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    Top 10 Motorcycles Dec 2021 – Splendor, Pulsar, Classic 350, Apache, Unicorn

    New Bajaj PulsarHero Splendor continued to hold its supremacy in the market – Was the only motorcycle in Dec 2021, to see sales above the 1 lakh unit mark
    The month of December 2021 was difficult for the two wheeler segment as every leading two wheeler manufacturer posted sales de-growth. The ongoing impact of 2nd wave of COVID-19 coupled with onset of Omicron virus related to lackluster sales through the past month. Hero MotoCorp posted a 12 percent YoY de-growth while Bajaj Auto sales were down 1 percent. TVS December sales dipped 17 percent while Royal Enfield sales remained flat on a YoY basis.
    Top 10 Motorcycles Dec 2021 – Splendor Maintains No 1
    We have a look at the top 10 motorcycles sold last month. Sales increased on a YoY basis in December 2021 to 6,16,628 units, up 1.17 percent over 6,09,514 units sold in December 2020. It was  Hero Splendor that once again scaled sales charts and was the only bike on this list to see sales above 1 lakh unit mark. Hero Splendor sales stood at 2,26,759 units, up from 1,94,930 units sold in December 2020. This was a 16.33 percent YoY growth with a share of 36.77 percent.
    At No. 2 was Hero HF Deluxe that gained one place since November 2021 putting Honda CB Shine at No.3. In December 2021 sales of HF Deluxe stood at 83,080 units, down 41.15 percent over 1,41,168 units sold in December 2020. In November 2021, sales of HF Deluxe had stood at 76,149 relating to a significant MoM growth.
    CB Shine sales increased 21.53 percent to 68,061 units in December 2021, up from 56,003 units sold in December 2020. CB Shine currently holds an 11.04 percent share in this segment. Earlier this week, sales of CB Shine hit the 1 crore unit milestone. Honda CB Shine was launched in India in 2006 and quickly gained the title of being the best selling motorcycle in the 125cc segment. Within a period of 54 months of launch in India, it crossed the 10 lakh sales mark and now sales have crossed 1 crore.
    Top 10 Motorcycles Dec 2021
    Bajaj Pulsar and Platina, RE Classic 350 and Hero Glamour
    Following in quick succession were Bajaj Pulsar, RE Classic 350 and Hero Glamour. Bajaj Pulsar is one of the most popular nameplates in the motorcycle segment in India. Its range consists of different models with engine sizes ranging from 125cc to 250cc.
    At No. 4 on the top 10 list of motorcycle sales in the past month, Pulsar sales dipped 13.86 percent to 64,966 units, down from 75,421 units sold in December 2020. Platina sales however, noted a significant YoY increase by 45.74 percent to 44,800 units, up from 30,740 units sold in December 2020.
    RE Classic 350 sales dipped 11.69 percent YoY to 34,723 units, down from 39,321 units sold in December 2020. Classic 350 meets with a new rival with the new Yezdi motorcycles, which are significantly more powerful.

    Top 10 Motorcycles
    Growth % YoY

    1. Hero Splendor

    2. Hero HF Deluxe

    3. Honda CB Shine

    4. Bajaj Pulsar

    5. Bajaj Platina

    6. Royal Enfield Classic 350

    7. Hero Glamour

    8. TVS Apache

    9. Yamaha FZ

    10. Honda Unicorn


    At No. 7 on the list was Hero Glamour. Sales in December 2021 surged 64.23 percent to 31,595 units, up from 19,238 units sold in December 2020. TVS Apache, FZ and Honda Unicorn completed this list with Apache sales down 11.31 percent to 23,533 units from 26,535 units sold in December 2020. FZ and Unicorn sales increased 39.75 percent and 61.05 percent respectively to 19,790 units and 19,321 units in December 2021 from 14,161 units and 11,997 units sold respectively in December 2020. More

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    Mob-ion AM1 Electric Scooter Makes Global Debut, 140 Km Range

