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    TVS Apache 200 Single ABS Variant Gets Ride Modes – Priced Rs 1k Higher

    Image – The Bengal Rider
    Apache RTR range is among the bestselling performance oriented motorcycles in the country

    Aiming to provide more options to customers, TVS has introduced ride modes for Apache RTR200 4V single-channel ABS variant. Earlier, the ride modes were offered only with dual-channel ABS variant. The 2021 variant is available at a starting price of Rs 1.28 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). That’s Rs 1k more than the outgoing model.
    Ride modes
    New Apache RTR200 4V single-channel ABS gets ride modes of Urban, Rain and Sport. In all these modes, the motorcycle’s top speed and ABS are adjusted to ensure optimal performance in the specific environment.
    In Rain mode, ABS response is maximum whereas top speed is curtailed. Sport mode is the other extreme where top speed is maximum while ABS response is reduced. Urban mode is somewhere in the middle, in which both top speed and ABS response is limited. Apache RTR200 4V is powered by a 197.75 cc, oil cooled, Fi engine. It is mated to a 5-speed gearbox with integrated multi-plate slipper clutch. Power and torque output vary based on the ride mode selected.
    In Sport mode, the motorcycle’s max power and torque output of 20.82 PS and 17.25 Nm is available for use. In Urban and Rain mode, power and torque is reduced to 17.32 PS / 16.51 Nm. Talking about top speed, users get 127 kmph in Sport and 105 kmph in Urban and Rain mode.
    TVS Apache 200
    Other updates
    In addition to the ride modes, Apache RTR 200 4V single-channel ABS variant gets adjustable levers and pre-load adjustable front suspension. For customers in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Gujarat, Goa & Puducherry, TVS is offering complimentary TVS XPOD Helmet for its entire RTR range.
    Features that will be the same as earlier include the aggressive LED headlamp with long range and enhanced visibility, race-inspired graphics with decals, aerodynamic claw mirrors, sculpted fuel tank and race-inspired seating profile.
    RTR 2004V is equipped with Bluetooth enabled SmartXConnect technology that allows users to access a range of features. When used with the SmartXConnect app, the system displays all the details of the ride such as total time, top speed, average speed, lean angle, etc. Users can access turn-by-turn navigation as well. SmartXConnect also has a crash alert system that automatically notifies the rider’s location to their emergency contacts in case of a crash.
    In terms of performance, RTR 2004V is equipped with first-in-segment Glide Through Technology. This comes handy when negotiating heavy traffic in an urban environment. Other equipment that are designed to boost performance include race-tuned slipper clutch, racing-spec radial tyre, split cradle chassis for optimal riding dynamics, and race-tuned double barrel exhaust. More

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    TVS Apache 310 Price Increased Yet Again – New Price Rs 2.5 Lakh

    Image – Aniket Sharma
    A popular track-ready motorcycle, TVS Apache 310 competes with the likes of KTM RC390

    In a development that could probably be attributed to rising input costs, TVS has increased price of Apache RR310 yet again. From Rs 2.48 lakh earlier, price has been increased to Rs 2,49,990. That’s almost Rs 2k costlier. TVS has increased prices of its Apache range in January as well. At that time, price of RR310 was increased from Rs 2.45 lakh to Rs 2.48 lakh. All prices are ex-showroom.
    RR310 vs. KTM RC390 pricing
    With the latest price hike, Apache 310 has further reduced the pricing gap with its primary rival – KTM RC390. The latter currently retails at Rs 2.60 lakh. KTM has also been increasing prices of its motorcycles at regular intervals. As may be recalled, KTM had increased prices in December 2020 as well as in January 2021. In January, KTM RC390 price was increased from 2.57 lakh to Rs 2.60 lakh.
    TVS Apache 310 2020 BS6 model – key updates
    TVS had launched BS6 Apache RR310 last year in January. At that time, it was priced at Rs 2.40 lakh. As compared to BS4 model, BS6 RR310 had become costlier by around Rs 12k. Apart from the BS6 upgrade, TVS had introduced several other improvements in 2020 RR310.
    One of the key additions was a new 5.0-inch TFT colour instrument panel that had integrated Bluetooth connectivity system called TVS Smart Xconnect. Once paired with the user’s smartphone, it allows users to access a range of features. These can be accessed via TVS Connect App.
    Apache 310 Price
    Some of the supported features include ride statistics, incoming call management, turn-by-turn navigation, vehicle health reports, and mobile signal and battery level display. The instrument panel comes with Day Mode and Night Mode backlit options to provide better visibility based on light conditions.
    Another key update was ride-by-wire throttle system, which is a segment-first feature. Users have the option to choose from four ride modes of Sport, Urban, Track and Rain. The automated system adjusts things like torque and ABS based on the ride mode selected. This allows optimal performance in varying ride conditions.
    RR310 engine
    Powering TVS Apache RR310 is a 312.2cc, liquid cooled, reverse inclined, single cylinder motor. It is mated to a 6-speed gearbox. Power and torque varies depending on the ride mode selected. Max power (34 ps) and torque (27.3 Nm) output is available in Sport and Track mode. The numbers get reduced to 25.8 ps and 25 Nm in Urban and Rain mode. Apache RR310 top speed is rated at 160 kmph. It can reach 0 to 60 kmph in less than three seconds.
    In the current fiscal year, cumulative production of the RR310 has been around 2,500 units. Based on this engine, a new motorcycle is expected to launch later this year. More

