Ola CEO announces Meme contest – Winner gets free S1 Pro

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Meme fest on Ola CEO’s Tweet reply

Whoever posts the best petrol vehicle or ICE meme, Ola CEO will gift him an Ola S1 Pro Special Edition

Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO of Ola Electric, recently announced a free Ola S1 Pro Special Edition scooter for anyone sharing the best meme on ICE vehicles or petrol vehicles in general. Memes flooded in from multiple participants. Some of them are crackling, for sure. Let’s take a look.

10. Feel like the king

Look at the smugness on their faces. Yes, petroleum prices are rising due to oil surplus capped from markets that are sanctioned against. EV owners should be feeling smug right now to see that they don’t have to be a part of this price hike.

Twilight characters used as meme

9. If you know, you know

There are times when fuel prices jumped suddenly by a big margin. These are announced prior to effect and this meme seems to be signifying one of those days. People rush to fuel stations to get as much fuel as possible and fuel station guys always limit fuel per customer. If you know, you know. But, EV owners are impervious to it.

Fuel station rush

8. Petrol and Diesel users are “bonked”

The classic Shiba Inu bonked doge meme. Petrol prices and diesel prices don’t fight between each other. Amount of petrol and diesel extracted from crude oil is mostly consistent most of the times. But it doesn’t affect EV users at all.


7. Thala Ajith Kumar agrees with EVs

I’m from Karnataka and I have watched Vedalam. This scene is one of the smoothest transitions from docility to dominance. Ajith Kumar’s performance is second to none. It soon became a meme template. I don’t understand how diesel car owners are sadder than petrol car owners. But, kudos to creativity, eh?

Ajith Kumar meme

6. The aashiqs take over everything

“If you love someone, let them go”. So beautiful, isn’t it? “With petrol at Rs. 91.07 per liter, how far will they go”? In Karnataka, it is Rs. 103. So, trust me. They’re not going anywhere.

Fuel price meme

5. Scaredy-cat? No, scaredy-car

This image would generally be used to signify women’s driving scenario (no offense). But here, the car has jump scared and probably had a heart attack looking at fuel prices.

Car accident at fuel station meme

4. Job chod du?

Abhishek Upamanyu is a popular stand-up comedian. Some of his creative dialog deliveries are now meme templates for being so good. One of them is “Me kya karu fir? Job chod du”? Also, I don’t understand why no one used “Aa gaya swaad” template from the same comedian. Mr. Aggarwal, if you finalised “Aa gaya Swaad” meme for the win, I gave away that idea. Now, give me my S1 Pro.

Job chod du meme

3. Scooter buyers are getting distracted by EVs

The classic distracted boyfriend meme has spawned an EV joke. Now, I have seen everything. This meme has got a point though. Potential scooter buyers are considering EVs. Now more than ever. I know what the guy in the meme is tempted at. But what are scooter buyers tempted by in an EV? Economy? Gimmicks? Features? Convenience? Or Gadgetry?

Distracted boyfriend meme

2. Now Batman seems to be approving too

This meme deserves to be in the second place. It captivates the essence of increasing fuel prices perfectly by depicting Batman taking Superman’s help to commute as it is green and also free. Considering Bruce Wayne is a fricking billionaire, it amplifies the hilarity exponentially.

Batman meme

1. I know the price, but what’s the cost?

iPhones cost a kidney. But petrol costs an owner’s entire clothing nowadays. This meme is so good, it climbed up the ranks and is the funniest meme that was posted on Mr. Aggarwal’s post. We all know the price, but we often ignore the cost associated.

Guy on boxers riding motorcycle meme

It wasn’t all sunshine though. There were significantly more complaints, grievances, glitch reports, malfunction reports, fork replacement requests and refund requests on Bhavish Aggarwal’s post than there were memes. Also, there were quite a few people who trolled EVs rather than trolling ICE vehicles as Ola CEO had suggested. Here are some of the best.

4. Electrifying performance leads to less electricity in Battery

EVs are known for their zippy performance as motors can harness all their torque from 0 RPM. But wringing the throttle all the time will eat into the batteries considerably. In the movie Interstellar, Cooper’s maneuver around Gargantua black hole costs him 51 years. This meme signifies how important every bit of the juice in the battery is.

Interstellar meme

3. Lemme hear that turbo spool

EVs pose more goodness than ICE vehicles in terms of technological advancements. But they are eerily quiet. For purists, this might not enthrall their sensory experience. Jezza (Jeremy Clarkson) would make more sense in this meme than James May, considering his opinions about EVs.

James May smoking pipe meme

2. Let people do their jobs, Greta!

Greta Thunberg rose to fame after posing “How dare you?” speech against world leaders. Hailed as a climate activist, Greta Thunberg urges stopping usage of fossil fuel, and afforestation all leading to climate change. But EV transition can’t happen in a day, can it? Also, creating awareness is not equal to finding solutions to mitigate the cause (last time I checked).

Greta Thunberg meme

1. Elon Bhaiyya is not impressed

This is by far the most logical fight against EVs. Green vehicles are only green if the energy source is green. For example, most of the electricity I consume comes from KPCL’s thermal power plants in Shaktinagar. Wouldn’t help the green cause any further, would it? In the meme, a diesel generator is charging a BMW i3 which negates the whole cause. Elon Bhaiyya is not impressed at all.

Kaleen bhaiyya Elon Musk meme

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