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    2021 Royal Enfield 650 Twins Conti GT Spied – Facelift With Tripper Navigation?

    2021 Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Spied
    While Interceptor is a retro classic roadster, Continental GT 650 is a retro cafe racer

    Ever since their launch in 2018, the 650 Twins- Interceptor and Continental GT have been the eye candy for Royal Enfield consumers. Especially those seeking a fun and spirited motorcycle to ride something different from retro commuter and cruiser motorcycles for which the brand is best known.
    The models have been instrumental for Royal Enfield’s resurgence as a global brand since both the models have received positive feedback from Royal Enfield customers of overseas markets. Now, the brand is looking to give a minor mid-life facelift to both its premium offerings.
    Changes Expected
    Spy shots of the 2021 RE 650 Twins have been clicked by automotive enthusiast Arjun, near ECR in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Though there has been no official announcement regarding a facelift for Interceptor 650 and Conti GT 650, recent announcements by Royal Enfield and the timing of these getting spied, does indicate towards an incoming facelift for 650 Twins.
    Recently, Royal Enfield claimed that they would be launching at least 28 new motorcycles in the next seven years; which means one new motorcycle every quarter. It is likely that a mid-life facelift to the 650 Twins fits the bill. If that is the case, these are the first reported set of 650 Twins Facelift. If we were to guess, then this new facelifted 650 Twins are expected to launch sometime next year.
    2021 Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Spied
    New Colours, Tripper Navigation
    The RE 650 Interceptor facelift and Continental GT 650 Facelift are not likely to incorporate any major changes, maybe only small cosmetic changes, new colours or a slight tweak to its engine to draw more output of it. In all probability, Royal Enfield will give facelift to Continental GT and Interceptor at the same time.
    Facelifted RE 650 Twins will continue with the same retro classic styling with round halogen headlamps, spoked wheels (alloys launch planned), minimal body panels and twin exhaust mufflers. It is also likely to get bluetooth enabled tripper navigation, which was recently launched with Meteor 350.
    2021 Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Spied
    Both 650 Twins are powered by a 648c parallel-twin oil-cooled engine which in its BS6 form churns out 47 bhp and 52 Nm of peak torque. This unit is linked to a 6-speed gearbox. While Interceptor 650 is offered at a starting price of Rs 2.66 lakh, Continental GT 650 is pegged at a starting price of Rs 2.82 lakh (both prices are ex-showroom).
    Facelifted 650 Twins might get a minor bump in price, in comparison to the current prices. Royal Enfield has also announced that from Feb 2021, the 650 Twins will come with optional alloys. Existing customers can purchase the same from company dealers or via their website and get them replaced on their motorcycles. It is likely that the facelifted 650 Twins come with factory fitted alloys when launched later next year. More

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    Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor Modified As A Cruiser – Named Hummingbird

    Royal Enfield 650 Modified – Hummingbird
    Royal Enfield plans to launch multiple new motorcycles every year in India

    We already know by now that Royal Enfield is developing a full-blown cruiser based on the 650cc platform which underpins Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650. Also referred to as KX650, launch is expected next year.
    Images of RE’s cruiser 650 test mule have already been out. However, before Royal Enfield launches their 650cc crusier officially, a custom-made cruiser on the same platform has already been made.
    While Interceptor 650 has been a fan favourite ever since its launch in 2018, there are loads of room for improvement in order to classify itself as a tourer. Its uncomfortable seat and stiff suspension setup make for an unforgiving riding experience for long distances.
    However, if it were modified into cruiser things might be different. An aftermarket customisation firm called Bulleteer Customs has modified an Interceptor into a proper cruiser and posted its images on its Instagram handle.

    Modified Design
    It has taken more than a year for Bulleteer Customs to complete this job, from designing to actual execution. The bike adopts a design of an authentic bobber with wide handlebars and a very low stance. Handlebars here use extenders to provide a comfortable riding position. Wheelbase has been increased by providing a slight rake to the front suspension unit thus feeling more planted on straight roads and highways.
    Tyres have been upgraded from 100mm to 120mm at front and 130mm to 180mm at rear. This also lends a distinct road presence to the motorcycle. Saddle has been lowered and flattened out with proper cushioning therefore making for a more comfortable ride. The customised bike gets a split seat instead of a single piece as on the stock Interceptor.

