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    Ola Electric Scooters Of Awaiting Buyers Ready For Dispatch At Factory

    Ola Electric Scooters at FutureFactory – Ready for dispatch to ownersOla S1 and S1 Pro deliveries have commenced from December 15, 2021 onwards, but several customers are yet to receive one
    Ola Electric has been facing quite a few teething troubles including delay in deliveries. Only 275 units were delivered till December 2021. Ola Electric had said that while most scooters have reached delivery centres, there could be some that are in transit. Some could also be undergoing RTO registration process.
    Ola Electric Scooter Buyers Awaiting Delivery
    To avoid any further delays in deliveries, Ola Electric has boosted production to almost 1,000 units per day. Ola’s CEO Bhavish Aggarwal has shared a new video that shows hundreds of Ola Electric scooters lined up at the company’s manufacturing facility.
    For all customers who have paid 20k, the final payment window will open on January 21. For these customers, dispatches will continue throughout January and February.
    Next purchase window soon
    Ola Electric will also be opening next advance payment window soon. However, an exact timeline has not been provided. Like earlier, this advance payment will be for Rs 20k. People who had reserved their scooter will be notified via email, SMS and Ola app. In case of new customers, they can reserve their Ola scooter online by paying Rs 499. They will get preference when the next advance payment window opens.

    Lohri ki lakh lakh vadhaiyan, Sankrati ki shubhkaamnayein, Pongal vazhthukkal!
    We’re celebrating with our own harvest ?? ?
    Sea of scooters awaits! Final payment window opens Jan 21, 6pm in Ola App for all customers who’ve paid 20k. We’ll dispatch across Jan & Feb.
    — Bhavish Aggarwal (@bhash) January 14, 2022

    Total number of people waiting to get deliveries of their S1 and S1 Pro scooter must be pretty high. As may be recalled, the company had claimed sales worth Rs 1,100 crore when bookings were opened last year in September. These bookings were received in a limited purchase window of only two days.
    If the numbers are true, Ola Electric could be sitting on orders of more than 1 lakh units. However, not all of these pre-bookings can be expected to be converted into sales. It is possible that some customers may opt out. This is especially true in the present situation where deliveries have been delayed. Earlier, deliveries were planned to commence from October 2021. It was later shifted to December 2021.
    New products planned
    Ola Electric is reportedly working to expand its portfolio to provide more options to customers. One of the new products will be a more affordable electric scooter that will be positioned as an entry-level model. As of now, S1 and S1 Pro are offered at starting price of Rs 99,999 and Rs 1,29,999, respectively. Effective on-road price will vary based on subsidies provided by respective state governments.
    Ola entry-level scooter could be named Ola Series S. This name has already been registered. It could have a range of around 100 km and top speed of up to 80 kmph. Price could be in the range of Rs 70k to Rs 80k.
    It will have better competencies against other entry-level electric scooters such as those manufactured by Hero Electric, Ampere, etc. In terms of price, Ola Electric new scooter can also emerge as a viable option for users looking to upgrade from popular scooters such as Honda Activa and TVS Jupiter. More

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    Ola Electric Scooter Owner Gets 187 Kms Range – Higher Than ARAI Claim

