RE Himalayan Recalled In The US For Faulty Brakes – 5K Units Affected

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The reason stated by Royal Enfield to NHTSA for corrosion of braking hardware is salt treatment for roads to clear snow and ice

Royal Enfield Himalayan Recall 2023

Royal Enfield is under the radar of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as Himalayan motorcycles manufactured between 2017 and 2021 are now facing brake corroding issues. RE has stated that ‘the salt used to treat roads’ is the reason for this development. In the US, roads are treated with salt during the winter season. This is to melt the huge amount of snow and ice.

RE Himalayan Recalled In The US

The brake rotors manufactured by ByBre (By Brembo), are being subjected to corrosion resulting in a decrease in effective braking or complete loss of brakes. A full recall has been initiated by Royal Enfield tracking down 4,891 units of Himalayan sold in the US. The units manufactured after 2021, are supposed to be immune to this failure.

Bybre has likely used a different type of coating to prevent corrosion or there must be a change in braking hardware altogether with models manufactured after 2021. Royal Enfield dealers in the US have been instructed to replace brake calipers both at the front and rear.

Corroding brake calipers is a known factor with Royal Enfield motorcycles as observed in Britain, South Korea and Europe. In 2020, Royal Enfield recalled over 15,000 Himalayans and 650 twins with the same issue.

ByBre Brakes Recall In The Past Over Similar Issue

ByBre is a subsidiary brand of Brembo. Hence denoting “By Brembo” (ByBre). ByBre specializes in making braking hardware for lower-tier motorcycles, while Brembo caters to flagships and other premium motorcycles offered with a higher price tag.

In 2017, ByBre brakes offered with BMW G310 series of motorcycles in India were recalled owing to similar corroding issues. In that case too, braking effectiveness was drastically reduced or could even lead to complete failure. It is not yet sure whether calipers offered with Himalayan and G310 were identical in India.

Indian Units Affected Too?

It is not yet sure whether Indian units of Himalayan pose this failure. Given that treating roads with salt to clear snow and ice is not a standard practice in India, we would wager Indian models are not affected.

In India, Royal Enfield is currently testing a next gen Himalayan. This will replace the current Himalayan 411. It gets a plethora of modern tech like USD front forks, larger brakes and more. This model will be shipped globally as well.

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