This RE Continental GT 650 Cafe Racer Mod Will Race Your Heart

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Unlike most custom jobs which revolve around design, this RE Continental GT 650 Cafe Racer mod gets enhanced performance and braking

RE Continental GT 650 Cafe Racer Mod

Custom bike builders bring a certain character out of their projects that manufacturers often can’t. That’s because manufacturers aim to appeal to a much wider range of buyers, while a custom bike builder has to appeal to one. That said, some custom bikes are more than just styling upgrades.

This new Cafe Racer mod by Neev Motorcycles reflects the same idea. This is not just a stylized motorcycle. This particular Neev Motorcycle seems to have given “more power” in the briefing. That is exactly what Neev Motorcycles have delivered.

RE Continental GT 650 Cafe Racer Mod

This Continental GT 650 has been re-tuned to make more power. With more power, there should be better brakes too, right? In comes a dual disc setup at the front wheels. This is a thorough mod job and let’s take a closer look.

RE Continental GT 650 Cafe Racer Mod – Engine & Braking Upgrades

Better brakes always go hand in hand with more power. Dropping the anchor on this custom Continental GT 650 Cafe Racer is a dual disc setup at the front with upgraded 4-pot calipers. A new master cylinder from Brembo is part of the upgrade as well. Rear braking setup has been kept stock.

RE Continental GT 650 Cafe Racer Mod

Necessitating stronger brakes is a more powerful engine. The stock ECU with the base Royal Enfield GT 650 is tuned right from the factory. It makes 47 bhp of power and 52 Nm of torque. This ECU is now remapped to deliver more performance. This ECU upgrade seems to be subtle, hence negating the need for stronger forged components.

RE Continental GT 650 Cafe Racer Mod

Componentry Upgrades With 180-Section Tyre

Neev Motorcycles could have used OEM USD front forks from Super Meteor 650. But these look much fatter and offer a lot of beef to motorcycles’ overall appeal. Stock 18” wire-spoke wheels have been done away in favour of 17” alloy wheels lifted straight from a Harley-Davidson Street Rod 750.

150/60-17 front and 180/60-17 rear Pirelli Rally STR tyres with block pattern lend a lot of muscle over the stock 100/90-18 front and 130/70-18 rear tyres. Dual exhausts are still present but there is a custom unobstructed exhaust system with end cans having Akrapovic branding.

RE Continental GT 650 Cafe Racer Mod

Design Upgrades

In terms of design, the original ethos of Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 is retained. Fuel tank is kept stock, but it now gets a new tank tie finished in gloss black. Other custom handbuilt parts and accessories include front and rear fenders, side body panels, and a custom rear subframe with a custom single seat and cowl.

There is a new bash plate to protect underbelly, a new CNC machined triple tree and CNC milled clip-on handlebar, number plate assembly, repositioned stock instrument clusters, and more. The icing on the cake is a custom Grey shade playing beautifully with gloss black elements all along. After-market accessories include LED headlights, bar-end mirrors and grips.

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