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    Two Wheeler Dealer Satisfaction Survey 2021 – Honda, TVS, Suzuki, Royal Enfield

    Image for reference. Credit – Throttle98Honda in two-wheeler, Bajaj in three-wheeler and Eicher Motors in commercial vehicle hold pole positions in respective segments
    Recently, a report based on the results of Dealer Satisfaction Study 2021 was published on our website. The survey was conducted by Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) across the country and shows the extent to which auto dealerships in India are satisfied with their respective OEMs.
    The study was conducted in association with a Singapore-based consultancy firm- PremonAsia. While the previous article focused on dealers of the four-wheeler segments, this story will concentrate on the rest of the segments including two-wheeler, three-wheeler and commercial vehicle (CV) segments.
    At the Overall Industry Level, Dealers attach high importance of 27 percent on Business Viability, making it a highly critical aspect where OEMs need to exhibit greater sensitivity, particularly since the current satisfaction level on this factor is weak. On the positive side, dealers feel that products, both in terms of quality and range, by and large, meet the expectations of end customers’ current needs though, its evolution in the future will require more frequent refreshes.
    Two-Wheeler Segment
    The two-wheeler segment scored a dealership satisfaction index of 626 out of 1000 which is below the average industry index of 657. The biggest concern in this segment highlighted by the study is that OEMs are not open to Dealer inputs in terms of improving dealership cost structure from a viability and policy point of view. Apart from this dealers complained that there is no support from OEMs on buyback of dead stocks of parts.
    FADA Dealer Satisfaction Survey 2021
    On the brighter side, however, dealers were satisfied in the way OEMs were fair in acceptance and rejection of warranty claims. While Honda lagged far behind in satisfying the expectations of its dealer partners in the four-wheeler segment, it fared decently enough by topping the charts with 693 points. Surprisingly, Royal Enfield was the least favourable of all two-wheeler brands with a dealership satisfaction index of meager 540.
    Commercial Vehicle Segment
    Commercial vehicle segment also didn’t perform exceptionally well with a dealership satisfaction index of only 621. The study revealed that OEMs in this segment need to guide dealers in improving sales efficiency & controlling cost of sales. On the positive side, though, dealers are happy about the overall product range and quality of fully built vehicles.
    Dealers are also satisfied since they could directly communicate with OEMs senior leadership team for discussing business viability and long-term policies. Eicher Motors secured the maximum dealership satisfaction index with 669 points while Force Motors lagged behind at the last spot with 570 points.
    Three-Wheeler Segment
    The three-wheeler segment scored the least dealership satisfaction index of only 610 with Bajaj Auto outscoring other brands. While exact causes of concern have not been revealed in this report, it can be assumed there are plenty of concerns for dealers in this segment that need to be addressed by respective OEMs. More

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    Three Wheeler Sales June 2021 – Bajaj, Piaggio, Mahindra, TVS, Electric Vehicles

    Image – Technical WingsAuto Rickshaw and 3 Wheeler sales increased 21.98 percent YoY in June 21
    As per retail sales figures released by Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA), auto rickshaw and three wheeler registrations in India stood at 14,732 units. This was a YoY increase of 21.98 percent over 12,077 units sold in June 20. However, comparing last month’s sales with that of June 19, a 69.82 percent de-growth was noted. The figures are collated as on 6th July 21 in collaboration with Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India and gathered from 1,295 out of 1,498 RTOs.
    Bajaj, Piaggio YoY De-Growth
    Two and three-wheeler manufacturer Bajaj Auto Limited noted registration of 4,925 auto-rickshaws and three wheelers in June 21. The company held a market share of 33.43 percent. However, sales were better in June 20 when 4,996 units had been sold while market share held stood at 41.3 percent.
    Piaggio Vehicles, another leading three wheeler maker in India, also suffered a YoY de-growth both in terms of retail sales and market share. Ongoing pandemic, lockdowns across various states, increasing fuel prices and subdued buyer sentiments could all be reasons for this negative impact.
    Noting good demand for the Ape E-Xtra FX and for the 2021 version of its passenger e-three wheeler, Ape E-City, sales in the past month stood at 2,258 units with market share of 15.33 percent. However, this was marginally lower as compared to 2,346 units sold in June 20 when the company also held a higher market share of 19.43 percent.
    Three Wheeler Sales June 2021 – FADA
    Mahindra was the third best-selling OEM in terms of three wheeler retails. June 21 sales were at 657 units up from 293 units sold in June 20. Market share also increased from 2.43 percent to 4.46 percent YoY. The current month could see sales increase as Mahindra has collaborated with Magenta, electric mobility solutions provider. The company is set to deploy 100 units of Treo Zor three-wheeler in Bengaluru for last-mile delivery of both essential and non-essential items.
    Lower down the order was Rajkot-based three-wheeler maker Atul Auto Ltd with 594 three wheelers sold in the past month, up from 93 units sold in June 20. Market share jumped from 0.77 percent to 4.03 percent YoY.
    Electric Three Wheeler Sales June 2021
    Automobile dealers’ body FADA data shows that YC Electric Limited accounted for 539 unit sales of three wheelers in June 21, holding a market share of 3.66 percent. Though sales were lower in June 20 at 473 units, market share in that month had been higher at 3.92 percent. YC Electric offers the Yatri Auto E Rickshaw, with 4 seater capacity.
    Delhi based Saera Electric contributed 295 units to this segment, commanding a market share of 2 percent in June 21. Sales in June 20 had stood at 282 units with market share of 2.34 percent. In the electric vehicle three wheeler space was also Mahindra Reva with 273 units retailed in the past month, up from 203 units of June 20 while Champion Poly Plast (269 units) and TVS Motor (226 units) also contributed a few units to total three wheeler sales along with JS Auto ( 03 units), Dilli Electric (192 units) and Best Way (170 units) in the past month. Others in the same segment saw total retails at 3,976 units, holding a market share of 26.99 percent, up from 2,788 units sold in June 20 with market share of 23.09 percent. More

