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    New-Gen Royal Enfield Classic 350 Spied With LED Taillights, Turn Indicators

    2021 Royal Enfield Classic 350
    Design of the new-gen Royal Enfield Classic 350 is not expected to deviate from the current model

    Royal Enfield is currently beaming with the success of its new cruiser Meteor 350 which launched late last year and had made an instant impression in the minds of bikers. This is just the beginning as the Chennai-based bikemaker is planning to launch its next generation of motorcycles in the coming months.
    A few months back, the company revealed its roadmap ahead as it is planning on launching one bike every quarter for the next seven years. This will start from this year with the launch of new generation Classic 350. The new-gen model of the retro modern motorcycle has been spotted testing on numerous occasions in recent past.
    Recently, test mules of the new-gen Classic 350 were spotted testing again in their production-spec models. As reported in our previous scoops, cosmetic changes on the new-gen model are minimal in order to improve ergonomics since makers want to carry forward the retro appeal of the motorcycle.
    Design & Expected Features
    It features similar design elements to the current model including round halogen headlamps, teardrop-shaped fuel tank, chrome rearview mirrors, chrome-plated exhaust and broad rear fenders. Only notable updates visible in the current set of spy shots are a narrower round-shaped LED taillight and turn indicators which are a first for Classic 350. It is also expected to feature a circular LED DRL around the headlamp.
    [embedded content]
    The split seats are new and appear to be better cushioned for a more comfortable ride. At rear, it also gets a new grab rail for the pillion which is positioned a little taller for a better reach. Other changes expected to be included are new handlebar grips, switchgears and an updated instrument cluster with a semi-digital display.
    We expect, 2021 Classic 350 to be offered with the new Tripper Navigation system first introduced in Meteor 350 recently. Overall, fit and finish of materials are expected to be a notch higher than the outgoing model.
    New Underpinnings
    As expected, new Classic 350 will share many components with RE’s Meteor 350. For starters, it will be based on the same J platform as the cruiser. It will now be underpinned by a double-cradle chassis instead of a single downtube frame as in the current model. Not much alterations are expected on the new bike’s suspension setup.
    New Engine, Gearbox
    In terms of its powertrain, new 2021 Classic 350 will be powered by an all-new 349cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine which makes an output of 20.2 bhp and 27 Nm of peak torque. This is 1 bhp more and 1 Nm less than the outgoing 346cc UCE engine in the current Classic 350. This unit will be paired with a new 5-speed gearbox with fewer moving components in order to reduce friction.
    Upon its launch, it will compete against rivals in the segment including Jawa Forty-Two, Benelli Imperiale and Honda H’Ness Cb350. One can expect the new-gen Classic 350 to launch by June 2021.
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    2021 Royal Enfield Classic 650 cc Twin Spied With New Gen 350 – Gets Alloys

    Royal Enfield Classic 650cc Twin
    The Royal Enfield Classic has an unassailable lead in the Indian medium displacement motorcycle segment and why not augment it with a 650 cc variant?

