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    Ather 450X Electric Scooter First Batch Delivered To Customers

    Ather 450X Electric Scooter
    Hero MotoCorp currently holds maximum shares of Ather Energy at 37.84 percent followed by Sachin Bansal at 20.69 percent

    Ather earlier this year has launched a new line of products including 450X and 450 Plus. A couple of weeks ago, the e-scooter brand discontinued the standard 450 after the last of its unit rolled out of the assembly line in September. The company is now back in the headlines as first phase of deliveries of the Ather 450X electric scooter has already started.
    What’s more exciting is that customers who had booked their 450X in its initial stages after its launch at the start of this year, i.e., prior to 28 January 2020 will be eligible to upgrade their bookings to a limited-run 450X Series 1 Collector’s Edition at no extra cost. This special edition model of e-scooter comes with translucent body panels that reveal its cast aluminum chassis and trellis framework.
    Expansion of Ather network
    “Electric vehicles are here to stay and Ather Energy is playing a leading role in driving this change”, said Tarun Mehta, Co-founder and CEO, Ather Energy. He further went on to add that post the successful launch of its new product line, Ather is now looking forward to delivering the vehicles and seeing them across all cities.
    The startup will be expanding its footprints to new centers across the country including Ahmedabad, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Kochi, Kozhikode and Kolkata in coming days. The company also plans to install Ather Grid in each of the new places. Ather had initially started its operations in two cities- Bengaluru and Chennai.
    Ather 450X Electric Scooter First Batch
    Recently, the startup also revealed that it will be shifting its production base to Hosur in Tamil Nadu in order to meet the high prospective demands in coming years. This new manufacturing facility will be designed to roll out 1 million electric scooters every year.
    Ather 450X details
    Series 1 Collector’s Edition of 450X has already started shipping to dealers across the country, images of which have leaked online. The 450X is powered by a 2.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack which is paired with an electric motor generating 6kW/28 Nm and can return a single-charge range of 116 km. It has been priced at Rs 1.59 lakh (ex-showroom).
    Ather Energy, India’s first intelligent electric scooter manufacturer has received a fresh bout of investment amounting to $35 million which roughly translates to Rs 260 crore. In its latest round of Series D investment Sachin Bansal has invested a total of $23 million which when converted to INR translates to over Rs 170 crore.
    Bansal has been backing the Bengaluru-based electric scooter startup since its inception in 2014 as an Angel investor when it contributed $0.5 million. The latest investment takes Bansal’s contribution towards Ather Energy to $53 million. The other major investment in the latest Series D was made by Hero MotoCorp in the form of $12 million (or INR 90 crore). More

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    Ather 450X Series 1 Electric Scooter Arrives In Showroom – First Look

    Ather 450X Series 1
    Ather 450X Series 1 is a Collector’s Limited Edition of the Ather 450X electric scooter

    Last month, Ather Energy announced the launch of their 450X Series 1 electric scooter. This is a Limited edition of the 450X; and is being offered to those customers who pre-ordered the 450X prior to its reveal on 28th January 2020. If you ordered after 28th Jan, you are not eligible.
    Ather says that the Series 1 is their way of thanking their customers who showed trust in them by booking their 450X scooter even before it was revealed. Deliveries of the Ather 450X are set to start in the coming days. Ahead of that, it has now arrived in the showroom. Below is a first look video, shared by James JDC.
    [embedded content]
    Ather 450X Series 1 Sporty Styling
    This special edition is based on the flagship 450X and will be the first electric scooter to receive translucent body panels that reveal its cast aluminum chassis and trellis framework. This feature will be the main highlight of the special edition Series 1. Ather Energy has also confirmed that customers would receive the Collector’s Edition Series 1 from later this month.
    Buyers will initially receive the Ather 450X Series 1 with black panels which would be replaced with translucent panels starting from March 2021. Deliveries will be start in 11 cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Coimbatore, Kozhikode, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Pune, Ahmedabad and Kolkata.
    Ather 450X Series 1
    The Ather 450X Series 1 is built on a light weight hybrid aluminum frame chassis and kerb weight will stand at 108 kgs. It will be seen in sporty colour options of red and black called ‘DayGlo Red’ and will receive distinctive ‘Series 1’ ‘450X’ stickers across it body.
    Noticed on the model showcased in the video is a 7 inch touchscreen display. This display shows off an intro screen with the display offering information of over-the-air updates, on board navigation, auto indicator off, guide me home lamps and connected mobile App.