    Image – Paresh PatilIn comparison to ARAI certified range, true range of electric two-wheelers can vary by around 25-40%
    One of the most ambitious EV projects in the country, Ola Electric has been facing numerous challenges such as delay in deliveries, unsatisfactory range and issues with post-sales services. However, the company can take heart from the fact that positive owner reviews have also started to pour in.
    Ola S1 Pro 187 km range reported
    An Ola S1 Pro user has reported that he recently achieved 165 kms range. Battery remaining was 14%, which equals range of 22 kms. When added, overall range comes at 187 kms. The user has provided additional details that he weighs 82 kg and was riding in Bengaluru where temperature was around 25 to 28 degrees Celsius.
    Total load on the scooter was around 100 kg including the rider. The user had used the scooter in various environments including highways, city streets with traffic and bylanes.
    Riding stats for the day displayed on instrument console show that the scooter was driven at an average speed of 27 kmph. Top speed was 46 kmph. It is likely that use of regenerative braking system has allowed the user to achieve higher than ARAI certified range. Official ARAI range is 121 km for Ola S1 and 181 km for S1 Pro. Claimed true range for S1 Pro is 135 km.
    Ola Electric Scooter Owner Gets 187 Kms Range
    Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal has responded by saying that true range can touch even 200 km if the regenerative system is used most optimally. Regenerative braking system works by converting kinetic energy into electrical energy, which is then used to recharge the battery.
    Regenerative braking can make tangible difference to range in specific environments such as going downhill and city traffic conditions. The brakes are frequently engaged in such conditions.
    As may be recalled, Ola Electric had earlier described a set of conditions that need to be met to achieve the true range of 135 km for S1 Pro. It includes rider weight of 70 kg, incline of 3-5%, Normal ride mode and temperature range of 24-35° Celsius. However, based on recent owner review, it appears that true range can be much higher with use of regenerative braking.
    Ola Electric scooter reng braking to help increase range
    Second Purchase Window to Open
    Ola Electric is getting ready to open its second purchase window. This has been revealed by Company’s CEO, Bhavish Aggarwal, on Twitter, though no exact date has been announced. Aggarwal has also stated that production has been stepped up to almost 1,000 scooters a day being produced at the company’s Futurefactory. This will allow for more timely delivery through Ola’s unique ‘Direct-to-customer’ approach.
    Ola S1 and S1 Pro are priced at Rs 99,999 and Rs 1,29,999 respectively (ex-showroom Bengaluru). They are powered by an 8.5 kW motor. ARAI has certified the range of the Ola S1 at 121 kms per charge and for the S1 Pro at 181 kms per charge. More

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    Ola Electric Scooter Production Nears 1,000 Units Per Day

    Image – Prasad / Venus via @bhash
    Ola Electric claims to have dispatched all e-scooters to its customers but most of them are yet to receive one
    Ola Electric has been in the line of fire ever since the company failed to honour its first batch delivery schedule. After multiple delays, the Bengaluru-based EV manufacturer started dispatching its first batch of electric scooters from December 15 onwards.
    However, recently it was reported that only 275 units of S1 and S1 Pro e-scooters have reached their respective customers till December 31, 2021. Later, Ola CEO, Bhavish Aggarwal came out with a response on Twitter saying that scooters have been dispatched to all customers.
    Ola Electric Scooters Delivery Delay
    The tweet further informed that while some of the units are in transit or awaiting RTO registration process, most of the electric scooters reached the nearest delivery centres. Aggarwal revealed that there was some delay in registrations, as Ola is following an entirely digital process.
    The CEO of the ride-hailing app has posted another tweet in which he shares another important update. Ola is now manufacturing almost 1000 electric scooters each day. The Tweet was accompanied by an image of units of e-scooters parked inside the brand’s manufacturing facility called Ola Futurefactory.
    Ola Electric Scooter Production Update
    Aggarwal went on to reveal that the second window for purchase of Ola electric scooters for remaining customers will be opened soon. Like the first window, the second purchase window has faced several delays. It was initially supposed to go live on 1 November 2021 but was postponed due to an overwhelming demand from the first batch.
    Challenges Faced by Ola
    Ola Electric has adopted a completely new business model which doesn’t involve any dealerships or any intermediaries between consumers and the company. The firm is trying to maintain a direct chain of communication with buyers without having showrooms across various parts of the country which is new in itself.
    Sales are entirely online and the scooters will be delivered to customers at their address. After-sales services will be similar to onsite services currently available for appliances, electronic items, etc. Ola will also have to take care of other processes including shipment and RTO process which is a huge challenge in a country like India with such wide demography and different legislations.
    Ola Electric Scooter Boot Space
    On August 15 last year, Ola Electric launched its first range of e-scooters- S1 and S1 Pro which are priced at Rs 1.00 lakh and Rs 1.30 lakh (both prices ex-show) respectively. Both variants offer the same 5.5kW electric motor but provide different battery packs. While S1 offers a 2.97kWh battery, S1 Pro offers a larger 3.97 kWh unit. More

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    Ola Electric Scooters Delivery Rate Slow – 275 Delivered Till Dec 2021

