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    Bajaj Sales, Exports Oct 2020 Break Up – Pulsar, Platina, CT, Avenger, Dominar

    Bajaj Pulsar
    Bajaj Auto Ltd two-wheeler cumulative sales rose to 4,70,290 units in the October 2020 marking its highest ever recorded in a month

    Bajaj Auto Limited had a good run in October 2020. Two wheeler sales surged both in domestic and global market with the Pulsar recording highest sales of 1,70,624 units.
    Bajaj Pulsar tops Domestic Sales
    The Pulsar was the top selling model in India with a growth increase of 44.72 percent to 1,38,218 units, up from 95,509 units sold in October 2019 commanding a market share of 52.93 percent.
    Bajaj Domestic Sales Oct 2020 As Per Motorcycle Brand
    De-growth was noted in sales of the Platina and CT while sales of the Avenger surged 12.38 percent to 7,052 units while the demand for Dominar reached new heights up 342.68 percent from 806 units sold in October 19 to 3,568 units sold in the past month with both the Dominar 250 and 400 noting increased demand.
    The Dominar 400 was launched in 2016 while the Dominar 250 made its official debut in March 2020. The 250 competes with the Suzuki Gixxer 250 and Yamaha FZ-25 and is currently priced at Rs 1.66 lakhs. The Bajaj Chetak, also a new entrant has seen sales of 250 units, thereby contributing to total domestic sales of 2,61,115 units in Oct 20, up 10.6 percent as against 2,35,961 units sold in Oct 19.
    Bajaj Domestic Sales Oct 2020 As Per Engine Size Segment
    It is interesting to note that it is only 4 motorcycles, that is CT100, Platina 100, Pulsar 125 and Pulsar 150 – that account for 88.47% of the domestic sales for Bajaj. Bajaj has a total of 11 two wheelers on offer in domestic market. Pulsar, Platina and CT brands account for 95.83% of domestic sales.
    Bajaj Auto Exports
    Exports in Oct 20 increased 27.67 percent to 1,97,287 units, up from 1,54,525 units sold in Oct 19. Bajaj Boxer topped the list in terms of exports in the past month with a 40.50 percent increase to 1,23,778 units. Not only was the Boxer highest in terms of exports for the company but was the most exported motorcycle from India.
    Bajaj Exports Oct 2020 As Per Motorcycle Brand
    The Bajaj Boxer currently commands a market share of 62.74 percent. At a No.2 spot was the Bajaj Pulsar with exports up 32.52 percent to 32,406 units while lower down the order was the Discover with an increase of 10.77 percent to 15,916 units. The Platina, Avenger and Dominar all showed increased demand with the exception of the CT where exports dipped 30.91 percent to 16,572 units in the past month, down from 23,986 units exported in Oct 19.
    Bajaj Auto Segment wise sales
    The 75-110cc segments showed more some promise in domestic and global markets. In terms of domestic sales, the Boxer 110cc and Discover 110cc failed to note any sales while the CT and Platina posted de-growth. The Pulsar 125cc sales increased 98.68 percent to 65,648 units in Oct 20 as against 33,042 units sold in Oct 19. In Oct 20, Bajaj Auto introduced special festive discounts on the three variants of the 125cc Pulsar with savings upto Rs.3,000.
    Bajaj Exports Oct 2020 As Per Engine Size Segment
    In exports, the Boxer 110cc was the highest seller with 97,452 units exported, up 32.01 percent as against 73,824 units exported in Oct 19. It was also in the 126-250cc segment that the Boxer ruled with exports of 23,547 units, up 83.60 percent as against 12,840 units exported in Oct 19.
    In the 111-125cc segment, the Discover found most buyers in global markets with 13,036 units exported and the Platina 110cc and 125cc were also favoured among global buyers as was the Pulsar and Avenger. Bajaj Chetak exports are yet to start. More

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    Bajaj Dominar Records Sales Of 3,568 Units In Oct 2020 – New High

    Bajaj Dominar 250
    Dominar sales crosses 3,500 mark for the first time in a calendar month – Both, 250 and 400 have contributed in achieving this new high

