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    Electric Rickshaw, 3W Sales FY 2022 – YC, Saera, Mahindra, Piaggio

    Three wheeler and auto rickshaw sales increased two fold on a YoY basis to 1,77,874 units in FY 2022Modified rickshaw imageAs electric vehicle demands surge in India, outstanding growth was reported across passenger vehicles and two /three wheelers over the past year. Electric three wheeler sales increased to 1,77,874 units in FY 2022, up from 88,391 units sold in FY 2021. This vehicle retail data has been collated by FADA on 03.04.2022 in collaboration with Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India and gathered from 1,379 out of 1,605 RTOs.Electric Three Wheeler Sales FY 2022YC Electric led the list with 17,049 units sold during the past financial year FY 2022. This was up from 8,936 units sold in FY 2021 while market share dipped from 10.11 percent held in FY 2021 to 9.58 percent in FY 2022.At No. 2 on the list, Saera Electric sales stood at 8,475 units in FY 2022, up from 3,937 units sold in FY 2021 causing market share to increase from 4.45 percent to 4.76 percent YoY. Mahindra Reva sales which had stood at 3,218 units in FY 2021 increased to 8,037 units in FY 2022 while market share increased from 3.64 percent to 4.52 percent in the corresponding periods.Champion PolyPlast sales also increased significantly on a YoY basis to 7,528 units in FY 2022 over 3,071 units sold in FY 2021. Market share surged from 3.47 percent to 4.23 percent during the said periods.Electric Rickshaw / Three Wheeler Sales FY 2022 – FADAThe list of electric three wheelers also included Dilli Electric with 6,456 units sold in FY 2022, up from 2,429 units sold in FY 2021 relating to an increase in market share from 2.75 percent to 3.63 percent. Bestway Agencies sales stood at 6,254 units in FY 2022 from 2,171 units sold in FY 2022 while Unique International saw its sales surge to 5,022 units in FY 2022 from 1,667 units sold in FY 2021.Mahindra, Thukral, MiniMahindra’s electric three wheeler sales which had stood at 3,358 units in FY 2021 increased to 4,809 units in the FY 2022 period. Mahindra e Alfa Cargo is priced at Rs 1.44 lakhs and competes in the commercial electric three-wheelers space with the likes of Euler HiLoad EV and Piaggio Ape E-Xtra FX.Thukral sales were up to 4,334 units from 2,004 units in FY 2021. Mini Metro also saw increased electric three wheeler sales in FY 2022 to 4,311 units from 1,726 units and Vani Electric sales stood at 4,105 units in FY 2022 from 2,960 units sold in FY 2021. Terra, JP Auto and Energy also noted significant increase in three wheeler sales while Piaggio sales surged to 3,426 units in FY 2022 from just 106 units sold in FY 2021. Piaggio also saw its market share increase to 1.93 percent from 0.12 percent held in FY 2021.GK Rickshaw (2,728 units), Allfine Industries (2,689 units), SKS Trade (2,617 units) and Speego Vehicles (2,317 units) saw its sales surge in FY 2022 along with Bright Autozone (2,262 units) and Maa Shakti (2,070 units). There were others in this segment that saw sales of 72,507 units, up from 41,206 units sold in FY 2021. More

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    New Tata Ace Electric Spied During TVC Shoot – Launch Soon

