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    Jawa 42 Customized By Dealer – On Sale For No Additional Cost

    Jawa 42 CustomAuto dealers are known to use ingenious methods to boost sales
    While discounts, benefits and freebies are among the most widely used tools to attract customers, sometimes dealers come up with entirely new ideas. A recent example is that of a Jawa dealer in Surat, who is offering customized Jawa Forty Two motorcycle at no extra cost. The financial year is coming to a close and most businesses including auto dealerships would be looking to boost sales.
    Jawa 42 customization – key details
    One of the primary objectives of this dealer-level customization is to boost sales of spoke rimmed variant of Jawa 42. As may be recalled, 2021 Jawa Forty Two was launched earlier this year in February. Among the key updates introduced is the availability of blacked out alloy wheels and tubeless tyres. While retro-styled motorcycles such as Jawa 42 look elegant in spoke wheels, there’s a growing preference for alloy wheels and tubeless tyres.
    Alloy wheels enhance a motorcycle’s sporty profile and coupled with tubeless tyres, they serve better for practical purposes. For example, if there is a flat, fixing a tubeless tyre is far easier than tube-type tyres.
    Due to these reasons, it is possible that there may no longer be enough demand for spoke rimmed variant of Jawa 42. To clear existing inventory, the dealer is offering customization for spoke wheel Jawa 42 at no extra cost.
    Jawa 42 Custom
    As can be seen in the images posted by the dealer, the customizations have been carried out on Starlight Blue (Matte) variant. It is possible that the dealer may be offering customizations on other colour variants as well.
    Jawa 42 Custom
    For Starlight Blue, most of the changes have been carried out on the fuel tank. It includes blacked out sections on both sides of the fuel tank and addition of tri-coloured lines, similar to the Indian tricolour national flag.
    On the top section of the fuel tank, there are two additional strips in silver colour. They have “42 Classic Legends” badging. These customizations are inspired by 2021 Jawa Forty Two that has a similar design theme. 2021 Jawa 42 offers three new colour options of Matte Red, Matte Black and White.
    Jawa 42 Custom
    Jawa 42 powertrain
    This dealer-level customization is limited to cosmetic updates and there are no changes to engine or other hardware. However, if we talk about 2021 Jawa 42, the updated motorcycle does offer slightly more power of 0.8 hp. While engine is the same BS6 compliant 293cc, liquid-cooled unit as earlier, it has been tweaked to deliver 27.3hp of max power and 27Nm of peak torque. It is mated to a 6-speed gearbox.
    2021 Jawa 42 is available at Rs 1.84 lakh (ex-showroom). That’s around Rs 12k costlier than the current dual-channel ABS variant that retails at Rs 1.72 lakh. More

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    New Yezdi Or Jawa Scrambler Test Mule Spied – RE Hunter, CB350RS Rival

    New Yezdi or Jawa Scrambler on testThe crank case design of the engine is remarkable similar to that of the Yezdi RoadKing
    An interesting new camouflaged prototype of a retro-classic scrambler was spotted testing along the Pune to Nashik highway. While the identity of the test mule was concealed, there are some strong clues which point towards it being the upcoming Yezdi motorcycle under Classic Legends. It could also be the Jawa Scrambler that is currently in the works.
    Is it a new Yezdi motorcycle?
    We all know that Classic Legends, a part of Mahindra, is working on reviving BSA and Yezdi brands after bringing back the venerable Jawa nameplate to life. With added support from Mahindra in terms of hiring new personnel both in India and abroad to support the projects, Classic Legends’ medium term plans seem to be afoot at a brisk pace.
    New Yezdi or Jawa Scrambler on test
    When Classic Legends derived the new Jawa Motorcycles from the Mahindra Mojo platform, particular care was taken to replicate the brand’s vintage design traits including the crankcase. In the same fashion, the test mule which was spied recently, although devoid of production spec body panels, does feature a crankcase which is pretty similar to the yesteryear’s Yezdi RoadKing.
    The prototype is still far away from being production ready but we can see that it is progressing towards a scrambler body style. The cantilevered tailpiece, the tyres, riding posture and the general minimalist approach are expected to be carried forward to the final version as well.
    Engine casing resembles Yezdi
    We also expect the motorcycle to be equipped with modern features like LED taillight, a digital console (at least partially digital) and dual-channel ABS. From what we can see, the motor is a liquid-cooled unit with twin-silencers.
    New Yezdi or Jawa Scrambler on test
    The exhaust canister is still work in progress, but the configuration reminds us of the first iteration of Mojo. The new Yezdi motorcycle’s displacement should be around 300 cc. Power is estimated to be in the same ballpark as the Jawa siblings – around 27 to 30 hp.
    Market positioning
    Yezdi brand still evokes a strong sense of nostalgia among the Indian motorcycle enthusiasts. The new motorcycle will benefit from the lessons Classic Legends learnt from the execution of its Jawa projects. The upcoming motorcycle, from the looks of it, is expected to be positioned as a sportier alternative to the Jawa models. Competition will come from the likes of newly launched Honda CB350RS and the upcoming Royal Enfield Hunter 350.
    Classic Legends is also working on reviving BSA, yet another long forgotten two wheeler brand that has a strong potential in the current times. While Mahindra could not make the Mojo work commercially, it surely has found a way to extract the untapped potential of the platform through Classic Legends’ business model. More

