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    Revolt Electric Motorcycle Price Hike By Rs 18k – Battery Warranty Reduced

    File photo.Revolt is planning to launch a new entry-level electric motorcycle that will sit below the RV400 in company lineup
    Revolt Motors has increased prices of its flagship offering RV400. The electric motorcycle garnered a fair bit of attention at the time of its debut since it was the country’s first AI-enabled two-wheeler. The bike also flaunted a unique design which attracted many buyers.
    Revolt Electric Price Nov 2021 – RV400 Prices Increased
    The company has now increased prices of RV400 by a significant margin of Rs 18,000. Previously, the electric motorcycle was priced at Rs 1.07 lakh and after the latest revision, it will be available at a price of Rs 1.25 lakh.
    For Mumbai, the price now stands at Rs 1.26 lakh (all prices ex-showroom). The latest price hike has already come into effect. In fact, this price increment will also be applicable to customers who have booked an RV400 before it was announced.
    This will probably come as a jolt to all who were awaiting delivery of this electric motorcycle. Revolt Motors is communicating to such customers that the hike is because of a sudden and significant increase in the raw material cost.
    Revolt Electric Motorcycle Nov 2021 Updates
    Battery Warranty Decreased
    The EV manufacturer has conveyed that it will be unable to deliver bikes at the price prevailing at the time of booking. Not just prices but Revolt has also reduced warranty on offer in the battery pack of RV400. When launched in 2019 first, Revolt offered a class-leading battery warranty of eight years or 1,50,000 kilometres (whichever comes first).
    This was also one of the numerous reasons why consumers shifted from IC engine-powered two-wheelers to a battery-powered motorcycles. The battery in RV400 now gets a six years or 1,00,000 kilometres warranty (whichever comes first). This means a reduction of two years and 50,000 kilometres.
    Despite a reduction in battery warranty coverage, Revolt still offers the most comprehensive warranty package than any other two-wheeler brand in the EV space in India. Other two-wheeler EV manufacturers like Ather Energy and Ola Electric only offer a three-year warranty on their respective batteries. However, the company has not yet commented on the reason behind the reduction in battery warranty.
    Revolt expansion in India
    Earlier in October this year, Revolt announced that it will expand its footprint in the country by establishing itself in 70 cities in the coming months, covering 26 states and union territories in India. Currently, Revolt retails RV400 in just six places in India including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Chennai.
    Powering RV400 is a 72V 3.24kWh lithium-ion battery that sends power to a 3 kW electric motor which dishes out a peak output of 5 kW power and 54 Nm of torque. It has a top speed of 85 kmph and offers a claimed range of 156 kms on a single charge.
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    Revolt RV400 Electric Motorcycle New White Colour Launched

    Revolt Electric Motorcycle New ShowroomRevolt is also expected to announce the launch of its battery swapping stations called Switch Stations in the near future
    Revolt Motors has launched its flagship electric motorcycle RV400 in a new paint scheme. The company is yet to officially name the colour of the bike but gets a silvery-white paint with accents of black colour dominating the lower half of the motorcycle. The launch has been announced by the company’s founder, Rahul Sharma on his Twitter handle.
    Sharma revealed that fresh bookings for RV400 will be opened soon. With this update, RV400 would be available in total three colour options, the other two being Rebel Red and Cosmic Black colours. Design of the white livery looks similar to the existing Rebel Red model.
    RV400 Powertrain Specs, Range
    There has been no development reported regarding updates of any other kinds. This means mechanically and feature-wise RV400 is exactly the same as the current model. RV400 is powered by a mid-ship mounted 3kW electric motor which derives energy from a 72V, 3.24kWh lithium-ion battery. The combined peak output stands at 5kW of power and 54 Nm of torque.
    Top speed of the bike has been claimed to be 85 kmph. It is offered in three riding modes Eco, City and Sport with a maximum claimed range of 156km on a single charge in Eco mode. City and Sport modes offer a range of 120km and 90km on a single charge respectively. The battery takes about 4.5 hours to charge completely using a 15A socket.
    Revolt Electric Motorcycle New White Colour
    Suspension duties are handled by inverted forks up front and a mono-shock at rear with screw-type preload adjustability. Whereas anchorage is taken care of by 240mm disc brakes on both ends with CBS as standard. The bike rides on 17-inch alloy wheels.
    Features on offer
    In terms of features, it is offered with all-LED lighting for headlamp, tail lamp and turn indicators, a full-LCD instrument cluster and 4G connectivity. The instrument console is enabled with MyRevolt App which offers connected features such as bike locator, geo-fencing, battery status, historical data on trips, complete bike diagnostics, keyless operation.
    It can also be used to access information about the nearest battery swapping stations which will be known as Switch Stations. The most interesting feature is the simulated exhaust notes which can be changed from the app and can also be switched on or off on the go. Recently it received a new feature called Swipe to Start which enables remote start/stop of the motorcycle.
    Prices of RV400 have recently been reduced by Rs 28,000 thanks to the revised FAME II subsidies from the Government of India. It is now priced at Rs 90,799 (ex-showroom). The Delhi-based EV startup intends to introduce a more affordable electric motorcycle called Revolt RV1. More