    Side body panels have been changed as well, which bear the name ‘Highway’. Fuel tank is of a similar tear-drop shape however, like Continental GT, it comes with cuts on either side for a more aerodynamic look. The motorcycle wears a nice contrasting look thanks to a colour scheme of hue green and black with pinstriping used.
    Engine and alloy wheels are painted in Black with a white accent matching the aesthetics of the cruiser. A different exhaust system which is more straight than being up-swept has been used.
    Powertrain Details
    Clearly, time and effort invested in this modification have paid off nicely and the bike looks quite tasteful. Interceptor is powered by a 648cc parallel-twin oil/air-cooled motor which gives out 47 bhp and 52 Nm of peak torque. It is mated to a 6-speed gearbox and offered with a slip and assist clutch. As of now there has been no official word from Royal Enfield regarding KX650’s launch but we expect to hear more about it in coming months.

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    Royal Enfield 650 Twins To Get Alloys By Feb 2021 – Ahead Of Cruiser Launch

    Royal Enfield 650cc Cruiser Red Colour Render
    Ever since the launch of 650 Twins, select customers have been waiting for alloys wheels option

    To ensure that customers have access to all options they might wish for, Royal Enfield will soon be launching alloy wheels for its popular 650 twins, Interceptor and Continental GT. The alloy wheels will be offered as an accessory. 650 twins currently utilize spoke wheels, which is one of the key design elements that give the motorcycles their retro flavour.
    Testing and validation
    In response to an owner of Interceptor 650, Royal Enfield said that they are currently carrying out extensive durability and validation testing for the new cast alloy wheels. Once that is complete and if things progress as per plans, the new alloy wheels could be launched around February 2021.
    It is also to be noted here, that the upcoming Royal Enfield 650 Cruiser, which has been spied on test in Chennai, was seen with alloys wheels. Most likely, it is this alloy wheel design, which will also be seen on board the 650 Twins Interceptor and Continental GT. Launch of the Cruiser 650 is scheduled for sometime next year.
    Customers wanting the new alloy wheels will be able to select the same via the company’s MiY (Make It Yours) customization platform. It can be done via the company’s website, mobile app or at the dealership. In addition to 650 twins, the personalization platform is also available for Classic 350 and recently launched Meteor 350. Other motorcycles such as Bullet and Himalayan will be included in the online configurator program in the future.
    Image for reference. Credit – Royal Spares
    Alloy wheels more practical?
    When launched, the new alloy wheels will be shod with tubeless tyres. Many users will find this as a more practical choice, as tubeless tyres don’t need to be taken out in case of a puncture. However, true-blue retro enthusiasts are unlikely to ditch the spoke wheels. Apart from being more elegant, spoke wheels also offer other benefits such as better ability to absorb shocks and vibrations. They are also considered more rugged than alloy wheels.
    Earlier, Royal Enfield had done something similar with its top selling Classic 350 motorcycle. As customers would often install aftermarket alloys and exhausts on their Classic 350, Royal Enfield launched its own range of official and legal aftermarket accessories. These included multiple options for exhausts and alloy wheels.
    Tripper navigation
    In the near future, 650 Twins are also expected to get Tripper navigation that is standard equipment on-board Meteor 350. This is a first-in-segment feature and has been appreciated by several users. With the Tripper system, users don’t need to mount their smartphones on their motorcycle. For 650 twins, a larger version is currently under development. Along with the directions, the updated Tripper system will also display notifications. Meteor’s Tripper system is expected to be introduced in other Royal Enfield motorcycles as well.
    Launched in 2018, 650 twins share several components including the engine. The 648-cc, parallel twin cylinder unit is capable of generating 47 bhp of max power and 52 Nm of max torque. It is mated to a 6-speed gearbox and equipped with a slipper clutch.
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    Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor, Conti GT New Colours – Italy Launch Price €8.2k (Rs 7.2L)

    Royal Enfield 650 Twins New Colours
    The limited edition 650 Twins replace the chrome elements on the bike with blacked-out components

    Royal Enfield’s popularity in overseas markets has grown by many folds in recent years and this is no new fact. Powerful, comfortable and reliable and most importantly offered at a compelling price, Royal Enfield has been able to gauge the mood of bikers abroad as well.
    The company has established a strong footprint for itself especially in European markets. Italy is one such market where Royal Enfield has captured a sizeable consumer base. The country’s sole distributor of Royal Enfield bikes Valentino Motor Company recently celebrated its five years association with the Indian brand.

