2023 BYD Tang EV Launch Price 250k Yuan (Rs 28 L) – 600 Kms Range

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2023 BYD Tang EV

While 2023 BYD Tang EV has received multiple updates, prices have been ‘reduced’ by up to 13.7%

In line with its local and global ambitions, BYD has introduced the new 2023 version of Tang EV. In most cases, newer models usually command higher pricing than their predecessors. But in case of 2023 Tang EV, the updated SUV is priced lower than the 2022 model.

2023 BYD Tang EV – what’s new?

Along with the new Tang EV, BYD has also unveiled its PHEV siblings. It includes the Tang DM-i and Tang DM-p. These too are around 10% cheaper than the outgoing models. It’s apparent that BYD is looking to provide the best deal to its customers. The price reduction is also aimed at making EVs and PHEVs more accessible to people.

2023 BYD Tang EV

While the core design theme has been retained, 2023 BYD Tang EV gets new 20-inch alloy wheels. These have a dual-tone finish, ensuring a sportier profile for the SUV. Passenger safety has been improved with the DiSus-C intelligent damping body control system. This is one of the major technology breakthroughs achieved by BYD in recent years.

BYD DiSus is a systematic body control system. It ensures that the vehicle remains agile and operable in most driving scenarios. It minimizes the risk of vehicle rollover in situations such as emergency braking, full-throttle acceleration and high-speed cornering. BYD DiSus works effectively across varied environments such as water, mud and snow. Another key upgrade for 2023 BYD Tang EV is support for 5G networks. This will allow users to access faster speeds while on the move.

2023 BYD Tang EV

Dimensionally, BYD Tang EV promises all the space one can ask for. It is pretty huge, measuring 4,900 mm long, 1,950 mm wide and 1,725 mm tall. Wheelbase is 2,820 mm. There’s plenty of boot space as well. BYD Tang EV is available in both 6-seat and 7-seat configurations. There are three variants, weighing 2.36 tons, 2.44 tons, and 2.56 tons, respectively.

2023 BYD Tang EV

BYD Tang EV 2023 performance, range

BYD is offering three variants with different range. The base model is equipped with a front single motor that churns out 225 hp of max power and 350 Nm of peak torque. It offers a range of 600 km. The long-range variant offers 730 km on a full charge. The single front motor generates 241 hp and 350 Nm. The top-spec variant is offered with a four-wheel drive setup. Its front and rear motors provide combined output of 510 hp and 700 Nm. Range is 635 km. With the 4WD variant, 0 to 100 kmph can be achieved in just 4.4 seconds.

All three Tang EV variants use BYD’s advanced Blade LFP batteries. These are known for their superior performance and reliability. All three variants support fast charging. It takes just 30 minutes to go from 30% to 80%. At peak charging rates, users can load 173 km in just 10 minutes.

2023 BYD Tang EV

Talking about pricing, the 600 km range version is priced at 249,800 yuan (~ Rs 28.41 lakh). This is -11.7% less than the 2022 model. The 730 km variant is priced at 269,800 yuan (~ Rs 30.68 lakh). Price has been reduced by -13.7%. The 4-wheel drive variant will cost 299,800 yuan (~ Rs 34.09 lakh). It is -12.5% cheaper than the 2022 version. The PHEV siblings Tang DM-i and Tang DM-p are priced in the range of 249,800 yuan to 309,800 yuan (~ Rs 28.41 lakh to Rs 35.80 lakh).

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