New BMW Electric Moped Is For Riders Aged 16 Or Above – 90 Kms Range

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New BMW Electric Moped – Concept CE 02

The new BMW electric moped has a top-speed of 90 kmph and a range of 90 kms

BMW Motorrad has come up with an interesting urban mobility idea in the form of Concept CE 02. To be debuted at IAA 2021 in a week’s time, the BMW Concept CE 02 is an unconventional two wheeler which can neither be classified as a scooter nor as a classic motorcycle.

A fresh approach

BMW Motorrad’s design chief Edgar Heinrich says that the objective was to achieve a degree of design innovation hitherto unachieved while pioneering modern forms of single track mobility. The Concept CE-02 stands out from the German two wheeler firm’s current portfolio by means of its compact dimensions.

Clearly, BMW is attempting to bring on board an entirely new breed of customers aged 16 or above who have no prior exposure to motorcycles. The uncomplicated design does manage to have a youthful character to it. The urban runabout features a thin flat saddle which also doubles up as a structural member.

The battery pack and electric motor casing form most part of the vehicle’s chassis. Sturdy front telescopic forms and a single-sided rear shock absorber make up the suspension system while a bicycle like handlebar rounds off the design.

New BMW Electric Moped – Concept CE 02

The 15-inch front and rear disc-type wheels are fitted with meaty rubbers. Front and rear disc brakes are available but we expect regeneration to account for significant portion of the braking action at the rear. BMW says that the layout allows for a low center of gravity which translates into sporty riding dynamics.

New BMW Electric Moped – Concept CE 02

Powertrain Configuration

Without divulging much about the technical aspects of the hardware, the company has revealed that the Concept CE 02 is powered by a 11 KW electric motor which offers a strong acceleration. The vehicle which is compatible with the European A1 license has a claimed top-speed of 90 kmph.

The autonomy stands at 90 km, making it an ideal urban commuter. With a seat height of 730 mm and kerb weight of 120 kg, the BMW Concept CE-02 would be appealing to young audience who are interested in emotional, unconventional and tech-laden means of transport.

New BMW Electric Moped – Concept CE 02

The urban moped is equipped with four LED lighting elements which constitute the headlamp and two LED sheet taillights mounted on the seat frame. A tiny color digital display mounted on the handlebar serves as the instrument cluster.

Production prospects

BMW Motorrad has not announced any plans for putting the Concept CE-02 into production. Given that new-age urban mobility solutions are gaining traction across the world, we think the chances of commercializing this project are pretty high. In most markets, the pure electric moped may take advantage of mobility incentives and bonuses. The public feedback to the BMW Concept CE-02 would be crucial in determining its future.

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