    In an encouraging development for Bajaj Auto, sales of its Dominar range have witnessed an upswing in recent months. As may be recalled, Dominar 400 was launched in 2016 whereas Dominar 250 had made its debut earlier this year in March.
    Talking about Dominar 400, the company had hoped that its flagship motorcycle will emerge as a bestseller. However, sales turned out to be below expectations. Nonetheless, the company persisted with the product and introduced a number of changes to make it a more attractive option for customers. Bajaj’s patience and efforts seem to be paying off now, as Dominar 400 sales are on the rise.
    Highest sales ever in October 2020
    After the lockdown was lifted, Dominar 400 sales have been consistently increasing since June. A total of 1,818 units of Dominar 400 were sold in October, which is the highest monthly sales this year. From January to October, total sales are 5,681 units. This is also the highest sales since June 2019, when a total of 2,044 units were sold.
    Talking about Dominar 250, the motorcycle has fared relatively better as compared to its bigger sibling. It has registered decent sales since its launch, excluding the obvious lockdown period from April to May. In October, sales were highest at 1,750 units. Cumulative sales since its launch are 7,230 units, which is higher than Dominar 400 for the same period.
    Dominar 250
    Dominar 400
    Is the tide turning in favour of Dominar 400?
    Although sales have improved, it is too early to comment about Dominar 400’s future prospects. Post lockdown, most two-wheeler models have registered strong sales growth. Purchase decisions delayed due to the pandemic and associated uncertainties are now being fulfilled, which is one of the key reasons for sales boost post lockdown. Things have improved on the supply side as well, which is another factor for the rise in sales numbers.
    It is not certain if this rally can be sustained in the coming months. If we analyse past sales data, it is evident that sales are usually the highest during the festive season.
    From December onwards, sales have a tendency to move south. We will need to watch for a few months more to understand if the recent sales boost is a passing phase or Dominar 400 is finally emerging as a preferred option among customers.
    Bajaj Dominar 400 was launched at a competitive price point of Rs 1.36 lakh, but with multiple price revisions, it now retails at Rs 1.98 lakh, ex-sh. Even at this price, it remains to be one of the most VFM (value for money) motorcycles in its class. Dominar 250 primary rivals include Suzuki Gixxer 250 and Yamaha FZ-25. It has also undergone price revisions and now retails at Rs 1.66 lakh, ex-sh. More

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    Bajaj Chetak Electric Sales Cross 1,000 Units Milestone Since Launch

    Bajaj Chetak Electric
    Bajaj electric Chetak scooter wholesales surpass the 1k units milestone

    The electric two wheeler scene is India is small in volume, and isn’t likely to cause a dent in overall business anytime soon. While an electric future pursuit is ongoing, the way business is done has changed in a big way. Business no longer revolves around traditionally well known automakers with a large number of new independent auto business companies having stepped into the foray.
    Nevertheless, it’s not all silent from the more well-known names even though they may be running the electric business on the back of a single product. Bajaj electric Chetak is the company’s lone EV offering, and has thus far in 2020 reported wholesales of just over 1k units.
    Of course that’s a small percentage of Bajaj’s total business volume, and it’s these small steps that will help establish the EV business in a more noticeable manner in the years to come. While Bajaj has exited the scooter business in India, the electric Chetak has become its only scooter offering in an all new avatar.
    Bajaj Chetak electric sales
    Given that 2020 has created a dent in business operations, it’s likely that EV sales potential too has contracted even though companies have been able to report growth for electric vehicles. Bajaj electric Chetak wholesales for Q2 2020 is reported at 0. However, July to October showing has been on a growth chart. Q3 2020 sales surpassed 500 units. July sales is reported at 120 units, August at 192 units, and September at 288 units. The latter being the highest monthly reporting for the year.
    Q4 2020 has gotten off on a strong foot with October 2020 sales reported at 258 units. In fact current response is noticeably improved as compared to Q1 2020 when just over 200 units were reported sold. Some credit to recent sales boost can be attributed to pent-up demand and improved sales during the recently concluded festive period.
    Bajaj and TVS electric two wheelers
    Bajaj isn’t the only big manufacturer offering an EV in the two-wheeler market. TVS does the same with its iQube unit launched early in 2020. TVS iQube wholesales for the YTD 2020 is reported at 133 units. Sales hasn’t surpassed double digits in any of the three quarters concluded in 2020. Highest sales is reported in Q3 2020 as 76 units.
    With efforts concentrated on the lakhs of units sold in a monthly basis, it’ll be a while until either of these companies are able to report high sales volumes for their electric models. In fact, it would be interesting to see at what rate new electric scooters and motorcycles are introduced by them considering regular petrol models are launched at a dime avdozen each year, even if its just a new skin or colour option.
    For October 2020, FADA reported collective EV two-wheeler retail sales at 2,613 units. The number was an improvement on 2,222 units reported a year earlier. The collective electric two-wheeler market at last month accounted for 0.25 percent of the total domestic two-wheeler market. More

