Royal Enfield Sales Breakup Dec 2022 – Classic, Bullet, Meteor, 650 Twins

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Bullet 350 showed a surprising growth in both YoY and MoM analysis when most of its more popular siblings were witnessing drop in sales

Royal Enfield Sultan by Neev Motorcycles

At the end of a typical year, people often hold themselves back from buying a new vehicle. A behavioural pattern observed across most segments. People often wait to get a new vehicle in the new year. Royal Enfield doesn’t seem to be immune from this pattern and suffers decline in Dec 2022.

With a total of 59,821 units sold in domestic market, Royal Enfield couldn’t beat 65,194 units sold in December 2021 and 65,760 units sold in November 2022. As a result, there is an 8.24% YoY decline and a 9.03% MoM decline in the domestic market. Volume lost YoY was 5,373 and MoM was 5,939 units.

Royal Enfield Sales Breakup Dec 2022

Classic 350 is still the highest-seller with 20,682 units sold. As opposed to 34,723 and 26,702 units sold a year ago and a month before respectively, Classic 350 fell into the red with a 40.44% YoY drop and a 22.55% MoM drop. Despite that, its share in overall RE sales stood at 34.57%.

Hunter 350 fared better last month as it saw a 10.73% MoM gain by selling 17,261 units over 15,588. Volume gain stood at 1,673 units and market share of Hunter 350 was 28.85%. Next in line is Bullet 350 with 8,816 units. It is the only motorcycle in this list that registered a YoY growth of any sort and positive growth in both YoY and MoM analysis.

Royal Enfield Sales Breakup Dec 2022

Volume gained by Bullet 350 stood at 755 units YoY and 605 units MoM. Meteor 350 took 4th place in Royal Enfield’s domestic sales with 6,298 units. When compared to 10,977 units sold last year and 7,694 units sold a month before, Meteor 350 lost 42.63% YoY and 18.14% MoM. Electra 350 sold 3,381 units and followed Meteor’s pattern.

Sales dropped by 25.22% YoY and 18.92% MoM for Electra 300. Even though Himalayan lost 51.05% YoY by just managing to sell 2,257 units last month, sales improved MoM by 6.41%. The company’s current flagships Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 combined, sold 1,126 units only. Hence a decline of 51.06% YoY and 11.62% MoM was registered.

Royal Enfield Exports Dec 2022

Just like we saw with the domestic market, exports were dominated by Classic 350. With 2,652 units shipped, Classic 350 fell in the green throughout, unlike in the domestic market. Numbers grew by 33.74% YoY and 217.22% MoM. Classic 350’s market share in exports is 30.91%, up from 16.70% a month before. Volume gained YoY was 669 units and MoM was 1,816.

Royal Enfield Exports Breakup Dec 2022

Meteor 350 exports came close to Classic’s at 2,398 units. This too, saw positive growth throughout with 5.36% YoY growth and 581.25% MoM growth. Volume growth YoY was just 122 units, but volume growth MoM was a staggering 2,046 units. Royal Enfield shipped 1,657 Hunter 350 last month and saw a 31.04% MoM decline.

Just like in domestic market, Himalayan sales grew MoM and fell YoY. With 1,531 units shipped, Himalayan saw a 38.44% YoY drop and 47.07% MoM growth. Lastly, 650 Twins’ figures dropped by 81.02% YoY and 8.82% MoM with just 341 units shipped. In total, Royal Enfield exports saw 0.42% YoY growth and 71.37% MoM growth. Volume growth stood at 36 units YoY and 3,537 units MoM.

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