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    Royal Enfield Cruiser 650 Ground Clearance Detailed In New Spy Shots

    Royal Enfield 650cc Cruiser
    The upcoming 650cc cruiser twins are likely to offer different riding dynamics and wear different monikers

    Royal Enfield fans are an excited bunch as the company has plans to launch multiple new products, hence every spy shot of an upcoming motorcycle gets noticed. While the company has quite a few exciting launches headed in the coming future, one of the bikes that has garnered a lot of attention is the brand’s upcoming 650cc cruiser.
    Test mules of the cruiser have been spotted on multiple occasions over the past year or so but only a couple of months we came to know that there might be more than one derivative of the upcoming bike. It might be the case of two different models or two different variants of the same model.
    Building on the popularity of 650cc Twins, this new cruiser will share its underpinnings as well as its power source with the twin roadsters. The first hint of a new addition to the Royal Enfield family was dropped at the EICMA 2018 where it showcased the KX Bobber Concept. When the first prototype was spotted last year, it bore a lot of resemblance with the concept displayed at EICMA.
    Design Highlights
    Among the two derivatives of the cruiser spotted earlier, one boasts of a traditional cruiser setup with forward-set footpegs, a wide handlebar and a typical low-slung stance. The other one has a more conventional upright seating position with center-set footpegs and slightly shorter handlebars. While the former is expected to wear a brand new name tag, the latter is expected to wear the branding of either Classic 650 or Meteor 650.

    Cruisers generally have a longer wheelbase and low seat height. This combination probably results in lower ground clearance. The latest spy video is credit to way2speed. As can be seen above, the video gives a better idea about the ground clearance of the 650cc Cruiser.
    Design-wise, both motorcycles adopt retro classic elements although the KX650 looks like a proper cruiser while the other one is a classic roadster. The former also wears a fatter 130 section of tyres and a larger rear fender. Common design elements on both bikes include a retro-styled round headlamp, a low split-style saddle and twin exhausts. A pillion backrest could be offered as an accessory on both bikes.
    Expected Hardware, Features & Powertrain
    As mentioned earlier, both bikes will share underpinnings with the current 650cc Twins- Interceptor and Continental GT. However, suspension setup is likely to be different. These cruisers are expected to feature upside down USD forks at front and twin shock absorbers at rear which are mounted at a greater angle than what is seen on 650 Twins.
    RE 650cc cruiser
    Disc brakes on both ends are almost a given. Other features expected to be on offer are dual-channel ABS, slipper and assist clutch and a semi-digital instrument console with a dedicated pod for Tripper Navigation.
    As far as powertrain is concerned, it will draw its power from the familiar 648cc parallel-twin air-cooled motor that cranks out 47 bhp and 52 Nm of peak torque. It will be mated to a six-speed gearbox. More details on these motorcycles are expected to be furnished ahead of their launch. We expect at least one of them hit showrooms by the end of this year. More

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    2021 Royal Enfield Classic 350 Side View Spied – New Exhaust System

    2021 Royal Enfield Classic 350 – New Gen
    The 350 cc single-cylinder engine will be shared with the Meteor

    The next generation Royal Enfield Classic 350 has been spotted testing in its near-production guise once again. This time, the latest spy shot gives us a closer look at the motorcycle and its side view – detailing the new exhaust system. We have learnt that the motorcycle is very close to launch and it could be in the showrooms in a few weeks.
    New Royal Enfield Classic 350
    The new Classic 350 is easily the most anticipated member of Royal Enfield’s next generation family based on the modular J platform. The launch which was originally planned for 2020 was delayed due to several reasons not the least of which is the ongoing pandemic. It seems the Chennai-based retro-classic specialist has sorted out the final details and is geared up to bring in the next iteration in a matter of weeks.
    Based on the spyshots, we can say that nothing much has changed. The current Classic 350 is still the best selling RE even at the very end of its lifespan, strongly indicating that the old-school styling is still popular among loyalists. We do get a slightly revised headlamp cowl, fuel tank and seats. We expect the new Royal Enfield Classic 350 to be equipped with Tripper Navigation system.
    Royal Enfield has recently introduced alloy wheels and dark colour themes for the Classic 350, and these cosmetic features are likely to be carried forward by the next gen model even though the prototypes are equipped with traditional spoke wheels and chrome finished components.
    2021 Royal Enfield Classic 350 New Exhaust System – Catbox has been removed from under the engine. Instead, New Classic 350 will have catalytic converter on inside of the silencer bend pipe.
    Powering the next generation classic roadster will be the new 350 cc SOHC air-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine which debuted on the Meteor. With 20.2 hp and 27 Nm of torque, the motor will offer a decent balance between highway performance and fuel efficiency. The transmission will continue to be a 5-speed unit.
    The modern setup in addition to several quality related improvements are expected to make the new Royal Enfield Classic 350 much more refined and robust compared to the outgoing model which is known for its niggles despite its undeniable charm.
    The company added an auxiliary catalytic converter chamber on the exhaust downtube to make the current engine meet the BS6 emission norms. The addition was an ad-hoc solution until the new model arrives. The test mules of next generation model do away with this additional component, thereby reverting to the old sleek exhaust system.
    With an all-new engine and several tangible improvements, the new Royal Enfield Classic 350 is all set to take the best selling nameplate to a new level. It will be supported by a slightly more modern looking roadster called the Hunter 350 which will go after the likes of Honda H’ness CB350. RE’s product onslaught is about to begin. More

