Ford Patents Roof Mounted Battery Backup System – Charge On The Go

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Ford Patents Roof Mounted Battery

Just like a battery bank for your phone – This will act as an additional battery pack and give range boost when going longer distance

In a groundbreaking move to address range anxiety in electric vehicles (EVs), Ford has filed a patent for an electrifying concept – a roof-mounted battery backup system. The leaked patent, published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), reveals an intriguing design that could revolutionize how electric cars handle long journeys without convenient access to charging stations.

Battery bank for electric cars

Titled “Electrified Vehicle Roof-Mounted Battery Backup,” the patent application, originally filed on December 8, 2021, showcases a novel approach to extending the range of EVs. The concept involves a supplementary battery pack that can be securely fastened to the roof of an electric vehicle, providing an additional power source when traditional charging stations are unavailable.

Ford Patents Roof Mounted Battery

The patent illustrations depict a Bronco-like SUV equipped with a roof carrier linked to a charging cable, highlighting the potential for on-the-go charging. The supplemental battery housing resembles conventional rooftop cargo carriers, with the added twist of integrated air channels designed for battery cooling. The application suggests the possibility of utilizing standard roof rack attachments, making the system not only functional but also removable – though the logistics of handling a hefty battery pack on and off a car roof may pose a challenge.

Similar Concepts in the Industry

This innovative concept isn’t entirely unprecedented in the EV landscape. Rivian, a fellow automaker, had previously patented a removable battery in 2019. Despite initial excitement and mentions of production plans by Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe, the company has yet to materialize this concept in its production lineup.

However, Ford’s proposal introduces a unique twist by exploring the potential of a roof-mounted solution. While the patent application offers a glimpse into Ford’s forward-thinking strategy, it’s crucial to note that a patent filing doesn’t guarantee the development or production of a specific product.

Practicality and Challenges

The practicality of the roof-mounted battery backup remains a subject of speculation. Experts suggest that such a system might find utility as an overlanding or off-roading accessory rather than a mainstream solution for long road trips. The added weight and aerodynamic drag could potentially offset the benefits of the backup battery during extended journeys.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding the feasibility and market viability of the roof-mounted battery backup, Ford’s exploration of such inventive concepts underscores the automotive industry’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric mobility. As the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, addressing range anxiety remains a key challenge, and automakers are actively seeking innovative solutions to enhance the convenience and versatility of EVs.

As the automotive landscape evolves, it will be intriguing to see whether Ford transforms this patent into a tangible product that could potentially redefine how electric vehicles navigate the challenges of range limitations. Whether the roof-mounted battery backup becomes a practical reality or remains a fascinating concept, it undeniably adds an exciting chapter to the ongoing narrative of electric vehicle innovation.

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