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    TVS Apache 160, 180, 200, 310 Prices Increased – New Price List Jan 2021

    Image – Harish
    TVS currently has 8 motorcycles on offer in their Apache range

    TVS Motor Company has announced the first price hike for 2021 as its Apache range of sporty commuter motorcycles is now expensive by up to Rs 3000. All five models in the Apache lineup have witnessed a price hike depending on the variants. Hike in prices takes effect immediately.
    Price Hike of Apache Range of bikes
    Apache range of bikes consists of RTR 160, RTR 160 4V, RTR 180. RTR 200 4V and RR 310. Out of these, the entry-level model- RTR 160, has accounted for the lowest price hike of Rs 1,520. Its drum brake variant is now offered at a price of INR 1,02,070 whereas its drum brake variant is priced at INR 1,05,070.
    Apache RTR 180 has seen a hike of Rs 1,770 and is now being offered at a price of INR 1,08,270. On the other hand, Apache 160 4V has also witnessed a hike of Rs 1,770.
    Its drum and disc brake variants will now be offered at a price of INR 1,07,270 and INR 1,10,320 respectively. RTR 200 4V, on the other hand, will now be offered at prices of INR 1.27 lakh and INR 1.33 lakh for single-channel and dual-channel ABS respectively after witnessing a price hike of Rs 2,020.
    TVS Apache Motorcycle Range And Scooters – Price List Jan 2021
    The Hosur-based bikemaker’s flagship offering RR 310 will now be offered at a price of Rs 2.48 lakh after witnessing a price hike of Rs 3,000. It is the only bike in TVS’s lineup with a faired body pattern.
    Hike in prices of TVS scooters
    Besides this, TVS has increased prices on all its scooter models as well. Scooty Pep Plus has witnessed a price hike of Rs 620 and Rs 1020 for Glossy and Matte Editions respectively. Both variants are now offered at a price of Rs 54,374 and Rs 56,224 units.
    Similarly, Scooty Zest has faced a hike of Rs 1020 and Rs 1520 for Glossy and Matte Black variants. It is now retailed at prices of Rs 61,345 and Rs 63,345 respectively.
    The brand’s flagship range of scooters- Ntorq has seen an increment in its price worth Rs 1,670 across its entire lineup. Prices of the power scooter start at Rs 70,555 and reach up to Rs 79,535 for the top-end variant.
    On the other hand, prices of Jupiter range of scooters now start at Rs 63,497 and go up to Rs 72,472 for its full-loaded top-spec trim. Apart from the hike in prices, none of these models has incorporated any sort of update. All prices mentioned are ex-showroom. More

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    TVS Motor Nov 2020 Sales Grow 25% – XL Super, Jupiter, Apache, Ntorq

    Image – MotoMad
    TVS Motors Company total two wheeler and three-wheeler sales in November 2020