    If you are a Royal Enfield fan, there is a lot to be cheerful about in 2021 as the retro classic brand is gearing up for a new product launches in regular intervals. Royal Enfield has plans to launch one new motorcycle every 4 months in India.
    While things are going to start with model year refreshes and minor updates, quite a few next-generation thumpers are in the pipeline for later this year. We all know the new 650 cc cruiser is on its way but RE has surprised by testing another twin-cylinder prototype that we believe to be the Classic 650!
    2021 Royal Enfield Classic 650 spied
    A recent spyshot of accessorized 650 cruiser was actually wrongly identified. The prototype featured a conventional roadster riding posture compared to the previously spied cruiser test mule‘s feet-forward stance. Not just that, the accessorized test mule also featured considerably higher seat height.
    We have come across a new spy shot of the mystery Royal Enfield 650 roadster in question, parked alongside a new gen Classic 350 prototype. The image is credit to automotive enthusiast Ganesan.
    Royal Enfield Classic 650cc Twin with new gen Classic 350. Footpegs positioning on both motorcycles is similar. Pillion seat is larger as compared to the 650cc cruiser spied earlier.
    As you can see, they both share quite a lot in common in terms of basic design elements – circular headlamps, almond shaped fuel tank, split seats and roughly same seat height – and ergonomics. The motorcycle features black alloy wheels, front and rear discs, twin exhaust pipes, and an eccentrically mounted circular instrument dial.
    Royal Enfield KX650 Cruiser with footpegs in the front, lower seat height and smaller pillion seat
    Though the engine of the 650cc Classic is seen in black, it is likely that it is just a cover. As the spy shot shows that the cover is broken at one point, and one can clearly see the chrome / silver engine underneath.
    Why Classic 650 when you already have Interceptor 650?
    The Royal Enfield Classic 650 would be an ideal spiritual successor to the now defunct 500 cc variant which had a sizeable fan following. More powerful and refined twin-cylinder engine, the trademark retro design and a nameplate with huge brand recall make for a compelling combo.
    Royal Enfield KX650 Cruiser with footpegs in the front, lower seat height and smaller pillion seat
    To give you a perspective, more than half of RE’s sales volume is accounted for by the Classic 350; which is at the end of its life cycle and this shows how strong the Classic brand is. So, why not augment it with a 650 variant?
    While the Interceptor 650 already covers the medium displacement roadster niche for RE, the company appears to be confident that there is sufficient difference in the appeal of the Classic 650 to have it alongside. The inverted telescopic fork, split seats with removable pillion unit and an old-school body-coloured headlamp housing distance the Royal Enfield Classic 650 from its sibling.
    In its existing state of tune, the motor produces 47 hp and 52 Nm of torque and is mated to a 6-speed transmission. We may see a minor tweak to the gear ratios to suite the Royal Enfield Classic 650’s relaxed mile-munching nature. With more variants being spun off the same platform, RE would be able to leverage the economies of scale to come up with very competitive pricing for its upcoming products. More

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    2021 Royal Enfield Classic 350 Production Spec Spied Undisguised – Launch Soon

    2021 Royal Enfield Classic 350. Credit – Krishna
    Much awaited launch of the new gen Royal Enfield Classic 350 is near – First undisguised spy shots

    Royal Enfield has dominated the sub-400 cc retro segment for several years with bestsellers such as Classic 350. However, things could change dramatically in this space in the coming months with availability of new products such as Jawa and Honda H’ness (CB350). There are talks that Bajaj will also be entering this space with launch of a cruiser named ‘Neuron‘. However, this hasn’t been officially confirmed by Bajaj.
    Even though Royal Enfield has updated Classic 350 to BS6, it won’t be enough to match offerings of rival motorcycles. This is why the company had planned to launch next-gen Classic 350 during the festive season. However, this did not happen due to corona virus, supply chain bottlenecks and production constraints – all have been cited as reasons for the delay in launch of Classic 350.
    But it seems that Royal Enfield is getting ready to launch the new gen Classic 350 in the coming weeks as an undisguised production-ready variant has now been spied on public road. Caught on camera by automotive enthusiast Krishna, it looks like 2021 Classic 350 is nearer than one would expect.
    Next-gen Classic 350 design and features
    As revealed in spy shots, next-gen Classic 350 continues with the core design of its predecessor. Similarities with the current model include features like round headlamp, chrome rear view mirrors, teardrop-shaped turn indicators, broad rear fenders, and chrome plated exhaust. Talking about the wheels, it is not certain if production variant will have spoke wheels or alloy wheels.
    [embedded content]
    Although the test mules have been spotted with new body panels, it is expected that production variant will continue to focus on retro styling that RE fans prefer. However, to keep the motorcycle relevant to evolving market trends, next-gen Classic 350 will come with features such as LED DRL, semi-digital instrument console and new paint options. Just like Meteor 350, even the Classic 350 will not get LED headlamp.
    2021 Royal Enfield Classic 350
    Next-gen Classic 350 has been built on the new modular J platform. This platform will be used for several other next-gen products that Royal Enfield will launch in the near future. It is expected that the new platform will be better in terms of handling, manoeuvrability and comfort. It could also be lighter, something that will improve power to weight ratio. This could make next-gen Classic 350 more agile in city conditions.
    2021 Royal Enfield Classic 350
    Next-gen Classic 350 engine
    Powering next-gen Classic 350 will be an all-new 350 cc engine that will have the advanced SOHC setup. In comparison, the current 350 cc engine utilizes the archaic tappet-valve (push rod) system. It is expected that the new engine will fare better in terms of responsiveness and acceleration. Vibrations are also likely to be reduced. The new engine is capable of generating 20.2 bhp of max power at 6100 rpm and 27 Nm of max torque at 4000 rpm. This is mated to a 5-speed transmission.
    2021 Royal Enfield Classic 350
    In terms of tech upgrades, next-gen Classic 350 could get Bluetooth connectivity. It will allow users to access a range of features via their smartphone. Rest of the equipment such as suspension, disk brakes and dual-channel ABS will be the same as the current model. Next-gen Classic 350 is expected to be offered in the price range of Rs 1.6 lakh to Rs 2 lakh. More

