TVS Motor Sales March 2024 – Apache, XL, Jupiter, iQube, Raider

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TVS Jupiter

Analysing the TVS Motor sales March 2024 charts, we can see that there was a MoM decline across all the entries, except for 3W Domestic sales

One of India’s leading 2W and 3W manufacturer, TVS Motor, posted an impressive 3,54,592 units total sales in the month of March 2024. The company garnered this sales number across multiple vehicle genres like motorcycles, scooters, e-scooters, mopeds and 3W-wheelers. While the company witnessed commendable YoY growth, there was a slight MoM decline as well.

TVS Motor Sales March 2024

Breaking the numbers further, we have motorcycles at the top and e-scooters at the bottom. With 1,71,611 motorcycles sold, this genre of vehicles took the top position with 49.82% of TVS’ total sales. Some of the most popular motorcycles from TVS include Apache range, Raider 125, Sport, Radeon, Ronin and more.

When compared to the 1,41,250 units sold in March 2023 and the 1,84,023 units sold in February 2024, TVS motorcycles saw 21.49% YoY growth and 6.74% MoM decline. Volume growth YoY stood at 30,361 units and volume loss MoM was 12,412 units.

In 2nd place, we have scooters with 38.17% of TVS’ total sales. Sales stood at 1,31,472 units last month and registered a 2.06% YoY growth over 1,28,817 units sold last year and a 0.51% MoM decline over 1,32,152 units sold a month before. Thus leading to volume growth of 2,655 units YoY and losing 680 units MoM. Leading scooters are Jupiter, Ntorq and iQube.

TVS Motor Sales March 2024 – YoY

When we say mopeds, it is the XL 100 range that sold 41,363 units and there was a 10.32% YoY growth and 0.65% MoM decline and accounted for 12% of company’s sales. iQube range of scooters sold 15,250 units and fell into the red completely with a 0.74% YoY decline and a substantial 15.08% MoM decline.

Exports & 3W sales

TVS sold 2,60,532 2W vehicles in the domestic market and accounted for 75.64% of company’s total 2W sales. 2W domestic sales saw 8.2% YoY growth and a 2.61% MoM decline. Exports took 24.36% of TVS’ total 2W sales with 83,914 units shipped last month and gained 25.66% in sales YoY, but also witnessed a 7.08% MoM decline.

Total 2W sales were 3,44,446 units with 11.99% YoY growth as opposed to 3,07,559 units sold a year ago and a 3.73% MoM decline when compared to 3,57,810 units sold a month before. TVS’ 3W sales stood at 2,088 units in domestic market and 8,058 units shipped abroad. 3W domestic saw 56.4% YoY and 1.06% MoM growth, while 3W exports declined by 2.42% YoY and 5.73% MoM.

TVS Motor Sales March 2024 – MoM

In total, TVS sold 10,146 3W vehicles in India with 5.76% YoY growth gaining 553 units in volume and 4.41% MoM decline losing 468 units in volume MoM. TVS’ total domestic sales (2W+3W) stood at 2,62,620 units and total exports (2W + 3W) was 91,972 units. When compared to total domestic sales growth of 5.76%, company’s total export growth of 22.57% was more notable.

In total (2W + 3W), TVS managed to push 3,54,592 vehicles out of its manufacturing facilities across motorcycles, scooters and mopeds in both domestic and international business. When compared to the 3,17,152 units sold in March 2023 and 3,68,424 units sold in February 2024, TVS witnessed 11.81% YoY growth and 3.75% MoM decline. Volume growth YoY was 37,440 units.

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