    Ather 450X Series 1 gets a Snapdragon 212 Quadcore processor with 1.3Ghz, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage Android Open Source OS (AOSP) 7-inch TFT LCD, LED Backlit, Capacitative Touch. It also receives GNSS with AGPS positioning system and connectivity via 4G LTE Cat-4 WCDMA / EDGE, Bluetooth 4.2, BLE 5.0.
    Power and Performance
    Ather 450X Series 1 will be powered by the same motor as seen on the Ather 450X. This 2.6 kWh Lithium ion battery along with a 6kW/28 Nm motor offers a top speed of 80 km/h, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds and a range of 116 kms on the Indian Driving Cycle and at 85 kms on TrueRange.
    This makes the Ather 450X faster not only as compared to any other electric scooter but also when compared to a 125 cc petrol powered scooter currently on sale in the country. The scooter offers 4 riding modes of – Eco, Ride, Sport and Wrap. The battery can be charged via a home charger from 0-80 percent in 3 hours 35 minutes and from 0 to 100 percent in 5 hours 45 minutes.
    Ather 450X is priced at Rs.1.59 lakhs which is inclusive of GST and FAMI II incentives. This price is inclusive of battery ownership but registration and insurance will be extra. Price of the Series 1 is same as that of the 450X. More

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    Ather Electric Scooter Delivery Promised In 3 Weeks – Via Full Payment Option

    Ather 450X
    Buyers will be assured of a buyback value of Rs. 85k for the 450X and Rs 75k for the 450 Plus; after a three year period

    Ather 450X and 450 Plus electric scooters are now set to be delivered to customers who have made pre-bookings. A new window is being opened for these patrons to complete their payment formalities while deliveries are promised from mid November.
    Today, Ather announced the opening of full payment option for both their scooters – 450X and the 450 Plus. Once you have made the full payment, Ather has guaranteed delivery within 3 weeks period. This payment option is only launched in Bangalore and Chennai. Other cities are expected to get this option at a later date. 450X is priced at Rs 1.59 lakhs while the 450 Plus is priced at Rs 1.4 lakhs.
    4 Subscription Packs
    There are 4 subscription plans on offer. These include Ather Connect Lite for basic connected features and include a periodic maintenance. Ather Connect Pro, Ather Service Lite and Ather Service Pro are the other three options.
    Customers opting for Ather Service Lite benefit from periodic maintenance packs along with road side assistance and labor chargers. Ather Service Pro assures premium service experience and free charging via the Ather Grid till March 2021.
    Ather in Delhi
    Ather Leasing Options and Assured Buy Back
    Ather Energy has also introduced new leasing options for the 450X scooter for which it has partnered with Autovert, a Bengaluru based automotive financing firm. These start at down payment options of Rs.25,000 going up to Rs.60,000 while monthly rentals along with service and insurance starts off at Rs.3,900. Customers can exit this scheme after one year or retain the same while they also have a choice to surrender the vehicle after a three year lease period.
    Where the buy-back scheme is concerned, Ather Energy promises a maximum of Rs.85,000 on the Ather 450X after a period of three years while on the Ather 450 Plus this figure stands at Rs.75,000. The company has put a limit on mileage at 30,000 kms.
    Variants, Features, Battery Specs
    Ather 450X is offered in Plus and Pro variants. It receives a 7 inch touchscreen offering readouts, etc. There is also an Android based open source operating system with features such as map navigation and on board diagnostics, Bluetooth for music and access to incoming calls, and 4G connectivity via an in-built e-sim card.
    Ather 450X is capable of three riding modes of Eco, Ride and Sport while there is also a Wrap mode allowing the scooter to accelerate from 0 to 40 km/h in 3.29 seconds. The 450X also sports parking assist system with reverse and forward mode, under-seat illumination with 22 liter storage and regenerative braking.
    The Ather 450X EV also gets dedicated app for directing riders to the closest charging station, view vehicle statistics, save locations and store documents. Battery specs include an IP67 rated 2.9 kWh lithium ion battery pack offering 8 hp power and 26 Nm torque. This allows the scooter to reach a top speed of 80 km/h and riding range of 85 km on single charge.
    Network Expansion
    Plans are afoot to introduce the scooter in Delhi by Diwali while the company continues to expand its charging infrastructure with 135-140 public charging points to be added which will continue to offer customers free charging till 31st March 2021. Other plans for FY 2021 include expansion to 15-16 cities taking launch plans to 25 cities across India by the end of that year.
    There is also a new plant coming up in Hosur, Tamil Nadu by the end of this year. Exports prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic were planned to countries of South East Asia, Europe and Latin America. These plans are back on track though what was expected to take 12 months could now take upto 2 years. More

