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    Stolen KTM Motorcycle Found In Just 30 Hours – Owner Thanks Mumbai Police

    Image – Sujay Shivan Warrier / HVK
    Vehicle theft is a big problem, with maximum number of cases remaining unsolved

    Having one’s motorcycle stolen can be a hugely stressful experience. It not only results in financial loss, the owner also has to follow a tedious process of lodging an FIR and following up with police officials. Till they find their vehicle or buy a new one, their everyday routines could go for a toss.
    However, such experiences can also bring joy if the motorcycle is found within a reasonable time limit. Most vehicle theft cases go unsolved, but some lucky ones do get their possessions back.
    How KTM got stolen
    In a recent case that had a happy ending, a KTM owner has been able to find his stolen motorcycle in just around 30 hours. This is remarkable considering the fact that some stolen vehicles are recovered months or even years after they were stolen.
    In this particular case, the owner had left the keys on the bike. This made it easier for the thieves to put their plans into action. The culprits have not been caught yet, so it’s not certain what they intended to do with the motorcycle. It is possible that the theft could be the work of some random people who came across an opportunity and acted on it.
    Owner shares update about his stolen KTM motorcycle
    In the past, there have been cases where youngsters were found to be stealing premium motorcycles just for fun rides. Once they had exhausted the fuel, they would simply ditch the bike and leave. In comparison, hard-core vehicle thieves are in the business purely for money. The stolen vehicle is either sold in remote locations at cheap rates or parts are removed and sold in black market.
    In this case, there’s a greater possibility that amateurs were involved in the theft. The owner has stated that the culprits have been captured on CCTV and the police are actively looking for them. Their intentions will be revealed when they are caught and questioned by the police.
    Owner thanks Mumbai Police
    Expressing his gratitude, the KTM owner has thanked Mumbai Police (Juhu Branch) for finding his bike in a prompt manner. It is likely that the police had used their network of informers to trace the motorcycle.
    The bike had eye-catchy decals, which could have made it easier to spot it. Had it been a standard KTM, the job to identify it would have become a lot more challenging. That’s because there are quite a few of these in streets of Mumbai.
    Lessons learned, the owner will surely double-check here onwards, not to leave the keys on his motorcycle. It’s also necessary to ensure that KTM’s inbuilt GPS system is in working condition and related services have not expired. It’s not clear if the GPS was active in this case or if it was used to trace the stolen motorcycle. More

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    2021 KTM RC 390 Spied In Production-Ready Guise Ahead Of Launch

    2021 KTM RC 390. Image – Motorrad
    The fully faired KTM supersports motorcycle is expected to go on sale sometime later this year

    The KTM RC390 has been on the market for quite sometime and is due for a replacement. Ever since its launch in 2013, the fully faired medium displacement bike has been dominating its segment but competition has gotten intense in recent times. KTM is working on a new generation model which has been spotted in Europe without any camouflage in its near-production-ready guise.
    2021 KTM RC 390 – What’s new?
    As the previous spyshots already confirmed, the 2021 KTM RC 390 employs a completely new design. Enjoying the center stage is a full LED headlamp which has now become the Austrian-brand’s signature.
    The transparent fairing around the headlamp is wider than before to facilitate better wind protection to the rider. It also houses funky boomerang-shaped LED turn indicators. Side panels of the fairing sport air vents for optimized flow. Even the new gen KTM RC 200 gets similar design, which was recently spotted at Bajaj plant in India.
    The new generation RC 390 also benefits from a larger fuel tank for improved range, and a new rear sub-frame which is designed to make the motorcycle more comfortable than before for tall riders. The new handlebar is also expected to bring about an improvement in the supersport motorcycle’s overall ergonomics.
    2021 KTM RC 390. Image – Motorrad
    Not surprisingly, the 2021 KTM RC 390 adopts the brand’s color TFT instrument cluster which is also seen on the Duke 390. This particular prototype seems to be testing different front and rear alloy wheels but the production version would be sporting identical units at the front and rear.
    The 373 cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine has achieved much fame among performance enthusiasts with its sprightly 44 hp and 35 Nm of torque. The motor is connected to a 6-speed gearbox by means of a slipper clutch. Save for a few emission tweaks including a larger exhaust canister, the 2021 KTM RC 390 is not likely to feature any drastic change in performance.
    While the WP inverted telescopic front and monoshock rear suspension system has has been retained, the new motorcycle benefits from a larger front disc for better stopping power. Dual-channel ABS will be standard and KTM could throw in an IMU to make it sensitive to corners.
    2021 KTM RC 390. Image – Motorrad
    The 2021 KTM RC 390 is scheduled to go on sale internationally later this year. Just like its predecessor, the fully faired compact displacement motorcycle will be made by Bajaj Auto at its Chakan facility near Pune. The new platform will also spawn other displacement variants including 125, 200 and 250 depending on the market. We expect the new model to be accompanied by a nominal increase in its price tag.
    In global markets, competition would come from fellow A2 warriors such as the Kawasaki Ninja 400, Honda CBR500R, Yamaha YZF-R3 and so on. We expect the new model to continue its edge as the most powerful product in its segment.
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    KTM 390 Adv Owner Modifies His Motorcycle To Be More Off-Road Worthy