    Tata Ace Electric will be the company’s first fully-electric commercial vehicle to go into series productionTata Ace Electric. Image – Yash MoreTata Motors is looking to stamp its authority not just in the passenger vehicle segment of electric mobility but also in the commercial vehicle segment as well. In this regard, the company will soon be launching a fully electric derivative of Ace which was recently spotted during the shoot of a TV commercial.The latest spy shot shared by auto enthusiast Yash More shows a production prototype of Ace in front of a camera mounted on top of a tracker vehicle. There is no noticeable visual difference between Ace Electric and its IC engine-powered sibling, barring a prominent EV branding on the fully covered cargo cabin.Tata Ace Electric- Previous CasesWhile it is the first time that Ace will be on sale with a factory-fitted EV powertrain, it isn’t the first case where the light commercial pickup truck runs on a battery power source. Earlier, EV startups like Etrio and Northway MotorSport have built retro-fitted electric powertrains for Tata Ace featuring 20kWh and 18kWh Lithium-ion battery packs respectively.Even for Tata Motors, a fully electric Ace isn’t an all-new project as the company had first attempted the same almost a decade back. Ace EV was first designed and conceptualised by the European Technical Centre of the automaker and launched battery-powered versions of the LCV in Europe in small numbers. However, those units of Ace Electric were powered by Lead Acetate battery packs.Tata Ace ElectricA combination of changes in Government incentives and a sluggish take-up of EVs by the industry made the company discontinue Ace Electric. Specific details on the upcoming Tata Ace Electric are expected to surface ahead of its launch expected in a few weeks. Tata Motors could provide a battery pack rated between 18kWh and 20kWh capacity which can offer a range of 120-150km on a single charge.Details of IC Engine-Powered AceIn its IC engine-powered derivative, Ace draws its power from a 2-cylinder, 700cc, naturally aspirated direction injection diesel engine that produces 20 bhp and 45 Nm of torque. It is also offered with a 694cc MPFI 4 stroke, water-cooled petrol engine with a rated output of 30 bhp and 55 Nm of peak torque.The same powertrain is also available in CNG form which returns an output of 25 bhp and 50 Nm of torque. In its IC-powered form, Ace could attain a top speed of 70 kmph. The light pickup truck is available in three broadly classified trims namely Gold, Gold CX and HT Plus.It will be interesting to see at what price Tata Motors offers the new Ace EV since it will be strictly put to use for commercial purpose. Mahindra is also planning to launch Jeeto Electric, which will take on the soon to be launched Ace Electric More

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    Electric Rickshaw, Three Wheeler Sales Feb 2022 – Mahindra, Piaggio, YC, Terra

    As volume size increases, electric three wheeler sales growth in February 2022 is reported at over 55 percentMahindra Electric Rickshaw. Image – Namaste Car.When it comes to 3-wheelers, certain cities have been early adopters of electric 3W for last mile commutes. The convenience of short distance public transport has always been an essential requirement, and electric 3W vendors have been tapping the market in recent years. Add to this, the need from modern e-commerce fleets. In February 2022, YC Electric Vehicle sales were up at 1,836 units, up from 1,148 units. YoY sales growth was reported at 60 percent. MoM sales are up at 1,676 units at 9.5 percent growth.Electric Rickshaw, Three Wheeler Sales Feb 2022Saera Electric Auto reports sales at 891 units, up from 418 units. YoY sales more than doubled. MoM sales decline stood at 1.8 percent, down from 907 units. A more well-known name in the market, Mahindra Reva Electric saw sales at 772 units, up from 460 units. MoM sales fell from 901 units at 14.3 percent decline. Champion Poly Plast sold 729 units, up from 418 units. Mom sales decline was marginal at 2.4 percent, down from 747 units.Best Way Agencies reported sales at 724 units, up from 276. Sales more than doubled. MoM sales were up from 663 units at 9.2 percent growth. Dilli Electric Auto sales is up at 712 units, up from 321 units. MoM sales fell 3.4 percent, down from 737 units. Unique International reports sales at 579 units, up from 230 units. MoM sales fell by 11.1 percent, down from 651 units. Mahindra and Mahindra reports numbers at 576 units, up from 337 units. MoM sales are up from 536 units at 7.5 percent growth.Mini Metro EV sales soared at 529, up from 222 units. MoM sales growth stood at 13.3 percent, up from 467 units. Terra Motors reported sales, just shy of 500 units, up from 286 units. Sales were reported at 476 units in Jan ’22. Piaggo sales stood at 376 units, up from a mere 16 units YoY. MoM sales fell 13 percent, down from 432 units.Electric Three Wheeler / Electric Rickshaw Sales Feb 2022. Source – FADA / Vinkesh Gulati.Electric 3W manufacturers are manyThukral Electric sales are reported at 359 units, up from 225 units. MoM sales decline stood at 20.4 percent, down from 451 units. J.S.Auto reported sales at 354 units, up from 192 units. MoM sales fell from 428 units at 17.3 percent decline.  Vani Electric sales stood at 348 units, up from 332 units YoY. Sales were similar in Jan ’22. SKS Trade India saw sales doble at 323 units, up from 155 units. MoM sales are up at 7.3 percent, up from 301 units. Energy Electric reported sales at 312 units, up from 189 units. MoM decline stood at 16.6 percent, down from 374 units.GK Rickshaw sold 311 units, up from 231 units. In Jan ’22, sales were reported at 300 units. Allfine Industries reported sales at 265 units, up from 187 units. MoM sales fell by 16.9 percent, down from 319 units. Speego Vehicles sold 244 units, up from 152 units YoY. Bright Autozone reported sales at 242 units, and NRJ Electric Motor Vehicles put that number at 209 units.With the electric 3W industry growing rapidly on the manufacturer front, overall volumes are far improved today. There are many more companies that have reported sales of under 200 units each. Of the companies that reported numbers with FADA, total sales stood at 19,056 units, up from 12,249 units YoY. Jan 2022 sales were similar at 18,933 units.  More

