Ducati Single Cylinder Motorcycle Spied Testing – KTM rival

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Ducati single cylinder motorcycle

Ducati single cylinder motorcycle features Hypermotard 950’s overall design and aesthetics – With a smaller engine

The Italian marque, Ducati, has been one of the pinnacles in sensational and premium motorcycles. From the past couple of decades, Ducati has produced a multitude of multi-cylinder engine motorcycles. However, recent revelations suggest Ducati is developing a single-cylinder powered Hypermotard that could potentially take on the likes of KTM 690 SMC R.

Ducati Single Cylinder Motorcycle – Hypermotard 650?

Test mule was spotted abroad and featured a Ducati Hypermotord-like bike in camouflage. A keen look reveals that there is some size deficit in the engine department, while the motorcycle around it looks huge. At first glance, it looks like this test mule has the same chassis and body as the bigger Hypermotard 950, testing a new single-cylinder engine.

This might be true as well because similarities in design and size with bigger Hypermotard are uncanny. However, there are changes that might be categorised as downgrades when compared to full-fat Hypermotard 950. Headlights, rear subframe, USD telescopic front forks, and rear mono-shock placement look similar.

These are the elements that give it a typical Hypermotard look. On closer inspection, this particular test mule carries certain downgrades. These are a single disc setup at the front, skinnier tyres, a double-sided swingarm as opposed to single-sided on Hypermotard and a few elements more. Front beak looks thinner, but longer.

Ducati Hypermotard 650 engine bay

Radiator’s positioning and the cowl around it look similar to that of Hypermotard 950. Looking at the engine bay, it generally feels a lot empty on this test mule. We feel like this engine bay was designed to accommodate a much bigger engine. Like the twin-cylinder 937cc unit on Hypermotard 950.

Same 659cc single-cylinder homologated by NHTSA in USA?

When the recent spy shots of a single-cylinder Ducati motorcycle went viral, it sheds light on a single-cylinder powered motorcycle that Ducati registered with NHTSA. According to that registration, this single-cylinder engine will be a 659cc unit and has a 4V head. It seems to have a SOHC setup and a liquid-cooling jacket. Power may be around 75 bhp.

This engine looks to the a stressed unit in the frame. Rear swingarm seems to be directly connected to the engine too. These are weight-saving measures and Ducati’s upcoming single-cylinder bike could sport impressive kerb weight numbers. Ducati might be eyeing KTM 690 SMC R with this upcoming Hypermotard 650 (name not confirmed).

Ducati Hypermotard styling

Considering that this is the first-ever sighting of this motorcycle, launch could be further in the future. India launch is less likely, though. But not completely impossible. When launched, Ducati Hypermotard 650 will mark the return of iconic Italian marque to single-cylinder space. Last known single-cylinder Ducati was race-only Supermano in 1993.


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