MG Comet Based 5 Door Electric SUV (Jimny Rival) – New Photos, More Details

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MG Comet Based 5 Door Electric SUV

In the Indian market, Baojun Yep Plus could be launched as an MG-badged model without any major changes

Earlier this year in January, Baojun had unveiled the Yep Plus 5-door electric SUV. It is a derivative of the Baojun Yep 3-door electric SUV sold in China, based on MG Comet. Baojun has now released a fresh set of images that provide new details about Yep Plus. Launch is expected soon.

MG Comet Based Baojun Yep Plus – Exterior details

Just like the 3-door Yep, the 5-door Yep Plus has a tall, boxy profile. The versatile design language ensures that Yep Plus finds acceptability across urban streets as well as off-road tracks. Features that are an instant draw include the unique design of the LED headlamps. They add a futuristic and distinctive touch to the SUV and complement its overall profile.

MG Comet Based 5 Door Electric SUV

The automatic LED headlamps are also functionally relevant, as they provide enhanced illumination. A total of 184 LEDs beads work together to provide a low beam angle of more than 45°. High beam illumination is rated at 178 meters. Talking about colour options, users can choose from a total of five shades. It includes Cloud Sea White, Cloud Grey, Aurora Green, Azure Blue and Deep Space Black.

Other key highlights include a rugged bumper, squared wheel arches, thick body cladding and blacked-out pillars. The SUV has body coloured door handles, functional roof rails and 16-inch low rolling resistance tyres. At 205 mm wide, the tyres are best in class and ensure optimal traction. Wheels are equipped with dual-piston callipers that ensure improved braking, thereby ensuring a safer travel experience.

MG Comet Based 5 Door Electric SUV

At rear, Baojun Yep Plus has vertically positioned tail lamps and side opening tailgate. There’s plenty of boot space and the tailgate itself has pockets with 12 litres of storage. A lot more luggage and other items can be mounted on the roof rack.

MG Comet Based 5 Door Electric SUV

MG Comet Based 5 Door Electric SUV – Dimensions

With space to seat five passengers, Baojun Yep Plus is better suited for family needs. The SUV is 3,996 mm long, 1,760 mm wide and 1,726 mm tall. Wheelbase is 2,560 mm. Ground clearance is 150 mm in fully loaded condition. Turning radius is rated at 5.35 meters. In comparison, the 3-door Yep is just 3,400 meters long.

Baojun Yep Plus – Performance

Powering Baojun Yep Plus 5-door electric SUV is a 75-kW electric motor. Details about the battery pack have not been revealed yet. It is likely that the SUV will be equipped with a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery pack. Baojun Yep Plus is estimated to have a range of 401 km, as per CLTC standards. Both AC charging and DC fast charging options will be available.

MG Comet Based 5 Door Electric SUV

With Baojun releasing the fresh set of images, launch is imminent. Starting price in China could be around 100,000 yuan, which is approximately Rs 11.54 lakh. In India, the MG-badged version could be offered in the price range of Rs 12 lakh to Rs 15 lakh. A high level of localization will help reduce cost and achieve a competitive price point.

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