Maruti Ignis Electric Conversion Kit Launched By Northway – 240 Kms Range

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Maruti Ignis Electric Conversion Kit

Pune based Northway has launched Maruti Ignis Electric conversion kit – Total cost will be cheaper than top selling Tata Nexon EV

A leading name in EV R&D and EV conversion kits, Pune-based Northway has launched EV conversion kit for Maruti Ignis. The model used for this project is 2022 Ignis Alpha MT variant. Total cost of the kit and the car comes to Rs 12.5 lakh for standard range (120 kms) kit and Rs 14.5 lakh for long range (240 kms) kit.

The conversion kit will be available for Ignis MT 2021 and later models. Northway also offers electric conversion kits for other vehicles such as Swift Dzire and Tata Ace.

Maruti Ignis electric with manual transmission

When talking about electric cars, it’s difficult to imagine that it will have anything but automatic transmission. However, folks at Northway have dared to stray away from established industry standards. Their pre-convert Maruti Ignis Electric has been equipped with manual transmission, which offers multiple benefits.

In real-world conditions, Ignis EV with manual transmission can supply extra torque whenever needed. This can come handy in situations like heavy traffic when one needs to accelerate fast from stop position. Take a look at the first drive experience shared by Northway in the video below.

It can also be useful while overtaking another vehicle, especially when the car is climbing a slope. Ignis EV with manual transmission will also appeal to folks who just love the experience of shifting gears.

Another benefit is that the manual transmission can supply braking power. For this, users just need to shift to lower gears such as second gear. This in turn will recharge the battery via the regenerative braking system installed in the car. In traffic conditions and during downhill journeys in mountainous regions, using the lower gears as braking aid can provide tangible improvements in range.

Maruti Ignis Electric also meets the needs of folks who prefer automatic transmission. Although the car has manual transmission, there is no compulsion that users will have to change gears every time they want to accelerate. For an automatic experience, users just need to use the car in top gears like third and fourth gear. In this way, the car will function similar to an automatic electric car.

While testing Maruti Ignis Electric kit, Tesla was spotted

Maruti Ignis Electric – range and specs

Pre-convert Maruti Suzuki Ignis EV is available with two battery configurations. With Drive CT, max range is 120 km. This can work for folks who plan to use the car only for city-specific commutes.

Users looking for longer range can choose Inter CT, which offers 240 km. Top speed of the car is rated at 140 kmph. It generates 170 Nm of max torque. The car can be charged at home or any of the available charging stations. Charging time is in the range of 3-7 hours.

Key things to note here is that OEM warranty will be void once the car is converted to electric. For the conversion kit, the warranty is 60,000 km or 2 years, whichever is earlier. The converted car is street-legal, as all the necessary approvals and documents will be provided by RTO. However, users won’t be eligible for any subsidies, as there are currently no such rules for EV retro fit kits.

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