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    Bajaj Sales Oct 2020 Highest Ever – Pulsar, Platina, CT, Avenger, Dominar

    Bajaj Pulsar range recorded highest ever sales in Oct 2020. Image – Deepak.
    Bajaj Auto Limited has reported an 11 percent increase in total vehicle sales to 512,038 units in October 2020

    Bajaj Auto Limited has released their sales report for October 2020. It may be seen from the attached table that the company did exceedingly well in terms of exports of two wheelers with numbers at their highest ever. Not only did the company excel in terms of YoY sales but October 2020 sales were also notably higher than sales in Sept 2020.
    Two Wheeler Domestic Sales and Exports
    Total two wheeler sales in the past month stood at 4,70,290 units, up 18 percent as against 3,98,913 units sold in October 2019. This was the highest ever sales reported by the company with the Pulsar brand amassing sales of 1,70,000 units.
    Bajaj Motorcycle Sales Oct 2020 vs Oct 2019 (YoY) vs Sep 2020 (MoM)
    Domestic sales increased 11 percent to 2,68,631 units in the past month, up from 2,42,516 units sold in October 2019. Exports were at their highest in the past month at 2,01,659 units, up 29 percent as against 1,56,397 units exported in October 2019.
    When assessing the company’s MoM sales increase, domestic sales increased 22.38 percent to 2,68,631 units up from 2,19,500 units sold in September 2020 indicating that sales are steadily increasing despite the pandemic situation prevalent in the country.
    Exports also saw a MoM increase by 8.80 percent to 2.01,659 units, up from 1,85,351 units exported in Sept 2020. This took a MoM increase in total sales up 16.16 percent from 4,04,851 units sold in Sept 20 to 4,70,290 units sold in October 2020.
    Bajaj Sales Oct 2020 – Two, Three Wheelers, CV
    Bajaj Auto Commercial Vehicle Sales
    Bajaj Auto Limited has noted a de-growth in terms of commercial vehicle sales in domestic markets while exports increased only marginally. Domestic sales dipped 65 percent to 12,529 units in October 2020 down from 36,260 units sold in the same month of the previous year.
    Exports increased 4 percent to 29,219 units, up from 28,035 units exported in October 2019. These took total sales in this segment down 35 percent to 41,748 units in October 2020, down from 64,295 units sold in October 2019.
    Bajaj Auto YTD Sales
    When taking the period April to October 2020 into account, two wheeler sales of Bajaj Auto dipped 26 percent. Total sales in this segment stood at 18,34,684 units, down from 24,65,780 units sold during the same period of the previous year.
    Bajaj Sales Apr-Oct 2020
    However, it should be taken into account that sales in April 2020 were at zero units considering the lockdown announced across the country in view of the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Sales have been gradually increasing only since July 2020.
    YTD commercial vehicle sales also dipped 58 percent. Domestic sales in this segment during the 6 month period April to October 2020 stood at 41,203 units, down from 2,30,207 units. Exports dipped 29 percent to 1,32,591 units, down from 1,87,986 units sold in the same period of the previous year taking total sales down 58 percent to 1,73,794 units in the April to October 2020 period as against 4,18,193 units sold in the same period of the previous year.
    Also Read;– TVS Records Good Growth In Oct 2020– Royal Enfield Sales Decline In Oct 2020– Hero Sales Cross Record 8 Lakh In Oct 2020 More

  • Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter Production To Move Out Of Maharashtra

    Bajaj Chetak
    This new Bajaj plant will not only manufacture Chetak, but also produce KTM, Husqvarna electric scooters for global market

    Bajaj Chetak had received good response at the time of its launch and it does seem to have potential. But then the pandemic happened and Chetak wasn’t able to gain momentum. It had to deal with lockdown and problems on the supply side, as several parts are sourced from China.
    In recent months, however, things are looking up for Chetak. Sales have been continuously rising since July and in September, a total of 288 units were sold. The company has also sorted out most of the issues related to sourcing of parts from China.
    As Bajaj is expecting increased sales in the future, it is proactively looking to setup an exclusive manufacturing facility for Chetak. This plant will also cater to the manufacturing of other electric products in the pipeline such as Husqvarna scooter and KTM scooter.
    Chetak new plant options – Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad
    In an interview with CNBC-TV18, Bajaj Auto MD Rajiv Bajaj revealed that the company’s first choice for setting up the new plant was Maharashtra – as most of the plants as well as R&D is in the same state. Maharashtra govt had also allotted Bajaj new land, which was close to their Chakan plant near Pune. But there were some new developments with that plan, which has left Bajaj disappointed. This has resulted in Bajaj deciding to move out of Maharashtra for their electric scooter plant.
    Bajaj Chetak deliveries are expected to register highest numbers in Oct, since launch in Jan 2020.
    Bajaj is evaluating three production sites – Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Talking about Delhi, Bajaj said that he feels encouraged by the favourable policies for EVs created by the Aam Adam Party government in Delhi.
    Although Delhi may not currently be a huge market for electric two-wheelers, a plant in the city can cater to the needs of entire North India. Five to ten years down the line, electric scooter market is likely to grow significantly across the country. Bajaj is already in talks with Delhi government for the new plant for Chetak.
    Talking about Bengaluru, Bajaj said that it is probably among the best options currently available. Not only are EVs more popular in the South, but the infrastructure there is better developed to support electric vehicles. Bajaj also considers Hyderabad as an attractive destination for developing a large EV manufacturing site.
    Manufacturing to begin by 2022
    It is expected that Bajaj will finalize the location for the new plant by first half of 2021. Once that’s done, setting up the plant can be completed in a few months. If everything works out as planned, Chetak’s new manufacturing facility will become operational by 2022. Production capacity of this new plant is at 5 lakh units annually. Till then, Chetak will continue to be produced at the company’s current facility in Chakan (near Pune).
    In the next twelve months, Bajaj has plans to launch Chetak across the nation. Currently, the scooter is available only in Pune and Bengaluru. With the new plant, Bajaj will be able to meet both domestic demand for Chetak as well as its exports to international markets. Bajaj is India’s leading two wheeler exporter. They already have presence in more than 70 countries, so launching Chetak in global markets should not pose any major challenges for the company.
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  • Bajaj Pulsar 200 New Colours Arrive At Showroom – First Look Walkaround

    Image – MRD Vlogs
    New Bajaj Pulsar NS200 is priced at Rs.1,31,219 while RS200 is more expensive at Rs.1.52,179