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    Royal Enfield Sales Feb 2021 – Classic, Bullet, Meteor, Himalayan

    Royal Enfield Classic
    Royal Enfield reports YoY and MoM sales growth in February 2020

    Royal Enfield reports total two wheeler sales for February 2021 at 69,659 units. Sales growth is just shy of double digits at 9.64 percent, up from 63,536 units. Volume gain stood at 6,123 units, up from 63,536 units.
    Of this domestic wholesales of the 350cc segment motorcycles accounted for 64,362 units. Sales growth stood at 12.34 percent. Volume gain is pegged at about 7.1k units, up from 57,292 units. It leads from the front at 92.40 percent of all RE sales last month.
    The above 350cc segment sees a much smaller volume of sales. Sales fell to about 5.5k units, down from 6,244 units at volume loss of 947 units. Sales decline stood at 15.17 percent, accounting for just over 7.5 percent of all sales.
    Exports and MoM sales growth
    Total domestic sales growth is reported at 6.42 percent growth. Sales rose to 65,114 units, up from 61,188 units at volume gain of 3,926 units. Exports almost doubled. Exports are reported at 4,545 units, up from 2,348 units at volume gain of 93.57 percent. Business from exports accounted for 6.52 percent of total RE sales.
    Royal Enfield Sales Feb 2021
    350cc segment MoM sales grew by over a percent, up from 63,580 units. Volume gain stood at 782 units. Above 350cc segment MoM sales decline is reported at 2.18 percent. Volumes fell from 5,415 units at volume loss of 118 units. Total domestic sales fell by .58 percent, down from 65,492 units.
    MoM exports grew by about 30 percent at volume gain of 1,042 units, up from 3,503 units. Total MoM sales is marginal at just under a percent, at 0.96 percent. Sales grew from just under 69k units sold in January 2021.
    FY21 YTD Royal Enfield sales
    While sales in recent months are in the green, the current fiscal got off to a start wherein there was no movement. The automobile market has come a long way from the early days of no sales activity following the announcement of Covid-19 pandemic related lockdown in March 2020.
    Hence recovery in this fiscal is an impossibility for Royal Enfield. YTD FY21 upto 350cc segment sales is reported at just under 5 lakh units. Sales decline is reported at 15 percent, down from 5,89,526 units.
    The above 350cc segment saw sales dwindle by over a third. Sales fell to 46,609 units, down 34 percent from 70,619 units. YTD FY21 exports have fallen to 32,737 units at 9 percent decline, down from 36,124 units. Total YTD sales decline is reported at 17 percent. Cumulative sales in the last 11 months is pegged at 5,46,292 units, down from 6,60,145 units. More

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    Royal Enfield 650cc Cruiser KX650 Spied Testing With Pillion

    2021 Royal Enfield 650cc Cruiser
    Royal Enfield is working on at least two new derivatives of its well received 650 cc parallel-twin platform

