Budget Rs 1.2 Lakh – Should I Buy An Activa Or Electric Scooter

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Honda Activa or electric scooter – What to buy?

While buying Activa will work out cheaper, operating cost will be on the higher side in comparison to an electric scooter

A few years back, most people looking for a scooter would have chosen Honda Activa. However, the decision making is not so easy now with a multitude of electric scooters on sale. The decision to buy an Activa or electric scooter will have its own distinctive advantages and disadvantages.

To simplify the decision making, one can focus on the cost component. It will primarily include acquisition cost, fuel cost and maintenance cost. Not getting into resale value, as there are way too many variables to consider. But in a  general comparison between a plasticky EV vs a metal-bodied Activa, it is easy to see which one will last longer. Of course, exceptions are there such as all-steel Bajaj Chetak.

Activa vs electric scooter – acquisition cost (Delhi)

With a budget of Rs 1.20 lakh, choosing Activa will allow you to make significant savings. Activa 110 is available in Standard, DLX and H-Smart variants. Prices are in the range of Rs 75,347 to 81,348. Considering on-road price of approximately Rs 90k, savings worth Rs 30k can be made. This can be used to buy accessories for the scooter. Or just splurge on electronics, clothing, travel, etc. One can also opt to invest the savings in equity, FD, etc.

Popular electric scooter options available in the budget of Rs 1.20 lakh include Ola S1 Air, Ola S1, Ather 450X, TVS iQube & iQube S, Bajaj Chetak and Hero Vida V1 Plus & V1 Pro. Buying low-spec variants of these electric scooters can probably save you some money from your Rs 1.20 lakh budget.

For example, the cheapest option available is Ola S1 Air, priced at Rs 84,999. Ather 450X is also a good deal at Rs 98,079. Vida V1 Plus effective price is Rs 1.03 lakh. TVS iQube starts at Rs 1.06 lakh. Bajaj Chetak is available at a starting price of Rs 1.11 lakh.

Activa vs electric scooter – Fuel cost

Petrol and electricity cost varies from state to state. In general, cost of fuel is significantly less in case of EVs. In Delhi, petrol price is approximately Rs 97 per litre. Assuming average fuel efficiency of Activa at around 50 km per litre, running cost is roughly Rs 1.9 per km. In comparison, running cost of an electric scooter is much lower. For example, Ola S1 Pro claims just 17 paisa per kilometre. Clearly, huge savings can be made with an electric scooter.

Activa vs electric scooter – Maintenance cost

With fewer moving parts, electric scooters generally require less maintenance in comparison to a petrol-powered scooter like Activa. However, metal-bodied scooters like Honda Activa can last more than a decade. They can fetch decent resale value as well. Electric scooters are yet to complete their lifespan test. By 2030, a clearer picture will emerge about the durability of electric scooters.

Other factors such as cost of battery replacement also need to be considered. Battery packs are the most expensive component of an electric scooter. Most OEMs offer a warranty of 3 years. Of course, the battery will continue to work after 3 years. But it may witness a drop in its range. If the battery pack is replaced after 4-5 years, it will cancel out much of the savings made via lower fuel cost.

As better technologies are expected in the future, it will be better to wait for a few years before experimenting with an electric vehicle. For example, upcoming Gogoro electric scooters with battery swapping tech can be a game changer. For those who don’t have the financial capability to take risks, it would be better to go with Activa. If funds are not an issue, a whole set of new experiences with an electric scooter seems desirable.

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