Honda ‘Activa 6G’ Name Is No More – We Might Not Get 7G

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Honda removes 6g suffix from Activa name

The 109.51 cc single cylinder engine on Honda Activa generates same numbers as before and boasts identical pricing too

HMSI is the No 1 scooter brand in India. Activa has been the primary volume generator for many years now. So much so, that people often default on an Activa when buying a scooter. In FY 2023, Honda manufactured 21.5 lakh Activa, most of which were sold in India alone.

Honda has, surprisingly, decided to change the name of its bread and butter scooter in May 2023. Before you ask, no. The Activa name is not going anywhere. Instead, Honda is dropping the 6G tag from the name. HMSI has not quoted a reason, but Activa is just an Activa now and the 6G suffix is dropped.

Honda Activa Ditches 6G Name – Why though?

Why? This is the million-dollar question. As HMSI has not quoted a reason, it can be anyone’s guess. Maybe Honda is doing this as Activa didn’t really get six generations of upgrades. Three at best along with the major powertrain upgrade in 2020 as part of the Indian Government’s push for fewer tailpipe carbon emissions through BS6 emission standard.

But, Honda already knew this. So, why the change in name now in May 2023? This might be a part of Honda’s strategic product positioning exercise. Where Honda might bring in variations of its Activa lineup in the future.

Honda removes 6g suffix from Activa name

Need for more variety in the Activa brand is likely to be a necessity in the future. Lastly, Honda is introducing its maiden electric scooter for India in the near future. It will feature swappable battery tech as well. Maybe Honda’s future EV’s name might create a convoluted reception for its current ICE scooter’s name. Anticipation of this might be one of the reasons as well.

What next for future Activa updates? No 7G?

Long story short, no. There won’t be an Activa 7G or an 8G. Instead, incremental updates for Activa lineup are likely to be recognised with the subsequent year when they were implemented. For example, Honda is likely to recognise updates in 2023 as MY2023 Activa and so forth.

Honda Activa’s name is the only change that the company is implementing. No mechanical updates. This means Activa’s tried and tested 109.51cc single-cylinder engine is still on offer. This engine generates 7.73 bhp of power and 8.9 Nm of torque and is mated to a CVT. Honda offers a silent starter, LED headlights, DRL, external fuel filler cap and other features.

Honda Activa 2023 specs

India’s largest scooter maker has not hiked the prices of Activa as well. So the Rs. 75,347 price tag is the same as before too. It’s only the name that Honda has changed and nothing else. Goodbye 6G suffix!

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