    New Mob-ion AM1 Electric Scooter Launched
    Mob-ion AM1 gets a simple design with fairly easy-going ergonomics and two iterations- a single-seater and a double-seater
    Electric scooters are not only in demand in India, but also globally. Mob-ion is a French mobility startup that has been in the news quite often recently. They have now revealed their new electric scooter called AM1.
    AM1 is one of the first electric two-wheelers completely made in France and boasts an AFNOR accreditation, which is one of the most stringent in the industry. It stands for Association Française de Normalisation and in order to receive this accreditation at least 50 percent of its production should take place in France.
    Roughly 70 percent of all components of the electric scooter are produced in France. With installation of more production lines, this percentage is expected to increase in the future. The AM1 has been L1e certified which means it has been classified under the moped category.
    Mob-ion AM1 Electric Scooter Specs
    Coming to specifications, AM1 is powered by a brushless electric motor with a nominal output of 3 kW. This motor draws energy from two removable batteries placed under the saddle which offer a range of 140km on a single charge.
    New Mob-ion AM1 Electric Scooter Launched
    The company claims that it takes two hours and thirty minutes for the batteries to be fully rejuvenated. The scooter can reach a top speed of 45kmph. When it comes to features, AM1 has been loaded with all modern amenities expected in a battery-powered scooter.
    This includes LED headlights, a GPS-based location system, a reverse gear, and an anti-theft system that features a Remote shutdown via a computer or smartphone. It also gets a digital instrument console that displays crucial information like battery level, range left, etc.
    Electric Scooter Price
    The scooter tips the weighing scales at 92kg which is very nimble for a battery-powered two-wheeler and has a total load-bearing capacity of 260 kilos. AM1 is being offered in two iterations- a single-seater and a double-seater. The former is likely to be utilised mostly by last-mile services.
    Mob-ion has priced the AM1 at 3,582 Euros (equivalent to INR 3.04 lakh), making it a lot more expensive than most of the electric scooters on sale in India. The French EV startup is also offering the electric scooter at a monthly subscription fee of 99 Euros. It is fairly evident that at this price point it is unlikely to reach Indian shores any time in the near future. More

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    Yamaha Sales Breakup Dec 2021 – R15, MT15, Fascino, RayZR, FZ

    New Yamaha R15Yamaha domestic sales increased by 14.05 percent while exports dipped YoY by 3.32 percent
    Yamaha Motor India noted increased domestic sales with double digit growth both in terms of YoY and MoM basis. Exports on the other hand dipped YoY but increased in MoM shipments.
    Domestic sales in December 2021 stood at 44,736 units, up 14.05 percent over 39,224 units sold in December 2020. MoM sales increased 13.81 percent from 39,309 units sold in November 2021.
    Yamaha Sales Breakup Dec 2021 – FZ Leads
    It was the Yamaha FZ that topped sales charts with 19,790 units sold last month up 39.75 percent over 14,161 units sold in December 2020. MoM sales saw an even more significant increase by 159.58 percent from 7,624 units sold in November 2021. Share in the company lineup increased from 19.40 percent held in November 2021 to 44.24 percent last month.
    At No. 2 was R15 with 8,952 units sold last month, up 63.63 percent over 5,471 units sold in December 2021. MoM sales also increased by 6.67 percent from 8,392 units sold in Nov 2021. Earlier this month, Yamaha revised prices for YZF-R15 V4. This is the third price hike since its launch in September 2021. Base price of Yamaha R15 V4 is now at Rs.1,72,800.
    Yamaha India Sales and Exports Breakup Dec 2021 vs Dec 2020 (YoY)
    Sales of Yamaha Fascino also increased YoY by 36.81 percent to 8,455 units, up from 6,180 units sold in December 2020. MoM sales were higher by 3.01 percent over 8,208 units sold in November 2021. Share in sales dipped from 20.88 percent held in November 2021 to 18.90 percent in the past month. These were the only 3 models to show both a YoY and MoM increase in sales, while sales of Yamaha RayZR, MT15 and FZ25 dipped significantly.
    Yamaha RayZR sales dipped 33.48 percent YoY and 53.17 percent MoM to 5,781 units. MT15 sales fell 59.87 percent YoY to 1,756 units from 4,376 units sold in December 2020 while MoM sales slipped by 35.61 percent over 2,727 units sold in November 2021. Yamaha FZ25 sales suffered even greater de-growth by 99.42 percent YoY to just 2 units in the past month from 346 units sold in December 2020 and by 85.71 percent MoM from 14 units sold in November 2021.
    Yamaha Exports December 2021
    Yamaha FZ was also a top seller in global markets in the past month. Sales stood at 10,297 units in December 2021, up 22.77 percent over 8,387 units sold in December 2020. MoM sales increased 9.24 percent from 9,426 units sold in November 2021.
    Yamaha India Sales and Exports Breakup Dec 2021 vs Nov 2021 (MoM)
    Yamaha FZ was the only bike to see sales above the 10,000 unit mark while every other model failed to cross even 3,000 unit sales. At No. 2 was Yamaha Crux with 2,830 units exported last month. This was a 21.17 percent YoY de-growth over 3,590 units shipped in December 2020. MoM exports increased 7.69 percent from 2,628 units shipped in November 2021.
    Yamaha Ray ZR (2,558 units), FZ25 (1,518 units) and SZ (1,320 units) exports fell on a YoY basis while FZ25 exports increased 590 percent MoM from 220 units shipped in November 2021. At No. 6, Yamaha Saluto has seen increased demand in global markets. Sales which had stood at 280 units in December 2020 increased 125.71 percent to 632 units in the past month. MoM shipments also increased 26.40 percent from 500 units shipped in November 2021.
    Yamaha YD 125, a limited edition of Yamaha YBX 125, had 600 units shipped both in November and December 2021. Lower down the list was the Yamaha R15 (535 units) and MT15 (280 units). MT15 exports surged 245.68 percent MoM from 81 units exported in November 2021. More