    Royal Enfield’s product pipeline for this year looks very exiting. The company is in the process of transforming its entire portfolio, representing a clear shift in the paradigm. In order to achieve its long term goal of establishing leadership in the global medium displacement motorcycle segment, Royal Enfield needs to aggressively expand its product lineup, offer cool new features and increase the overall quality. That is exactly what brewing at the brand’s tech centers in India and the UK.
    Royal Enfield cruiser 650
    Following the strong response to its flagship twin-clinder 650 cc models, Royal Enfield is working on variant extensions on this platform in a bid to cater to wider tastes.
    First hint of a new family member was provided in the form of KX bobber concept at the EICMA 2018. After almost two years, first prototypes of a 650 cc twin-cylinder cruiser started to appear in public last year.
    A near production ready prototype of the Royal Enfield cruiser 650 has been spotted up close once again in Chennai, giving us a proper idea on what to expect. The latest spy shot shows the test mule being tested with pillion. It is to be noted that RE is also working on a roadster variant which is sufficiently different from this cruiser as well as the existing Interceptor 650.
    2021 Royal Enfield 650cc Cruiser
    With a low seat height, quintessential feet-forward riding position and a front heavy stance, the Royal Enfield cruiser 650 sticks to the script. The test mule appears to be riding on 19-inch front and 17-inch rear alloy wheels just like the Meteor 350.
    The circular headlamp, turn indicators and taillight set a retro-classic tone and the simple fuel tank (we liked the KX’s unit better though) and instrument dial fit right into the scheme of things. Speaking of the instrument dial, it will incorporate Tripper Navigation system which is currently available in Meteor 350 and updated Himalayan.
    In the interest of economies of scale, Royal Enfield is likely to carry forward the existing 650 cc twin-cylinder, air-cooled, parallel-twin engine which produces 47 hp and 57 Nm of torque in its current state of tune. The 6-speed transmission with tweaked ratios should make for good mile munching. The video gives us a sample of how the motorcycle sounds like and we like what we hear.
    2021 Royal Enfield 650cc Cruiser
    In a first for modern Royal Enfields, the cruiser 650 is equipped with an inverted telescopic front fork. The rear employs traditional twin shock absorbers.
    Globally, the Royal Enfield cruiser 650 will be aimed at the likes of Kawasaki Vulcan 650, Harley Davidson Street, Honda Rebel, and so on. In India, the upcoming medium displacement motorcycle is expected to be have a starting price a shade under INR 3 lakh (ex-showroom), making it a compelling proposition. More

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    2021 Royal Enfield 650 Twins New Colour Options Leak Ahead Of Facelift Launch

    2021 Royal Enfield 650 Twins Colours
    An update from Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 is on the cards which are expected to be launched sometime later this year

    At the end of last year, Royal Enfield made its intentions clear that from here on we will see many new and updated products from the bikemaker for the next seven years or so. It started with the new Meteor 350 and continued with the updated Himalayan earlier this year.
    While there are plenty of upcoming motorcycles in the brand’s scheme of things, exact launch timeline of these products is still very much unknown. Plenty of testing prototypes from the Chennai-based manufacturer have been spotted on roads in recent months. This clearly suggests that the company’s R&D currently has its hands full.
    Amidst all this, new details have emerged online which might excite Royal Enfield fans. New colour options for the 650cc Twins- Interceptor and Continental GT have leaked on the internet which indicates that the modern classic roadsters might be given a mild-facelift soon.
    This is further established by the fact that the latter was recently spotted testing earlier this year. Both bikes made their debut in 2018 and with almost three years in the market, an update shall benefit the brand.
    2021 Royal Enfield 650 Twins Colours
    Updates Expected
    Although we believe that this update will mostly be cosmetic and in line with the updated Himalayan rather than a major makeover. This includes new colour schemes and subtle variations in styling. The manufacturer might also take the opportunity to rectify certain ergonomics issues on both the motorcycles which hamper the riding experience.
    Although, the biggest update expected is the addition of the Tripper Navigation which displays turn-by-turn navigation on the instrument cluster when paired with the Royal Enfield App on one’s smartphone via Bluetooth. This feature made its first appearance in Meteor 350 and later in the updated Himalayan.
    New Colour Options
    Coming back to the colour options leaked, the images show several new paint schemes on both motorcycles. These colour schemes resemble the options available on the 650cc Twins in the Italian market which launched in November last year.
    From the images, we see Interceptor with seven new colour options out of which Orange Crush, Glitter and Dust and Baker Express are already on offer in India. On the other hand, Continental GT is shown in five colour options including British Racing Lean, GT Red, Venture Black and Blue, Cookies and Cream and Mister Clean. Out of these, the last option is already on offer.
    Engine Specs
    Mechanically both bikes are identical. Both draw their power from a 648cc air-cooled parallel-twin engine which puts out 47 bhp at 7150 rpm and 52 Nm of peak torque at 5250 rpm. This unit is mated to a six-speed gearbox with a slipper clutch. There has been no official confirmation from Royal Enfield regarding this update. More

