Mahindra Electric SUVs Doing 200 Kmph Teaser – BE.05, XUV.e8, XUV.e9

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Mahindra Electric SUVs Doing 200 Kmph

The 200 km/h indicated top speed in Mahindra’s teaser could be from the aerodynamically slippery XUV.e9 with dual motor layout

Mahindra has re-entered EV space with XUV400. However, the company is working on a slew of new EVs as part of their next-gen lineup. In a recent teaser from Mahindra, we can see BE.05, XUV.e8 and XUV.e9 hitting 200 km/h on Mahindra’s SUV Proving Track in Chennai.

Mahindra Next-gen EVs Touch 200 Km/h

For starters, this is the first time we are seeing an XUV.e9 prototype in India. This vehicle is a coupe version of XUV.e8, which has been spotted multiple times. Also, XUV.e9 looks significantly sleeker and more attractive than XUV.e8, and looks like it has export potential for Mahindra.

Mahindra Electric SUVs Doing 200 Kmph

Mahindra seems to be benchmarking a Tesla Model Y for XUV.e9’s aerodynamics and coupe profile, thus optimising the platform for a better range. Apart from XUV.e9, we can see XUV.e8 and BE.05 as well. All three vehicles are demonstrating their prowess on Mahindra’s SUV Proving Track in Chennai.

In the recent teaser, one of Mahindra’s next-gen EVs touched 200 km/h on the speedometer, which is an impressive speed envelope for an electric vehicle. However, this is a speedo-indicated reading and there might be a small deviation from actual speed. Also, Mahindra didn’t show which of these three vehicles hit this impressive speed.

Next Gen Mahindra Electric SUVs

Mahindra has revealed that it will launch its next-gen EVs in a phase-wise manner. XUV.e8 will see the light of day first, sometime around December 2024. XUV.e9 will launch in April 2025, BE.05 in October 2025 and BE.07 in April 2026. Mahindra has partnered up with BYD to source the cells for battery packs, instead of Volkswagen.

Mahindra Electric SUVs Doing 200 Kmph

As revealed in Thar.e unveiling at Cape Town, South Africa, Mahindra will be sourcing the motors from Volkswagen. Front motor from VW is rated for 107 bhp and 135 Nm and seems to be common between all vehicles. Rear motor packs more performance and depending on the vehicle or trim level, Mahindra offers varied performance.

These rear motors are a 228 bhp and 380 Nm motor sourced from Valeo and a 282 bhp and 535 Nm motor sourced from VW. The 200 km/h top speed seen in the teaser is likely to be a best-case-scenario. Extracted from the XUV.e9 prototype with 107 bhp and 135 Nm front motor and 282 bhp and 535 Nm rear motor.

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