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    KTM India Sales, Exports Dec 2021 – Duke, RC 125, 200, 250, 390 ADV

    Image – Throttle98KTM has posted a YoY de-growth both in terms of domestic sales and exports while MoM performance was better in export markets
    KTM India has ended the last month of 2021 on a not so positive note. Sales dipped across both domestic and export markets – down by 35.82 percent and 4.96 percent respectively.
    Earlier this week, the company introduced the new 2022 KTM 250 Adventure motorcycle priced at Rs 2.35 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), in the quarter-liter premium adventure segment. This new model along with the recently launched KTM RC 125 and RC 200 could bring in better sales in the months ahead.
    KTM India Sales, Exports Dec 2021 vs Dec 2020 YoY
    In domestic markets, sales in the past month stood at 3,591 units, down 35.82 percent over 5,595 units sold in December 2020. Even as KTM 200 (Duke + RC) and KTM 125 (Duke + RC) headed the sales charts with 1,535 units and 988 units sold respectively in December 2021, it was a 19.30 percent and 60.87 percent de-growth over 1,902 units and 2,525 units sold in December 2020. KTM 200 holds the highest share of 42.75 percent.
    It was only KTM 250 (Duke + ADV) that saw increased sales of 909 units, a growth of 17.44 percent over 774 units sold in December 2020 with a share percentage of 25.31. KTM 390 domestic sales also dipped 59.64 percent YoY to 159 units. Shipments fell by 4.96 percent YoY to 7,614 units, down from 8,011 units sold in December 2020. In export markets, KTM 390 and 125 saw increased demand. Sales of KTM 390 increased 6.59 percent to 3,395 units, up from 3,185 units sold in December 2021.
    KTM India Sales, Exports Dec 2021 vs Dec 2020 (YoY)
    KTM 125 exports went up 77.31 percent to 2,016 units from 1,137 units shipped in December 2020. Exports of KTM 250 also increased 20.88 percent to 967 units but overall exports dipped due to a 57.22 percent de-growth of KTM 200 which stood at just 1,236 units in the past month, down from 2,889 units shipped in December 2020.
    KTM India Sales, Exports Dec 2021 vs Nov 2021 MoM
    On a Month-on-Month basis, KTM India has posted a 5.40 percent de-growth in domestic markets, down to 3,591 units, from 3,796 units sold in November 2021. KTM 200 sales dipped 18.95 percent to 1,535 units, from 1,894 units sold in November 2021 when share was at 49.89 percent.
    KTM 125 and 250 have experienced MoM increase by 6.35 percent and 23.67 percent to 988 units and 909 units respectively while KTM 390 (Duke + RC + ADV) sales dipped 33.19 percent to 159 units in the past month from 238 units sold in November 2021.
    KTM India Sales, Exports Dec 2021 vs Nov 2021 (MoM)
    MoM exports on the other hand saw an 89.54 percent growth. Exports which had stood at 4,017 units in November 2021 increased to 7,614 units in the past month. Every model has posted increased demand with the KTM 390 receiving the maximum attention with growth of 227.70 percent to 3,395 units over 1,036 units shipped in November 2021. KTM 125 saw a 76 percent MoM increase from 1,146 units exported in November 2021 while KTM 200 and 250 exports increased 18.73 percent and 21.79 percent respectively.
    KTM India Dec 2021 – Total Sales + Exports
    Total KTM India sales in December 2021 stood at 11,205 units, down 17.65 percent YoY over 13,606 units sold in December 2020. Sales de-growth was seen for models such as KTM 125 (17.97 percent) and KTM 200 (42.16 percent) while sales of KTM 250 increased 19.19 percent to 1,876 units from 1,574 units sold in December 2020.
    KTM India Total Dec 2021 – Sales + Exports
    MoM total sales increased 43.41 percent from 7,813 units sold in November 2021 with every model in the company lineup posting growth except for KTM 125 with a 5.59 percent de-growth to 2,771 units from 2,935 units sold in November 2021. More