    Ola Electric Scooter Delivery Rate Slower Than PromisedOla Electric Numbers Continue To Create Doubts – Questions Raised About Bookings, Deliveries, Features And Range
    Even though Ola Electric has commenced deliveries of its S1 and S1 Pro electric scooters, the company continues to face criticism on various fronts. Earlier, some customers who got their deliveries had shared the problems they faced.
    Now questions are being raised about numbers related to deliveries and registrations. These don’t appear to match claims made by the company earlier. Bringing more transparency in consumer-related matters can help Ola Electric build that much needed trust and confidence.
    In a tweet shared by Vinkesh Gulati (President, Federation of Automobile Dealers Association), questions have been raised about actual purchase numbers and total registrations. Actual registration numbers of Ola electric scooter till January 3, 2022 was less than 300. This is creating confusion, as to what is actually happening.
    Ola’s update on deliveries
    On December 31, Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal had stated on Twitter that Ola electric scooters have been dispatched to all customers. While most have reached delivery centres, some are in transit or awaiting RTO registration process. There was some delay in registrations, as Ola is following an entirely digital process. This was something new for all stakeholders involved.
    Ola Electric Scooter Delivery Update
    It is possible that registration numbers may increase in January 2022. Ola Electric is following an entirely new system of sales, deliveries and after-sales services. The company isn’t operating the standard dealership network.
    Instead, sales are entirely online and the scooters will be delivered to customers at their address. After-sales services will be similar to onsite services currently available for appliances, electronic items, etc.
    Option to upgrade to S1 Pro
    Ola recently announced that all S1 customers will be able to upgrade to S1 Pro. What Ola is essentially doing is that S1 scooters are being delivered with the same hardware as that of S1 Pro. It includes the larger battery pack. However, S1 users will be able to access the additional features and range only after they pay upgrade charges of Rs 30k. This makes the price the same as that of S1 Pro.

    As @OlaElectric begins deliveries, it’s big promises are being put to test. The co says 4,000 scooters dispatched, but only 275 have been delivered to date. Customers also question its promise of 181km range vs the real world range of 135km under specific conditions@Parikshitl
    — CNBC-TV18 (@CNBCTV18News) January 3, 2022

    Users who choose the upgrade option will be getting the new features and longer range activated via an OTA update. S1 Pro offers premium features such as faster charging, higher top speed, faster acceleration, hill hold assist, cruise control and Hyper mode.
    From consumer’s perspective, the upgrade option appears to be a bit flawed. Although they are getting a larger capacity battery pack, they will be able to use only part of it. Riding around with a heavier battery and not able to unlock its full power is likely to adversely impact things like range, acceleration and top speed.
    Along with efforts to streamline deliveries, Ola Electric is also working to expand its charging infrastructure. During 2022, around 4k charging stations are expected to go live. Most of these are being set-up at Bharat Petroleum fuel stations and residential complexes. As a bonus, Ola is offering free charging for S1 and S1 Pro users till June 2022. More

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    Ola Electric Scooter S1 Buyers To Get S1 PRO – New Delivery Update

    Ola Electric Scooters. Image – @bhashOla Electric has announced that its charging network will be free for use for its customers till the end of June 2022
    After numerous delays, Ola Electric finally started dispatching its recently launched electric scooters S1 and S1 Pro to customers all across the country. In a peculiar move, the EV manufacturing startup has decided to upgrade all its customers of S1 to the top-spec S1 Pro variant. However, this looks like a free upgrade, but it comes with a catch.
    Ola Electric Scooter S1 Buyers – Free Upgrade?
    Customers who have booked the base S1 variant of the electric scooter will receive a scooter that will be equipped with all hardware of S1 Pro. This also includes the larger battery pack but the extra features will be kept out of reach from the owners. In order to avail the full potential of hardware and extra features, customers have to shell out an additional Rs 30,000.
    This will effectively make it the same monetary outlay as S1 Pro with its initial price at Rs 1.30 lakh which is a premium of Rs 30,000 over the base S1 variant. Premium features such as cruise control, Hyper mode, hill-hold assist in addition to higher range, higher top speed, higher charging rate will be unlocked only after the software upgrade.
    It seems that S1 buyers will be delivered a scooter that will be laced with all specs and features of S1 Pro but will be calibrated in such a manner that users will only be able to enjoy the specs and features of S1 only. Therefore, buyers will have the option to upgrade to a higher variant even after initially buying a lower-spec variant.
    Ola Electric Scooters delivery update for Dec 2021
    S1 and S1 Pro Specs
    However, it should also be noted that customers will be provided with a larger and heavier 3.97kWh battery pack but will only be able to use a 2.98kWh capacity. This would reduce the range of battery on a single charge which is currently rated at 121 km for the base variant. Top speed will be limited to 90 kmph but with the heavier battery pack, performance could decrease.
    Ola is yet to officially declare the specs of this variant and we are still waiting for official details. Meanwhile, Ola offers a common 5.5kW electric motor to both S1 and S1 Pro which return a peak output of 8.5kW and 58Nm of torque. Both models receive Normal and Sport modes but S1 Pro receives an additional Hyper mode. Further, both models receive the same hardware configurations.
    Features on offer
    In terms of features, amenities common to both S1 and S1 Pro include touchscreen infotainment, side-stand alert, anti-theft alert, proximity lock/unlock, remote boot lock, call and message alerts, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, onboard navigation, find my scooter, HMI moods with sound, reverse mode and much more.
    Ola Electric has started working on the expansion of its charging network. On completion, it will be a dense network comprising more than 100,000 charging points which will be the largest two-wheeler charging network in the country. The charging network will encompass 400 cities across the country. More

