Annual capacity now stands at 1.10L scooters, and 1.20L battery packs. The company looks forward to using this capacity fully sometime in 2022. Following phase I targets, manufacturing can be expanded to 3.5L scooters annually.
    In recent months, electric two wheeler sales has improved for a number of manufacturers. This market is currently dominated e-scooters. Within the equation, Ather energy is a renowned first mover. The company currently sells Ather 450X and Ather 450 Plus in February 2021, retail sales improved by two-thirds.
    In the larger scheme of things, the Indian two wheeler market is a large one where production and sales numbers are concerned. As the electric two-wheeler market goes from strength to strength, the hope is to shift demand to EVs. The possibilities are endless considering it’s seemingly a wait and watch game now. While no Indian two-wheeler manufacturer has yet stepped forward to offer a timeline as to when they would go all electric, government guidelines for India’s EV goals are being revised on a regular basis.
    For now, in the limited scope of EV sales, Hero electric is already leading the charts. This is in line with its larger than life in the mass market two-wheeler segments we know it now. Bajaj and TVS have already introduced an e-scooter each. Most interestingly, Hero MotoCorp has a sizeable investment in Ather Energy. A recent fund infusement from Hero MotoCorp in 2020 is earmarked for market expansion and thereby improved its market presence. More

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    Ather Space Now In Pune – Watch 450x Electric Scooter Manufacturing At New Factory

    Ather 450X Electric Scooter At New Factory
    The new Ather Energy Plant in Hosur is spread over 123,000 sq ft with annual capacity 1,10,000 scooters and 1,20,000 battery packs

    Ather Energy moves to a new manufacturing unit in Hosur, Tamil Nadu from a smaller plant in Bengaluru. Production commenced at this plant on 2nd January and deliveries have also been initiated across cities of Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad.
    This new Hosur plant is spread over an area of 1,23,000 sq ft and has installed capacity of 5 lakh units per annum. It is from this plant that Ather has started production of the 450X and 450 Plus e-scooters while the plant will also build the lithium-ion batteries used in these offerings.
    Mega Factory
    The new plant would help to create job opportunities in the region with over 4,000 persons being trained for the EV sector over the next 5 years. Investments have also been planned over the next 5 years at Rs.635 crores while 90 percent of production is localized in India as a part of the Government of India’s Make in India policy.
    The new Hosur plant will have annual capacity of 1,10,000 scooters and 1,20,000 battery packs which will be a massive improvement over the company’s current annual production volumes that stand at 35,000-40,000 units. Take a look at the short video giving us a tour of Ather’s Mega Factory and the making of their electric scooter.
    [embedded content]
    Ather Energy Expansion Plans
    Ather Energy has started deliveries of the 450 X and 450 Plus e-scooters to a few cities across India. Plans are to have a presence in 27 cities in 15 states of Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi, Coimbatore, Kolkata, Calicut, Ahmedabad, Mysore, Hubli, Jaipur, Indore, Panaji, Bhubaneshwar, Nasik, Surat, Chandigarh, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Guwahati, Nagpur, Noida, Lucknow, and Siliguri, while targets are set to expand to 40 cities by the end of this year.
    The Hosur plant has received the support of the Tamil Nadu government. It is built on the Industry 4.0 principals and boast of the most advanced solutions in technology, human assets, systems and processes.
    Ather also plans on making the factor ‘Smart’ with Smart algorithms to read data collected and make interpretations along with a highly efficient end to end supply chain which integrates the company’s processes, logistics, warehousing, quality checks and production right upto dispatch.
    Ather Space Pune – Now open
    Ather Energy only OEM to Make Own Battery Packs
    Ather Energy plant in Hosur will also have the capacity to produce 1,20,000 battery packs thus making the company the only EV OEM in India to manufacture their own batteries and have also filed 13 patents on the design and manufacture of these lithium ion batteries used to power the Ather 450X and 450 Plus.
    Zero effluents are generated at the new Hosur plant and all e-waste is handled by authorized recyclers while there is zero water discharge from production thanks to an in-house STP and treated water circulation for flush and plantation. More

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    Ather 450 Electric Scooter Ownership Review After 1 Year Of Use

    Ather 450 Electric Scooter. Credit – Lazy Lion
    Ather 450 e-scooter receives 4G SIM card, Bluetooth connectivity and a 7 inch touchscreen dashboard

    Ather Energy, makers of the 450 Plus and 450X electric scooters, recently inaugurated a new Ather Space showroom in Mumbai and Ahmedabad and have recently started operations at their new and larger facility in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. Considering its outstanding demand, company plans to expand reach of its electric scooter lineup to 20 cities by Q1 2021.
    The first scooters Ather launched were the S340 and S450, which were launched in June 2018. A few months down the line, Ather decided to remove the ‘S’ prefix, and what remained was the 340 and 450. In Sep 2019, Ather discontinued 340, and only had the 450 on sale. Early in Jan 2020, Ather launched 450x and 450 Plus – which are basically the same scooters, but come with advanced features and improved battery tech.
    Ather 450 Ownership Review After 1 Year
    Owner of Ather 450 electric scooter, Venky has shared his detailed ownership experience in a YouTube video by Lazy Lion. The owner details each feature with great gusto. For starters, Venky is excited to show off the reverse function and riding modes offered on his scooter which offer a range of 70 km to around 85 km.
    Ather electric scooter comes in with several rider comforts. It gets a touchscreen dashboard allowing the rider to make and manage phone calls and music. The 7 inch touchscreen comes in with colour depth of 16M with a Snapdragon 212 Quadcore processor with 1GB RAM and 8GB storage while a 4G SIM card and Bluetooth connectivity are also a part of its features. Take a look at the detailed video below.
    [embedded content]
    The dashboard offers OTA updates, navigation and range and sports features such as auto indicator off switch, guide-me-home lamps, side stand sensor and adaptive screen brightness adjustment. Tracking function is another highlight detailed in the video with live location and vehicle state tracking.
    The dashboard also has several settings in particular of  documents, wherein all necessary papers such as license and RC card can be stored. The charging socket is located at the front just under the left handle bar. It can be charged from 0-80 percent in about 3 hours.
    The owner says that this has been good enough for his use. He has been really satisfied with the scooter. Along with the subsidy of Rs 34k, Venky got his e-scooter for a price of Rs 1.04 lakh price. Price of Ather scooters are a lot more today.
    New Ather 450X
    Ather 450 is no longer on sale. What is now on sale are the Ather 450X and 450 Plus. They share the same specs. This includes a 2.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack which is paired with an electric motor generating 6kW/28 Nm returning a single charge range of 116 km. The battery is IP 67 rated water resistant and dust proof and comes in with 3 year warranty.
    Ather Energy has introduced an Assured Buyback program for the Ather 450X. The company guarantees to buy back the 450X at Rs.85,000 at the end of 3 years. The company also offers a 5 year warranty and 5000 kms service interval with 3 free servicing. The 450X is offered in two variants of 450X and 450 Plus with prices at Rs.1.59 and Rs.1.39 lakhs respectively while both receive GST and FAME II subsidies. More