    To mark this special occasion, the Italian enterprise has launched a limited-run special edition series of the iconic models- Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650. Characterized by matte black paint replacing the chrome elements and providing richer equipment, these limited edition models will be made available in Italy from the coming December.
    Cosmetic & Colour Updates
    The primary theme of the project is the use of a dark colour specifically matte black in all its mechanical components including exhausts, engine casing, handlebars, indicators, brake levers, gearshift pedal, headlight and taillight. All these components lose their signature chrome plating to make way for an unprecedented dark tone.

    The equipment list also receives additional Royal Enfield accessories which include crossbar covers, touring mirrors, high windshield, engine protection bars, throttle body covers, aluminum engine bumpers and much more, all of which have been coloured in pure black.
    Other optional upgrades
    Among other exclusive fitments for these limited edition models include Öhlins shock absorbers, Andreani Group branded fork cartridges and exhausts from Zard. The Öhlins shock absorbers with the multi-adjustable front cartridges from Andreani Group will cost an additional 1,000 euros (Rs 87k), while the homologated “slip-on” exhausts from Zard costs 600 euros (Rs 52k).

    Colour Schemes On Offer
    As per this, six unique paint schemes of Interceptor 650 and 4 such versions of Continental GT 650 will be made available in five units each. Each of these bikes will sport a plate bearing the Valentino Motori logo and the words inscribed “ONE OF FIVE”.

    The six colour schemes on offer with Interceptor 650 are pure Matte Black; Matte Green and Black; Matt Military Green and Black; Matt Bronze and Black; Matt Gray and Black; and Gray and Black. Whereas Continental GT 650 will be offered in Matt Black; British Green and Black; Matt Red and Black; and Matt Gray and Black.
    The special edition Interceptor 650 has been priced at 8,200 euros (Rs 7.1 lakh) while the Continental GT has been priced at 8,500 euros (Rs 7.36 lakh). Both bikes share the same mechanicals and are powered by a 649cc parallel-twin motor which generates 47 bhp at 7250 rpm and 52 Nm of peak torque at 5250 rpm. This unit is paired with a 6-speed gearbox with a slipper clutch and assist for quick and smooth shifting. More

  • Royal Enfield 650 Enduro Render Gives A Glimpse Of Production Scrambler

    Royal Enfield 650 Enduro Render
    Royal Enfield has plans to launch multiple new motorcycles based on the 650cc engine and platform

    Royal Enfield motorcycles have been modified and digitally rendered in many forms and their basic structure even supports all kinds of modifications. This is why Royal Enfield motorcycles are so popular in after-market customisation. Not just in India but also abroad, the brand has a remarkable fan following.
    Over the years we have across many such designs that might inspire the Chennai-based manufacturer to take them to production levels. Images of one such design have come across in the form of Enduro 650 which seems to be based on Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. Facebook user Motoskteches has uploaded these renderings to his social media page.

    While previous design renderings based on Scrambler 650 have trended on the internet on multiple occasions, the user in this case claims that it is purely an Endurance bike. One might find it difficult to distinguish between a scrambler and a traditional enduro. However, the latter looks inclined to travel on broken or no tarmac whereas the former looks more content to take the streets.
    One highlight, as shown in the pictures, are the tyres with a distinct thicker profile at rear in comparison to the front just as typical enduro bikes. The wheels, however, are of 21-inch size for front and 17-inch at rear. The Enduro 650 is equipped with spoke wheels but anything other than that would surely look like a misfit in an enduro.
    Signature enduro elements such as minimum body panels, upright stance and high ground clearance are common to these images. The bikes also get high-mounted fenders on front and rear thus leaving a huge gap between them and the wheels.