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    Ola Electric Scooter Charging Network Expansion Starts

    Ola Electric Scooter Charging NetworkEasy availability of charging stations will be crucial in nudging people to shift to electric
    After commencing delivery of its scooters earlier this month, Ola Electric has started working on expansion of its charging network. When fully completed, it will be a dense network comprising more than 100,000 charging points. It will be the largest of its kind 2-wheeler charging network in the country. There are plans to cover 400 cities across the country.
    Ola Electric Scooter Charging Network – 4k points by 2022
    The first set of charging stations are expected to become operational in the next 6-8 weeks. By end of next year, Ola Electric has set a target of 4,000 charging stations. In the initial phase, much of these charging stations will be installed at Bharat Petroleum fuel stations and residential complexes.
    The choice of location of charging stations seems perfect, as it will play a key role in motivating people to make the switch to electric. As of now, there’s significant resistance to electric two-wheelers. One key reason is range anxiety, as people are not sure about easy availability of charging stations. When people see Ola charging stations at fuel pumps and residential complexes, it will give them more confidence to switch to electric.
    In future, Ola charging stations could be made available at other public places, offices and commercial centres. Ola also has plans to setup Hypercharger towers that can accommodate several EVs simultaneously. These are likely to come up at specific business districts and city centres.
    Ola Electric Scooter Charging Network
    Free charging for 6 months
    To make it more attractive for existing users and potential customers, Ola is offering free charging at its charging points till June 2022. This will create significant savings for Ola electric scooter users. It will also motivate Ola scooter users to use the hypercharger network instead of charging their scooter at home.
    A key benefit available with using Ola’s hypercharger network is that it has fast charging. On S1, 75 km can be loaded in just around 18 minutes. In comparison, achieving the same with a home charger will take much more time. Ola scooters have a portable home charger that can be easily plugged into any standard 5 Amp socket.
    Ola Electric currently offers the S1 and S1 Pro electric scooters. While Ola S1 ARAI range is at 121 km on full charge, S1 Pro has range of 181 km. The latter has a dual-battery setup. S1 Pro has higher top speed of 115 kmph, as compared to 90 kmph of S1. It also has faster acceleration with 0-40 kmph achieved in 3 seconds. S1 takes 3.6 seconds. S1 is offered with ride modes of Normal and Sport whereas S1 Pro has an additional Hyper mode.
    Prices start at Rs 99,999 and Rs 1,29,999, respectively. Prices may vary based on the level of subsidy offered by respective state governments. Ola scooters are currently the cheapest in states like Gujarat, Delhi, Rajasthan and Maharastra. Ola is offering attractive finance plans in partnership with banks and NBFCs to make ownership a lot easier for users. More

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    Ola Electric Scooter Problems Reported – Owner Gets Free Replacement

    One owner got delivered damaged Ola Electric ScooterAfter delayed deliveries, Ola electric scooters face new challenges as owners point out to multiple issues
    Ambitious plans take a lot of courage and they often have to face numerous challenges along the way. Something similar appears to be happening with Ola Electric that aims to become the largest producer of electric scooters in the country.
    While the scooters are well-equipped with several best-in-class features, things are not exactly working out as expected for some users. These owners have now shared their experiences online and are expecting to get a resolution soon.
    Ola electric scooter owner reporting problem
    Ola electric scooter – post-delivery issues
    One user has reported that his Ola S1 Pro started experiencing problems soon after delivery. After riding just around 6 km, the owner noticed problems such as screeching noises and headlight issues. The scooter was subsequently towed away for repairs. When the scooter was delivered back, the owner noticed broken number plate and oil marks on the scooter. On its part, Ola Electric has offered to fix the reported issues.
    Furthermore, the owner said the scooter was used for around 19 km while it was with the service team. He was also not happy with the fact that documentation for the repairs was not provided.
    Ola electric scooter range issues
    In another case, a Visakhapatnam-based Ola S1 Pro owner has reported that his scooter was delivered with cracks and dents all over the body. Although customer care team has assured that repairs will be done, the owner said he purchased a new product and not a refurbished product.
    Ola electric scooter free replacement
    The owner also pointed out to the gap between the LCD panel. According to him, this fault can potentially damage the panel if exposed to water or rain. In this case, Ola has replied that the owner will be getting a free replacement of a brand new Ola electric scooter in pristine condition.
    Ola electric scooter – insurance charges and range issue
    An Ola electric scooter owner has pointed out the difference between the amount charged for insurance and the actual premium amount mentioned in policy document. As against Rs 7,471 paid, the policy document shows only Rs 6,695. As of now, Ola scooter buyers have to go with insurance chosen by the company.
    — ???????? ????? (@don4every1) December 24, 2021