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    Royal Enfield 650 Cruiser Spied With Classic 650, Meteor 650 – At Over 120 Kmph

    Royal Enfield Cruiser 650 and Classic / Meteor 650 Spied together
    Royal Enfield has plans to launch multiple new motorcycles on the 650cc platform

    With good response to 650 twins in domestic as well as international markets, Royal Enfield is looking to further cement its position in this segment. Towards that end, the company has plans to introduce new products, the first of which is expected to be the 650 cruiser. When launched, the 650 cruiser will take on rivals such as Kawasaki Vulcan S.
    Latest spy video credit to Youtube channel Royal Bangalorean Raj, shows not 1, but 3 test mules of the 650cc range. One of them is the Cruiser 650 which is expected to be named KX650 upon launch, while the other two are either the Classic 650 or the Meteor 650.
    Compared to the Cruiser, the Classic 650 has different riding stance / footpeg placement. It also has a larger / wider pillion seat as compared to the cruiser. The cruiser has chrome finish on the twin exhausts, while the other two have black finish on the exhaust. The motorcycles were testing at a speed of 120-130 kmph.
    Royal Enfield 650 cruiser design
    Just like other Royal Enfield motorcycles such as Classic 350, the 650 cruiser sports a retro look and feel. Some of the key design highlights include round headlamp and rear view mirrors, teardrop shaped fuel tank and turn indicators, wide handlebar, large windscreen, dual metallic exhaust, and broad rear fenders. The motorcycle has forward-set foot pegs, allowing a comfortable, feet-forward riding stance.
    [embedded content]
    Royal Enfield 650 cruiser has split seats and comes with pillion backrest. Towards the rear sides, there are dedicated bars for attaching panniers or other items. With its low seat height, the motorcycle will be easier to manoeuvre and control across varied terrains and environments.
    Royal Enfield 650 cruiser powertrain
    It is expected that 650 cruiser will be using the same powertrain as that of Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650. However, it is possible that power and torque output may be adjusted to suit the requirements of a cruiser. On-board the 650 twins, the 648cc dual cylinder, air cooled motor is capable of generating 47 hp of max power and 52 Nm of max torque. It is mated to a 6-speed gearbox.
    Royal Enfield 650 cruiser will be equipped with upside down forks at the front and standard twin shocks at the rear. It uses 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels with disc brakes at both ends. Dual-channel ABS will be part of standard package. Other key features include semi-digital instrument cluster and slipper clutch with assist.
    Tripper navigation
    Royal Enfield 650 cruiser is expected to get Tripper navigation system, which was first introduced with Meteor 350. Tripper system works in conjunction with Royal Enfield app and Google Maps. It has a dedicated screen next to the instrument console that displays navigational arrows for the inputted destination.
    Royal Enfield 650 cruiser is part of the company’s long term strategy to introduce new / next-gen products at regular intervals. A total of 28 products have been planned over a period of seven years. That means we can expect around four launches every year. This will help the company to increase the number of options available to customers. It will also help to fight competition from new rival products. More

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    Royal Enfield Sales, Exports Break Up Jan 2021 – Classic, 650 Twins, Himalayan

    Image – Debayan
    Royal Enfield has posted positive numbers in both domestic market and exports

