Mahindra Electric Rickshaw e-Alpha Gets ‘Super’ With 20% More Range

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Mahindra e-Alpha Super

The battery on Mahindra e-Alpha Super offers 18 months of warranty while the vehicle gets 12 month warranty

Like in 2W and 4W segments, EVs also have greater acceptance in the 3W realm. This effect is on-point, considering multiple new startups are springing up to meet the demand. Mainstream 3W manufacturers have a hand in this growth too. Mahindra is one of the highest selling electric 3W manufacturers in India.

Just last month, Mahindra sold 6,481 3W vehicles including electric ones. Such is the popularity that Bill Gates drove a Mahindra Treo electric rickshaw recently when he visited India. In FY2023, Mahindra sold 18,608 electric 3W and e-Alpha played a major role in this sales success. Mahindra is launching e-Alpha Super with an extended range of Rs. 1.61 lakh (ex-sh).

Front view

Mahindra e-Alpha Gets ‘Super’

M&M’s Last Mile Mobility (LMM) is the company’s three and four wheeler passenger and cargo vehicle division aiming at last mile mobility and last mile delivery models. This consists of electric-only Treo range and Zor Grand range, Jeeto 4-wheeler range and Alfa range which consists of both ICE and EV vehicles.

As of now, there are more than 50,000 e-Alphas on the road and Mahindra is extending functionality for new e-Alpha buyers with an option of e-Alpha Super. The Super model gets an extended 95+ km of range from a single charge. Which is 20% more than regular e-Alpha.

soft top model

Mahindra promises their new self-employed customers higher range, best-in-class safety and comfort features. Higher range enables higher operating time, which could directly translate into higher earnings and profits. Higher range also ensures less frequent charging as well, increasing longevity of its electric powertrain.

e-Alpha Super comes with a superior 18A charger and an impressive 12 month warranty. Battery gets an 18 months warranty and the vehicle itself gets a 12 month warranty. Mahindra’s 1150 touchpoints offer an assurance of OEM after-sales service. Customers also get access to 10,000 charging stations nationwide.

Range 20% higher than before

At Rs. 1.65 lakh (ex-sh), Mahindra e-Alpha Super makes a lot of sense with the increased range. It has a 140 Ah battery (voltage not mentioned) and the motor generates 1.64 kW (2.2 bhp) and 22 Nm of torque. Mahindra offers e-Alpha Super owners free accidental insurance worth Rs. 10 lakhs for drivers.

Red colour

Suman Mishra, CEO, Mahindra Last Mile Mobility said, “In a world with rising demand for clean mobility, our e-Alfa Super rickshaw offers superior range and earning potential. This allows our driver partners to increase their entrepreneurial incomes and reduce environmental impact, while being supported with the trust and reliability of the Mahindra brand.”

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