    Ola scooter users have also reported issues with range. In real world conditions, range is less than certified range of 121 km for Ola S1 and 181 km for S1 Pro. Ola has already issued an advisory for this in an earlier communication.
    As compared to the conventional ecosystem of dealerships, Ola Electric is following an entirely online approach. Scooters are delivered and serviced at the user’s address. For repairs and other jobs that cannot be done onsite, it is likely that Ola has partnered with third-party workshops.
    Alert citizens reporting fraud being done in the name of Ola Electric scooter dealership
    Some have also reported of fraud by unknown parties. There have been cases where fraudsters shared fake links for making payment of Ola electric scooter. Another fraud that is going on in the name of Ola Electric, is fraudsters are asking for advance payment for setting up dealership of Ola Electric.
    As this is a new way of managing after-sales services, it is likely to face problems. This is exactly what appears to be happening right now. Hopefully things will improve in future, as problems are identified and resolved. Ola is working with owners to fix issues they are facing. More

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    Ola Electric Scooter True Range 135 Kms – How To Achieve In Real World

    Image – Bhavish Aggarwal
    Ola Electric has revealed the true range for the S1 Pro e-scooter which stands at 135km on a single charge
    The electric scooters from Ola generated a frenzy in the online world and continue to garner interest even four months after their unveiling due to various reasons. While electric vehicles are mobility solutions for the future, hesitancy in their acceptance remains even now. The primary reason behind this is range anxiety among the masses.
    People are still concerned about the distance an EV can travel on a single charge. Ola offers a claimed range of 181 kms on S1 Pro e-scooter which sounds impressive on paper. However, expecting this range in a real-world scenario would be unreasonable and the Bengaluru-based EV startup has now come up with an explanation for it.
    The company has said that the ARAI-certified range of 181 kms has been attained when tested under a controlled lab environment. However, such a condition would be vastly different when driving in a real-world scenario. Ola has also shared the true range of S1 Pro which stands at 135 kms on a single charge.
    Ola Electric Scooter Range In Real World
    Automotive enthusiast Anish Deshpande asked Ola about the true range of their electric scooter in real world conditions. To this, Ola Electric scooter support team has replied with specific details.
    Conditions under which you can achieve the True Range of 135 kms from Ola electric scooter S1 Pro in real world
    The EV maker has laid out a set of conditions for buyers to achieve this range. For starters, the 135 kms range can be achieved when only there is only the rider and no pillion. Weight of the rider has been considered 70 kgs with no other load being carried on the scooter. For city driving conditions, a maximum 3-5 percent incline has been taken into account.
    The entire duration of the ride has to be covered in the Normal ride mode with a moderate riding style. Even weather conditions have been pre-defined between 24 and 35-degree celsius. Implementation of all these conditions should provide the said 135 kms range. With deliveries commencing recently, it will be interesting to hear from buyers in this regard.
    Ola Electric recently started shipment of the first batch of its e-scooters across the country after several delays. There are two variants of the electric scooter on sale- S1 and S1 Pro, priced at Rs 1.0 lakh and Rs 1.30 lakh (both prices ex-show) respectively. Both variants of the scooter are powered by an 8.5kW electric motor with a continuous output of 5.5 kW.
    Battery Specs
    That said, S1 Pro features a larger battery pack of 3.97 kWh whereas S1 gets a smaller battery pack of 2.98 kWh. There has been no approval of a true range in S1, however, previous claims of an ARAI-rated range has been pegged at 121 kms. The true range of the base S1 trim will also be exciting to see in the coming future. More