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    Ampere ELE Electric Rickshaw Gets A New Website – Detailing Specs, Price, Savings

    Ampere Electric RickshawThe company claims that as compared to the conventional petrol powered auto rickshaw, Ele e-rickshaw will relate to savings up to Rs 2 per km
    Ampere Electric has launched a new website, which draws attention to the company’s new-rickshaw brand ELE, which targets B2B customers especially in semi urban and rural areas. The website lists out details of products with emphasis on smart driving, sustainability and lower cost of operation along with lower maintenance cost and added saving to buyer.
    It has helped to offer added employment in the smaller towns and cities across India in Q4 2021 recorded 104 percent growth over the same period last quarter. Demand is particularly noteworthy in North and North Eastern markets boosted by a strong network of 165 dealerships across the country.
    Ampere Electric claims that the ELE e-rickshaw is highly cost effective and when compared to conventional auto rickshaws, saves owners upto Rs 2 per km. It is convenient for last mile shared mobility solutions offering employment to auto drivers, rickshaw pullers, migrant workers and also to the youth in rural areas and smaller towns and cities.
    The ELE e-rickshaw helps to reduce upto 4 lakh metric tons of CO2 emissions and is currently rated among the top 3 brands with over 10,000 units sold to date and clocking use of over 374 kms over the years. The ELE e-rickshaw segment has seen outstanding growth over the past year.
    Ampere Electric Rickshaw
    As the company focuses on expanding its share in this segment, new initiatives are being planned. New dealership applications are being fast-tracked and the company has entered into alliance with several financing companies to offer buyers attractive financial options with easy EMIs and low down payments.
    With ELE e-rickshaws, Ampere is also showing its support to the Government of India’s Atmanirbhar Bharat by helping people at the bottom of the pyramid. You can take a look at the new website here.
    Ampere Two Wheeler price cut
    Following the recent revision in the FAME II subsidy, Ampere has cut prices of its electric bike range upto Rs 9,000. The revised prices now stand at Rs 59,990 and Rs 65,990 for Zeal and Magnus Pro model respectively. The company stated that the Ampere scooters are being used extensively during the second wave of COVID-19 in particular for home delivery of essential goods and services.
    This year, Greaves Cotton Limited, plans on spending Rs 110 crores on its electric two wheeler plant in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu from where the company plans to roll out roll out two wheelers by the end of this year. According to company’s statement, initially, the plant production capacity could be around 1 lakh units annually to be increased to one million units gradually. More

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    Mahindra Treo Zor Electric Three Wheeler (Cargo) Sales Cross 1,000 Units