    KTM 390 ADV modified – Approx cost Rs 40k
    Since its launch last year, KTM 390 Adventure has become one of the best selling ADVs in the segment

    Adventure motorcycles have been the talk of the town over the last couple of years with the segment offering plenty of new and attractive options to consider. While Royal Enfield Himalayan and Hero Xpulse prove to be affordable offerings in this segment, people looking for premium features and looks, can opt for KTM 390 Adventure.
    KTM truly hit the nail on its head when it launched its premium adventure tourer about a year ago. The ADV has found the liking of many adventure enthusiasts. While two-wheelers generally have a limited scope of aftermarket modifications, adventure bikes do offer a wee bit more when it comes to customisation.
    The latest example of 390 Adventure modified with aftermarket accessories has surfaced online. KTM 390 ADV owner Karan Vazirani has uploaded a video of the same on his YouTube channel Silent biker Kv, in which he explains the modifications done on his bike. He has also listed the cost of each individual accessory fitted as part of the customisation.
    Modifications Done
    For starters, it gets customised body graphics that resemble brand Red Bull’s racing division. Hence, the owner calls it Red Bull Edition. The body wrap looks bright and sporty and it has been provided Wrap & Ride for a price of Rs 6,000.
    [embedded content]
    Karan has also installed a windscreen adaptor from Root 95. At 18,500, the 390 Adventure gets new spoked wheels from Art of Motorcycles with dual-purpose tyres from Continental TKC 80. The front wheel is 19-inch spoked while the rear is a 17-incher.
    He has also made some additional changes to its hardware in order to improve its off-tarmac capabilities. Karan has installed a 47 teeth rear sprocket from Race Customs at Rs 2,800. It also receives a custom-made front fender worth Rs 1,250 from Universal Dirt bike.
    For enhanced touring purpose, the owner has installed a luggage carrying rack from Automel which is worth Rs 3,000. Most importantly, the owner has installed a GPR exhaust from his Triumph Street Triple R which surely makes a pleasant difference to its exhaust note.
    KTM 390 ADV modified – Approx cost Rs 40k
    Other notable highlights include a ram mount worth Rs 4,500; a Guardian Gear tank bag worth Rs 3,000 and a TFT protector from ADV Conquest worth Rs 1,000. It also receives auxiliary lights worth Rs 3,000; hand guards worth Rs 1,800 and a number plate bracket worth Rs 599.
    390 Adventure Details
    KTM 390 Adventure is powered by a 373.2cc single-cylinder air-cooled motor which pushes out 42.3 bhp and a peak torque of 37 Nm. This unit comes mated to a six-speed gearbox and is offered with a slip and assist clutch for smoother gear shifts. It is offered at a starting price of Rs 3.06 lakh (ex-showroom). More

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    KTM 200 Duke Customised With 3D Printed Parts By Autologue Design