    TVS Motor Company reports November 2020 wholesales at 21 percent growth, up at 3,22,709 units from 2,66,582 units in November 2019. Total two-wheelers sales grew 25 percent, up at 3,11,519 units, up from 2,49,350 units YoY. Domestic two-wheeler sales growth is up by almost a third at 30 percent up at 2,47,789 units in November 2020 from 1,91,222 units in November 2019.
    Of this, motorcycle sales growth is reported at 26 percent at 1,33,531 units, up from 1,05,963 units in November 2019. Scooter sales reported similar growth at 26 percent. Scooter volumes are lower than that of motorcycles at 1,06,196 units, up from 84,169 units in November 2019.
    TVS Two Wheeler Sales Nov 2020 vs Nov 2019 vs Oct 2020
    Exports remained stable at 74,074 units as against 74,060 units in November 2019. Two-wheeler exports grew 10 percent, up at 63,730 units in November 2020 from 58,128 units YoY. Exports were adversely affected owing to container unavailability, and impact Chennai port ops on account of Cyclone Nivar in the last week of November.
    TVS three-wheeler sales
    Three-wheeler sales fell to 11,190 units at 35.06 percent decline from 17,232 units in November 2019. Three wheeler sales have been hit hard in the aftermath of nationwide lockdown. With emphasis on maintaining safe physical distance during daily commute, reliance on three-wheeler commute, especially for last mile needs stands debated.
    A growing trend to foster a sense of safety and self preservation has meant, now more than ever before, more folks are considering a personal vehicle. And what better than a two-wheeler. In fact, current sales trends reflect much activity in the two-wheeler market with a large number of positive domestic sales reports. Shared transport, once considered a boon is now viewed as suspect under the overarching Covid-19 pandemic.
    TVS ARIVE app and Intellicar acquisition
    To support and improve the two-wheeler experience, TVS Motors has introduced its ARIVE app. Based on augmented reality (AR), it’s now available for TVS Apache RR310 and Apache RTR 200 4V motorcycles for in-depth product exploration and purchase experience.
    The customer engagement approach will in time be rolled out for all its vehicles. An independent module will be available for all vehicles in the following format – Place to explore (AR-based), Scan a real bike (AR based), and the 3D mode (for non-AR compatible devices). An aerial view is available by using the camera option.
    TVS Motor Company is also acquiring Bengaluru-based Intellicar Telematics Private Ltd for an estimated Rs 15 crore. The start-up works with integrated IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for fleet tracking and predictive maintenance solutions for a range of vehicles. The all cash deal will let TVS acquire 100 per cent stake. Its IoT solutions, analytics and data management abilities fits right in with TVS’ digital initiatives to enhance customer experience. More

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    New TVS Apache 200 Arrives In Showroom – Ride Modes, Top Speed

    Image – Biker Babu
    TVS Motor has just launched an updated Apache 200 with first in segment features like ride modes

    Launched earlier this month at Rs 1.31 lakh, new TVS Apache RTR 200 4V comes with a range of updates including multiple segment-first features. It was launched as part of the celebrations for achieving 4 million global sales milestone.
    As may be recalled, Apache RTR is currently the second bestselling brand in the 150cc to 200cc segment. With several new features and price hike of just around Rs 1k, sales could witness an upswing in the coming months.
    New TVS Apache RTR 200 4V test ride
    While specs and features look impressive, how does the bike perform in the real world? To answer such questions, YouTuber Dino’s Vault has posted his first ride review of new Apache RTR 200 4V. The test run was conducted on a largely traffic free road, allowing the rider to test the bike’s top speed as well as other functions such as riding modes, slipper clutch, etc.
    One of the key additions in new RTR 200 4V is the ride modes of Urban, Rain and Sport. The difference between these is in the power and torque output and ABS response. These ride modes are meant to be used in different environments.
    [embedded content]
    As the name suggests, Urban mode is for tackling heavy traffic in city conditions. Similarly Rain mode is for wet conditions whereas Sport mode is for highways and racetracks. ABS response is adjusted in the ride modes, with the full potential unlocked in Rain mode.
    In Urban and Rain mode, the power and torque output is reduced to 17.32 ps / 16.51 Nm. The bike’s full potential can be unleashed in Sport mode, where it churns out 20.82 ps / 17.25 Nm. As shown in the video, the bike accelerates quite quickly in Sport mode. It achieves a top speed of 129 kmph and appears to max out at that level.
    Other key updates
    Other segment-first features on-board new RTR 200 4V include premium Showa front suspension with preload adjustment and 3-step adjustable levers. The rider says that the adjustable levers have been really useful to him, as he has shorter fingers. Talking about the riding stance, the YouTuber says that the bike is quite comfortable even when it has slightly rear-set footpegs. He also likes the pulsating exhaust note, which has been a signature feature of Apache RTR motorcycles.
    In terms of visual enhancements, TVS has added a new race inspired Matte Blue colour option. This comprises an exciting dual-tone theme of black and blue, with the latter visible on the headlamp, tank, front fender, engine cowl, and tail section. Red decals further enhance the bike’s sporty profile. More

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    2020 TVS Apache 200 Launched – Gets Ride Modes, Adjustable Suspension