    Bajaj Auto Limited gears up for the festive season with the launch of new colour options for their popular mid segment bikes – Pulsar NS and RS series. These motorcycles get refreshed with new colour schemes and body graphics and will be available at all company dealerships from 23rd October 2020.
    The Pulsar RS 200 with dual-channel ABS is priced at Rs.1,52,179 while the NS 200 will be priced slightly lower at Rs.1,31,219 and the Pulsar NS 160 will carry a price tag of Rs.1,08,589. All prices are ex-sh. Below is the first look walkaround video of the new colours on offer with Pulsar RS200, credit to The Bucket List.
    [embedded content]
    Refreshed colour schemes
    Pulsar NS range of 200 and 160 get four new paint options of Burnt Red (Matte Finish), Metallic Pearl White, Pewter Grey, and Plasma Satin Blue. Pulsar RS receives colour options of Burnt Red (Matte Finish), Metallic White, and Pewter Grey.
    The colours are inspired by ‘Colour Blocking’ design language and enhance the sportiness of the bikes along with white alloy wheels, front and rear fenders finished in carbon fiber and seats with a hot stamping pattern Take a look at the new colours of NS200 in the video below by MRD Vlogs.
    [embedded content]
    Apart from these updates, the motorcycles see no change in mechanics. The Bajaj Pulsar NS200 naked street fighter and the fully faired RS200 get their power via the same 199.5cc, liquid cooled, single cylinder engine offering 24.5 hp power and 18.5 Nm torque mated to a 6 speed sequential gearbox.
    Both bikes receive disc brakes at the front and rear measuring 300mm and 230mm respectively. Suspension on the NS200 is handled by telescopic fork in the front and mono shock with adjustment for pre-load damping at the rear. The bike sits on 17 inch alloy wheels at both ends fitted with tubeless tyres from MRF.
    Bajaj Pulsar NS160 on the other hand is powered by a 160.3cc, single cylinder, oil cooled engine offering 17.2 hp power and 14.6 Nm torque mated to a 5 speed sequential gearbox. It gets single channel ABS and braking via 260mm disc in the front and 230mm disc at the rear.
    Bajaj Festive Offers
    The Bajaj Auto Platina and Pulsar 125 are among the best sellers in the company lineup; month after month. Keen to enhance sales this festive season, the company is extending special cash discounts on the Platina 100,110 H Gear and the Pulsar 125. These offers are valid till 31st October 2020.
    Buyers of the Bajaj Platina ES Drum variant, which is priced at Rs.58,605, get a discount of Rs.1,600. This extends to Rs.2,800 on the Platina 100 ES Disc while the Platina 100 H gear variant discount stands at Rs.2,500. Discounts on the Pulsar 125 ranges between Rs.2,000-3,000 while on the 125 drum variant, the discount stands at Rs.2,500. Cash discounts on the Pulsar 125 disc and 125 split seat disc stand at Rs.2,000.
    Sales of Bajaj Auto Limited increased 24 percent in the past month to 2,19,500 units as against 1,77,348 units sold in the same month of the previous year. A large percentage of these sales were from the Pulsar and Platina range. Along with an increase in domestic sales, exports also increased 16 percent to 1,85,351 units making this the company’s highest exports ever. More

  • Bajaj CT100 Launched With 8 New Features – Price Rs 46k, First Look

    2020 Bajaj CT100 BS6
    The entry level Bajaj CT100 KS / kick start; is priced at Rs.46,432

    Bajaj Auto Limited recently increased prices of the CT100. The Alloy variant is now priced at Rs.44,122 while the electric start variant carries a new price tag of Rs.51,802. The company also gears up for the festive season with a new Kadak version of this CT100 motorcycle which is priced at Rs.46,432. This Kadak version gets 3 new colours of Gloss Ebony Black, Matte Olive Green, and Gloss Flame Red and 8 new features.
    8 New Features– Front Fork Suspension Bellows– Rubber Tank Pads– Fuel Meter– Handlebar with cross tube– Thicker and Flatter Seat– Enlarged Grab– Flexible & Clear-lens Indicators– Extended Mirror Boot