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    Hero Xpulse 200 4V Bookings Reopens – Jan 2022 Price Hike

    Image – The Bengal RiderHero Xpulse 200 4V was launched last year in October at a starting price of Rs 1.28 lakh
    A popular choice for thrill-seekers, Hero Xpulse 200 4V is among the most affordable adventure-ready bikes in the country. Around two months after its launch, bookings were closed after the first batch was sold out. Hero MotoCorp had said that it will be focusing on deliveries before taking bookings for the next batch. For the first batch, the company had a targeted delivery timeline of 45 days.
    Hero Xpulse 200 4V bookings reopen
    Those who missed out earlier can book their Xpulse 200 4V at Hero’s eSHOP. They will need to make an advance payment of Rs 10k. If the demand is high, the company will be taking a limited number of bookings like last time. Along with reopening bookings, price of the bike has been increased by Rs 2k. Ex-showroom starting price of Hero Xpulse 200 4V in Delhi is now Rs 1.30 lakh.
    No new updates have been introduced for Xpulse 200 4V with this latest price hike. The decision is likely to be based on increase in production costs. Last year in December, Hero MotoCorp had announced a price hike for most of its two-wheelers.
    The new prices were to become applicable from January 4, 2022. Prices were to be raised up to Rs 2k and it varied based on the model and variant. In January 2022, various other two-wheeler manufacturers have announced price hikes. The list includes Royal Enfield, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Ather.
    New Hero Xpulse 200 4V
    Hero Xpulse 200 4V engine and specs
    Xpulse 200 4V variant comes with a 4-valve engine, as compared to 2-valve, OHC set-up in use with standard Xpulse 200. A 4-valve setup offers multiple benefits including improved performance. It improves air flow to the engine, which in turn ensures efficient fuel combustion. While power is increased, a 4-valve setup also reduces emissions.
    In case of Hero Xpulse 200 4V, power and torque have been increased by 6% and 5%, respectively. Moreover, power delivery has witnessed tangible improvements in mid and top range. Vibrations have been reduced, which is applicable even when the bike hits top speeds.
    Powering Hero Xpulse 200 4V is a 199.6 cc, oil cooled motor. It churns out 19.1 ps of max power at 8,500 rpm and 17.35 Nm of peak torque at 6,500 rpm. It is mated to a 5-speed constant mesh gearbox. In comparison, standard Xpulse 200 delivers 17.8 ps and 16.45 Nm.
    Xpulse 200 4V has a diamond type frame with telescopic front forks and monoshock rear suspension. The bike has 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels. Braking duties are performed by 276 mm and 220 mm petal discs at front and rear, respectively.
    While Hero MotoCorp will continue to focus on petrol-powered two-wheelers, it is expected to take the first steps in EV space soon. Hero MotoCorp’s first ever electric scooter is likely to be launched this year. It has been developed in collaboration with Taiwan-based Gogoro. The company is also eying other opportunities, which is evident in the recent investment of Rs 420 crore in Ather Energy. More

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    Upcoming Benda 300cc Sports Bike Patent Leaks – KTM RC 390 Rival