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    Jawa 42 Owners Can Upgrade To Alloys, Bar-End Mirrors For Rs 8k

    Jawa 42 Customization Offer
    Jawa Forty-Two rivals other retro-style motorcycles such as Royal Enfield Classic 350, Benelli Imperiale and Honda H’Ness and CB350

    Classic Legends are providing a golden opportunity to consumers of the older iteration of Jawa 42 to upgrade the bike’s cosmetics to the latest 2.1 iteration. Under this Golden Scheme, customers would get blacked-out bar-end mirrors, blacked-out alloy wheels and tubeless tyres at just Rs 7,999. This offer is only applicable till 31st of March, 2021. After this, prices will increase to Rs 14,498.
    Jawa Forty-Two 2.1
    The company recently reached a major landmark as its registered 50,000 production units. To mark this momentous occasion, Classic Legends has decided to give an update to its highest-selling product. The new Jawa Forty Two has been priced at Rs 1.84 lakh (ex-showroom).
    For 2021, Jawa Forty Two comes with three new additional colour options including  Matte Red, Matte Black and White. Along with new paint schemes, there are a bunch of cosmetic updates in the latest iteration of the retro-style classic motorcycle.
    Updates in Forty-Two 2.1
    Along with new colour schemes, the updated lineup of Forty Two adopts a darker theme with blacked-out alloy wheels instead of conventional wire-spoke wheels. Along with new alloy wheels, the bike also gets blacked-out mechanical components such as engine-gearbox assembly, exhaust pipes, front and rear suspension units, headlamp bezel and turn indicators which are otherwise embellished in chrome. Even leg guards, handlebar and radiator have been blackened.
    Jawa 42 Customization Offer
    Other updates include a new stitching pattern for its seat. Jawa has also updated the seat pan by employing high-density foam which makes it much more supportive for longer rides. It gets a contrasting gray stripe on its fuel tank with ‘42’ branding.
    It also receives a blacked-out instrument dial which gives basic info from the speedometer and odometer. The new range of Forty Two also gets optional accessories that are laced in matte black such as a single-piece grab rail for the pillion, a tinted visor and a headlamp grille.
    Apart from these updates, the new Jawa Forty-Two is very much similar to the more traditional version of the classic roadster which is filled with chrome. The new range of Forty Two will be sold alongside the conventional derivative Forty Two. Classic Legends, as it looks, has gone the Royal Enfield way in offering a sportier looking iteration for its retro motorcycle as the latter did with Thunderbird by introducing Thunderbird X series.
    Powertrain Specs
    Jawa has made slight changes to its powertrain which makes it slightly more powerful than the conventional Forty Two. It is powered by the same BS6 compliant 293cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine although by using a cross-port technology, this motor now pushes out 27.3 bhp and 27.05 Nm of peak torque. This unit is offered with a 6-speed gearbox. Hardware setup on the bike has also remained same. It will be offered in two variants- single-channel ABS and dual-channel ABS. More

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    Jawa Forty Two Fined For Overspeeding – While Being Transported On A Tempo

    Jawa 42 on tempo gets fined for overspeeding
    Automated systems have made things easier for humans, but they have their limitations

