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    KTM Plans To Launch GasGas Enduro Motorcycles In India

    GasGas EC250F
    With is new street-legal lineup, KTM’s subsidiary would be aiming to cater to India’s under served off-road motorcycle segment

    Riding on a strong global sales performance in the recent years, KTM went on an acquisition spree in a bid to consolidate its position as Europe’s largest motorcycle brand. After bringing the Swedish Husqvarna brand into its umbrella and successfully widening its scope, the Austrian brand went ahead and acquired Spanish off-road specialist GasGas in 2019. We have learnt that KTM is gearing up to introduce GasGas in India later this year.
    GasGas enduro motorcycle coming to India
    GasGas specializes primarily in medium displacement and pure electric off-road motorcycles but with access to KTM’s well established road-legal platforms, the brand is preparing to foray into new volume-rich segments. International media reports speculate that GasGas is currently working on as many as 3 street motorcycles which are mostly likely to adopt enduro and/or adventure tourer body styles.
    While two of them are expected to be based on KTM’s 790 Duke platform, the entry level model is most likely to be a 250 cc model based on India-made Duke’s platform. So, we believe this quarter liter enduro is going to be the first GasGas to be introduced in our market.
    While the critical components of this platform are already heavily localized in India, some parts including the bodywork are likely to be imported. We expect the GasGas to have a relatively low volume run compared to its KTM and Husqvarna siblings.
    GasGas EC250F
    GasGas 250 motorcycle
    GasGas already has a 250 cc hardcore, track-focused off-roader in its international portfolio in the form of EC250F which retails at 9,700 euros (over INR 8.5 lakh) but we don’t it is a viable product for India. The brand’s new range of street motorcycles are still under wraps and India is likely to be the launch market for one of them.
    The enduro segment in India is heavily under served as of now. The Hero Impulse 200 is the closest one could get to a compact displacement enduro motorcycle in India but it still not serious enough to appeal to hardcore off-road enthusiasts.
    The upcoming GasGas motorcycle based on KTM platform would be aiming to address this niche. With WP suspension setup, high ground clearance, off-road tyres, spoke wheels and lightweight body, the motorcycle is expected to have an entirely different character compared to its platform-mates.
    Launch timeline
    If things progress as per schedule, the new street-legal GasGas enduro motorcycle should be launched in India sometime later this year. In fact the imported kits for the motorcycle have already reached India. GasGas products will be retailed through well established KTM dealership network in the country. We expect the pricing to be on the premium end and dearer than the existing KTM 250 products. More

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    Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Instrument Cluster Spied – Tripper Navigation Missing

    Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Spied
    The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 employs an eccentrically placed digi-analog instrument console