    Bajaj Kadak CT100
    Feature updates on the Bajaj CT100, enhances both its looks and performance. It gets new tagline – ‘Sadak pe Kadak’; meaning strong on the road. It receives front fork suspension bellows for added style along with rubber tank pads for more rider comforts. The handlebars get cross tubes for better riding stability and the seat is thicker and flatter for more comfort on challenging road conditions.
    The feature updates on the CT100 also include a larger grab handle for the pillion rider, flexible and clear lens indicators that prevent breaking from minor impact and an extended mirror boot. Below is detailed first look video of the 2020 Bajaj CT100 BS6 with all the new features. Video is credit to Vlogger Shubham.
    [embedded content]
    Bajaj CT100 with these feature and colour updates is available at all company dealerships across the country. The CT100 is a strong seller in the company lineup with over 68 lakh motorcycles sold to date. The CT100 is regaled for its outstanding looks and high level of fuel efficiency which makes this motorcycle a high value for money product.
    Bajaj CT100 Sales
    In September 2020, Bajaj CT100 was third on the list in terms of popularity after the Bajaj Pulsar and Platina. Sales in the past month stood at 45,105 units and were a notable increase as compared to sales of 34,863 units sold in August 2020. The Bajaj CT100 is also popular in global markets with exports in the past month at close to 14,000 units.
    2020 Bajaj CT100 BS6 wit fuel meter
    The BS6 compliant Bajaj CT100 is powered by a 99.27 air cooled, single cylinder engine offering 8.1 hp power at 7,500 rpm and 8.05 Nm torque at 4,500 rpm. It is capable of a top speed of over 90 km/h and commands a high level of fuel efficiency with an ARAI tested mileage of 90 km/l, under ideal conditions. However, when taking into account real world conditions, this motorcycle returns 60 km/l in city limits going up to 75 km/l on the highway leading to an average fuel efficiency of 67 km/l. More

  • Bajaj Dominar Modified By Owner – Gets New Sporty Livery At Rs 3,500

    Image – Shubham
    Bajaj Dominar 400 utilises the same architecture and powertrain which is used in KTM 390 and the Husqvarna 401 Twins

    Bajaj Dominar 400 is one of the most loved touring motorcycles in India currently. At a sub-Rs 2.0 lakh price, it is also the most affordable in its category. With good performance and reliability, this motorcycle has fulfilled both purposes of daily commuting and touring.
    Bike modification is a common exercise among the biking community in India. Most bikers wish to have an exclusive sense of identity when they ride their bikes hence they get them modified according to their preference. The Dominar range is also one that supports after-market modifications quite well.
    Modifications Rendered
    For instance, take this Dominar 400 which has undergone a makeover at the hands of an after-market customizer. The owner, Shubham has added a new livery to his Dominar 400 which lends it the vibe of a racing sports bike.
    The mixture of white and black with a healthy dose of red accentuates its sporty appeal. The number of modifications rendered are plenty and look tasteful on the touring machine. All GFX work has been done at a local customization shop in New Delhi. Total cost for the decals is Rs 2,500. Including the labour charge, total cost is Rs 3,500.

    The most notable highlight is the coloured translucent windscreen from carbon racing. The golden colour of the inverted forks at front adds a nice contrast to the overall look of the bike. The headlamp cluster and indicators get a new setup which resembles Audi range. LED fog lamps from HIG have been installed at the front forks.

    Other significant highlights include a radiator guard from Zana, a crash guard, raised handlebar, handguards, a backrest for a pillion and a foot-rest on the exhaust muffler. The owner reveals that he has also modified the seat by adding extra comfort foam which provides better cushioning even at longer distances.

    Hardware in use
    By the looks of it, there have been no mechanical updates made. The suspension duties are carried out by USD inverted front forks and mono-shock at rear. Disc brake at both ends with dual-channel ABS carry out anchoring duties.

    Additionally, it also gets a radial caliper for the braking system upfront. Most of its components have been borrowed by KTM Duke 390.

    Powertrain & Transmission
    The same holds true for engine and transmission. It is powered by a 373.2cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled DOHC engine which churns out 39.4bhp at 8650rpm and 35Nm of peak torque at 7000rpm. This unit is paired with a 6-speed gearbox.

    It tips the weighing scale at 187 kg and has a capacity to hold 13 litres of fuel. Earlier this year, Bajaj launched a smaller displacement of Dominar in the quarter-litre segment. More