Yamaha Sales Aug 2022 – FZ, RayZR, R15, MT15, Fascino, FZ25

Yamaha has reported a YoY and MoM increase in domestic sales and exports in August 2022 with the FZ and RayZR being most in demand in both markets

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Yamaha Motor India sales in the past month saw an 8.54 percent YoY growth in domestic sales to 58,659 units, up from 54,042 units sold in August 2021. MoM sales on the other hand increased 7.30 percent from 54,666 units sold in July 2022. However, none of the bikes in the company lineup found mention on the list of top 10 motorcycles sold in August 2022.

Exports also increased YoY by 33.63 percent to 30,689 units from 22,965 units sold in August 2021 while MoM exports improved by 10.65 percent from 27,734 units shipped in July 2022. In August 2022, the company had also introduced a price hike across range by 0.62 percent to 1.59 percent depending on model.

Yamaha Domestic Sales August 2022

On the domestic sales list, it was the Yamaha FZ that commanded the most attention. Sales stood at 19,469 units, up 155.90 percent from 7,608 units sold in August 2022. This was a volume growth of 11,861 units with a 33.19 percent share. MoM sales also grew by 2.53 percent from 18,988 units sold in July 2022.

At No. 2 was the RayZR with a 36.98 percent YoY de-growth to 10,124 units in August 2022 from 16,064 units sold in August 2021. MoM sales improved by 25.87 percent from 8,043 units sold in July 2022. These were the only two models in the company lineup to post sales above the 10,000 unit mark. Yamaha R15 posted YoY and MoM growth at 2.13 percent and 4.65 percent respectively to 9,794 units in August 2022. This was against 9,590 units and 9,394 units sold in August 2021 and July 2022 respectively.

Yamaha India Sales Aug 2022 vs Aug 2021 (YoY)

YoY and MoM sales growth was also seen in the case of Yamaha MT15 with improved 440.92 percent to 9,477 units in August 2022 up from 1,752 units sold in August 2021. The company had sold 8,380 units in July 2022 relating to a 13.09 percent MoM growth.

While Fascino posted a YoY de-growth at 49.27 percent to 9,150 units from 18,037 units sold in August 2021, MoM sales also fell by 2.38 percent from 9,373 units sold in July 2022. FZ25 on the other hand reported a YoY de-growth by 34.91 percent but a MoM growth of 23.33 percent to 645 units.

Yamaha Exports August 2022

With YoY and MoM growth in global markets, it was the Yamaha FZ that saw the most sales on the company portfolio. Sales increased 46.31 percent YoY to 13,326 units from 9,108 units exported in August 2021 with a 4,218 unit volume growth and a 43.42 percent share. MoM exports improved by 21.23 percent from 10,992 units shipped in July 2022.

Yamaha India Sales Aug 2022 vs Jul 2022 (MoM)

RayZR saw exports dip YoY by 15.75 percent from 5,162 units to 4,349 units while MoM exports increased by 33.73 percent over 3,252 units shipped in July 2022. Yamaha YD125 exports last month stood at 3,900 units, up 4 percent MoM from 3,750 units sold in July 2022. The company also shipped 2,140 units of the Crux and 1,856 units of the FZ25 both of which saw a YoY growth but MoM decline in exports while R15 exports were at 1,822 units seeing a 110.88 percent YoY and 58.71 percent MoM growth.

There were also 1,816 units of SZ shipped in the past month along with 884 units of Saluto,390 units of Fascino, 126 units of Saluto RX and 80 units of the Yamaha MT. Exports of Yamaha Alpha are down to 0 units.

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