  • Ather 450 Plus Electric Scooter Price Cut By Rs 9k – 450X BuyBack At Rs 85k

    Ather 450X Electric Scooter
    Ather Energy Buyback programme grantee after 3 years of Ather 450X usage

    Ather Energy Assured Buyback programme for Ather 450X electric scooter has been announced today. It is a guaranteed buyback from the auto manufacturer at Rs 85,000 at the end of 3 years.
    Assurance of this nature works wonders for buyer psyche as vehicle owners factor this in even before buying a value. Anything with a high value proposition in terms if resale tends to tip purchase decisions in its favour. The latest development further strengthens opportunity for Ather 450X.
    Ather Energy builds its own li-ion battery packs and platform for its product line for optimum reliability. With retail sales first getting underway in 2018 in Bengaluru, and later in Chennai, the company is now at a growth phase wherein business has been planned across multiple cities.
    Ather Energy reliability
    Keeping in mind performance consistency, Ather energy has gone ahead with its buyback guarantee plan. With reliability being a key focus area and crucial to this announcement, the company is confident that Ather 450X brings with it a strong valuation in the resale market as experienced by current owners.
    Ather 450X Collector’s Edition Series1
    The buyback programme will also serve to encourage EV adoption in India. Other company initiatives include Ather Grid, EV focussed experience centres and customer forums. Together, its multiple attributes and focus areas have gone beyond the realm of just building an electric scooter.
    Intelligent financing solutions have helped strengthen purchase propositions. This includes lease subscription availability in Bengaluru and Chennai. Lease options will be introduced in other cities that the company does business in as it allows Ather 450X usage at a lower price point for a nominal monthly fee. This helps tap into buyers who are unwilling to choose an outright purchase plan.
    Ather 450 Plus price cut
    Overall cost of ownership in Bangalore benefits from exchange of used petrol two-wheelers for an exchange bonus. Additionally, low interest rate loans from finance partners that Ather Energy is associated can help finalise a purchase decision.
    Ex-showroom price of Ather 450 Plus model is reduced, and can now be purchased at Rs 1,39,990. Earlier price was Rs 1,49,000. This is an effective price cut of Rs 9k approz.
    Subscription plan revisions include flexibility curated for usage, and customers can choose from 4 independent packs, starting at Rs 125 per month. Options include Ather Connect Lite (basic connected features), Ather Connect Pro, Ather Service Lite (periodic maintenance, RSA and labour) and Ather Service Pro (premium service experience). Charging at Ather Grid public charging points is free until March 2021.
    Tarun Mehta, Co-founder and CEO, Ather Energy: “We believe Ather Energy’s electric scooters are going to have a fantastic value for years and will keep improving with new features which we will roll out as over the air upgrades. And to strengthen that assurance we are announcing a resale guarantee.” More