    A camouflaged prototype Royal Enfield Hunter with some accessories was spied up close while stationary. The test mule appears to be not fully production ready but not far from it either. The latest spy shots give us a clear idea on how the motorcycle’s instrument panel looks like.
    Royal Enfield Hunter 350
    Royal Enfield is currently working on building a strong and eclectic range of 350 cc motorcycles based on its new generation J platform. The Meteor 350 which replaced the Thunderbird was the first of many new RE’s to come. While the loyalists are eagerly waiting for the next generation Classic 350, Royal Enfield threw a surprise in the form of another retro-classic Roadster.
    The Eicher-owned two wheeler brand has registered Hunter as a trademark, leading us to believe that the new 350 cc roadster will carry this moniker. To be positioned alongside the new Classic 350 as a sportier alternative to lure younger audience, the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 will feature a sleek fuel tank, circular headlamp, possibly with LED elements, single-piece seat, LED taillight and a simple tailpiece.
    Going by the prototype, the Hunter 350 is most likely to be equipped with alloy wheels and black finished engine and exhaust pipe. The prototype was wearing chrome finished headlamp cowl but we expect the final production version to feature a black unit.
    Production version is expected to offer Tripper Navigation as well
    The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 employs a unique digi analog instrument console with a rectangular MID. While this particular mule does not feature an additional dial for Tripper Navigation system (Smartphone enabled turn-by-turn navigation), it is reasonable to assume the motorcycle to be offered with it at the time of launch.
    The Royal Enfield Hunter 350, as the spyshot shows, borrows its 349 cc air-cooled engine from the Meteor 350. Widely acclaimed for being much more refined than its predecessor, the new mill dishes out 20.2 hp and 27 Nm of torque. Gearbox is a conventional 5-speed unit.
    There is nothing particularly interesting about the suspension or braking system. The roadster employs traditional telescopic front forks covered with rubber gaiters, and twin-rear shock absorbers. Like all modern Royal Enfields, the Hunter is equipped with front and rear disc brakes with dual-channel ABS.
    Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Instrument Cluster – Analog Speedometer, Digital MID
    On board the Royal Enfield Hunter, the speedometer is analog and is seen with markings in kmph as well as mph. The speedo is listed till max speed of 160 kmph / 100 mph – just like the new Meteor 350. Other details like fuel level, trip meters, etc are expected to be listed in the digital MID.
    Market positioning
    With the Royal Enfield Hunter 350, the company would be aiming to fend off fresh competition like the Honda CB350. Royal Enfield’s leadership in the Indian medium displacement segment continues to be strong even during the challenging year that was 2020.
    The Classic 350 continues to be a cash cow for the brand and with the new gen model coming later this year, things are only going to get stronger. The Hunter will be playing a consolidating role.
    Royal Enfield Hunter 350 Spied More

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    New Honda CB350 Cafe Racer Name CB350RS – Leaked In New Teaser?

    Honda CB350RS Cafe Racer Teaser
    The styling tweaks include black accents instead of chrome, a new tailpiece, and colour themes

    Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) took its time to develop a Royal Enfield challenger in the form of H’ness CB350 but is now already gearing up to spawn a variant extension. The Honda CB350 Cafe Racer has been teased once again in a build up to its unveil on February 16th.
    Honda CB350 Cafe Racer
    The H’ness CB350’s simple roadster body style with minimalist styling is a perfect to spawn an array of variants to cater to different tastes. The Cafe Racer with design tweaks would be targeting younger audience with a sportier appeal.
    From what can be seen from the teasers, the upcoming variant of the medium displacement retro-classic motorcycle features a new cantilevered tailpiece with compact LED taillight and mudguard mounted license plate and indicators.
    While the regular Honda CB350 embraces chrome appointments, Cafe Racer adopts black finish for the front and rear fenders, exhaust canister, rear shock absorber springs and the front fork. The new handlebar makes for a slightly sportier riding posture to suit the Cafe Racer styling. All other elements are shared with the regular model.
    Link to the teaser image reveals the name CB350RS
    The Name – Honda CB350RS
    Honda has revealed a new teaser today, and also launched a dedicated web-page on their official website of Big Wing. After taking a look at the page source of this new teaser website, you will notice that the name CB350RS is seen multiple times in the site’s coding as well as in the URL.
    Honda CB350RS name appears in the official website coding
    This indicates that the name of the CB350 based new motorcycle is likely going to be christened as CB350RS or CB 350 RS or CB350 RS. Whatever is the official name, it will be revealed on 16th Feb 2021, at the time of launch.
    Honda CB350RS Specifications
    The Honda CB350RS is powered by a 348 cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine which is expected to be carried forward without any changes. The motor produces 21 hp and 30 Nm of torque, and is paired with a 5-speed gearbox. The frame and suspension setup, wheels and braking system remain the same but the tyres adopt different buttons to suit the new variant’s character. To recap, the motorcycle is equipped with front and rear disc brakes with standard dual-channel ABS system.
    Honda CB350RS Website
    The digi-analog instrument panel has been retained, and just like its sibling, the Honda CB350RS Cafe Racer will sport turn-by-turn navigation, music and telephone control supported by Bluetooth connectivity, and Honda Selectable Torque Control. Other noteworthy features include smartphone voice control, side stand engine cut-off, and battery health indicator.
    Honda BigWing
    The Honda CB350 RS Cafe Racer will be retailed exclusively through the brand’s BigWing premium dealership network. While this approach restricts its territorial coverage when compared to Royal Enfield motorcycles, Honda is working on significantly expanding its BigWing network across the country. Premium ownership experience is a part of the motorcycle’s appeal and BigWing goes a long way in ensuring that.
    More India-specific models on the way?
    At the time of launching the CB350, Honda hinted that a bigger thump is coming. While there are no specifics as of now, it is rumoured that a CB500 could be in the works. With heavy localization, a bigger engined Honda motorcycle with retro-classic styling would emerge as a compelling alternative to Royal Enfield’s ever-expanding twin-cylinder portfolio. More