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    Tata Electric Truck Of Future Imagined As Render – Tesla Rival

    Future Tata Electric Truck – RenderA heavy-duty Tata electric truck may not be as far from reality as one might thinkAlthough the diesel engine in commercial vehicle applications may survive for a few more decades, the future of mobility is electric. Full fledged electric trucks have already started hitting the roads in several countries, mostly finding themselves restricted to specific applications like dump trucks.Tata Electric Truck RenderingTata Motors, being one of the major commercial vehicle manufacturers in the world in terms of volume, will have to embrace electrification of this range sooner and later. The OEM has been showcasing electric trucks and buses at the Auto Expos for nearly a decade now.So, the technology is production ready and is just waiting for the market to become conducive. We think a heavy-duty Tata electric truck is not too far from seeing the light of day. Our bright in-house design specialist Pratyush Rout presents you his take on how a future electric prime mover from the Indian stalwart would look like, and we love it.Given that heavy-duty trucks, in general, are used for long-haul applications, an appeal of a 100% electric truck is limited to certain niche sectors, at least until the battery tech and charging infrastructure attain a high-level of maturity.Future Tata Electric Truck – RenderSo, under these circumstances, starting with premium offerings and then gradually moving towards mid-premium and mass market segments makes better business sense. What you see here is a speculative rendering of what could be Tata’s flagship electric truck.The design language is a posher and futuristic take on the brand’s Prima family of mid-premium heavy commercial vehicles. The bright colour options just add to the style, not to mention improves safety by enhancing visibility.The low-slung cabin with smooth surfaces make for good aerodynamic performance which will ultimately translate into better overall range. Low-slung LED headlamps, prominent black pseudo grille, and high-mounted cabin conform to world-class truck design standards.Future Tata Electric Truck – RenderPossible ApplicationHeavy-duty electric trucks may find their way into sectors like mining, transportation of over-dimensional cargo over short to medium distance, last mile transportation, etc. Some countries are also experimenting on electrified truck lanes for long distance transportation.Hydrogen fuel-cell technology is also emerging as a viable alternative source of energy for commercial vehicles. With such a significant technological shift, the design and market positioning of the product will also evolve.Future Tata Electric Truck – RenderThe future electric trucks will no longer be rolling out of production lines as ladder-frame skeletons, to be finished by third party fabricators. They will boast well-equipped factory-built cabins with enhanced safety and a comprehensive range of ADAS features to reduce the driver’s workload. Tesla showed us a glimpse of their upcoming Semi electric truck with all the latest driver assist features. Other OEMs are likely to equip their future electric trucks with similar advanced tech.From the fleet owner’s perspective, electric trucks could come at a much higher investment compared to their conventional diesel engined counterparts but advantages include lower running and maintenance costs. The new age of mobility is almost upon us! More