    Upcoming Benda 300cc SportsbikeThe patent images haven’t confirmed the presence of a turbocharger, but the elaborate side fairing could be used to hide it from naked eye
    Around the same time last year, Chinese bikemaker Benda teased three new motorcycles namely LFS-700, VTC-300, & VTR-300 Turbo. Prior to that, the brand was relatively unknown in international markets. Since then the company has had a dedicated European dealer network and has launched two of the three bikes mentioned above.
    The company has now turned its focus to the upcoming sports bike VTR-300 Turbo which was announced back in January 2021 along with its cruiser sibling and the 700cc flat tracker, both of them already been officially revealed. Ahead of its launch later this year, official patent images of VTR-300 Turbo have been leaked on the internet.
    The leaked patent images give us the first clear view of the upcoming entry-level superbike’s design. And unlike most Chinese auto manufacturers who blatantly rip off designs from prominent international models, Benda has taken an effort to create something new, probably since it has been developed for European markets.
    Upcoming Benda 300cc Sports Bike – VTR300 Turbo
    At first glance, the silhouette of VTR-300 Turbo is similar to most contemporary sports bikes, however, it receives some eye-catching styling details. For starters, it flaunts a unique front fascia which is difficult to decode whether the split lighting setup is the main headlamp or LED DRLs. The broad apron also houses what appears to be a single LED lamp at the centre.
    Upcoming Benda 300cc Sportsbike
    The side-on view gives us more details about the bike’s design. While VTR-300 Turbo appears to sit on a tubular steel trellis frame which features side panels that merge into beam-like elements. The lines could simply be cosmetic in nature or might also serve a functional purpose of drawing in cool air around the sides of the V-twin engine. Other notable highlights include an underbelly exhaust and a clip-on handlebar.
    Interestingly, the patents don’t explicitly reveal or confirm the presence of a turbocharger, however, it is possible that it could be nestled underneath the fairing which will help maintain its cool. Moving towards the rear, it gets a raised and stubby tail section and split-style seating like most modern superbikes. It also features twin air ducts which appear to be more than just aesthetic touches.
    Expected Mechanical Specs
    The images reveal that the steel trellis frame is suspended on upside-down forks at front and a mono-shock attached to a pivoted swingarm at rear. The bike will roll on 10-spoke alloy wheels shod with slicks. However, it only gets a single disc up front with Brembo calipers which suggests that performance will not be manic.
    Powering VTR-300 Turbo is the same 298cc liquid-cooled, DOHC V-twin engine found in its cruiser sibling VTC-300. In the cruiser, this engine can churn around 30 bhp, however, with a turbocharger on board, this BD2V58MN engine could dish out around 45 horses. The motorcycle is expected to make its global debut later this year. Upon its launch, it could rival the likes of KTM RC 390, Yamaha R3, Ninja 300, Honda CB250RR, etc. More

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    2022 Yamaha FZS25 Launched With Two New Colours – Price Rs 1.43 L

    2022 Yamaha FZS25 New Colour – Matte CopperYamaha FZ25 and FZS 25 competes against other naked quarter-litre bikes such as Bajaj Pulsar N250 and Suzuki Gixxer 250
    2021 was a busy year for Yamaha with the all-important launch of the fourth-gen R15. The company also launched its first maxi scooter in India in the form of Aerox 155. The next big-ticket launch from Yamaha is expected to be the new-gen version of MT-15 which is the naked streetfighter iteration of R15. Before that, they have updated FZS25.
    Yamaha continues to provide regular updates on its product lineup in order to keep prospective buyers interested. The Japanese bikemaker has added two new colour options to its naked quarter-litre offering- FZS25 for 2022. The new shades added to the palette include Matte Copper and Matte Black.
    2022 Yamaha FZS25 – New Colour Options
    Yamaha has updated the FZS25 as well as the FZ25. While the former has been priced at Rs 1,43,300, the latter is pegged at a price tag of Rs 1,38,800 (both prices ex-showroom). FZ25 will be offered with colour options of Racing Blue and Metallic Black while new colours of Matte Copper and Matte Black will be offered with FZS25.
    Apart from new colour options, nothing has been changed in the quarter-litre naked streetfighter. Both dual-tone colour options enhance the bike’s sporty appeal. To complement the overall aesthetics, both colour options come with copper-coloured alloy rims which seem a little flashy. The standard variant is also offered with a MotoGP-inspired livery.
    2022 Yamaha FZS25 New Colour – Matte Black
    Engine Specs, Hardware & Features
    Powering FZ25 is a 249cc, air-cooled, SOHC, single-cylinder engine that generates 20.5 bhp at 8,000rpm and 20.1 Nm of peak torque at 6,000rpm. This engine is paired with a 5-speed gearbox. Suspension duties are taken care of by telescopic forks at front and a mono-shock at rear.
    Anchorage is handled by disc brakes (282mm front and 220mm rear) at both ends aided by dual-channel ABS. The motorcycle rides on 17-inch alloy wheels on both ends which are shod with 100 section front and 140 section rear rubber.
    Features such as all-LED illumination, negative LCD instrument cluster, under cowling and side stand with engine cut-off switch are offered as standard in both variants. The top-spec S variant benefits from additional hardware like a long visor, brush guards on the handle grips and golden alloy wheels.
    Yamaha recently updated the smaller FZ25 a couple of weeks ago. The 2022 FZ Fi and FZS Fi have received a new LED headlamp. With this update, the FZ range of bikes receives all-LED illumination as standard. The Japanese bikemaker has also updated the colour palette on the street naked bike with new options to choose from. More