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    Royal Enfield Classic 350 Bobber Named Green Goblin – Modified For Rs 1.5L, Inspired By KX Concept

    Royal Enfield Classic 350 Bobber
    Apart from a 650cc cruiser, Royal Enfield is also planning to launch a new generation model of Classic 350 next year

    Royal Enfield is planning to put its foot down with the bikemaker planning to launch as many as 28 new bikes in the next seven years which means at least one new motorcycle every quarter. One of those bikes is speculated to be a cruiser motorcycle based on the 650cc platform which has been previously spotted on many occasions.
    Reportedly, the design inspiration behind this cruiser bike codenamed KX650 is the KX Bobber Concept which made its world premiere at the EICMA 2018 in Milan, Italy. Although actual images of the KX650 spied earlier turns out to be a lot different from the KX Bobber Concept.
    However, an Enfield motorcycle owner and enthusiast seems to have taken serious inspiration from KX Concept and modified his Classic 350 following the bobber’s design language. Uploaded on his social media handle, Sofyan Hasan has been riding this bike, which he has named Green Goblin.
    Going by the images there are a number of modifications the owner has made to the bike. Everything has been done by the owner himself, from designing to actually making it.
    Royal Enfield 838 KX Concept image for reference.
    Design Modification on Green Goblin
    For starters, it gets a new seat which sits much lower and is much thinner than the stock one. Both front and rear fenders have been chopped into half making them shorter.
    Another major change is its fuel tank which gets a flat contour on sides with a prominent bifurcation created between the top and side profile. This gives it a slight aerodynamic look. More importantly, it seems to get a different front suspension setup with conventional twin shock absorbers in place.
    Royal Enfield Classic 350 based Bobber
    The bike in picture gets standard wire-spoked wheels. Handlebars also seem to be taller than usual just like those offered in a proper cruiser. Front end also gets a slight rake in its angle which further gives it a lower stance and increases its wheelbase slightly which means a more planted ride. The owner says that all mod jobs have been carried out personally by him and cost him around USD 2,000 (about Rs 1.48 lakhs) in total.
    Royal Enfield’s next cruiser in line will be the production version of KX650 which is expected to come out sometime next year. It will be powered by the same 648cc parallel-twin engine which is offered in Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650. This unit kicks out 47 bhp and 52 Nm of peak torque. A lot of its styling cues are expected to be borrowed from the recently launched Meteor 350.
    Meteor 350
    The Chennai-based manufacturer launched its latest cruiser offering last month. It is underpinned by an all-new J platform and is powered by a brand new 349cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine which pushes out 20.2 bhp and 27 Nm of peak torque. It is offered in three variants- Fireball, Stellar and Supernova at a starting price of Rs. 1.75 lakh (ex-showroom). More

