The 2024 Toyota Tacoma Has Easter Eggs: Here Are a Few We Found

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We covered the reveal of the 2024 Toyota Tacoma extensively. And yet, we still managed to miss a few little details about the Japanese automaker’s redesigned mid-size pickup.

Specifically, we ignored the truck’s handful of Easter eggs. With the help of a Toyota representative and a pre-production Tacoma TRD PreRunner, we stumbled upon three such treats the brand fits on the truck as a means of pleasing keen-eyed observers.

We know there are more, though, so 2024 Tacoma owners ought to keep a vigilant eye out for additional hidden messages that Toyota’s placed about the truck. These three Easter eggs, however, should help you get started on your search.

Taco Mountains

Greg S. Fink|Car and Driver

You’ll have to squint to see it, but what you’re looking at is a mountain range that Toyota’s pinned to the 2024 Tacoma’s front windshield. It’s a fitting design element for a truck that shares its name with Tacoma, Washington—a city with a mountainous skyline.

A Rainier Tacoma

Greg S. Fink|Car and Driver

Stamped onto the 2024 Tacoma’s left headlight’s mounting point to the truck’s body are the numbers 46.853 and -121.76. These aren’t just any numbers, though; they’re coordinates to a location positioned just a little northwest of Mt. Rainier. What exactly you’ll find at these coordinates is anyone’s guess, but we hope those who venture there on a Tuesday are at least met with some Tacos.

QR You?

Greg S. Fink|Car and Driver

See those dots on that plastic piece on the side of the dashboard? Those aren’t just random pinholes, but Morse code. And according to Toyota’s PR team, it reads “Accessory Ready.” Production Tacomas will also include a QR code on this panel. Scan it, and you’ll be taken to a website with dimensions to 3D print accessories, including a lantern and toolkit.

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