Ola Electric Scooter Centre Stand, Buddy Step – Accessories Delivery Start

Ola Electric offers a range of accessories that includes scooter cover, chargers and apparel

Ola Electric Scooter Centre Stand

Based on market feedback, Ola Electric had recently introduced new accessories such as buddy step and centre stand. As Ola does not have any dealerships, users need to order these online from the company’s website. Ola has now started shipping these accessories.

While the centre stand costs Rs 999, the buddy step is priced at Rs 1,999. The buddy step seems expensive, as a similar side step offered by Honda for Activa costs Rs 915. Hero MotoCorp’s side step is even cheaper at Rs 885. Ola scooter cover and t-shirts are priced at Rs 999.

Ola Electric Scooter Buddy Step

Ola buddy step and centre stand – Official Accessories

Installation of buddy step and centre stand has been done in a seamless manner. The buddy step or side step is made from cast aluminium. It has high tensile strength and should be able to resist things like corrosion. Both the buddy step and centre stand are offered in black colour.

The centre stand is made from tubular steel and is designed to have a long service life. A centre stand is better suited for Indian conditions, where finding parking spaces is often a challenge. A scooter parked on the centre stand takes less parking space in comparison to a side stand.

Ola Electric Scooter Centre Stand and Buddy Step

Ola’s centre stand also takes care of issues reported with the side stand. In some cases, users had reported breakage of side stand after a few months of use. The side stand may be good enough to support the weight of the scooter. But it may not be designed to take additional weight such as someone sitting on the scooter with the side stand engaged. The centre stand is expected to fare better, as it is made from tubular steel.

While the factory-fitted side stand comes with a sensor, the centre stand does not have any such feature. With the side stand engaged, users get a message on the dash that the stand is open. The scooter will not move unless the side stand is retracted. Such a feature is not required with the centre stand, as the scooter will already be in an unmovable position with the centre stand engaged.

Ola beset with problems

Based on market feedback, Ola has been working to introduce the necessary updates to its scooters. A few days back, Ola had announced a voluntary recall of the front suspension system of S1 electric scooter. Multiple users had reported breakage of front suspension system. As per the voluntary recall, Ola will be fitting a new front fork on all affected scooters. This upgrade will be provided free of cost.

Ola Electric Scooter Centre Stand

Ola’s voluntary recall process for replacement of the front fork will commence from March 22. Users will be contacted individually and informed about how to proceed with the recall process. Users can also contact their nearest Ola Experience Centre or service centre for details.


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