    Customized KTM Duke 200 by Autologue Design
    KTM 200 Duke shares its mechanicals with Bajaj Pulsar NS200 including the 199.5cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine

    KTM 200 Duke is one of the hot buys in the sport-entry segment of bikes. The naked streetfighter is exceptionally quick for its class and satisfies speed enthusiasts who are on a tight budget. Another reason for its popularity is that KTM as a brand is a fan favourite when it comes to aftermarket modifications.
    A one of a kind modified 200 Duke has recently surfaced on the internet whose body kit has been claimed to be over 80 percent 3-D printed. In a video uploaded by bike vlogger Priyanka Kochhar on her YouTube channel BikeWithGirl, she shares the details of the modifications done on her Duke.
    The customisation process has been carried by a team of designers at Autologue Design. Rechristened as BWG 200, folks at the customisation workshop have adopted an urban scrambler design for this modified 200 Duke. The modifier, in fact, admits that many of its elements have been inspired by a customised Duke 200 Scrambler which had stolen headlines a while ago.
    Details of Modifications
    The first thing noticed is that saddle height has been increased significantly. This can be attributed to the fact that the split seat has been replaced by a single-piece seat. The stepped-up pillion seat makes the front seat contour with rear which increases the riding height.
    [embedded content]
    The rear fender has been chopped off which lends a typical scrambler look. At front it gets a retro round LED headlamp which is smoked and flanked by a black grille.
    The custom-made visor on top of the headlamp is a choice of design and would surely receive polarising opinions. The highlight is the boxy fuel tank which has been completely 3D-printed.
    The modifier claims that it took nearly a week for the fuel tank to take its final shape. It also gets a new single barrel exhaust which gives a nice throaty exhaust note although there are not many details regarding it.
    Customized KTM Duke 200 by Autologue Design
    It also gets a pair of specially made single mono-block diamond-cut Aluminum wing mirrors from Motogadget which is claimed to be unbreakable. Another notable highlight is the plastic wheel cover on each wheel.
    To wrap it up, the modifier has added an instrument cluster bracket made of carbon fibre and also a customised paint job. No changes have been made to its mechanicals and it is still essentially a Duke 200 beneath.
    Duke 200 Details
    Duke 200 is powered by a 199.5cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled fuel-injected motor which kicks out 24.6 bhp and a peak torque of 19.2 Nm. It is offered in a single variant at a price of Rs 1.81 lakh (ex-showroom). It locks with the likes of Bajaj Pulsar NS200 and TVS Apache RTR 200. More

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    KTM Duke 125, 200, 250, 390 ADV, RC And Husqvarna – Jan 2021 Price List

    Image – Rawat k
    This is the second price hike in two months, the earlier being on 4th December 2020