    2020 TVS Apache 200 New Colour
    The Apache range of bikes from TVS has had a successful run at the Indian market for almost fifteen years now

    A few days ago TVS Motor Company sent out a launch invite on the occasion of the brand commemorating 4 million global sales of its sporty range of motorcycles- Apache. Yesterday, the Hosur-based bike maker teased a new launch under the Apache moniker and left netizens frenzied.
    Fans of the Apache series of motorcycles have been wondering what this potential launch could actually be. Now, TVS has revealed the bike in its entire form and turns out it updated 2020 model of Apache RTR 200 4V. This new 2020 TVS Apache comes with subtle cosmetic updates in form of new colour and new features. Price is Rs 1.31 lakhs (ex-sh), which is Rs 1k more than existing Dual ABS Apache 200.
    New Updates
    The new Apache RTR 200 4V comes in a new shade of blue seen for the first time in this range. TVS says that this colour is inspired from racing. The overall Apache styling DNA remains intact, however, the addition of a new paint scheme and decals are tasteful and up the styling quotient by a notch. It still gets its signature sharp face for which the naked streetfighter is known for.
    Speaking about the new features, 2020 TVS Apache 200 now comes with first in segment ride modes – Sport, Urban and Rain. There is a dedicated ride mode switch, which helps rider to change ride modes on the fly.
    2020 TVS Apache 200 New Features
    It also gets adjustable front suspension. This will help the owner / rider to change the suspension setting as per their preference / road conditions. Levers are also adjustable – first in segment. ABS has been tuned as per ride mode selected.
    There have been no other changes in hardware either with the RTR 200 4V based on a double-cradle chassis with telescopic forks at front and a mono-shock from KYB at rear. Anchoring duties are carried out by petal disc brakes at both ends assisted by dual-channel ABS. Recently, TVS also launched an affordable variant of Apache RTR 200 4V which gets single-channel ABS.
    2020 TVS Apache 200 Ride Modes Explained
    Engine and Features
    Coming to its powertrain, it draws its power from a 197.7cc single-cylinder air-cooled, fuel-injected motor that churns out 20.5 PS of power and 16.8 Nm of torque. It is paired to a six-speed transmission with slipper clutch and assist. Comparing these figures to its BS4 predecessor, the BS6 iteration makes the same power but 1.3 Nm less torque. TVS has also equipped it with a first-in-segment Glide Through Traffic or GTT which helps the engine rev up and glide even at idling conditions.
    Even the equipment on the remains identical to the regular model. It comes with a SmartXonnect Bluetooth console which allows the rider to attend calls as well as text alerts and also make use of turn-by-turn navigation features. Apart from usual trip and bike related data, the console also reads out additional information such as lap times, top speed, and even lean angles.
    2020 TVS Apache 200 Adjustable Brake Levers
    TVS has priced this special edition Apache RTR 200 4V at Rs 1.31 lakhs (ex-showroom) which makes it a premium of Rs 1k over the standard dual ABS model. Apache RTR 200 4V locks horn with the likes of Bajaj Pulsar NS200, KTM 200 Duke and Honda Hornet 2.0.
    2020 TVS Apache 200 Adjustable Front Suspension More

  • TVS Apache 200 Single ABS Price Increased By Rs 2k In 1 Month

    TVS Apache 200
    The TVS Apache RTR 200 4V gets loads of features and is one of the top bikes in the 200cc performance category

