The Most Reliable Used Cars for $5000: Window Shop with Car and Driver

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It almost never happens, but this week, the Window Shop crew actually took the viewer-submitted challenge seriously. The prompt? Find the most reliable car out there for $5000. This episode features five solid and compelling choices with sterling reputations for reliability and longevity. But even though we like one another’s picks, that doesn’t keep us from bickering about how to properly use a tree air freshener or digressing into a discussion about cars that are like coffins.

Contributing editor John Pearley Huffman, a devoted lover of the Toyota Tundra, puts his pickup obsession aside and shows off a low-mileage 2007 Ford Crown Victoria police car that may have spend the past 13 years idling. Associate editor Annie White offers up the only German car of the bunch, a 1978 Mercedes-Benz 300D that’s similar to the W123-generation Benz that former EIC Eddie Alterman bought. That diesel Benz may make just 77 horsepower, but it’ll likely still run in 50 years. Deputy testing director K.C. Colwell and yours truly select two ’90s Japanese classics that would be dull if it weren’t for their manual transmissions. Finally, contributing editor Jonathon Ramsey presents what can only be described as peak Buick. He suggests it’s the best car for millennials, but our resident millennial wholeheartedly disagrees. The rest of us fall completely in love with Ramsey’s pick—a pristine Park Avenue Ultra—and begin to understand why the great American road belongs to Buick.

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