More Than 700,000 Nissan Rogue SUVs Recalled for Collapsing Ignition Key

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  • Nissan is recalling 712,458 of its 2014–2020 Rogue and 2017–2022 Rogue Sport (pictured above) SUVs in the U.S. to fix a problem with the ignition key.
  • The problem affects only the S trim level, which has a “jackknife style” key that could collapse and cause the vehicle to shut off during driving.
  • Owners are being told to use the key fob without any attached accessories and only use the key unfolded until a recall, with first notifications set to go out to owners on March 17.

Nissan has notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that it is recalling 712,458 Rogue and Rogue Sport SUVs in the United States over a problem with the ignition key. The key is a “jackknife” design that can collapse while the vehicle is moving, potentially causing it to shut off, Nissan’s filing states.

The issue is exclusive to the base S level of the Rogue and Rogue Sport SUVs and involves 517,472 Rogue and 194,986 Rogue Sport models in the U.S. Other trim levels and Rogues produced more recently have an Intelligent Key, and the jackknife-style key is no longer being used, according to Nissan. No other Nissan or Infiniti models are affected.

2019 Nissan Rogue.


The recall report says this key’s internal pivot that allows it to fold may weaken over time, allowing the key fob to unlock and rotate downward. This could allow the driver’s hand to contact the key and accidentally shut off the vehicle.

Nissan advises owners to avoid attaching anything to the key fob and to use the key in the non-folding position. Dealers and rental fleets will be instructed on a way to insert a fastener into the key slot to keep the key from folding. Once Nissan has provided the fix to dealers, they will insert a spacer into the key slot of owners’ key fobs so that the key can no longer collapse. Nissan has issued a “stop sale” order, meaning that dealers cannot sell, lease, trade, rent, or loan any affected vehicles in their inventory until the fix is applied.

Rogue and Rogue Sport owners can check the NHTSA recalls site for more information or to find out if their vehicle is included in the recall.

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