Eeve India electric Tesoro motorcycle and Forseti scooter launch soon

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Eeve Tesoro electric motorcycle

Eeve Tesoro electric motorcycle

Eeve India Tesoro and Forseti electric bike and scooter launch in June 2020.

Eeve India – an electric two-wheeler brand started in 2018 – will launch its first premium products in June 2020. The two new EVs coming to India comprise of a motorcycle and scooter that have been designed and developed entirely in-house. Dubbed as the Eeve Tesoro and Forseti, the products are currently being showcased at the ongoing Auto Expo 2020.

Eeve India already has a small portfolio of electric two-wheelers (which are also on display). However, those are mostly derived from certain Chinese EVs and might seem familiar in the eyes of those who are deeply into the Indian electric-vehicle scenario. Hence, the Tesoro and Forseti are quite special for the Odisha-based EV brand since they showcase what it is capable of as a newly-established name in the Indian automotive industry.

Eeve Tesoro electric motorcycle and Forseti electric scooter.

Eeve Tesoro electric motorcycle and Forseti electric scooter.

Eeve Tesoro electric motorcycle and Forseti electric scooter.

As mentioned before, both the new Tesoro and Forseti are premium offerings in Eeve India’s portfolio. Though the exact specifications and output have not been revealed, the company has shared that the products are powered by a Bosch motor (hub-mounted). The charging time may not be that impressive at 3-4 hours (with a fast-charger), but the final production models could make up for that through competitive pricing (which has been confirmed to be under Rs 1 lakh).

Range figures stand at 100km for the Eeve Forseti electric scooter while this increases to 120km for the Tesero EV motorcycle, on a single charge. These are company-claimed figures and will most likely be a bit less in real-life riding conditions. The top speed of the Forseti is capped at 60-70km/h, but the Tesero will be able to hit 100km/h or close.

Both the Eeve Tesoro and Forseti will debut with a 5-year warranty, including a 3-year warranty for just the battery. Eeve India is present in over 45 cities in the country (mostly towards the north) and plans to expand further to regions such as Delhi, UP, Maharashtra and Gujarat. More than 1,200 units of its existing portfolio have been sold so far and Eeve India aims to up the production capacity from 12,000 units per annum to more than 50,000 within the next few years.

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