Unhappy TVS Apache 160 Owner Threatens To Bury His Motorcycle – Here’s Why

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While few defects across the manufacturing process are unavoidable, problems arise when service centres and OEMs don’t take appropriate action to fix the issue

Unhappy TVS Apache Owner

In yet another example of generalized apathy for consumers, a TVS Apache 160 owner has claimed that his bike is yet to be fixed despite multiple visits to the service centre. Most of the bike’s digital systems and lighting apparatus had stopped working after a few months of use.

The bike is currently around 8 months old and under warranty. Critical systems such as headlamp, indicators, horn, digital instrument console and SmartXonnect connectivity platform are not working, even though a fix was provided by the dealer around a couple of weeks back.

Manufacturing defect identified

According to the owner, he had purchased the bike from a showroom in Palwal, Haryana. It was a good experience initially, as performance of the bike was quite exciting. Mileage was also satisfactory at around 50 kmph. However, the story changed when much of the bike’s electrical and electronic systems stopped functioning.

The only parts working included the LED DRLs. Mechanically, there was no issue with the bike. However, it is pretty difficult to imagine riding a bike without a headlamp, indicator and horn. The issues occurred even when the owner had not customized his bike in any form. Take a look at the detailed video below, credited to Arun Panwar.

[embedded content]

When the bike was taken to a nearby TVS service centre, the owner was asked to pay Rs 500 for checking the wires. This was quite odd, as the bike was still under warranty. The bike was later taken to the original dealer in Palwal , where a ‘jugaad’ fix was provided. It worked for some days, but problems reappeared.

According to the owner, he noticed that other TVS products were also being brought in the service centre for wiring related issues. He feels that the wiring issue may be a more widespread problem and not limited to his bike. But the dealer did not have the necessary replacement parts to fix the bike. According to the dealership in Palwal, the problem is a manufacturing defect and not a wire-cut issue.

Replacement wiring awaited

A replacement wiring has been ordered, which will take around 15 days to reach the dealership. Hopefully, the replacement should be able to ensure a permanent fix. Things like wiring are pretty basic and it’s surprising that such issues have surfaced. For most bikes, the wiring is supposed to last the entire lifespan of the bike.

While the owner waits for the new wiring, he is not happy with the overall service experience. If one has to wait months to get critical issues fixed, it puts a question mark on the quality of post-sales service. The owner also feels that rewiring the bike may create new problems, as most of the parts will need to be taken out and refitted again. We hope the service centre takes this on priority and is able to provide a satisfactory, permanent solution.

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