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    Royal Enfield Sales Nov 2020 – Classic 350 Leads, Meteor In Good Demand

    Image – Vasa
    Royal Enfield reports growth in domestic sales and exports for November 2020

    Royal Enfield has had an eventful November 2020. Domestic sales and exports are in the green for the month. Domestic sales growth is reported at 1.36 percent, up at 59,084 units from 58,292 units. Exports more than doubled at 4,698 units from 2,119 units a 122 percent. Cumulative ( dow plus exports) sales stood at 63,782 units, up at 6 percent from 60,411 units.
    Of total sales, motorcycles in the 350cc engine capacity segment reported sales of 57,418 units at 2.16 percent growth YoY up from 56,204 units. YTD sales is reported at 3,07,203 units, down 28 percent from 4,25,246 units in 2019. This segment has motorcycles like Classic, Meteor, Bullet and Electra
    Total sales for models exceeding 350cc engine capacity is reported at 6,364 units, up 51 percent from 4,207 units. This segment has Himalayan and the 650 Twins. FY21 YTD segment sales is down 46 percent at 31,258 units, down from 57,427 units. YTD FY21 total sales is down 30 percent at 3,38,461 units from 4,82,673 units. Exports for the period took have fallen to 20,174 units, down 32 percent from 29,621 units.
    Royal Enfield exports
    Royal Enfield has clearly outlined its export growth intent as a mid-size (250-750cc) segment leader. Last month exports accounted for 7.37 percent of total sales. Of domestic sales, the 350cc segment accounts for 90 percent of company sales here.
    Royal Enfield Nov 2020 Sales vs Nov 2019 (YoY) vs Oct 2020 (MoM)
    Royal Enfield October 2020 MoM sales
    October 2020 sales too was positively charted. Following peak points, MoM November 2020 sales has hit some red lines. 350cc MoM sales deline is reported at 5.04 percent, down from 60,467 units. Above 350cc decline was much more restrained at less than percent with volume loss pegged at a mere 62 units, down from 6,426 units. Total domestic sales fell 6 percent, down from 62,858 units. Exports gained at 16.49 percent, up from 4,033 units at volume gain of 665 units. Total MoM sales decline is reported at 4.65 percent, down from 66,891 units sold in Oct ’20.
    For RE, the 350cc segment is its backbone. And while there are newer motorcycles available in the segment from other manufacturers now, it’s a long way until any of them can pose any serious competition to the range Royal Enfield offers.
    Recent Updates
    All-new Royal Enfield Meteor 350 was recently launched. The much awaited cruiser not only strengthens the manufacturer’s 350cc segment product portfolio but is essential in that it’s a replacement to Thunderbird 350. Meteor 350 is available in 3 editions – Fireball, Stellar, and Supernova. Owners can choose from a an assortment of 8 colours from the Make It Yours (MiY) platform.
    Features include Royal Enfield Tripper turn-by-turn navigation device for real time directions built with Google Maps Platform. For now, the newest product is available at a price of Rs 1,75,817 onward.
    Royal Enfield Classic 350, a bestseller is now available in two new shades – Metallo Silver and Orange Ember. Available with alloy wheels and tubeless tyres improves handling experience. Classic 350 is now be available on the MiY initiative, meaning customising ones bike at the time of purchase is now a standard convenience. More

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    Royal Enfield Classic 350 New Colours – Orange Ember, Metallo Silver Launched

    Royal Enfield Classic 350 New Colours
    Royal Enfield motorcycles and the ease and convenience of custom-made two-wheelers