    Buyers of KTM or Husqvarna bikes will have to pay more as prices have been increased yet again. The earlier price hike was on 4th December 2020 when the company increased prices in the range of Rs. 1,279 to Rs. 8,517. This time round from 1st January 2021, the prices go higher by Rs.1,466 to Rs.4,485. No reasons have been given by the company for this second price hike.
    Also, the price hike in December was only limited to some models in the company lineup while this time round it is across all models in the KTM and Husqvarna range. Compared to Nov 2020, in just about 2 months, Bajaj has increased prices of KTM and Husqvarna motorcycle range by up to Rs 12,451.
    KTM Motorcycles New Prices
    KTM RC 125 bears the least price hike. Price has been increased prices by Rs.1,466 , from a December pricing of Rs.1,61,000 to Rs.1,62,566 from 1st January 2021. The price hike is also marginal on the 125 Duke. This bike was earlier at Rs.1,50,010 which has now been increased by Rs.1,497 to Rs.1,51,507. The company has also included the recently launched 250 Adventure as a part of this price hike.
    The 2021 KTM 125 Duke and 250 Adventure were not a part of the price hike in December as both models were launched at introductory prices. 200 Duke price is higher by Rs.2,576 to Rs.1,81,536 while that of the 250 Duke and 390 Duke go up by Rs.3,192 and Rs.3,934 to Rs.2,17,402 and Rs.2,70,554 respectively.
    KTM and Husqvarna Price List Jan 2021 vs Dec 2020
    Likewise, RC 125 gets a price hike of Rs.1,466 to Rs.1,62,566 while RC 200 and 390 get hiked by Rs.3,021 and Rs.3,803 respectively to new prices of Rs.2,04,096 and Rs.2,60,723 respectively. Maximum price hike is seen in the case of 250 Adventure and 390 Adventure. The price of the former is increased by Rs.3,667 to Rs.2,51,923 while 390 Adventure is higher by Rs.4,485 to a new price of Rs.3,10,365.
    Husqvarna New Prices
    Husqvarna Svartpilen 250 and Vitpilen 250 are also a part of this price increase from 1st January 2021 by Rs.2,818 and Rs.2,816 respectively. It may be recalled that in December the price of these bikes were increased by Rs.1,790. The Svartpilen 250 urban tourer and Vitpilen 250 café racer now carry price tags of Rs. 1,89,568 and Rs. 1,89,952 following this price hike.
    KTM and Husqvarna Price List Jan 2021 vs Nov 2020
    Upcoming Husqvarna Launches
    Husqvarna uses the Bajaj Auto production plant in Chakan, Maharashtra for  production of 200 and 401 variants of Svartpilen and Vitpilen. However, these bikes are exclusively for export. Svartpilen 401 and Vitpilen 401 are also planned for launch in India and they have been spied on test in the country with KTM badging on the engine.
    The two bikes will share their powertrain with Duke 390. This will include a 373.2cc, single cylinder, DOHC engine that makes 43.5 PS power and 37 Nm torque mated to a 6 speed gearbox. This engine also powers the Bajaj Dominar 400. Once launched, Svartpilen 401 and Vitpilen 401 will compete with Bajaj Dominar 400 and BMW G310R.
    KTM India and Husqvarna current price list vs last 2 months More

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    2022 KTM Duke 390 Patent Images Leak – Gets Radar Based Cruiser Control

    2022 KTM Duke 390. Image – RideApart
    The next generation KTM 390 Duke is set to be one of the first products in its segment to offer radar-based cruise control

    Transfer of technologies from passenger cars to motorcycles is not a new trend. Over the past few decades, a number of features, especially electronic systems, originated in four wheelers and eventually found their way on to motorcycles.
    The ongoing push to make the cars semi- or fully autonomous is also bound to have some rub off on the two wheeler segment. The radar-based cruise control system which has started cropping up on high-end motorcycles is just the beginning.
    KTM 390 Duke with radar technology
    KTM has a reputation for bringing premium features to the medium and compact displacement segment. The current KTM 390 Duke packs in full LED headlight, colour TFT instrument console with Bluetooth connectivity, WP suspension, slipper and assist clutch, dual-channel ABS, and so on.
    So, the emergence of a patent application showing radar technology on what appears to be the next gen 390 Duke platform does not come as a surprise to us. KTM is close to bringing the radar-based advanced rider assistance system technology into production with its new 1290 Adventure.
    2022 KTM Duke 390 Leaked Patent Image – 1
    The patent filing represents a simpler version that could go into the brand’s popular medium displacement motorcycles. The patent filing proposes three solutions for the front-mounted radar module, all embedded into the headlight system.
    The first design has the radar sensor mounted lower in the headlight cluster, just below the heat sink while the second one features the sensor above the heat sink. The former would be ideal for an adventure tourer with a tall ride height while the latter would be more suitable for lower riding road bikes where a higher mounting point within the headlamp cowl would make for a better angle for the radar.
    2022 KTM Duke 390 Leaked Patent Image – 2
    The third option represents a Husqvrana-style circular headlamp with the radar module located in the center. This indicates that the technology will also be available on future iterations of Husqvarna road bikes like Vitpilen and Svartpilen.
    The application
    The radar modules, depending on the number and location, have multiple applications on a motorcycle. The obvious use of front-mounted radar module is adaptive cruise console and emergency brake assist. Higher end models usually also employ a rear-mounted unit which facilitates features like rear collision warning, blind spot detection etc.
    2022 KTM Duke 390 Leaked Patent Image – 3
    However, in the interest of keeping costs low, the smaller Duke is expected to be equipped only with the front module. It is to be noted that the radar-based assistance systems would also need IMU (Inertial Measurement Sensor) to function safely.
    KTM 390 Duke Supermoto variant in the making?
    The sketch of the motorcycle used to illustrate the radar technology in the patent filing appears to be a variant of the next generation 390 Duke. The sketch represents updated trellis frame with new rear sub-frame and spoke wheels. While one shouldn’t read too much into the patent sketch which is usually used only for representative purposes, it does add some gravity to the claims that a supermoto variant of the 390 Duke is in the pipeline. More