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    2021 Royal Enfield Classic 650 cc Twin Spied With New Gen 350 – Gets Alloys

    Royal Enfield Classic 650cc Twin
    The Royal Enfield Classic has an unassailable lead in the Indian medium displacement motorcycle segment and why not augment it with a 650 cc variant?

    If you are a Royal Enfield fan, there is a lot to be cheerful about in 2021 as the retro classic brand is gearing up for a new product launches in regular intervals. Royal Enfield has plans to launch one new motorcycle every 4 months in India.
    While things are going to start with model year refreshes and minor updates, quite a few next-generation thumpers are in the pipeline for later this year. We all know the new 650 cc cruiser is on its way but RE has surprised by testing another twin-cylinder prototype that we believe to be the Classic 650!
    2021 Royal Enfield Classic 650 spied
    A recent spyshot of accessorized 650 cruiser was actually wrongly identified. The prototype featured a conventional roadster riding posture compared to the previously spied cruiser test mule‘s feet-forward stance. Not just that, the accessorized test mule also featured considerably higher seat height.
    We have come across a new spy shot of the mystery Royal Enfield 650 roadster in question, parked alongside a new gen Classic 350 prototype. The image is credit to automotive enthusiast Ganesan.
    Royal Enfield Classic 650cc Twin with new gen Classic 350. Footpegs positioning on both motorcycles is similar. Pillion seat is larger as compared to the 650cc cruiser spied earlier.
    As you can see, they both share quite a lot in common in terms of basic design elements – circular headlamps, almond shaped fuel tank, split seats and roughly same seat height – and ergonomics. The motorcycle features black alloy wheels, front and rear discs, twin exhaust pipes, and an eccentrically mounted circular instrument dial.
    Royal Enfield KX650 Cruiser with footpegs in the front, lower seat height and smaller pillion seat
    Though the engine of the 650cc Classic is seen in black, it is likely that it is just a cover. As the spy shot shows that the cover is broken at one point, and one can clearly see the chrome / silver engine underneath.
    Why Classic 650 when you already have Interceptor 650?
    The Royal Enfield Classic 650 would be an ideal spiritual successor to the now defunct 500 cc variant which had a sizeable fan following. More powerful and refined twin-cylinder engine, the trademark retro design and a nameplate with huge brand recall make for a compelling combo.
    Royal Enfield KX650 Cruiser with footpegs in the front, lower seat height and smaller pillion seat
    To give you a perspective, more than half of RE’s sales volume is accounted for by the Classic 350; which is at the end of its life cycle and this shows how strong the Classic brand is. So, why not augment it with a 650 variant?
    While the Interceptor 650 already covers the medium displacement roadster niche for RE, the company appears to be confident that there is sufficient difference in the appeal of the Classic 650 to have it alongside. The inverted telescopic fork, split seats with removable pillion unit and an old-school body-coloured headlamp housing distance the Royal Enfield Classic 650 from its sibling.
    In its existing state of tune, the motor produces 47 hp and 52 Nm of torque and is mated to a 6-speed transmission. We may see a minor tweak to the gear ratios to suite the Royal Enfield Classic 650’s relaxed mile-munching nature. With more variants being spun off the same platform, RE would be able to leverage the economies of scale to come up with very competitive pricing for its upcoming products. More