    Image – Usha Ki KiranIn 6 months since launch, 1000 units of Mahindra Treo Zor electric three-wheeler (cargo) last mile delivery vehicles have been sold
    Mahindra Treo Zor electric three-wheeler (cargo) last mile delivery vehicle have crossed its first 1,000 unit sales milestone. This was achieved in 6 months since launch. This translates into selling on avg of about 5.5 units every day. Sales has enabled the manufacturer to report market share of 59 percent in its segment.
    EV adaption is a key focus area for manufacturers. While, this will in time be a common pattern in both commercial and private use, for now, commercial use is boosting India’s electric vehicle journey. In this front, small cargo vehicles are playing a key role. With a large number of e-commerce companies committed to reducing carbon footprint, the switch to electric cargo and delivery vehicles seems a natural choice.
    Amazon India fleet
    A big boost comes from its place in large-scale fleets. For instance, Amazon India. As recently as February 2021, 100 units of Treo Zor was delivered to the e-commerce giant for use in 7 cities.
    For Mahindra, its newest Treo Zor electric three-wheeler (cargo) EV is raking in numbers through its validity as a delivery vehicle. Together, Mahindra Treo range of electric three-wheelers has surpassed the 8,000 units in sales milestone. Use of electric vehicles focuses on reduction in CO2 tailpipe emissions, and Treo For is doing just that.
    Mahindra Treo Zor Electric
    Payload capacity of 550 kgs
    In terms of commercial fleet vehicles, key success pointers include use in multiple applications, load reliability, and cost effectiveness. Treo makes possible savings of more than Rs 60,000/year. Payload capacity is pegged at 550 kgs. In terms of performance, Treo Zor EV offers 8kW and 42 Nm of torque more than a comparable diesel three-wheeler.
    Ride comfort has evolved around fatigue free experience owing to Zor’s clutchless automatic transmission. It also comes with the promise of being noiseless, and vibration free. Long wheelbase of 2216 mm and tyres of 30.48 cm add to safety through ride stability.
    The lithium-ion battery in use is zero maintenance and is stated to go for 1.5 lakh km, and 3 years / 80,000 km standard warranty. There’s also the option of extending warranty by an additional 2 years / 1 lakh km.
    Mahesh Babu, CEO, Mahindra Electric Mobility said, “Treo Zor has been a game changer for Mahindra and more importantly for our customers who have decided to lead India’s shift towards e-mobility. With its customer-centric design and efficient performance, Treo Zor offers higher savings that customers expect from a last mile electric cargo vehicle.” More

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    Tata Ace Modified Into Electric Vehicle With 150Km Range

    Tata Ace Electric by Northway Motorsport / Hemank DabhadeThis project has proved that small commercial vehicles could run on an electric powertrain at an affordable rate without the need for a vast fast charging network
    It has time and again been proven that the source of energy of future mobility will be electric. While focus has been primarily being laid on passenger vehicles and two-wheelers, the commercial vehicle segment also needs to be transferred to electric mobility in future, especially in a developing country like India.
    For this, a working unit of Tata Ace, the company’s most popular light commercial vehicle (LCV) has been fitted with an electric powertrain in place of a conventional Internal Combustion (IC) engine. The project vehicle has been converted for non-commercial, research and development purposes only.
    Powertrain Specs
    A video uploaded by Northway MotorSport on YouTube shows glimpses of this Ace Electric LCV. It gets an electric powertrain that features an 18 kWh lithium-ion battery pack paired with an electric motor.
    The Proprietary EV powertrain that has been designed and manufactured in-house by the Pune-based workshop generates 165 Nm of peak torque at the Motor Shaft. Take a look at the short video on Tata Ace Electric below.
    [embedded content]
    In its IC engine-powered model, the truck draws its power from a 2-cylinder, 700cc, naturally aspirated direction injection diesel engine that generates 20 bhp and 45 Nm of torque. It is also offered with a 694cc MPFI 4 stroke, water-cooled petrol engine with a rated output of 30 bhp and 55 Nm of peak torque. The same powertrain can also be run on CNG which returns an output of 25 bhp and 50 Nm of torque. In its IC-powered form, Ace could attain a top speed of 70 kmph.
    On the other hand, in this battery-powered spec, Ace Electric could clock a top speed of 140 kmph but has been electronically limited to 80 kmph as per government rules and regulations for commercial vehicles. It utilises the same five-speed gearbox as in the original Ace however it eliminates the use of a clutch pedal.
    The expanded torque band on the drivetrain lets the driver use just one gear (3rd or 4th) throughout 90 percent of the journey. The fifth gear is best used in long drives for better efficiency.
    Charging Options
    Not only emission has been cut down completely but the NVH levels of the cabin have also improved significantly. Charging is facilitated through either a normal single-phase 15A socket to charge at 3 kW or through a three-phase industrial socket at 12 kW. The smart on-board charger eliminates the need to have a fast charging network. The workshop claims that any three-phase connection could be used as a fast charger.
    Previous Attempts
    A similar project was initiated by Tata Motors where the automaker developed a battery-powered specifically for the UK market. It was later introduced in the UK as a mass-market LCV in 2012. However, a combination of changes in Government incentives and a sluggish take up of EV by the industry made the company discontinue Ace Electric. More