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    Omega Electric Cargo M1KA LCV Detailed – First Look Walkaround

    Omega Electric Cargo M1KAM1KA is directed for multiple uses such as courier, goods distribution, E-Commerce and FMCGElectric Vehicle manufacturer Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) has introduced the new M1KA, the country’s first electric small commercial vehicle (SCV). It is showcased as a prototype in a walkaround video by Behind The Wheels.Omega Electric Cargo M1KA LCV is green and practical loading vehicle that is ideally suited for many applications, be it courier, goods carrier, e-commerce and FMCG, etc. It is designed to live up to the expectation of ‘AAPKI AAMDANI KA SAATHI’. It receives a well-appointed exterior design and comfortable cabin while its loading area is of 9.5 feet length and 5 feet width.Omega Electric Cargo M1KA LCV – Exterior FeaturesM1KA electric carrier gets simple yet elegant exteriors. It sports LED headlamps, DRLs and projector lamps, a feature rarely offered in a commercial vehicle. It boasts of a fiber body with an aerodynamic design. The front windshield is expansive with wipers and M1KA badging is seen in chrome.Body coloured ORVMs, 17” wheels, disc brakes and OSM badging completes its exteriors. It has been noted on the prototype that ground clearance is somewhat lower but this is due to the positioning of the battery pack. This might change for the better on the production model.[embedded content][embedded content]The 2 seater cabin is spacious and contains some driver comforts. Extensive use of fiber polymer is seen in the cabin along with larger driver side window. Seating is comfortable with reclining function and integrated headrests. M1KA gets a premium steering wheel with steering mounted functions.The dashboard gets slim blue LED lighting accents along with a display unit with android based touchscreen and Bluetooth function to sync the smartphone. M1KA gets Android Auto with real time alerts for Google Maps, turn by turn navigation. It also gets 20 connected features such as remote commands, driving analytics, vehicle health status, etc.Power and PerformanceThe company claims that the M1KA will be fitted with an advanced 30 kW motor which the company is developing jointly with its partners. It will also receive a 90 kwh Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC) battery. The motor will produce 347 Nm peak output and will be mated to a 5 speed manual transmission and dry clutch.Omega Electric Cargo M1KA LCVThis commercial cargo electric vehicle which will have a payload capacity of 2 tons will be able to go upto 200-250 kms on a single charge with a top speed at 100 km/h. The battery pack will weigh upto 700 kgs and will get an active cooling system to maintain temperature at optimum levels. The battery takes 4 hours for a full charge at DC fast charging stations and up to 8 hours via a normal charger.The new M1KA will have the Tata Ace, Maruti Suzuki Super Carry, Mahindra Jeeto and Ashok Leyland Dost as it competitors but these are all powered by IC engines. Pricing and other details will be revealed later. More

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    Mahindra Electric Three Wheeler Cargo e Alfa Launch Price Rs 1.44 Lakh

