2024 Maserati GranTurismo Takes Design and V-6 from the MC20

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  • Revealed without camouflage, this Maserati GranTurismo is the heir to the postwar grand tourers that built Maserati’s road-car reputation.
  • While a battery-powered EV called the GranTurismo Folgore is in the pipeline, this version gets the twin-turbo V-6 out of the mid-engine MC20.
  • The livery here pays tribute to Maserati’s first road car, the 1947 A6 1500.

Maserati’s MC20 generated genuine excitement when it broke cover, promising a pared-back and lightweight take on the supercar experience. It was a breath of fresh air, and it brought new vitality to the brand. Now the 621-hp 3.0-liter V-6 finds its way into a more traditional effort from the company with the three-pronged trident badge up front: a two-door coupe set for long-distance travel.


As trumpeted by the 75th-anniversary decals on the GranTurismo revealed today, Maserati has been at this game a long time. The company’s first road cars arrived just after World War II; specifically, Maserati mentions the A6 1500 of 1947 as a direct ancestor of this new car.

The A6 series of cars were coachbuilt by the likes of Pininfarina and Zagato, and they are stunning machines. Perennial favorites on the lawn at Pebble Beach, A6s set the recipe for elegant Italian coupes, long of hood with gracefully curving sheetmetal.


The styling of the GranTurismo does a good job of harking back to past glory. It’s not overwrought, and it would certainly be appropriate transportation for getting you to Monterey to gaze appreciatively at this car’s grandparents.

The MC20’s V-6

The big news is confirmation that the MC20’s engine will be the combustion-engine choice for this coupe. Maserati has already confirmed a fully battery version called the GranTurismo Folgore is on the way, fitted with three motors cranking out a staggering 1200 hp. The MC20’s V-6 makes a little over half that horsepower but should certainly be lively enough mounted up front in this combustion-engined GranTurismo.

A few Maserati employees will know, as the company has been testing the GranTurismo on the road ahead of its official reveal. It’s set to arrive as a 2024 model, and this is probably the last hurrah for a combustion-powered Maserati coupe since 2030 is the stated goal for fully electric power across the range. If you like your Maseratis faithful to the originals, the GranTurismo will likely be the last of the breed.

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