    Overspeeding is one of the biggest causes of road accidents in the country. Every year, overspeeding results in thousands of injuries and fatalities. The government has done its bit to discourage overspeeding by significantly increasing the fine for speeding, overspeeding and racing.
    Technology has also come to the rescue, as is evident with automatic speed cameras installed in major cities. These cameras have the ability to detect speed as well as capture the image of the offending vehicle.
    India’s capital Delhi has several of these speed cameras installed at various locations. While the automated system works perfectly fine in most cases, there may be occasions when it might get tricked into making a false allegation.
    Speeding fine issued for a stationary motorcycle
    In a recent case that highlights the limitations of automated systems, a Jawa Forty Two whose battery had died and was being transported on a tempo – has been booked for overspeeding. The incident occurred in New Delhi at two places – Traffic Island, Khajuri Chowk Flyover, Usmanpur and Outer Ring Road, Block E, Gandhi Vihar. These are among the locations that have the speed cameras installed.
    Jawa 42 on tempo gets fined for overspeeding
    The owner of the motorcycle, Manoj Kumar was surprised to see the fines and has posted his experience with others on Jawa Facebook Group. The speed cameras apparently do not have the intelligence to distinguish between a motorcycle riding on a tempo and a motorcycle riding on its own wheels.
    A human would have easily spotted the difference. The automated speed cameras did exactly what they have been programmed to do, which has resulted in a wrong overspeeding fine for the motorcycle.
    The solution
    Such cases are rare, so it’s unlikely that the system will be upgraded to avoid these types of mistakes in future. The existing system is a simple one wherein only the speed of the moving vehicle and its registration number is recorded. It will require significant investments if artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning modules were to be added to the existing system.
    The owner has shared an easier solution that users can implement when transporting their motorcycle on a tempo or another vehicle. He said that just covering the number plate with a piece of cloth will be enough to avoid such fines.
    In this situation, the speed camera will detect overspeeding, but it won’t be able to record the registration number. This solution seems legit and would be helpful in avoiding unnecessary hassles when transporting a motorcycle on another vehicle. More

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    2021 Jawa 42 Launched – More Power, New Colours, Higher Price

    2021 Jawa 42 Red
    The updates are mostly concentrated on the aesthetics department but it also involves a change in exhaust downtube design

    The Honda CB350 and Royal Enfield Meteor 350 set off what is turning out to be a action packed competition in the 350 cc segment. Jawa can’t afford to stay indifferent for long and hence the update.
    The 2021 Jawa 42 with quite a few updates has been launched at INR 1.84 lakh (ex-showroom). This is about Rs 12k expensive than the current Jawa 42 dual ABS variant (Rs 1.72 lakh) and Rs 21k expensive than the single ABS Jawa 42 (Rs 1.63 lakh).
    2021 Jawa 42 – What’s new?
    The first thing you notice are the alloy wheels and replacement of chrome elements with black finish. While the shiny treatment was widely preferred for retro-classic motorcycles, the customer preference seems to be shifting towards black finish which is easier to maintain and has a sportier appeal.
    The updated Jawa 42 also receives two new colour options in the form of matte red and matte black. The existing colour options have been carried forward as well. There is a new wider eccentric decal strip on the fuel tank and tailpiece.
    2021 Jawa 42 Black
    The 2021 Jawa 42 also comes with a range of new optional accessories including a compact windshield, headlamp grille, handlebar end-mounted rear view mirrors, white rim stripes and so on. Tyres are now tubeless.
    Given that Jawa Motorcycles upgraded its product portfolio to BS6 emission standards last year, it is surprising that the engine has been carried forward with changes. To recap, the Jawa 42 is powered by Mahindra Mojo-derived single-cylinder, liquid-cooled 295 cc engine which is tuned to develop 26.51 hp and 27 Nm of torque. Transmission is a 6-speed unit. The new Jawa 42 gets a more refined version of the same unit, which now delivers 0.8 hp more power.
    The retro-classic roadster continues to be equipped with regular telescopic front forks and twin rear shock absorber. While both front and rear wheels are retarded by a disc each, the base version makes do with a single-channel ABS as standard. Buyers can also opt for dual-channel system for around INR 9,000 more.
    2021 Jawa 42 White
    In the new colour scheme with black treatment, you can only buy the dual ABS as single ABS option is not available. Existing range of Jawa 42 will continue to be on sale as is, with the same pricing as before.
    The 2021 Jawa 42 will continue to lock horns with Honda H’ness CB350 and Royal Enfield Classic 350 which is due for replacement shortly. The CB350 has managed to clock 10,000 unit sales in just 3 months despite being sold only through Honda’s BigWing premium outlets whose territorial coverage is much smaller compared to Jawa’s dealership network.
    With a new CB350 RS variant scheduled to be launched next week, the model’s prospects are expected to get even brighter. So, the Jawa 42 has got its work cut out but the updates are a step in the right direction.