    New Mahindra Cargo Three Wheeler e AlfaMahindra e Alfa Cargo goes up against other commercial electric three-wheelers like Euler HiLoad EV and Piaggio Ape E-Xtra FXMahindra Electric Mobility Ltd, the electric vehicle manufacturing subsidiary of the Indian automaker- Mahindra Group has announced the launch of its new three-wheeler called e-Alfa Cargo. This battery-powered cargo vehicle has been pegged at a price of Rs 1.44 lakh (ex-showroom).Launch of the e-Alfa Cargo marks Mahindra’s entry into the rapidly growing e-cart segment. Mahindra claims that an owner of e-Alfa Cargo can save up to Rs 60 000.00 per year in fuel costs when compared with a diesel cargo 3-wheeler. The homegrown automaker already retails Treo Zor in the last mile segment.Mahindra Electric Three Wheeler – e Alfa Cargo DetailsMahindra says that e-Alfa Cargo aims to provide a sustainable and pollution-free solution in the cargo segment. E Alfa Cargo is powered by an electric motor with a peak power output of 1.5 kW while using the unique additional High Torque gear.It gets a dual-speed manual transmission with an integrated differential that ensures a good grade ability of 7 degrees. This powertrain returns a range of 80km on a single charge and a top speed of only 25kmph. Mahindra is offering an off-board 48 V/15 A charger which makes charging e Alfa Cargo as easy as charging a mobile phone.New Mahindra Cargo Three Wheeler e AlfaE Alfa Cargo has a very low running cost, just 59 Paise per kilometre (considering electricity charges at Rs 8/unit). This should ensure more profitability for owners.In terms of features, e Alfa comes with a fully digital instrument cluster that displays state of charge (SoC), range, speed and other useful and vital read-outs at a glance. It also gets a large and wide cargo tray with a payload of 310kg that should meet the demands of customers in this segment. E Alfa comes with a 1 year/unlimited-kilometer warranty.Mahindra ElectricMahindra boasts the largest service network for electric 3-wheelers in India with approximately 300 outlets across the country. The company will soon aim to replace all its diesel cargo vehicles with the ones running on an electric motor and battery. Apart from three-wheelers, Mahindra Electric is also responsible for developing future EVs for the company in the passenger vehicle segment.Speaking on the launch of e Alfa Cargo, Suman Mishra, CEO of Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited, said, “The last-mile delivery segment is seeing excellent adoption of electric 3-wheelers due to significant operating cost advantages versus fossil fuel-powered 3-wheelers. We are now launching the e Alfa Cargo e-cart in response to the customer requirements in this segment.” More

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    Rickshaw, 3W Sales Oct 2021 – Bajaj, Piaggio, YC Electric, Mahindra REVA

    Image of modified rickshaw for referenceThree wheeler sales were up 74 percent on a YoY basis witnessing high demand during the festive season with a strategic shift from ICE to EVs
    Three wheeler sales in India have seen outstanding results in the past month, particularly so when compared to sales of two and four wheelers and tractors. Three wheeler sales stood at 39,077 units in October 2021, up 73.93 percent over 22,467 units sold in October 2020.
    It was however, lower by 38.01 percent over 63,040 units sold in October 2019. There is also a definite shift towards electric three wheelers in recent months. Every three wheeler maker posted positive YoY sales except for Piaggio Vehicles and TVS Motor Co.
    Rickshaw, 3W Retail Sales Oct 2021 – Bajaj Auto Leads the Segment
    As per Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) data, three-wheeler retail sales were led by Bajaj Auto. Sales stood at 14,018 units in October 2021, up from 8,396 units retailed in October 2020. Market share dipped from 37.37 percent held in October 2020 to 35.87 percent in the past month.
    Bajaj Auto has also started testing of its first electric three wheeler set to launch sometime in 2022. The company is also working on an electric version of the Qute quadricycle which Bajaj Auto had launched a few years ago.
    Three wheeler sales Oct 2021 – FADA
    Retail sales of Piaggio Vehicles dipped last month. Sales and market share which had stood at 4,407 units and 19.62 percent dipped to 4,192 units and 10.73 percent last month. The Italian automaker is also targeting the e-three wheeler and two wheeler segments in markets of Europe, India and Asia. Ape E-Xtra FX is a leader in e-3W cargo carriers.
    YC Electric as noted significant increase in YoY retail sales. What stood at 817 units in October 2020, increased to 1,746 units in the past month. The YATRI e-rickshaw has found good response in north Indian markets and is specially regaled for its 4+1 seating capacity.
    At No.4, Atul Auto was also one of the key players in the Indian three wheeler commercial vehicle space. The company posted positive YoY growth for its three wheelers which stood at 1,401 units in the past month, up from 883 units sold in October 2020. Market share also increased from 3.93 percent to 3.59 percent YoY.