  • Ather 450x Electric Scooter Test Rides Start In Pune, Ahmedabad

    Ather 450X Dealer Partners For West India Revealed
    Ather 450X electric scooter test ride

    Ather 450X pre-orders are now open on full payments for pre-orders, for dealer partners in west region. Test rides are now ongoing in Pune and Ahmedabad, and deliveries in the zone will resume next month. Ather Energy has partnered with Kataria Group in Ahmedabad, Kamal Motors in Mumbai and BU Bhandari in Pune.
    Ather Space experience centres will open nationwide over the next few months. The next 8 cities will see Ather 450X test rides begin in the weeks to come, and deliveries will begin in November. Ather Energy’s Phase I Ather Grid installation plans includes 135 fast charging stations in 9 new markets by 2020 end, which takes its fast charging network to 150. 37 fast charging stations are operational in Bengaluru and 13 in Chennai.
    Ather Space Experience Centres
    With official experience centres still being set-up, Ather Energy will schedule test rides at convenient city locales. The manufacturer takes charge of retail space and customer experience for its dealer partners. Ather Space has been designed so potential customers can partake in a complete experience in regards to a test ride and Ather’s intelligent & connected product portfolio.
    Ather Space centres are currently set up in Bengaluru (Indiranagar) and Chennai (Wallace Garden Street). Ather Grid fast charging infra is being set up across cities. Each city is likely to get about 10-15 Ather Grid points before delivery commences in that city.

    Confirmed locations for Pune are Kalyan Bhel, Little Italy, Kalinga Restaurant, Copacabana, Bliss Bakery Cafe, Hotel KBs Woodland, Eat & Repeat Cafe. For Mumbai confirmed locations for now are Little Italy restaurants. Ahmedabad confirmations include Sangeetha Mobiles, Little Italy and Royal Orchid.
    Ather Grid fast charging
    Ather Grid fast charging stations are for use for two and four EVs. With partnerships in place with VR Mall, PPZ Mall Management, and restaurant and cafe chains, and retail outlets, the manufacturer will be able to work in an organised manner to set up infra. Ather Grid App lets EV users assess availability and charging station locations.
    With sales having come to a complete standstill at the start of FY21, company’s are now looking forward an increase in purchase activity. For now, Ather enjoys a little over 10 percent market share for the year thus far, in what is still fledgeling segment with humongous growth potential if backed by strong EV policy. Through Apr-Sep 2020, Ather Energy sales stands at 941 units.
    Ravneet Phokela, Chief Business Officer Ather Energy said, “Intelligent electric vehicles are a new category and we have spent the last couple of years pioneering a new model in Chennai and Bengaluru, which is focused on experience. We hope to recreate the magic we were able to in Bengaluru and Chennai. We will soon share the location of the experience centers in each of the cities.” More

  • Ather Electric Vehicle Charging Station Location In 11 Cities – Detailed

    In Phase I, Ather Energy plans installation of Ather Grid across 135+ locations by December 2020 and subsequently 6,500 points by 2022

    Even as there are a host of electric vehicle makers in India, not many are working towards creating a public EV charging platform. But there are few who are trying to create an EV infrastructure in India which will allow the growth of EVs in the country. Ather Energy is one of them. They are committed to setting up public fast charging stations accessible to all users. Ather aims to create India’s biggest EV charging network.
    Electric vehicle maker Ather Energy has announced commencement of its Phase I installation plans for Ather Grid. The company already has 37 fast charging stations in Bengaluru and 13 in Chennai and has now finalized plans to set up 135 fast charging stations in 9 new markets by the end of this year, thus taking fast charging stations to a total of 150.
    Today, they have revealed locations in the 11 cities, where they will be starting deliveries of their new 450x electric scooter from next month. Below are the cities, and their respective locations, where Ather will be setting up public EV charging stations. Here, anyone can go and charge their EV, respective of the make / brand of their EV.

