New TVS Jupiter 125 Vs Activa Vs Access Vs Destini Vs Fascino – Specs Compare

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While Jupiter 125 is the lowest in terms of power output, it makes amends with a class-leading torque figure of 10.5 Nm

TVS became the latest entrant in the 125cc commuter scooter category with the launch of Jupiter 125 a week ago. Although the company already had a strong presence in the 125cc segment with Ntorq, the latter caters to a more youthful section of buyers which demands more performance over practicality.

Needless to mention but the 125cc scooter is one of the hottest two-wheeler categories in the country with multiple offerings from various brands. Some notable ones include Suzuki Access, Honda Activa 125, Hero Destini and Yamaha Fascino 125 Fi. It will be interesting to check how the latest offering from TVS stacks up against its immediate rivals mentioned above.

New TVS Jupiter 125 Vs Activa Vs Access Vs Destini Vs Fascino – Features

All scooters are fairly simple in design with easy-to-ride ergonomics. They have been designed for satisfying the needs of an average Indian family and all do a decent enough job. All scooters receive decent under-seat storage and a flat and spacious floorboard to carry their luggage. However, Jupiter 125 gets the largest under-seat storage of 33 litres due to repositioning of its fuel tank.

Other common amenities offered by all the scooters are an optional USB charger, a semi-digital instrument console, external fuel filler, LED DRLs storage lamp, etc. Most importantly, all models in this category offer an auto stop/start feature in their respective lingos. Further, Bluetooth connectivity is currently offered only on Access and Fascino whereas an engine kill switch is offered with Access, Jupiter and Activa.

New TVS Jupiter 125 Vs Activa Vs Access Vs Destini Vs Fascino

Mechanical Specs

A side stand engine inhibitor is offered only in Fascino and whereas all barring Destini offer LED headlights. Speaking of specifications, all except Destini are offered with a disc brake at front while a drum brake is standard for all scooters in this category. Suspension setup in all five models is almost identical with telescopic forks at front and a mono-shock at rear.

In terms of performance, all deliver a similar range of output from their 125cc engines. However, Destini offers the maximum power with 9.1 PS while Jupiter has the lowest with 8.15 PS. Torque figures are also around a similar region. The extra power in Destini is compensated with its additional weight as it tips the highest at 113kg. Fascino is the lightest at 99kg and it shows in its on-road performance as well.


Coming to their prices, Destini is the most affordable offering in this space with prices starting at Rs 70,400 and maxing out at Rs 75,900. Fascino is the next most affordable scooter which can be availed between Rs 72,030 and Rs 75,530. Jupiter, Access and Acitva form the pricier end of this bracket.

New TVS Jupiter 125 Vs Activa Vs Access Vs Destini Vs Fascino

On paper, Fascino has the overall advantage in terms of features, practicality and the price at which it is offered. While Destini provides the best performance figures on the spec sheet, the on-road performance of Fascino. All other models are very closely matched to each other.

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