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    KTM Duke 790 Gets Extended Warranty Of 2 Yrs / 30k Kms For Rs 4k

    Image – Vikram James
    The extended warranty package for the 790 Duke needs to be purchased within 730 days of purchasing the motorcycle

    KTM Duke 790 middleweight naked sportsbike has been in India for quite sometime. It serves as a natural upgrade option for existing 390 Duke customers, and has been doing reasonably well in the country’s premium bike segment. In a bid to further enhance its appeal and ownership experience, KTM India has introduced an optional extended warranty package at a nominal price.
    KTM 790 Duke extended warranty
    We thank Vikram James, owner of a 790 Duke, who shared this update with us. He reports that KTM India acted upon the feedback of existing KTM Duke 790 customers and came up with the extended warranty package which offers an additional 2 years or 30k km over the existing standard 2 year or 30k km protection.
    The extended warranty package of the KTM 790 Duke is priced at around INR 4,000. The customers should opt for the package within 730 days of purchasing the motorcycle. They are eligible for a discount on the extended warranty if they opt for it within 180 days of purchasing the vehicle.
    Of course standard warranty rules apply as to what is covered and what is not. The total warranty on offer for KTM Duke 790 customers has now been increased to 4 yrs / 60k kms – thanks to the addition of this new extended warranty package.
    KTM Duke 790 Extended Warranty – Brochure Part 1
    KTM 790 Duke at a glance
    After years of anticipation, KTM finally decided to treat its Indian loyalists with its middleweight sportsbike late last year. Nicknamed ‘the scalpel‘, the KTM 790 Duke incorporates the aggressive character that the brand’s street fighters are known for, but in combination with precise handling. Net result is a motorcycle which, in right hands, is capable of some very impressive stuff.
    At the time of its launch in 2019, the 790 Duke was available in BS4 avatar. After depleting the last few units of the inventory at a hefty discount of around INR 1 lakh (the ex-showroom price was INR 8.64 lakh), it was expected that the Austrian brand will eventually introduce a BS6 version. However, there is no official news about the 790 Duke being back on sale in India as of now.
    KTM Duke 790 Extended Warranty – Brochure Part 2
    The BS4-compliant 799 cc in-line twin-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine dishes out 105 hp and 87 Nm of torque. A 6-speed transmission is mated to the motor by means of a slipper clutch. The motorcycle offers four riding modes and switchable cornering ABS and traction control.
    KTM 890 Duke R
    Meanwhile, KTM has introduced an even sportier variant of ‘the scalpel’ called the 890 Duke R or ‘the super scalpel’. The motorcycle gets a 890 cc engine which is good for 121 hp and 99 Nm of torque. In addition to extra power, the 890 Duke R also offers extra features such as adjustable WP Apex front suspension, Brembo Stylema brake system, Michelin Powercup II hypersport tyres and so on. Hopefully, KTM India will soon launch the 890 Duke R in India in place of the over due 790 Duke BS6. More

  • KTM 250 Adventure Leaks From Dealer Showcase Event – Launch Soon

    Upon its launch, the KTM 250 Adventure will compete against the likes of Hero Xpulse 200 and Royal Enfield Himalayan