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    Zyngo Electric Vehicles Battery Swapping Powered By Sun Mobility

    Zyngo Electric VehiclesA total of 500 Zyngo vehicles will use SUN Mobility Swap Points by the end of this year
    A host of EV startups are coming up with offerings ranging from last mile delivery services to setting up battery swapping stations in a bid to enhance the dependence on electric power and boost growth in the EV sector. The electric vehicle market in India is expected to register sales of over the 63 lakh unit mark by 2027.
    The Government of each state in India coming up with various initiatives to boost this growth. Some such Indian startups that have been revolutionizing the EV industry in India are Zypp Electric Mobility, Zyngo Mobility, Ather Energy and eBike Go.
    Sun Mobility and Zyngo Join Hands
    SUN Mobility, a Bengaluru based provider of universal energy infrastructure and services has entered into an alliance with Zyngo, is a hyperlocal delivery service catering to the needs of B2B and B2C consumers. Zyngo commenced operations in Jan 2020 and has since then partnered with various brands to provide last mile delivery.
    The partnership was announced in the presence of the Chief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar. Under the terms of the agreement, Zyngo will depoy 500 vehicles linked to SUN Mobility swapping network by the end of this year.
    Zyngo Electric Vehicles
    For a start, 120 vehicles have been deployed in Gurugram, Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad for last mile and middle mile delivery. The vehicles that will consist of e-loaders and carriers will use SUN Mobility Swap points in 2021 for its last mile delivery services.
    Zyngo’s fleet of e-loaders and carriers will utilize SUN Mobility’s services through the network of battery swap points being offered at Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL) stations to boost last-mile delivery services.
    Sun Mobility’s swapping solution
    As per the terms of agreement, Zyngo vehicles powered by SUV Mobility’s swapping solutions will try to alleviate the key EV adoption challenges among which are high battery replacement costs, high battery maintenance charges and range anxieties along with charging time.
    Systemic growth in Gurugram is being projected by the Government especially in terms of electric mobility. The Government of Haryana expects to reduce pollution levels and generate employment opportunities in the state and this alliance between SUN Mobility and Zyngo is a step in this direction in turning Gurugram into the Smartest City in the country.
    Zyngo is the delivery partner for a host of e-commerce, FMCC, retail and pharma organizations. There has been a boom in e-commerce networks over the past 9-12 months causing a surge in last mile deliveries. Other players such has Amazon, Flipkart and Big Basket have also sought a shift towards electrifying their delivery fleet.
    Prateek Rao, Founder and CEO of Zyngo spoke about this alliance with SUN Mobility in their bid to offer pollution free and seamless delivery services to their end customers. It is the company’s endeavor to become one of the leading EV logistics service providers in the last mile sector. SUN Mobility platform has powered over 1 lakh deliveries covering a total of 2 lakh plus emission free kms in association with Zyngo. More

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    Piaggio Ape Electric Auto Rickshaw, Cargo 3 Wheeler Launch Price Rs 2.83 L

    Piaggio Ape Electric Rickshaw
    Piaggio FX range (fixed battery) electric vehicles in both the cargo and passenger segments launched

