Yamaha Nmax 155 and Grand Filano Debuts In India – Launch this year?

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New Yamaha Grand Filano 125cc

The upgraded features on Yamaha Grand Filano and Nmax 155 could potentially make it on Indian Fascino and Aerox 155 respectively

Currently, Yamaha has three scooters on sale in India. Two of these scooters come equipped with a 125cc mild hybrid engine. They are Fascino classic scooter and RayZR sporty scooter. Third scooter in Yamaha’s lineup is the Aerox 155. Yamaha’s flagship scooter in India shares its liquid-cooled powertrain with R15 motorcycle.

With demand for scooters on the rise, Yamaha may be planning to launch more scooters in India. At the recent Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024, Yamaha has showcased two new scooters. These are Grand Filano 125cc and Nmax 155cc. How different are Grand Filano and Nmax 155 from Fascino and Aerox?

Yamaha Nmax 155 and Grand Filano Debuts In India

Yamaha Grand Filano 125 Debuts in India

For starters, both Grand Filano and Fascino follow the same neo-retro design theme that sticks to classic scooter theme and proportions. Both are elegant and classy in their own way. Fascino and Grand Filano are powered by a 125cc engine, generating similar numbers (8.2 PS and 10.3 Nm).

Componentry includes RSU telescopic front forks, 12-inch alloy wheel at the front wrapped with 90/90-12 tubeless tyre, rear 10-inch alloy wheel wrapped with a 110/90-10 tyre, a swingarm-mounted rear suspension and others. There is an optional front disc brake and Fascino tips the scale at just 99 kg.

2023 Yamaha Grand Filano 125cc

What’s unique about Grand Filano is that it looks like an upgraded version of Fascino. We say this because of added features and conveniences and a sleeker and upmarket overall design. Design is subjective, but feature lists are usually objective and we can derive one better than the other.

New Yamaha Grand Filano 125cc

Grand Filano packs an upgraded instrument cluster with a TFT screen, a hazard light, an external fuel filler cap, front storage behind apron, a keyless start with a smart key and other features that Fascino lacks. So, Yamaha might be considering launching Grand Filano in India owing to the rise in demand for 125cc premium scooters.

Yamaha Nmax 155 Debuts in India

Same can be said about Aerox 155 and Nmax 155 as well. Nmax 155 does pack a slightly more premium design and looks like a proper maxi scooter too. Both Yamaha Nmax 155 and Aerox 155 feature the same 155cc single-cylinder engine shared with the R15 motorcycle.

New Yamaha NMAX 155cc Scooter

Unlike Grand Filano’s fairly simple 125cc unit, this 155cc unit gets liquid cooling hardware, a DOHC setup, 4V head, Yamaha’s famed VVA (Variable Valve Actuation) and a lot of associated performance. We’re talking about 14.75 bhp of peak power and 13.9 Nm of peak torque.

Yamaha showcasing these scooters from its global portfolio in India was likely a hint of launch owing to a rise in sporty and premium scooters. Currently, Aprilia SXR 160 is the only logical rival to Yamaha’s 155cc scooters and Hero is keen on carving a piece of this pie for itself with Xoom 160.

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