    2021 Jawa 42 Black decals

    2021 Jawa 42 Matte Red

    Jawa Forty Two Black Edition

    Jawa Forty Two Black Edition

    Jawa Forty Two Black Edition More

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    Jawa 42 In New Colours Of Black, White, Red Launch Soon – Production Starts

    2021 Jawa 42 Matte Red
    Jawa 42 Matte Black and Matte Red colour options are to be launched soon

    Classic Legends, a fairly new entrant into the Indian motorcycle segment, achieved a major milestone recently. Jawa sales crossed the 50,000 unit mark and what makes this even noteworthy is that this target was reached in precisely 1 year of production.
    The company states that this half century mark would have been achieved much earlier had the lockdown not been announced in March this year in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. With production and demand back on track, Jawa is getting ready to launch new colour options of the Jawa 42. Latest images suggest that the production has already started at company plant.
    2021 Jawa 42 White
    Updated Jawa 42
    The existing lineup of Jawa 42 motorcycles will continue as is. In addition to those, the company will launch new range with alloy wheels and blacked out treatment. Gone will be the chrome from this range of Jawa 42. New accessories will also be on offer.
    This is probably something similar to what Royal Enfield had done to the Thunderbird range when they had launched the Thunderbird X. It remains to be seen if this new Jawa range will be given a new name, or will be called same.
    2021 Jawa 42 Black
    As can be seen in the images, the updated Jawa 42 will be offered in new colour options of White, Matte Black and Matte Red. It will also be offered in currently available colour options. Except for the painted body panels and fuel tank, everything else is in black.
    Prices and Engine Specs
    After the recent price hike, the Jawa and Jawa 42 are currently priced at Rs.1.76 lakhs and Rs.1.63 lakhs respectively for the single ABS variant. Dual ABS costs Rs 1.85 lakh and Rs 1.72 lakh while the Perak carries a price tag of Rs.1.97 lakhs. These are ex-sh prices. Expect the new Jawa 42 range with alloys and black treatment to be expensive by about Rs 5-10k.
    The Jawa and Jawa 42 are powered by the same BS6 compliant 293cc, liquid cooled, single cylinder engine making 26.51hp power and 27.05 Nm torque. The Perak on the other hand gets a more powerful 344cc engine that generates 30 hp power and 32.74 Nm torque mated to a 6 speed gearbox.
    2021 Jawa 42 Matte Red
    Sales Boost
    Classic Legends CEO Ashish Singh Joshi is confident of achieving the next 50,000 unit mark in a far less time span. The three bikes are produced at the Mahindra manufacturing unit in Pithampur near Indore in Madhya Pradesh with an annual capacity of 5 lakh units per annum. Exports are also undertaken to countries such as Nepal and Europe even as waiting period in the country extends to a minimum of two months. More

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    2021 Jawa, Jawa 42, Perak Prices Increased – New vs Old Price List

    Jawa Motorcycles
    Jawa brand of motorcycles directly competes with Royal Enfield motorcyles in the mid-displacement segment of retro motorcyles

