Kinetic Luna Electric to be called ‘e Luna’ – Confirms CEO

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Kinetic Luna

Kinetic e Luna might feature a battery enough for 50 to 100 km range – Could be priced in the Rs 50k range

We are well acquainted with the iconic Kinetic Luna moped. It was so popular that people often call a moped as Luna, even today. This name is now making a comeback. Not with its 50cc engine of the past, though. Instead, upcoming Luna from Kinetic will be an electric scooter.

Kinetic Green, Founder and CEO, Sulajja Firodia Motwani took to social media to reveal the name of their electric venture. They’ve named it ‘e Luna’, paying tribute to an iconic name in the 2W industry. First debuted half a century, Luna name is making a comeback and hopes for a good reception among Indian EV buyers.

Kinetic Green CEO Confirms Name

Sulajja Firodia Motwani tweeted “A blast from the past!! “ Chal Meri Luna” and it’s creator.. My father, Padmashree Mr. Arun Firodia!” Furthermore, she asked Twitter users to “Watch this space for something revolutionary & exciting from Kinetic Gree….. U r right … it’s e Luna!!!”

Along with this Tweet, she even posted a picture of her father Mr. Arun Firodia, Chairman of Kinetic Group riding a Kinetic Luna and along with that, the iconic “Chal Meri Luna” advert from the yesteryears.

Kinetic Luna Electric to be called ‘e Luna’

Electric Luna or e Luna will be the product of Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions, a sister brand of Kinetic Group. The company commenced production of chassis and other sub assemblies as well. Earlier production numbers are likely to be in the 5,000 unit per month ballpark. With scope for increased production with time.

Kinetic is setting up a separate assembly line for its iconic e Luna. The company installed up to 30 new welding machines in the assembly line that are exclusive for e Luna. Along with that, special paint booths and fabrication shops get set up for e Luna too. Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions will manufacture e Luna in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

What to expect?

Considering that affordability was Luna’s primary strengths, we would wager e Luna will follow a similar path too. Speculations mention Kinetic will target the last mile delivery sector operating in both B2B and B2C models. This is where Honda Benly e is also likely to make an entrance.

Speaking of Benly e, it features a swappable battery from Honda Power Pack Energy India. We’re not sure whether Kinetic will follow a similar path. That said, swappable battery make a lot of difference in the delivery sector as their asset can go from 0% to 100% battery capacity in just a minute. This is a night and day difference when compared to fixed rechargeable battery equipped EVs. Kinetic may launch Luna in 2024. Price could be around Rs. 50,000 mark with around 50 to 100 km range. Electric scooters for PV space might follow later.

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