Maruti Electric Car, SUV Launch Plans – Jimny EV, Fronx EV, WagonR EV, 3 More

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Maruti Suzuki’s carbon neutrality goals will be achieved via a diversified portfolio that will include BEVs, HEVs and other green fuel options

Maruti Suzuki Electric Car, SUV Launch Plans

Announced at 2023 Auto Expo, Maruti Suzuki’s first BEV for Indian market will be launched in FY2024. Post that, Maruti will continue to expand its green portfolio that will include fully electric cars, hybrids as well as variants powered by CNG, biogas and ethanol-gasoline mix fuels.

Maruti’s shift to greener vehicles is part of its parent company Suzuki’s plans to reduce its carbon footprint. Along with India, Suzuki is implementing its carbon neutrality roadmap in other markets such as Europe and Japan.

Maruti Jimny Electric Teased

Maruti EV roadmap

By FY2030, Maruti will have 6 new BEV models in India. These will constitute around 15% of overall production by FY2030. Some of the possibilities that are most likely include Jimny EV, Fronx EV and WagonR EV. HEVs will constitute around 25% of overall production by FY2030. It is likely that some new HEV models will be introduced in coming years. As of now, Maruti offers a strong hybrid option only with Grand Vitara compact SUV.

By FY2030, contribution of ICE-based cars will be around 60%. Even this lot will be cleaner than its predecessors, as it will comprise variants running on green fuels such as CNG, biogas and ethanol mixed fuel. Suzuki’s carbon neutrality goals will be different in India, as compared to that of other markets. That’s because India’s carbon neutrality goal is set for 2070. In comparison, Europe has set a target to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Maruti Suzuki shares electric cars, SUV launch plans roadmap for India

In Japan, Suzuki is aiming for a BEV ratio of 20% by FY 2030. Just like India, 6 BEVs will be introduced by FY2030. However, unlike India that will still have ICE-based models, Suzuki’s portfolio in Japan will comprise only BEVs and HEVs. The latter is targeted to have 80% share in production by FY2030. The first Suzuki BEV will debut in Japan later this year.

Maruti Fronx Electric SUV design teased

In Europe, Suzuki’s targeted powertrain ratio is just the opposite of Japanese market. Suzuki is targeting 80% BEV and 20% HEV mix in Europe by FY2030. The continent will be getting 5 new Suzuki BEVs by 2030.

Tough competition from Tata, Mahindra

While strong hybrid Grand Vitara has proved to be a runaway success, it remains to be seen if Maruti BEVs can achieve similar results. India being one of the largest markets for Suzuki, it is apparent that its upcoming electric cars will be fully loaded and offer a comprehensive range of features. As of now, Maruti Suzuki market share is around 43.4%.

Maruti WagonR Electric design teaser

Maruti upcoming BEVs will be facing tough competition from the likes of Tata Motors and Mahindra that have revealed ambitious plans to launch a range of born-electric cars. Tata and Mahindra already have a head start with cars like Nexon EV and XUV400. Maruti is likely to keep focus on affordability, all while offering the best value to its customers.

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