Rajiv Bajaj To Hero MotoCorp At Bajaj CNG Bike Launch – Tiger Zinda Hain

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Nitin Gadkari, Rajiv Bajaj, Rakesh Sharma at the CNG Bike Launch

With its Freedom 125 CNG bike, Bajaj can now effectively challenge the ‘fill it, shut it, forget it’ killer campaign of the 90s

Fortunes keep changing in the business world, as new competitors emerge and grab a larger market share. There are also occasions where an earlier dethroned leader may reclaim its lost glory. In the context of the long rivalry between Bajaj and Hero Honda in the commuter segment, it appears that the former may now have an upper hand with its Freedom 125 CNG motorcycle.

Tiger Zinda Hain – says Rajiv Bajaj

At the Q&A session held during the launch of the world’s first CNG bike, some interesting facts and insights were revealed. One of the questions asked was about the reasons why a petrol bike user will switch to CNG. Responding to that, Rajiv Bajaj shared the complete story thus far.

Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG

It was in the 1990s when Hero Honda had started winning the trust and confidence of users in the commuter segment. With reliable products such as CD100 and the promise of higher mileage, an increasing number of people started shifting from scooters to motorcycles. Rajiv mentions that a motorcycle with around 80 km/L mileage was naturally preferred by people over a scooter that gave only 40 km/L. It clearly indicates that fuel bills were an important decision-making factor for users in the commuter segment.

Based on sales data, Rajiv points out that it was in 1997-1998 that Hero Honda overtook Bajaj in two-wheelers sales in the domestic market. It was a defining moment, as a new leader had emerged in the two-wheeler industry. The shift was so dramatic that Bajaj eventually had to close down its scooter business. Instead, the company started focusing on the motorcycle segment.

Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG

Remembering the old times, Rajiv mentions that the late Hero Honda Chairman Brijmohan Lall Munjal had called Bajaj as a wounded tiger. Munjal had asked its dealers to be careful of the wounded tiger. This was after Hero Honda had taken a lead over Bajaj in two-wheeler sales. Now, after around 30 years, Bajaj is in a position to avenge their loss against their primary rival.

To describe the situation in typical Bollywood style, Rajiv Bajaj said that the message of Freedom 125 CNG bike 30 years later is “Tiger Zinda Hain”. Below is the Media QnA session recording from the Bajaj CNG launch. The story about Tiger Zinda Hain remark starts at about 27:30 mark.

Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG – Truly a pioneering project

While it is difficult to predict consumer response, Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG motorcycle has significant potential. One is looking at certified mileage of over 100 km/L when the bike is running on CNG. Add to that the savings that will come from the lower cost of CNG vs. petrol. Across most locations, CNG is around Rs 15 to Rs 20 cheaper than petrol.

Apart from the fuel cost savings, Freedom 125 CNG bike offers various other advantages. It is the world’s first hybrid CNG bike with petrol as a dual-fuel option. Users can seamlessly switch from CNG to petrol and vice-versa with just the press of a button. Other highlights include an extra-long seat, a unique mono-linked type suspension, advanced safety features, digital speedometer and Bluetooth connectivity. Pricing is also quite reasonable, starting at Rs 95,000.

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