    Royal Enfield motorcycles have an unprecedented fan following that hasn’t ebbed over time. If anything, curiosity around new motorcycles and old are a tell tale sign of the level of interest Royal Enfield generates time and again. In fact, Royal Enfield is already busy trying to make the ensuing decade a strong one.
    One of its core strategies will be a number of new launches for its domestic market where sales is strongest, and launches for international markets as the manufacturer is keen on gaining market share as a global mid segment bike manufacturer. The mid segment ranges from 250cc to 750 cc, and Royal Enfield already has a strong presence here. In recent times, the segment is getting a slight push from 350cc cruisers, which is turn will help build the segment, a space where Royal Enfield continues to dominate, and has for the longest time been a lone wolf in the market.
    Royal Enfield Make It Yours platform
    The current quarter saw Royal Enfield Meteor being launched in the 350cc segment, again a strong suit for the manufacturer. In increasing its overall appeal, Royal Enfield has never shied away from the availability of colours and accessories. The approach works well as buyers are keen to customise bikes as per personal choice.
    This is further helped by Royal Enfield Make It Yours platform. The initiative lets one personalise the bike right from the word go. Such flexibility and wide range availability means takin the bike home from the dealership is a one time job rather than incorporate a personal touch as and when something becomes available.

    MiY helps build custom-made motorcycles as per consumer specs in 24 to 48 hours at the Chennai plant. Royal Enfield will ensure MiY is available for all its bikes at all dealerships over time. For new motorcycles, the option will be available from the beginning itself.
    Royal Enfield Classic 350 MiY
    When introduced in October 2020, the app-based, 3D Configurator was introduced to combine colours, trims, graphics, and accessories at the time of booking. At the time, the config choice was limited to its 650 Twin Motorcycles – the Interceptor 650, and Continental GT 650. Accessory warranty stands for two-years.
    Now, Royal Enfield Classic 350 can be gotten in a new Orange Ember shade, as also a Metallo Silver colour option. Bookings for the same open this week.
    Available at a price of Rs. 1,83,164 (ex-showroom, Delhi), the new offerings are part of Royal Enfield Make It Yours – MiY – initiative. As announced earlier, it’ll only be a matter of time until the initiative is available for the entire RE lineup right at the time of booking. More

  • New Royal Enfield Classic 350 Delayed To 2021 – 250cc Project Cancelled

    The new Royal Enfield Classic 350 will be a very important volume for the brand’s endeavour to neutralize rising competition
    Image – Hriday

    Royal Enfield was originally supposed to enter into the BS6 era with all guns blazing. On test since 2018, the new gen Classic 350 as well as the Meteor 350 were originally planned for launch by March 2020. Its Oct 2020, and none of these motorcycles have been launched yet.
    Delays in product development and capacity expansion has forced the company to take interim measures and introduce updated versions of its older models. Then the pandemic dealt yet another serious blow that has pushed the launch timeline even further.
    New Royal Enfield Classic 350 launch delayed
    The Royal Enfield Meteor 350, the Thunderbird replacement, is not here in time to take full advantage of the festive season. ET reports that the new Royal Enfield Classic 350 will likely be delayed beyond April 2021. This would make volume recovery in the medium term more challenging than anticipated.
    Royal Enfield’s original plan was to introduce one new product every quarter of this financial year and we have already entered the third quarter and nothing happened except multiple leaks of the Meteor 350. With competition stepping up, it is important for the medium-displacement specialist to get its new Classic 350 in the market at the earliest.
    New Gen Royal Enfield Classic 350 has been on test since 2018. Image – Vilvakumar P
    Entry level quarter liter variant axed
    ET also reports that the entry-level volume oriented 250 cc product, internally known as Project V, has been shelved as the company has decided to prioritize profit market over outright sales numbers. The target is reported to be a 25% EBIDTA margin for 50,000 units a month. The company is planning to achieve this by improving its cost structure.
    New Royal Enfield Classic 350 – Specifications
    The next generation Classic 350 will be based on the new modular J Platform that will underpin the brand’s new family of 350 cc models. The test prototypes seemed to be sporting ad-hoc body panels but one can expect the new Classic to wear old-school charm while also offering modern features like LED headlamps, digital instrument console (at least partially digital unit), new paint schemes and so on. We hope that RE retains the spoke wheels and other chrome bits to keep the nostalgia alive.
    The new generation 350 cc single-cylinder, fuel-injected engine will be shared with the soon-to-be-launched Meteor. The air-cooled motor produces 20.2 hp and 27 Nm of torque on board the Meteor. Transmission is a 5-speed unit.
    We don’t expect the motor to undergo any significant changes on board the new Classic. It is reasonable to assume that the new Royal Enfield Classic will feature front and rear disc brakes with dual-channel ABS and conventional suspension system comprising telescopic front forks and twin rear shock absorbers. Expect prices to be in the range of Rs 1.6 lakhs to Rs 2 lakhs, ex-sh.
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  • Royal Enfield Classic 500 modified to look like a Transformer