    Classic Legends has increased prices on all its Jawa models in India namely Jawa Classic, Forty-Two and Perak. The latest price hike is applicable with immediate effect and has been implemented across all models of the said bikes. This is the second price hike since adoption of the stringent BS6 emission norms a few months back.
    Price Hike of Jawa
    Starting with Jawa, all variants of the retro-style classic motorcycle have witnessed an increment in their ex-showroom prices by Rs 2,987. It is offered in two variants- single-channel ABS and dual-channel ABS. The base trim with silver and grey colour variants were offered at a price of Rs Rs 1,73,164. After the latest hike in prices, it costs Rs 1,76,151.
    The Maroon coloured variant of the single-channel ABS trim was previously priced Rs 1,74,228 and after the latest price revision, it is now available at Rs 1,77,215. Coming to the dual-channel variants, the black and grey colour options are now available at a price of Rs 1,85,093 as opposed to Rs 1,82,106 prior to the hike. Similarly, price of the Maroon option has been increased from Rs 1,83,170 to Rs1,86,157.
    Price hike of Forty-Two, Perak
    Talking about the brand entry-level model Forty-Two, price hike across all variants is constant at Rs 2987. For single-channel ABS variants, prices for Haley’s Teal and Starlight Blue colour options have increased from Rs 1,60,300 to Rs Rs 1,63,287.
    Jawa Price List Jan 2021
    Prior to the latest price hike, the Lumos Lime shade was offered at a price of Rs 1,64,164 instead of Rs 1,67,151. On the other hand, colour options such as Nebula Blue, Comet Red and Galactic Green were previously priced at Rs 1,65,228 and will now be offered at a price of Rs 1,68,215.
    Also Read – Royal Enfield Prices Jan 2021
    The company’s flagship product Perak is available in a solitary trim and will now be offered at a price of Rs 1,97,487. The bobber which recently celebrated its first anniversary in the market was previously priced at Rs 1,94,500. All prices mentioned are ex-showroom, Delhi.
    New Price
    Old Price
    Black / Grey Single ABS
    Maroon Single ABS
    Black / Grey Dual ABS
    Maroon Dual ABS
    New Price
    Old Price
    Jawa 42 Single ABS
    Haley’s Teal / Starlight Blue
    Lumos Lime
    Comet Red, Galactic Green, Nebula Blue
    New Price
    Old Price
    Jawa 42 Dual ABS
    Haley’s Teal / Starlight Blue
    Lumos Lime
    Comet Red, Galactic Green, Nebula Blue
    New Price
    Old Price
    Updated Forty-Two Spied
    Spy shots of the updated Jawa Forty-Two surfaced on the internet recently which showed a handful of updates on the retro-modern motorcycle. It will be launched soon, and could command an even higher price.
    The updated Forty-Two was seen with blacked-out mechanical components such as its engine, front and rear suspension units, exhaust pipe and headlamp bezel and turn indicator housings. Another major update is the inclusion of blacked-out alloy wheels as opposed to wire-spoke wheels offered previously. More

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    Jawa Forty Two With Black Engine, Black Alloys Spied – New Accessories

    Jawa Forty Two Black Edition
    Jawa Forty-Two competes against the likes of Royal Enfield Classic 350, Honda H’Ness CB350 and Benelli Imperiale

    Classic Legends have been actively testing its retro-styled classic motorcycle Forty-Two ahead of its launch. The new set of images show the entry-level Jawa with a new pair of blacked-out alloy wheels instead of conventional wire-spoke wheels. Another set of images with a similar setup has surfaced on the internet.
    The latest spy shots have been clicked by automotive enthusiast Sai somewhere near Pune. These new wheels might be wrapped around by tubeless tyres as they are easier to repair in case of a puncture. The changes are not only limited to the wheels only.
    Jawa Forty Two Black Edition
    Cosmetic Updates
    As evident from the new set of spy images, there are a few other cosmetic changes. This includes blacked-out mechanical components such as its exhaust pipe, front and rear suspension setup, black headlamp bezel and turn indicator housings.
    Even the engine and gearbox setup has also been painted black instead of a traditional chrome setup. The whole all-black theme adds a nice modern flavour to the retro motorcycle. Other notable changes included a single-piece grab rail for the pillion and a new stitching pattern for the seat.
    Jawa Forty Two Black Edition
    Jawa would also want to improve the quality of foam beneath the seat as consumers have lots of complaints regarding Forty Two’s seating comfort, especially for the pillion. Although, going by the images, shape of the seat has been kept intact. A short flyscreen has also been added but that seems to be part of an accessory package.
    Jawa Forty Two Black Edition
    While details regarding this update are still very thin, we expect a similar tyre setup to be included to other Jawa models including Jawa Classic and Perak. It might also be the case that this update might be included as a whole new variant in Forty Two’s lineup. One can expect this iteration of the retro motorcycle to make hit showrooms in the next few weeks.
    Powertrain Specs
    Visually there seem to be no changes made on the mechanical front. It is still likely to be powered by a BS6-compliant 293cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that features in the current iteration of Forty-Two.
    Jawa Forty Two Black Edition
    This unit is good enough to return an output of 26.5 bhp and 27.05 Nm of peak torque. It is mated to a six-speed gearbox and is offered in two variants- single-channel ABS and dual-channel ABS. The test mule spotted recently is most probably the latter as it features disc brakes on both front and rear.
    Currently, Jawa Forty-Two has been priced between Rs 1.65 lakh and Rs 1.74 lakh (both prices ex-showroom). With the launch of Royal Enfield Meteor 350 and Honda H’Ness CB350, rivalry in the modern classic segment of motorcycles has intensified and a timely update by rival brands is a need of the hour. More