    Piaggio Vehicles Pvt Ltd (PVPL) launched its FX range (fixed battery) of electric vehicles in both the cargo and passenger segments today. The manufacturer says Ape’ E-Xtra FX with 9.5 Kw power output is the most powerful electric cargo in the segment.
    Ape E-City FX passenger segment vehicle is designed for comfy rides for a higher number of trips and best in class earnings. Both vehicles feature blue vision headlamps, automatic transmission, hill hold assist, regenerative braking, dual tone seats, striking body colours and graphics, multi- information instrument cluster, boost mode, etc.
    Fame II subsidy, Price & Booking
    Ape Electrik FX range is eligible for FAME II subsidy. Then there are other benefits for the registration process. Ape’ E-Xtra FX (cargo 3 wheeler) comes is now available introductory ex-sh, price of Rs 3,12,137, and Ape E-City FX (passenger electric rickshaw) at ex-sh price of Rs 2,83,878 post fame II subsidy benefit.
    Piaggio Ape’ Electrik FX range is designed to offer customers with unique solutions for specific applications. Zero emission, low NVH, superior drive and ride comfort are talking points that drive home the message.
    Piaggio Ape Electric Cargo 3 Wheeler
    Restructuring last mile transport options is a key focus area in Indian cities and towns amidst rising levels of vehicular pollution. The introduction today gives Piaggio a rooted presence in Diesel, CNG, LPG, Petrol and Electric ranges.
    Piaggio Ape’ Electrik FX range warranty
    Piaggio Ape’ Electrik FX range of electric vehicles are fixed battery electric 3 wheelers, convenient for home and office charging. Power comes from advanced Lithium-Ion Smart batteries. The products are designed to optimise last-mile mobility. It’s available with full metal body architecture and 6 ft cargo deck length. Custom applications include usage as delivery van, garbage collector, etc.
    Running cost is at less than 50 paise, and hence promises low cost of operations. Unique service solutions will boost customer confidence. The company offers 3 year/1 lakh kilometer ‘Super warranty’, and 3 Year Free Maintenance package as an introductory offer. Piaggio I-Connect telematics solution offers real time vehicle data tracking.
    Piaggio Ape Electric 3 Wheeler launch
    Diego Graffi, Chairman & MD Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. said, “Ape, a brand with a trust of more than 30 lac happy customers is paving the way for the Indian electric revolution with the FX range of electric vehicles. The Piaggio Group has a rich heritage of developing electric technology over the last four decades which we have leveraged to develop these class leading products for India.
    Post the launch of Ape’ E-City with Swappable technology in 2019, we are now introducing the Fixed Battery technology solutions to serve the varied needs of customers. This new FX range is a step in realizing Piaggio’s vision which aligns with the government’s initiatives for mass adaption of EVs in India.” More

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    Mahindra Electric Treo ZOR EVs To Be Used By Amazon In 7 Cities

    Mahindra Treo ZOR EVs
    Amazon India electric mobility targets focus on EVs designed and manufactured by OEMs in India

    Amazon India has partnered with Mahindra Electric to strengthen its commitment towards electric mobility. As a part of this, 100 units of the new Mahindra Zor TREO Electric three wheelers have been delivered to Amazon India. These are now operational in 7 Indian cities for delivery purposes.
    In 2020, Amazon India embarked on an undertaking wherein its delivery vehicle fleet would include 10,000 electric vehicles (EVs) by 2025 in India alone. All these vehicles to be introduced will be designed and manufactured by OEMs in India.
    Climate Pledge commitment
    The proposed EV commitment is in addition to Amazon’s global commitment of 1,00,000 strong EV delivery fleet by 2030 announced in the Climate Pledge signed in September 2019. It outlines a mobility goals wherein Amazon strives to be net zero carbon by 2040 across its businesses. This is a decade ahead of the Paris Agreement’s goal of 2050.
    The Climate Pledge shapes faster decarbonization, and the onus lies on all signees in stimulating investment in development of low-carbon products and services. To meet the target, 10,000 Amazon custom electric delivery vehicles will be in service globally as early as 2022.
    Mahindra Treo ZOR EVs
    Mahindra Electric delivery vehicle fleet
    A partnership with Mahindra Electric empowers e-mobility industry progress here designed to meet environmental sustainability goals. Mahindra Treo Zor electric vehicles are already in use in seven cities. They include Bengaluru, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Indore and Lucknow.
    Development in the e-mobility industry in recent years revolves around advanced tech, and superior motor and battery components. Another area that generates intrigue and prompts public discussion is the need for adequate charging infrastructure. FAME 2 policy guides EV adoption policies and goals.
    Mahindra Treo Zor was launched in October 2020. It features an advanced Lithium-ion Battery and ease of charging. This in turn meets charging requirements of delivery partners. Designed and developed in India, the company says it offers best-in-industry performance.
    Other features include drive by wire tech to encourage fatigue free driving experience, reduced load and unload times, and a long wheelbase that fosters vehicle safety and stability. Principles of Clean mobility depend on clean energy to address climate change.
    Mahesh Babu, MD & CEO, Mahindra Electric Mobility Ltd said, “We are proud to partner with Amazon in deploying Mahindra Treo Zor EV in their delivery partners’ fleet. Treo Zor offers a unique customer value proposition with best-in-industry power of 8 kW, and highest-in-class payload of 550 kg.” More