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    2021 KTM RC 200 Enters Production – Spied Undisguised For First Time

    2021 KTM RC 200
    Ahead of its expected launch in Jan 2021, the all new KTM RC 200 has now entered production at the company plant in Chakan near Pune

    KTM has had a busy 2020, especially in India, where the brand launched Adventure 250 and 390 this year. Gave a minor facelift to Duke 250 and Duke 125. In comparison, the RC series did not get much updates. Except for a colour update a few weeks ago – they were more or less left untouched.
    But we knew, that something was brewing with the KTM RC range. There was a regular flow of spy shots – first from Europe, and then from South East Asia. Reportedly, KTM has been working on giving the RC 125, 200, 250 and 390 – a thorough update. From updates to the engine, to the design, as well as chassis – the 2021 model year KTM RCs will be a completely new machine.
    If it was not for the Covid19 pandemic, it is likely the new RC range would have already made their global debut – at the now cancelled 2020 EICMA. Just like how the 390 ADV made its global debut at the 2019 EICMA.
    2021 KTM RC 200
    First undisguised photo of the all new KTM RC 200 has now been leaked, thanks to Tushar – who has shared the photo on Rushlane Spylane Facebook group. The leaked spy photo of the 2021 KTM RC200 has been clicked on what looks like the production line. Considering that KTM RC, Duke, ADV motorcycles under 400cc are exclusively produced at the Bajaj plant in Pune – it is more or less certain that the photo is from the same plant in India. You can even notice Husqvarna motorcycles in the background.
    2021 KTM RC 200
    The lone spy shot gives a clear look at the front design. As noted in the spy shot, it gets a halogen unit – similar in design that is on offer with the Duke 200. The halogen unit is surrounded by LED DRL. There also seems to be a larger visor. Graphics are new, while the Black and Orange colour scheme is carried forward. Expect more colour options on offer as well.
    Design Updates
    If you notice closely, the disc brake setup in the front is different to the existing model. Instead of being attached to the wheel hub, the front disc is attached to the alloy-spokes. This is clearly noticeable in an early spy shot of new RC 200, seen below. In addition, there also seems to be a new rear subframe, side-mounted exhaust has been replaced by under-belly unit.
    2021 KTM RC 200
    In comparison to the current model, the changes mainly come in the form of a redesigned fairing, new set of wheels and larger windscreen. The fuel tank is noticeably bigger while the tail section is more ‘pointy’ than before. Of course, the TFT instrument console (probably with more functions) will be added as well.
    Current KTM RC 200 engine in its BS6 form; is powered by a 199.5 cc single cylinder engine, rated to deliver 25 hp @ 10k rpm and 19.2 Nm @ 8k rpm. It is likely that the new RC 200 gets this same engine, as Bajaj – KTM has invested good enough in upgrading this engine to meet BS6 / Euro5 emission norms. This engine is mated to a 6 speed gearbox.
    We expect KTM to officially take the covers off the next-generation RC 200 in the coming weeks – most likely in Jan 2021. As has been the case most of the time, expect the bike to be launched first in India, followed by launch in other countries around the world. Prices are expected to start in the range of Rs 2.1 lakh, about Rs 10k more than the current RC 200. Later in the year 2021, expect the launch of updated RC 125, RC 250 and long-awaited RC 390 as well. More