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    Top 10 Scooters Dec 2021 – Activa, Jupiter, Access, Ntorq, Pleasure, Fascino

    Image – SouRik MotoworldHonda Activa sales continue to post huge decline – It is likely that a segment of buyers is moving towards electric scooters
    Taking the top 10 best-selling scooters in India, sales stood at 2,28,045 units last month. This was a 24.44 percent de-growth over 3,01,820 units sold in December 2020. Even as demand for petrol powered scooter sales dipped, the electric scooter market has been on a continuous path of positive growth over the past several months.
    Top 10 Scooters Dec 2021 – Activa Leads
    India’s favorite scooter, Honda Activa topped the sales charts for the month of December. It saw sales of 1,04,417 units sold during the past month, down 22.64 percent over 1,34,977 units sold in December 2020. The Activa, with a 45.79 percent share in its segment, was the only scooter on this list to surpass the 1 lakh unit mark while every other model failed to see sales above 40,000 units.
    At No. 2 was TVS Jupiter scooter. It saw sales remain flat on a YoY basis at 8,142 units, down 0.76 percent over 38,435 units sold in December 2020. TVS Jupiter is priced from Rs. 68,401-78,595 and is offered in 5 variants and 13 colour options and is the most popular two wheeler in TVS lineup.
    Suzuki Access 125 suffered a sales de-growth of 36.85 percent in the past month. Sales which had stood at 40,154 units in December 2020 dipped to 25,358 units last month. Last month, the company introduced new colours for its range of 125cc scooters, Suzuki Access 125 and Suzuki Burgman Street. Suzuki also launched new Avenis 125 scooter to rival NTORQ.
    Top 10 Scooters Dec 2021
    TVS Ntorq, Hero Pleasure
    At No. 4 was the TVS Ntorq with sales at 16,859 units, down 34.38 percent over 25,692 units sold in December 2020. Hero Pleasure also noted a YoY de-growth of 51.78 percent with 9,205 units sold in December 2021, down from 19,090 units sold in the same month of the previous year.
    Though the Pleasure scooter has been on sale for many years, the company has kept its demand fresh with regular updates in terms of colour schemes and new features. Honda Dio at No.6 with 8,637 units sold, down 60.79 percent over 22,025 units sold in December 2020.
    Yamaha Scooter Sales Dec 2021
    Yamaha India’s best selling scooter was the Fascino. It managed to sell 8,455 units in Dec 2021, against 6,180 units sold in Dec 2020 – registering an increase of 37%. Ray ZR sales dipped 33.48 percent YoY to 8,781 units, down from 8,690 units sold in December 2020.

    Top 10 Scooters
    Growth % YoY

    1. Honda Activa

    2. TVS Jupiter

    3. Suzuki Access

    4. TVS Ntorq

    5. Hero Pleasure

    6. Honda Dio

    7. Yamaha Fascino

    8. Yamaha RayZR

    9. Suzuki Burgman

    10. Hero Maestro


    Suzuki Burgman Street and Hero Maestro completed this list of top 10 best-selling scooters last month and both showed significant growth in demand. Burgman Street sales increased 116.28 percent to 5,766 units from 2,666 units sold in December 2020 while Maestro sales were up 38.71 percent to 5,425 units from 3,911 units on a YoY basis. More