KTM 390 Adventure V With Duke 390 Suspension – Launched

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KTM 390 Adventure V Variant Launch Soon

After launching the X variant, KTM has now launched V variant of the 390 Adventure – It gets the same engine

With a high ground clearance, ADVs offer a lot of versatility. They can trundle along on a beaten path and even full-on off-roading sessions shouldn’t be an issue. But, high ground clearance is often directly proportional to a tall seat height.

This becomes unappealing for shorter riders, who resort to tip-toeing. Riding such bikes is not recommended, especially on loose surfaces and soft ground, as it could be dangerous. KTM 390 Adventure is getting a solution for this. KTM has launched a new low seat-height variant denoted by ‘V’ that will address this shortcoming.

Low Seat-Height ‘V’ Variant – New KTM 390 Adventure V

The launch of 390 ADV X has been a solid effort from KTM to attract a wider range of audience. It made the motorcycle affordable by almost Rs 60k. With the 390 ADV V variant, KTM aims make the bike accessible to shorter riders

In the image we can see a 5′ 9″ guy tip-toeing on a regular 390 Adventure and flat-footing on a 390 Adventure V. In the new 390 ADV V variant, KTM is offering both front and rear suspensions from 390 Duke to achieve a lower seat height and a new low-profile seat as well. This means, the suspension travel will be 142mm front and 150 mm rear with V variant as opposed to 177 mm and 170 mm on standard variant.

KTM 390 Adventure V Variant

Thanks to this, seat height of KTM 390 ADV has been reduced from 855 mm to 830 mm. KTM 390 Adventure V is priced at Rs 3.38 lakh, which is same as the standard KTM 390 ADV. Apart from the suspension setup, there is no other change. All other features, tech remain same.

As of now, KTM offers two Adventure motorcycles based on 390 and 250 series platforms. Both of them share their design, body panels, and seating position. KTM 390 Adventure and 250 Adventure get 190mm of ground clearance, which leads to a rather high seat height of 855 mm. Similar changes to KTM 390 Adventure V are likely to trickle down to 250 Adventure in the future.

Numbers On Papers Vs Real Experiences

KTM’s high seat height might be because these platforms were not designed from scratch to be ADVs. If we take the Royal Enfield Himalayan for example, it has a much higher 220 mm ground clearance and despite that, boasts a seat height of just 800 mm. This is one of the main driving factors for Himalayan.

Seat height on paper doesn’t completely translate to flat-foot ability in real life. Royal Enfield Himalayan’s 800mm seat height is not any friendlier over Hero Xpulse’s 825mm of seat height. This is because Himalayan has a much wider seat base. Now legs have to go sideways and then down to flat-foot, instead of just down. Narrow seat will ensure that a lower seat height number on paper translates into real-life convenience. Apart from seat ht, design of the seat also plays an important role in how comfortable the motorcycle will be.

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