    Rickshaw / 3W Sales



    YC Electric



    Saera Electric

    Champion Polyplast

    Mahindra Reva

    Dilli Electric


    Best Way Agencies

    JS Auto

    Vani Electric

    Thukral Electric

    Unique International

    Mini Metro EV

    Energy EV



    Retail sales of Mahindra increased from 526 units sold in October 2020 to 1,282 units last month and market share increased from 2.34 percent held in October 2020 to 3.28 percent last month. Mahindra Treo dominates the electric 3W passenger segment. Mahindra Reva was also on this list at No. 8 with 757 units retailed last month, up from 274 units retailed in October 2020.
    Electric Three Wheeler Sales Oct 2021
    Each of the three wheeler makers Saera Electric, Champion and Dilli Electric posted positive YoY growth in October 2021 while TVS Motor Co reported a YoY de-growth to the extent of 696 units in October 2021 down from 729 units retailed in October 2020.
    Retail growth through the month of October 2021 was also reported in the case of Best Way Agencies (636 units), JS Auto (552 units) and Vani Electric (480 units). Thukral Electric (471 units), Unique International (452 units) and Mini Metro (422 units) also posted an increase in retail sales. There were other three wheeler makers which included e-vehicle makers that recorded 9,152 unit sales in the past month, up from 4,461 units retailed in October 2020. More

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    Fast Charging Electric Cargo Rickshaw Launch Price Rs 3.59 Lakh

    India’s First Fast Charging Electric Cargo RickshawOmega Seiki mobility and Log 9 Materials opens pre-bookings for launch of 2 Rage+ Rapid EV variants
    Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) has partnered with battery-tech startup Log 9 Materials. With this comes the launch of its 3-Wheeler Rage+ Rapid EV. It claims to be the Fastest charging 3- Wheeler EV Powered by InstaCharge Technology. Pre-booking for Rage+ Rapid EV Open Carrier Half Tray and Rage+ RapidEV with 140 cubic ft. top body container are now being accepted.
    Pre-bookings are being accepted for 10 grands for the first 1,000 customers. The electric vehicles are currently listed at a discounted ex-showroom price of Rs 3.59 lakh, and Rs 3.99 lakh, respectively. Developed jointly, Rage+ RapidEV range caters to requirements of Indian consumers. The current festive season offer ensures a price adjustment of upto Rs 1 Lakh.
    Pre-booking to delivery
    Once the online pre-booking window closes, Omega Seiki/Log 9 team reps will connect with customers to complete the payment process and other formalities. Vehicles will be shipped to customers within a 4-6 week period from date of pre-booking.
    Both Omega Seiki Rage+ Rapid EVs, on offer RapidX 6000 fast-charging batteries based on the flagship InstaCharge tech innovated by Log 9 Materials. This ensures that full charge is attained within 35 minutes. The company says battery design is optimised to take on wide ranging Indian weather conditions.
    [embedded content]
    Operating temp ranges from -30°C to +60°C. Batteries are capable of 40,000 charge-discharge cycles. 10+ years of battery life is what has been stated. Range capacity on a single charge is listed at 90km. Rage+ RapidEV electric three-wheeler range is aimed at customers in the B2B last-mile cargo and delivery segment in India.
    Fast Charging Electric Three Wheelers – Buy back guarantee
    Omega Rage+ Rapid EVs are being sold with a buy back guarantee with 5 years after purchase. The buy back amount guaranteed is capped at a lakh. The approach is designed to address challenges faced when it comes to resale value of EVs. Rage+ Rapid EVs are offered with 5-year vehicle warranty, and 6-year battery warranty.
    Log 9 is offering InstaCharge on Demand’. The phone-call-based EV charging service brings the high-power charger to a vehicle owners’ preferred location. Customers will have access to Log 9’s ‘InstaCharge App’, which will help users find location based charging stations at ease.
    Fast charging on the go
    Mr. Uday Narang, Founder and Chairman, Omega Seiki Mobility said, “Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) believes that the way to develop faster EV Technology is through creating alliances. We are elated to partner with Log9 Materials as we share common values of creating Made-In-India and Made-for-India products.
    OSM is at the pinnacle of the cargo EV segment in India and with the launch of Rage+ Rapid EV, I am sure our customers will be delighted with the unique value proposition offered. Resolving range anxiety with industry-leading charging time will lead to more uptime for last-mile logistics customers as well as entrepreneurs, adding more firepower to their business.” More