    Rest of the bike gets the same retro-classic touch with round headlamps, round taillights, a flat seat and a tall handlebar. The Facebook user says that this bike will run on limited electronic gimmicks and technological gadgets and it will be more about the mechanical character which adds to the riding pleasure.
    As the designer puts it, the said bike has been rendered as an old-fashioned Enduro which is simple, logical, very practical and could be offered at an affordable cost.
    Current range of 650cc motorcycles from Royal Enfield
    Only time can tell whether Royal Enfield will go for an Endurance motorcycle by expanding its 650cc range. They could plan to launch a scrambler based on the 650cc platform. Currently, the brand’s 650 range of bikes consists of the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650. A cruiser codenamed KX650 is also in the pipelines as it has been spotted on a couple of occasions recently. The 649cc parallel-twin air-cooled motor is capable of generating 47 bhp and 52 Nm of peak torque.
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  • Royal Enfield 650 Cruiser In 4 New Colours Of Red, Black, Blue, Teal – Render

    The Royal Enfield 650 Cruiser will be equipped with upside-down telescopic front forks
    Royal Enfield 650cc Cruiser Black Colour Render

    The Royal Enfield 650 Twin platform is all set to spawn a third product sooner than later. The prototypes of the 650 cc cruiser has started testing regularly on public roads as evident from the latest spyshots.
    Royal Enfield 650 Cruiser rendering
    Our in-house design specialist Pratyush Rout went to the drawing board after carefully examining both the prototype which appeared to be featuring make-shift fuel tank as well as the KX Concept. The end result is this speculative rendering of the Royal Enfield 650 Cruiser.
    Royal Enfield 650cc Cruiser Red Colour Render
    As you can see, the upcoming product has all the bearings of a good-looking cruiser which could stand shoulder to shoulder with a premium offering such as the Harley Davidson Street 750.
    With Harley Davidson withdrawing from India, the upcoming twin-cylinder cruiser will have an unchallenged run in its niche. The low-slung Royal Enfield Thumper complies with textbook cruiser styling.
    Royal Enfield 650cc Cruiser Blue Colour Render
    The split seats, thick rear mud-guard and high-profile rear tyre render the motorcycle a premium appeal. From the looks of it, the new RE cruiser appears to be a comfortable mile muncher. We expect the manufacturer to come up with an array of touring accessories for its flagship product.
    Developed primarily by Royal Enfield’s UK tech center, the 650 Cruiser is specc’ed to meet global medium displacement standards. The salient features include an upside down front telescopic forks, black finished alloy wheels, chrome twin exhaust canisters, twin rear shock absorbers, and front and rear disc brakes with dual-channel ABS. The production version is expected to be equipped with LED headlamps and digi-analog instrument console.
    Royal Enfield 650cc Cruiser Teal Colour – Render
    Power will come from the familiar 648 cc parallel-twin, air-cooled engine which dishes out 47 hp and 52 Nm of torque. Royal Enfield is expected to engineer the 6-speed transmission to offer good low end grunt and effortless highway cruising. The power output makes the motorcycle eligible for A2 license holders in Europe who form an important audience base for a product with global aspirations.
    Launch timeline
    Royal Enfield is currently occupied in introducing the Meteor 350, the first product of its long-awaited series of next gen models based on the modular J platform. The company’s plans to introduce one new model every quarter of 2020 have been affected by the ongoing pandemic crisis, so we may not see the new Classic 350 before April 2021. The delays indicate that the Royal Enfield 650 Cruiser may not be ready before the second half of 2021. Expect the prices to undercut the Rs 4 lakh mark (on-road). More

  • Royal Enfield 650 Bobber based on Interceptor – Modified in Hyderabad

    The modified Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 sports custom stainless steel exhausts and several other bespoke components
    Royal Enfield is currently in the advanced stages of developing the third family member of its flagship 650 Twin family. The twin-cylinder cruiser was previewed by the KX Concept last year and a test mule has been spotted doing rounds recently. Meanwhile, Hyderabad-based EIMOR Customs (East India MOtorcycle Revolution) chose to execute its own version of RE 650 cruiser based on Interceptor rather than waiting for the official product to be introduced.
    Royal Enfield 650 Bobber Regale