    Bengaluru – Forum Malls, Orion Mall, Cafe Azzure, Phoenix Market City, Go Native, Sangeetha MobilesChennai – VR Chennai, Varsha Jewellers, Sangeetha Mobiles, Chai Kings, SPR Food Street, Mash Resto CaféHyderabad – Almond House, Sarath City Capital Mall, The Moonshine Project, Swiss Castle, Chai KahaniPune – Kalyan Bhel, Little Italy, Kalinga Restaurant ,Copacabana, Bliss Bakery Cafe, Hotel KBs Woodland, Eat & Repeat CaféKochi – French Toast, Centre Square Mall, Mash Resto CafeCoimbatore – Sangeetha Mobiles, Chai KingsKozhikode – Sixth Avenue Cafe, DR. Cafe, Bun ClubKolkata – Millee Droog Cafe Bistro, Cafe by the laneAhmedabad – Sangeetha Mobiles, Little Italy, Royal ArchidMumbai – Blue TokaiDelhi NCR – Blue Tokai, Vegas Mall, Pacific Mall, Pacific D21 Mall
    Ather Grid for all 2 and 4 wheelers
    The new Ather Grid fast charging stations can be used by all two and four electric vehicles. The Ather 450X can be charged in 10 minutes for a 15 km range. For setting up this Grid, Ather Energy has entered into agreements with partners such as VR Mall, PPZ Mall Management, restaurant and cafe chains such as Little Italy, Blue Tokai, Chai Kings and retail outlets like Sangeetha mobiles.
    The Grid is also supported by the Ather Grid App which allows electric vehicle users to assess availability and locations on the home screen. The App also gives the user information on 4 wheeler locations, free and paid parking slots and location timings, etc.
    Ather 450X electric scooters
    Ather Energy launched the 450 electric scooter in 2018 which has now been discontinued. It has been replaced by a more advanced 450X, its flagship offering from November 2020. The 450X will be a more premium and powerful version as compared to the Ather 450 e-scooter. It is powered by the same 3.3 kW motor producing 26 Nm torque which is above the 20.5 Nm offered on the 450X. Top speed is the same at 80 km/h but charging time has been increased for 0-80 percent in 3.35 hours. More

  • Ather 450 Electric Scooter Discontinued – Last Unit Rolls Off Production Line

    Ather 450 was offered at an ex-showroom price of Rs 1.35 lakh
    Ather Energy has just rolled off the last unit of its first e-scooter offering India. Exactly two after its launch in September 2018, the Ather 450 has been discontinued. During its two-year tenure, Ather 450 became one of the most popular electric scooters in the country.

    Ather 450 was first unveiled way back in February 2016 with its aim to be launched in late 2016 or early 2017. However, production related issues kept on delaying the project which was finally launched in 2018 along with its low-powered sibling Ather 340. The latter was discontinued after a short period due to poor demand.
    Speaking about the production coming to end, Ather said, “Here’s us bidding farewell to the 450. For us at Ather, it’s an important milestone on the road to bringing the 450X to life. Working through the restrictions posed by the pandemic, to ensure the wheels of our production keep moving, is no cakewalk. A huge shoutout to our team members who make it look like one!” Video below shows the last Ather 450 rolling off the production line.
    [embedded content]
    Ather 450 drew its power from a Brushless DC motor which could provide a peak power of 7.2 bhp and 20.5 Nm of peak torque. The motor received its power from a 2.4 kWh battery pack which would take around 5-6 hours to get fully recharged. The e-scooter could accelerate from 0-40 kmph in 3.5 seconds while it could attain a top speed of 80 kmph. Ather Energy claimed a real-world range of 60 km in power mode and 75 km in economy mode.
    Design & Features
    The headlight is incorporated into the front apron. It gets an LED tail light which is neatly integrated into the side turn indicators along the body at rear. The design looked neat and was devoid of any flashy graphics or decals albeit the green strips on the rims of its alloys. It was surprisingly well-equipped with features such as a 7-inch touchscreen dashboard which came with on-board navigation from Google and inbuilt data connection, diagnostics, smartphone connectivity, reverse parking assist and so on.
    Ather 450X – The Future
    Ather 450X Collector’s Edition Series1
    Ather Energy earlier this year revealed the 450X, which is a more premium and powerful version of the standard 450. The deliveries are set to begin from November in its first phase. In its initial phase, the 450X will be launched in 11 cities. These include Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kochi, Ahmedabad, Kozhikode and Coimbatore.
    Before the commencement of deliveries, Ather plans to install fast-charging infrastructure across the mentioned places. The manufacturer is planning to install 10-15 charging stations in each city under phase 1. In addition to this, the Bengaluru-based e-scooter brand is also in talks with various premium business houses to come up with various Ather Experience Centres. Ather Energy is also in the process of developing another scooter based on the 450 called Ather 450 Plus. More