    Last month, TVS announced the launch of a cheaper variant of Apache 200 4V. This was in the form of Apache 200 single ABS. It was priced at Rs 1,23,500, ex-sh. Before this, there was only the dual ABS option on offer in the Apache 200 line up and it was priced at 1,28,550. The single ABS Apache 200 is a good Rs 5k less than the dual ABS.
    Now, TVS has announced an increase in price of their Apache 200 range. The recently launched single ABS variant is now priced Rs 1,25,500 – Rs 2,000 more expensive than before. While the top of the line dual ABS Apache 200 is now priced at Rs 1,30,050; which is about Rs 1,500 more expensive than before. All prices are ex-sh.
    TVS Apache 200 Price Hike
    Design & Features
    Aesthetically and specification wise there has been no changes on the bike. The new Super-Moto variant of the RTR 200 4V is offered in two paint schemes namely- Gloss Black and Pearl White. Design-wise the bike is identical to the dual-channel ABS trim.
    It is offered with some key features which include a new claw-style LED headlamp which gives long-distance light penetration. Most importantly it gets the TVS SmartXonnect technology which offers smartphone connectivity, race telemetry and turn-by-turn navigation.
    TVS recently rolled out Apache no 4 millionth
    It also gets the first-in-segment GTT (Glide Through Technology) that offers more revs even at idle throttle position so the bike can crawl through with ease at traffic. It is also equipped with a ‘feather touch’ starting, a rear wheel lift-off protection (RLP) and a standard race-tuned slipper clutch.
    Suspension duties are carried out by telescopic fork at front and a race-tuned KYB mono-shock at rear. Apart from these, the naked streetfighter gets first in class high-performance radial rear tyre for better ride quality and enhanced stability.
    Powering the two is the same 197cc single cylinder oil cooled 4 stroke engine. This unit delivers 20.5 PS @8500 and 16.8 Nm @ 7500 rpm. Top speed is rated at 127 kmph while 0-60 kmph acceleration is done in 3.9 seconds.
    In terms of dimensions, the RTR 200 4V measures 2,050mm in length, 790mm in width and 1050mm in height. It gets a wheelbase of 1,353mm along with a saddle height of 800mm and ground clearance of 180mm. The fuel tank can hold up to 12-litres of fuel. The bike tips the weighing scale at 153 kg.
    The Apache RTR 200 4V locks with Bajaj Pulsar NS200, Honda Hornet 2.0 and the Hero Xtreme 200R. The bike has been recently launched in Nepal. More

  • TVS Apache RR310 BS6 prices hiked by Rs 5k – Still cheaper than KTM RC 390

    After the price hike, the new TVS Apache RR310 BS6 costs Rs 2.45 lakh ex-showroom
    Hosur-based two-wheeler manufacturer TVS Motor Company has announced a price hike of Rs 5,000 for its flagship product, Apache RR310. After the revision, ex-showroom prices for the 2020MY TVS Apache RR310 BS6 start at Rs 2.45 lakh. In other words, the faired sportsbike’s improved BS6 version carries a price tag Rs 17,000 more than its phased-out original BS4 counterpart.

    Its closest rival, KTM RC 390 remains more expensive at Rs 2.53 lakh ex-showroom. KTM India does not sell the RC 250 in the country even though it is manufactured at Bajaj Auto’s Chakan facility for export markets. Other alternatives in India’s budding single-cylinder faired sports motorcycle category include the KTM RC 200, Yamaha YZF-R15, Bajaj Pulsar RS200 and Hero Xtreme 200S. On the other hand, the market is witnessing a growing interest in naked sports based on the models mentioned above. The list includes the KTM 250/390 Duke, Yamaha MT-15, Bajaj NS200 among others.
    TVS Apache RR310 BS6 – Overview

    MS Dhoni with TVS Apache 310. File Photo.
    The TVS Apache RR310 is one of the first products to come under the alliance between TVS Motor Company and BMW Motorrad. Though arguably late to the party, BMW Motorrad India is almost ready with its entry-level BS6-compliant G 310 R streetfighter and G 310 GS adventure touring motorcycles. Rumours suggest that they might come at a massive discount over their unreasonably expensive BS4 counterparts.
    Alongside a ‘cleaner’ engine, the 2020 TVS Apache RR310 BS6 comes with a host of equipment updates. The list extends to a 5.0-inch coloured TFT instrument console, four riding modes (Rain, Urban, Sport and Track), TVS SmartXonnect connectivity suite (incorporates tract telemetry, ride planner, navigation, telephone and a secondary console),  TVS Glide Through Technology, Michelin Road 5 tubeless tyres (110/70R17 and 150/60R17), ride-by-wire, slipper clutch, etc. Other highlights include dual LED projector headlamps, dual-channel ABS, split-trellis frame, 41mm USD forks and more.
    TVS Apache RR310 BS6 – Specs
    Powering the 2020MY TVS Apache RR310 is a 312.2cc liquid-cooled DOHC ‘reverse-inclined’ single-cylinder engine coupled to a 6-speed transmission. The motor churns out 33.53bhp @ 9,700rpm and 27.3Nm @ 7,700rpm. Output characteristics vary significantly depending on riding mode. The upcoming BS6 BMW G 310 siblings might receive a similar engine tuning.
    Put together, the motorcycle can touch 100km/h from a standstill in 7.17 seconds (a decent figure for a 300-350cc single) before topping out at 160km/h. 0-60km/h sprint time stands at 2.93 seconds. TVS Motor Company’s flagship product has a kerb weight of 174kg and a 11-litre fuel tank. More