Royal Enfield Electric Bike Design Patent Leaked – Launch In 2025?

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Royal Enfield Electric Bike Design Patent

While the recently patented Royal Enfield electric bike concept has Girder forks, production version may have regular telescopic forks

In a rather surprising turn of events, a new motorcycle design patent has been leaked on the internet and is attracting a lot of eyeballs. Rightfully so, as this design patent is for the upcoming Royal Enfield electric vehicle. However, the question remains whether Royal Enfield will launch this very bike or is it just a concept that they will showcase at 2025 Auto Expo? Let’s take a look.

Royal Enfield Electric Bike

The journey of an automaker today depends a lot on their ability to evolve with changing times. Let’s take legacy bike makers like Royal Enfield. The electric future is not very exciting for them. That’s because their entire fanbase is built on the feel and character of motorcycles they sold in the yesteryears.

Royal Enfield Electric Bike Design Patent Leaked

That said, Royal Enfield is bravely soldiering on and is foraying into electric realm. Yup! A legacy iconic motorcycle maker like Royal Enfield is coming up with an electric bike and has patented the same in India.

Looking at the design of this motorcycle, it reminds us of Royal Enfield Electrik 01 Concept that was leaked a couple of years ago. This is a low-slung cruiser style motorcycle that is likely to pack enough oomph to be comparable with Royal Enfield’s own 350cc motorcycle range.

Royal Enfield Electric Bike Design Patent Leaked

Royal Enfield has designed an all-new frame that signifies style as well as function. This stylistically pleasing frame engulfs the bike’s battery case along with a “fuel tank” which may hold bike’s electronics and other control systems, instead of petrol. There is no traditional subframe and the bike has a custom swingarm that somehow reminds me of Himalayan 450.

The main frame also has a few side body panels like other bikes. Rear mudguard is round and in keeping with Classic genre. Battery casing has subtle “fins” mimicking Royal Enfield’s air-cooled engine portfolio. Round headlight, down-positioned front turn indicators, round ORVM and single seat setup are notable elements.

Will it launch, though?

The main highlight, however, is the front suspension setup where we can see girder forks, similar to what we saw on Electrik 01 Concept. Girder forks is such an old concept that I never encountered it in my 4 years of Automobile Engineering degree. Like an outdated relic in today’s world.

Royal Enfield Electric Motorcycle Render

Girder forks have two girder arms holding wheel from either side. A top dogbone connects front fork assembly to bike’s mainframe. With bikes getting faster around the corner over the years, Girder forks were considered ineffective and replaced with more modern and robust telescopic forks.

So, Royal Enfield electric bike design patent is not likely to be production-spec. Instead, it can be a concept for Royal Enfield to showcase in the upcoming auto shows. Patenting design of concept vehicles is a fairly common practice. Production-spec model might get fatter tyres than seen in this patent and USD front forks. Performance might be around the same ballpark as their 350cc bikes.

Royal Enfield Electric Motorcycle

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