    Called the Regale, the modified Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 adopts extensive customization. The roadster stance has been transformed into a low-slung Bobber appearance by repositioning the rear shocks, getting rid of the stock seat and replacing it with a leather clad single-piece unit.
    The fuel tank gets knee pads that match the saddle in addition to tastefully executed golden borders. The black-gold color theme is extended to the custom fender and tool boxes which pay tribute to world war era ammo boxes. Watch the modified INT 650 Bobber in action, in the video below.
    [embedded content]
    The modified Royal Enfield Interceptor also features custom single-dial instrument console, aftermarket tyres, custom stainless steel twin exhausts and new handlebar. The saddle-mounted rear turn indicators and license plate-mounted taillight give the Regale 650 a unique appeal. EIMOR Customs says that the motorcycle’s battery and air-filter box had to be relocated to accommodate the new body style.
    There seems to be no changes to the engine, gearbox, braking and suspension system. The stock Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is powered by a parallel-twin, air-cooled 648 cc engine which dishes out 47 hp and 52 Nm of torque. The motor is mated to a 6-speed gearbox. The 650 Twin makes for effortless and smooth highway cruising.

    The motorcycle is equipped with 41 mm front telescopic forks with 110 mm travel and twin rear shock absorbers with 88mm travel. It sits on 18 inch spoke wheels. Braking system comprises 320 mm front and 240 mm rear disc, both governed by ABS.
    Royal Enfield 650 Cruiser coming
    Royal Enfield is currently occupied in bringing the new generation of its 350 cc motorcycles based on the modular J-Platform to the market. The launch proceedings will commence with Meteor 350.
    The 650 cc twin-cylinder cruiser is expected to be introduced sometime next year. It will be positioned to take on the locally produced Harley Davidson Street 750 but one can expect the pricing to be a lot more attractive. Meanwhile, Honda is also gearing up to introduce a medium displacement motorcycle which is most likely to be a cruiser. We will know for sure on 30th September. More

  • Royal Enfield 650 GT Modified Custom Sidecar Looks Absolutely Stunning

    Powering this modified Royal Enfield 650 GT sidecar, is the same 650cc parallel twin engine which dishes out 47 bhp and 52 Nm
    Motorcycles with sidecars are quite fascinating to look at and are functionally relevant as well. These have a history dating back to more than a century and were used extensively during World War I and II. Sidecar customization projects are quite popular and we have seen some really interesting creations over the years. In a recent project, Walter Harrius from Cuxhaven, Germany has added an elegant, retro-styled sidecar to his Royal Enfield Continental GT 650.
    Sidecar customization details

    For this project, the owner has used parts sourced from other motorcycles. For example, the end pipes come from a Triumph 1200. The wheel for the sidecar comes from a Harley whereas the brakes are taken from a Yamaha bike. Talking about the structure of the sidecar, it has been custom built by the owner himself using arches and pipes.
    Duna sidecar
    The key highlight of this customization project is the Duna sidecar that has been painted in the same colour shades as that of GT 650 Black Magic colour variant. The Black Magic theme has golden strips on a glossy black fuel tank, which can also be seen on the Duna sidecar. The nose of the sidecar sports a metallic shade, which is the same as can be seen on the engine, exhaust, front fender and headlamp casing of Royal Enfield Continental GT 650.

    It is worth noting that Duna sidecars were originally offered with motorcycles produced by Hungarian manufacturer Pannonia in the mid twentieth century. As the sidecars were manufactured at a facility located along the Danube river, they were given the name ‘Duna’. These sidecars came with a futuristic design and had a unique rocked shaped nose.
    While earlier versions were built using steel, the need to reduce weight prompted the manufacturer to use aluminium at a later stage. These gorgeous sidecars were relegated to history books in 1975 when Pannonia went out of production.

    Interiors of this customized Duna sidecar come with a quilted design seat in black and beige colour theme. This enhances the overall look and feel of the sidecar. Together, the GT 650 and the sidecar come across as a seamless unit. It looks like a factory-fitted sidecar and there’s hardly anything that feels out of place.
    Smooth run at fast speeds
    The owner said that the project was not that difficult even though there were some challenges along the way. He has already tested his three-wheeled creation and it runs quite well. He was able to achieve a top speed of 140 km/h in 5th gear. The owner also said that the sidecar is completely detachable. It takes just around ten minutes to remove the sidecar and go solo again on the Conti GT 650. More