Yamaha Sales Breakup August 2023 – Ray ZR, FZ, Fascino, R15

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Yamaha FZ 4.0

Yamaha Ray ZR was the best performing model in domestic markets while it was the Yamaha FZ that topped the export list

Yamaha’s sales performance in domestic markets saw a YoY and MoM de-growth in August 2023. Sales dipped to 58,042 units in the past month, down 1.05 percent when compared to 58,659 units sold in August 2022. It was also a MoM dip in sales by 6.21 percent from 61,884 units sold in July 2023.

Yamaha Domestic Sales August 2023

Earlier in August 2023, the company also introduced Yamaha Monster Energy MotoGP Edition with YZF-R15M, MT-15 V2.0 and Ray ZR 125 Fi in limited numbers, bringing fresh updates and new colour options to each of these models. Yamaha Ray ZR was the best-selling two-wheeler in the company portfolio in August 2023. Sales increased 35.01 percent YoY to 13,668 units, up from 10,124 units sold in August 2022.

Not only was it the best-selling model in the company charts but the Ray ZR also featured at No. 9 on the list of top 10 scooters in the past month. MoM performance was down by 13.65 percent over 15,828 units sold in July 2023. Yamaha FZ sales fell YoY and MoM by 31.99 percent and 20.48 percent respectively. Sales stood at 13,241 units last month down from 19,469 units sold in August 2022 and 16,651 units sold in July 2023.

While YoY sales improved for both the Fascino (11,572 units) and R15 (10,483 units) by 26.47 percent and 7.03 percent respectively, they both experienced a MoM decline. MT 15 sales also fell on a YoY basis by 23.01 percent to 7,296 units from 9,477 units sold in August 2022 but grew by 25.68 percent MoM from 5,805 units sold in July 2023.

Yamaha sales breakup domestic market

The relatively new Yamaha Aerox scooter has gained some popularity in markets with sales at 1,782 units in August 2023 with a 50.38 percent MoM growth over 1,185 units sold in July 2023.

Yamaha Exports MoM Growth at 43.62%

Lack luster sales in domestic markets were made up in terms of exports on a MoM basis which improved by 43.62 percent. Every model in the company portfolio has posted significant Mom growth, except for Fascino. However, YoY sales continued to be in the red down 35.70 percent.

Total exports stood at 19,734 units in August 2023. This was a YoY de-growth of 35.70 percent from 30,689 units shipped in August 2023. MoM exports grew over 13,740 units shipped in July 2023. Yamaha FZ topped the export chart with 8,388 units sold last month, a YoY fall of 37.06 percent from 13,326 units shipped in August 2023. MoM sales, however, improved by 48.72 percent from 5,640 units exported in July 2023.

Yamaha sales breakup export market

Yamaha RayZR also saw its YoY exports fall by 25.13 percent to 3,256 units while MoM exports grew by 40.22 percent over 2,322 units shipped in July 2023. Outstanding sales performance was seen in the case of both Saluto and Saluto RX. Saluto exports improved 224.43 percent YoY and 103.69 percent MoM to 2,868 units. There had been 88 units and 1,408 units exported in August 2022 and July 2023 respectively.

Saluto RX exports escalated by 2047.62 percent YoY and 1.73 percent MoM to 2,706 units while there had been just 126 units exported in August 2022. Yamaha MT15 exports also grew by 1000 percent YoY and 41.94 percent MoM to 880 units. Thereafter, the company reported YoY de-growth for the FZ25(754 units), SZ (644 units) and R15 (238 units). These three models, however, performed better on a MoM basis with each reporting significant growth

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