    KTM is all set to make its fans beaming with joy by introducing its entry-level adventure tourer. The Austrian bike maker is expected to launch the 250 Adventure soon around the festive season later this month. Ahead of that, KTM India has showcased the motorcycle to their dealers in India.
    KTM had earlier revealed its plan to launch the 250 Adventure motorcycle in the first quarter of 2020. However, that as not happened. Instead, BAJAJ-KTM launched Husqvarna 250 Twins in February. The launch of KTM 250 was further delayed due to the outbreak of Covid-19. But now it seems the Austrian brand is finally ready to launch its entry-level tourer.
    The company is currently formulating the pre-launch training process of the upcoming 250 Adventure. Although KTM has not officially revealed this upcoming motorcycle, from the leaked video and spy shots plenty of details can be obtained. Below is the leaked video from the dealer showcase event of KTM 250 Adventure in India, giving the first look at the upcoming motorcycle.
    [embedded content]
    From the images seen until now, it can be said that the 250 Adventure will be an amalgam of 250 Duke and 390 Adventure. Much of its design has been inspired by its elder sibling. However, it is expected to get the single-piece headlamp instead of the split headlamp setup in the new 390 Adventure. Also to keep the cost in check, it is expected to be a halogen unit although it could be equipped with LED DRLs.
    In KTM’s product portfolio, the 250 Adventure will be placed above 250 Duke at a premium of Rs 30,000-35,000. For this additional premium, the 250 Adventure will get KTM 390 Adventure-like styling and some extra features. This includes a TFT instrument cluster unlike the LCD unit present in its naked sibling.
    This unit will read out essential information but may miss out Bluetooth connectivity present in 390 Adventure. Since being an entry-level bike, the younger adventure tourer is also set to miss other features such as offroad ABS, traction control system, ride by wire and multiple riding modes.
    Mechanical Details
    The 250 Adventure will draw its power from the same 249cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine which also powers its naked sibling. This unit is capable enough to produce 30 bhp at 9000rpm and 24 Nm of peak torque at 7500rpm. It will be paired with a six-speed gearbox assisted by a slipper clutch.
    Hardware used on the bike is expected to be the same as 390 Adventure which means it will be built on the same steel trellis frame. Suspension duties will be carried out by WP Apex 43 mm USD at front and mono-shock at rear. The 250 Adventure is expected to be priced around Rs 2.35 lakh (ex-showroom) which will be about Rs 65k lower than 390 Adventure. More

  • Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Official Scale Models Merchandise Leak

    The upcoming Royal Enfield Meteor 350 is built upon a completely new platform and will be powered by a new 350cc engine
    Anticipation for the much-awaited Meteor 350 from Royal Enfield grows higher and higher with each day passing as it gets nearer to launch. Till now, the Chennai-based bike manufacturer hasn’t revealed much about its upcoming cruiser neither has it officially released its images.

    However, a series of spied images and videos have been doing rounds on the internet for a very long time. Recently, the brochures of the upcoming bike got leaked and we got some insights on the details. With the launch around the corner, we have received another set of exclusive images that might suggest what the final production-spec model would actually look like.
    The images we have received are of scaled miniature models of the actual production-spec which is expected to go on sale from 20th of September. Along with the new bike, RE will also launch miniature scale models of Meteor 350 as official merchandise. These leaked images reveal a lot more details about the upcoming cruiser bike. As we all know, the Meteor 350 is set to replace the outgoing Thunderbird 350 and Thunderbird 350X.

    Powertrain & Transmission
    The Meteor 350 will sit on an all-new platform codenamed ‘J1D’ which is set to underpin future models from Royal Enfield. It will be powered by a new 350cc powertrain which might have an OHC (Over Head Cam) setup. The current 350cc motor in Classic 350 and Bullet produces 20 bhp and 28 Nm of peak torque. The new unit is said to generate an output similar to its predecessor. This engine will be coupled with a 5-speed gearbox.
    Coming to the images shown here, they give a clear idea as to what the final product might be. These scaled miniature models will be sold as Royal Enfield merchandise alongside the actual bike. The pictures clearly show the low saddle height for the rider as seen in a cruiser.
    Variants & Features