  • Ather 450X Series1 Collector’s Edition Scooter Launched – Sporty and Black

    Ather Energy’s initial launch plan targets consumers in 11 cities with the brand aiming to expand further to 10 more cities by the end of 2021
    Earlier this year, Bengaluru-based Ather Energy had announced 450X Collector’s Edition electric scooter. This was done to pay tribute to those thousands of customers who had shown faith in the brand Ather, and booked the 450X even before the company had revealed the scooter or announced its price.

    Today, Ather has finally taken wraps off their 450X Collector’s Edition. Called ‘Series1’, this is a limited edition production electric scooter, only for those who had booked 450X even before it was revealed. All those customers will now get a change to own Series1. Anyone else is not eligible to buy this scooter. The 450X and the Series1 would have been available to consumers had not been for the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent nationwide lockdown.
    Design & Features on offer
    We already know that the 450X is more powerful and feature loaded than the standard 450. The 450X Collector’s Edition Series1 gets all the power and fancy tech of 450X with some cosmetic upgrades. The Series1 comes with a high-gloss metallic black body colour combined with red accents which enhances its sporty appeal. This colour scheme is starkly different from the existing colour palette of grey, white and mint green.
    [embedded content]
    The highlights are the translucent body panels which give a sneak peek of what’s underneath the scooter. Ather has been true to its commitment of providing an ‘inside-out design’ of this limited edition scooter. This is also the first scooter in India to offer tinted translucent panels.
    Ather will start shipping the 450X Series1 by November. But the translucent panels will only be made available by March 2021. Owners will get delivery with regular panels now, and that can be replaced once translucent panels arrive next year. Also, Ather says that only the chassis is visible through these panels, while what you store n the underseat storage is safe and not visible.

    Like the standard model it is based upon a distinct cast aluminum chassis and trellis frame which is visible under the seat. It is assisted by telescopic forks at front and a mono-shock suspension at rear which is also painted in red.
    Other standard features in the 450X like tyre pressure monitor, Bluetooth connectivity and regenerative braking have also been carried forward to Series1. It also features a 7-inch touchscreen on the dashboard carried from the standard 450X which gets a Series1 specific special intro screen and subtle hints of red in the UI designed for the scooters.
    The Series1 gets the same mechanicals as that of 450X. It draws its power from a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) which is backed by a 2.9 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. This setup is good enough to produce 6kW (8 bhp) of power and 26 Nm of peak torque which results in 0-40 kmph acceleration in just 3.3 seconds. It gets three riding modes- Eco, Ride, Sport, and a high-performance ‘Warp’ mode. It is also claimed to be one of the quickest scooters in the 125cc category.

    It received the improved charging technology from 450X which charges 50 percent faster than the standard 450. The claimed range is 85km according to the WLTP cycle. For every fast charging for ten minutes, it adds up 10km to the battery.
    Estimated Price and Availability
    The Ather 450X has been priced at Rs 1.59 lakh (ex-showroom). Price of Series1 has not been revealed. Ather says, “Price will be given to those who have pre-ordered 450X, if they want to opt for it.”
    Ather announced its first phase of expansion where the 450X will be sold across 11 cities across India and deliveries are set to begin from November. These include Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Coimbatore, Kozhikode, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kozhikode, and Kolkata. However, Ather added that initial batches of Series1 scooters will ship out with black panels which will be upgraded to the translucent panels in May 2021. More