    Mumbai-based Maratha Motorcycles’ Asura build is unlike the usual kind of Royal Enfield mods
    Chennai-based motorcycle manufacturer Royal Enfield discontinued its ‘UCE 500’ single-cylinder range ahead of BS6 emission norms. Rising competition and reduced demand were the key reasons for phasing out the decade-old air-cooled single-cylinder chassis. Furthermore, the British-origin brand’s highly desirable 650 Twins, Interceptor and Continental GT were available at a reasonable price jump over the ‘500’ models.
    Royal Enfield Asura

    Mumbai-based bike builders Maratha Motorcycles has taken a rather unique approach whilst creating the Asura (based on a BS4 Royal Enfield ‘UCE 500’ chassis). Maratha Motorcycles states that the “sports cruiser” is inspired by a “Transformers beast”; quite possibly a Decepticon. The final result may not impress everyone but one cannot deny that it stands different from the usuals.
    Notable design and styling elements include custom LED headlamp and tail lamp setups, LED fog lamps, sculpted 20-litre fuel tank, USD front forks, rear monoshock suspension, drag handlebar, bar-end mirrors, single-sided swingarm, belt-drive and several revamped styling bits.

    Maratha Motorcycles’ Asura project is finished in a satin gold shade (against a gloss black theme). It rides on 120/70ZR (F) and 240/45ZRA (R) tyres shod on black alloy wheels. The diamond-outlet exhaust system was made completely in-house at Maratha Motorcycles.
    Royal Enfield ‘500’ Specs
    In its final format, the Royal Enfield ‘UCE 500’ line was powered by BS4-compliant 499cc air-cooled FI single-cylinder engine good for 27.2bhp @ 5,250rpm and 41.3Nm @ 4,000rpm. Transmission duties were done by a 5-speed unit. A stock Royal Enfield Classic 500 weighs roughly 196kg and has a fuel tank capacity of 13.5 litres. ‘UCE 500’ models might never make a return even in OHC format like the upcoming new-gen ‘UCE 350’.
    As a worthy tribute, Royal Enfield had introduced the limited-run ‘Classic 500 Tribute Black’ in BS4 format itself. It carried some exclusive styling bits and an ‘End of Build’ serial number plaque. Royal Enfield was able to find a decent number of takers via its dedicated online sales page. Meanwhile, the company is almost ready with its next-gen ‘UCE 350’ lineup that starts with the Meteor 350 (Thunderbird 350/350X replacement).
    Hardcore Royal Enfield fans still find charm in the ‘500’ range, especially the Classic 500. Owing to this, the motorcycle sees considerable demand in the used market. It has also become a platform for motorcycle builders to test out their creativity. However, Royal Enfield’s single-cylinder range cannot achieve the form-function balance associated with 650 Twin mods. The entry-level parallel-twin middleweight siblings have become really popular in foreign markets due to their value for money. More