    A total of 64,372 units were sold in domestic market in January 2021, which is modest YoY growth of 5.03%. Sales during the corresponding period last year stood at 61,291 units. In exports, numbers have more than doubled from 2,228 units in January last year to 4,515 units in January 2021.
    Royal Enfield domestic sales breakup – January 2021
    No surprises at number one, as Classic 350 continues to be the top selling motorcycle for Royal Enfield in domestic market. A total of 40,872 units were sold in January 2021, as compared to 40,834 units in January last year. YoY sales have grown marginally by 0.09%. Classic 350 share in sales is 63.49% in January 2021.
    Next is Bullet 350 with 11,570 units sold in January 2021. YoY growth is 21.04%, as compared to 9,559 units sold in January last year. Share in sales is 17.97%. Electra 350 is third with 5,431 units sold in January 2021. YoY sales are down -7.46%, as compared to 5,869 units sold in January last year. Electra share in sales is at 8.44%.
    At number four is Meteor 350 with sales of 5,073 units in January 2021. Launched in November last year, Meteor has emerged as a popular choice in 350cc segment. Meteor share in sales stands at 7.88% in January 2021. 650 Twins are next with 1,392 units sold in January 2021. YoY growth is 18.37%, as compared to 1,176 units sold in January last year. Share in sales is at 2.16%.
    Royal Enfield Domestic Sales Jan 2021
    At number six is Himalayan with 34 units sold in January 2021. YoY sales are down by -97.64%, as compared to 1,438 units sold in January last year. This massive drop is because Royal Enfield had temporarily suspended deliveries of Himalayan. It was done to ensure that customers can get the updated 2021 model. The updated model was launched earlier this month and deliveries have started.
    These numbers reveal that Royal Enfield’s 350cc motorcycles constitute the majority of the company’s sales. Taken together, Classic, Bullet, Electra and Meteor have close to 98% share.
    Royal Enfield exports breakup – January 2021
    Himalayan has the lead in exports with 1,819 units exported in January 2021. YoY growth is a whopping 583.83%, as compared to 266 units in January last year. 650 Twins is second with 1,200 units exported in January 2021. YoY growth is 4.90%, as compared to 1,144 units in January last year.
    Royal Enfield Exports Jan 2021
    At number three is Classic 350 with exports of 1,107 units. YoY growth is 155.07%, as compared to 434 units exported in January last year. Other motorcycles in the list are Classic 500 (184), Meteor 350 (184), Electra 350 (11), and Bullet 500 (10). With the exception of Meteor, all others have negative YoY growth. Thunderbird 350, Bullet 350 and Thunderbird 500 have zero exports in January 2021. More

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    2021 Royal Enfield Himalayan First Batch Delivery Starts Across India

    Image – Nidhin
    2021 RE Himalayan adventure tourer gets three colour options, Tripper Navigation and Make It Yours personalization options

    Royal Enfield has launched the new Himalayan adventure tourer in India. It is priced from Rs 2.01 lakh, ex-sh; and comes in with some feature updates and technology while engine remains unchanged. Deliveries have commenced across India. First batch owners have now taken delivery of new Himalayan.
    Colour Updates on 2021 RE Himalayan
    The new RE Himalayan gets some design changes and new colours. It is seen in colour options of Mirage Silver, Pine Green and New Granite Black (in a mix of matte and gloss) along with existing colours of Rock Red, Lake Blue and Gravel Grey.
    Though the instrument cluster layout and design remain unchanged, it sees the addition of a Tripper Navigation Pod. The new tripper navigation was first seen on the Meteor 350. This system allows users to get turn by turn directions which can be connected to the rider’s smartphone.
    Tripper Navigation is powered by Google Maps and Royal Enfield App. Feature updates also include tank guards which double up as carriers for extra fuel tanks or luggage while a luggage rack is added at the rear as a part of these updates.
    Image – Nidhin
    The 2021 RE Himalayan is priced depending on its colour options. The Mirage Silver and Gravel Grey variants are priced at Rs.2,36,286. The Lake Blue, Rock Red and Granite Black carry price tags of Rs. 2,40,285 while the top of the line Pine Green colour is priced at Rs.2,44,284. These are on-road Delhi prices.
    Seating is seen in high density foam and finished in optional Tan colour scheme offering not only better comfort over longer distances but also a striking colour contrast as well. New and improved windscreen protects the rider from the blast of wind relating to a more comfortable ride. It also receives a rear carrier with an additional plate for fastening any luggage and an ergonomic front rack offers better comfort to the rider.
    Royal Enfield has also updated the new Himalayan with Make-it-Yours feature allowing customers to personalize and accessorize their motorcycles which can be accessed through the RE App, the company website or at authorized dealerships.
    RE Himalayan Engine, Suspension and Braking
    Like its earlier counterpart launched in 2016, the Himalayan gets its power via a 411cc, single cylinder, 4 stroke, air cooled engine. This engine makes 24.83 hp power at 6,500 rpm and 32 Nm torque at 4,000-4,500 rpm and gets mated to a 5 speed gearbox. It receives telescopic fork in the front and mono-shock at the rear while braking is via dual channel anti-lock braking system with ABS switchable on the rear wheel for better off-road use
    Upcoming RE Launches
    Earlier this year, Royal Enfield revealed that they would be expanding their product portfolio with one new bike in the 250-750cc every three months. The new RE Classic 350 is expected to launch in April 2021 which will be followed by the launch of the Interceptor 350, Cruiser 650. Facelifted Interceptor/ Continental 650 are also expected this year. More