Tata Intra EV Interiors Patented – Is This Missing V40 In Intra Lineup?

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As opposed to the Ace EV, Tata Intra EV is likely to come with a larger battery with more performance and range for various applications

Where commercial vehicles are concerned, Tata Motors currently leads the Indian CV segment. That said, the LCV segment is currently in Mahindra’s grasp. Where Mahindra sold around 25,000 LCVs in October 2023, Tata sold close to 15,000 units at the same time. Tata is likely to counter Mahindra with more electric LCVs and Tata Intra EV is likely to be that vehicle.

Tata Intra EV Interiors Patented

For starters, Tata’s Intra lineup is an upmarket and more capable vehicle as compared to Ace lineup. As of writing this article, Tata has multiple models to choose from within Intra LCV lineup. These are V10, V20, V30 and V50. While Intra V20 is exclusively CNG+petrol powertrain, V10, V30 and V50 are exclusively diesel.

Maybe the model starting with an even digit like V20 have eco-friendly powertrains than the odd-digit counterparts like V10, V30 and V50 with diesel engines. Going by this logic, V40 could be another eco-friendly pickup truck for Tata Motors. Amidst these speculations, Tata Intra EV interior patent design has been leaked.

We say Intra EV because the patented design shows an automatic gear selector on the dashboard where a manual stick shifter is, in every single Intra vehicle. Further fueling these deductions, is a free-standing infotainment screen that might be there to display crucial electric powertrain related information.

Tata Intra EV interiors patented

This information could include estimated range, state of charge, nearby charging stations, navigation for intra-city last-mile operations and more. As of now, Tata only has one electric LCV – Ace EV with 154 km of claimed range from a single charge. Tata’s Evogen architecture on Ace EV has a single motor setup delivering 36 bhp and 130 Nm from 0 RPM.

Tata’s famed Fleet Edge fleet management suite

Being a cut above Ace, Tata Intra EV or Intra V40 can be specced higher with around 200 km of range from a single charge, up to 50 bhp for zippy performance and slightly greater load-bearing capacity. On the inside, buyers can expect creature comforts like manual AC and infotainment screen, among others.

Tata Motors stressed 100% uptime with Ace EV. Same ethos will be on offer with Intra V40 or Tata Intra EV as well. The company’s famed Fleet Edge fleet management solution is known to be effective in even managing large fleets at one’s fingertips.

Tata Intra EV interiors patent leaked

With Intra EV, Tata Motors will take longer strides in achieving zero emission cargo mobility goal. Primary demographic for a product like this, are B2B and B2C business models along with last mile mobility, logistics and even custom applications like food trucks and more.

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