    As reported earlier, the new Meteor 350 will be offered in three variants- Fireball, Stellar and top of the line Supernova. All three are visually distinctive from each other. The base Fireball variant will carry all blacked out components, a coloured rim tape in the alloys, graphics with decal and a single colour fuel tank. Meanwhile, the Stellar variant will have body-coloured components, chrome finish on handlebars and a backrest.
    On the other hand, the Supernova variant will sport machined alloy wheels, premium seats, windscreen and chrome indicators. All three variants also offer some common features such as a semi-digital Dual pod instrument cluster and inbuilt turn-by-turn navigation called ‘Tripper Navigation’.
    Expected Price

    The new Royal Enfield Meteor 350 will employ a new instrument device that displays a lot more information such as tripmeter, odometer, gear, low-battery, drive modes, ABS MIL and many more. The Meteor is set to undergo the launch later this month and is expected to be priced around Rs 1.65 lakh (ex-showroom). More

  • Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Leaks – 7 Colours, 3 Variants of Fireball, Stellar, Supernova

    The new-gen ‘UCE 350’ Royal Enfield Meteor 350 comes in three variants (Fireball, Stellar & Supernova) and seven colours
    Chennai-based motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield is almost ready to launch its new-gen ‘UCE 350’ range that starts with the much-awaited Meteor 350. Essentially a replacement to the now discontinued BS4-compliant Thunderbird and ThunderbirdX 350 siblings, the 2020 Royal Enfield Meteor 350 sits on an all-new platform, gets an improved air-cooled power plant and features a host of modern equipment.

    Over the months, we have shared multiple spy images and videos of the Meteor 350. Many have spotted the cruiser doing test runs across the stretches of India. Exciting times lie ahead of Royal Enfield fans since the British-origin automaker plans several interesting products for the near future. Using the same ~350cc mill, another prototype (supposedly dubbed ‘Hunter 350’) is also doing rounds wearing heavy camouflage.

    To the surprise of many, the company has even revealed that it is working on all-electric models for the years to come. A Royal Enfield without the typical ‘thump’, or virtually zero noise for that matter, may upset hardcore ‘RE fans’. However, this is something to think about at a later stage. Let us dive into what is hitting our market in a few months’ time or maybe even weeks.
    Royal Enfield Meteor 350 brochure leaked
    We bring you an exclusive glimpse into what the upcoming new-gen ‘UCE 350’ model offers. In a brochure leak (more like a dealers’ overview), one can understand the variants, colours and cosmetic features of the new Royal Enfield Meteor 350. There are seven colours in total: Fireball Yellow, Fireball Red, Stellar Red metallic, Stellar Black matte, Stellar Blue metallic, Supernova Brown dual-tone and Supernova Blue dual-tone.

    As the names suggest, the 2020 Meteor 350 comes in three variants: Fireball, Stellar and Supernova. It is worth mentioning that the ‘Fireball’ variant was previously leaked from an online configurator page.
    Cosmetic highlights of the Meteor Fireball variant include blacked-out components, single-colour fuel tank, body graphics, machined cooling fins and coloured wheel rim. ‘Stellar’ adds body-coloured components, premium badges, chrome elements and a backrest. Finally comes the Supernova variant sporting dual-tone paint scheme, machined alloy wheels, premium seat upholstery, flyscreen and chrome turn signals.

    ‘Tripper Navigation’ (most likely inbuilt navigation with turn-by-turn directions) remains standard. We have already shared a real-life image of the same. The semi-digital dual-pod instrument console also features Bluetooth connectivity — a first for Royal Enfield.
    Possible engine characteristics & pricing

    Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Speedometer
    Unlike the archaic tappet-valve arrange of the current-gen BS6 ‘UCE 350’ mill, the new avatar might have an OHC (Over Head Cam) setup. This can boost output by a significant margin. For reference, the existing 346cc air-cooled FI single-cylinder engine generates just about 20bhp and 28Nm. The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 is expected to get a 5-speed transmission as its predecessor. Ex-showroom prices should start at roughly Rs 1.65 lakh (Rs 10,000-15,000 over the Thunderbird 350). More