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    New Revolt Electric Motorcycle Likely To Be Cheaper Than Pulsar – Launch In 2022

    File photo.Revolt will launch a new entry-level electric motorcycle in India named RV1 which will replace the current RV300
    Electric mobility has received a renewed impetus in the Indian automobile industry this year. Many new manufacturers are geared up to introduce battery-powered vehicles which will pave the way for future mobility solutions in the country.
    Revolt was one of the first brands to introduce electric two-wheelers in India in the form of RV300 and RV400. A recent report published in PTI has revealed that the company will introduce a new entry-level electric motorcycle next year. Dubbed as RV1, this electric bike will replace the current RV300 in the company’s lineup.
    More details
    This development was confirmed by a Business Chairman, Rattan India Enterprises, Anjali Rattan. The company is a major stakeholder in the EV startup. Formerly known as RattanIndia Infra, the company in April this year announced it was exiting from the traditional infrastructure business to focus on new growth businesses. A few weeks later, it acquired a 43 percent stake worth Rs 150 crore in Revolt Motor.
    Rattan added that the new RV1 will be manufactured in India with all components sourced locally, and that production will commence by January next year. This new model will be more affordable than the outgoing RV300 with similar specs which are comparable to conventional 110cc IC engine motorcycles. Much like Revolt’s current offerings, RV1 will be manufactured at the Manesar-based plant.
    Revolt Electric Motorcycle Delivery
    Locally Manufactured components
    By December this year, the company’s product lineup will be 100% make-in-India. As of now, Revolt has been importing parts from China but will now focus on every single supply from within India. Rattan further added that the company has witnessed an increase in demand which had forced it to stop accepting bookings of its bikes many times in the last two months.
    Price of the new Revolt Electric Motorcycle is expected to be in the Rs 80k range. This will make it the cheapest Revolt on sale. In this price range, it will be priced similarly to the cheapest Pulsar motorcycle. Pulsar 125cc today is priced from Rs 79k. The attractive price tag will help the brand bring new customers.
    RV300 Specs & Features
    In terms of specifications, RV300 is powered by a 2.7kWh lithium-ion battery pack which feeds energy to a 1.5kW hub motor. This powertrain returns an average range between 80-150km on a single charge. The battery takes 4.5 hours to charge fully whereas it takes 3.5 houses to charge from 0 to 75 percent charge.
    RV300 also features a smaller rear disc whereas the front disc and the suspension remain the same as the more premium RV400. It gets a box-type swingarm and misses out on keyless ignition and a slightly slimmer rear tyre as well. Currently, RV300 has been priced at Rs 95,000 (ex-showroom) while the new RV1 is likely to be priced below Rs 80,000 (ex-showroom). The current lot of RV300 will be acquired by pizza giant Domino’s for its delivery fleet. More

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    Revolt Electric Motorcycles To Electrify Domino’s Pizza Delivery Fleet In India

    Image for reference
    Domino’s to procure Revolt RV300 motorcycles to increase its electric delivery fleet
    Domino’s will work with Revolt Motors to to introduce a larger number of electric bikes in its delivery fleet. Through the partnership, Domino’s will procure the entire existing inventory of Revolt’s RV300 bike model. The development comes on the back of a successful pilot project.
    Domino’s electric fleet is specially customized to suit its business needs. The end result is zero-emission delivery. The delivery bike market is one that has grown considerably in recent years. And, there’s great potential for it to transform into a largely electric fleet in the years to come.
    Savings for the company
    Electric bikes are being presented as economic solutions. And marketing is focused on lower maintenance and running costs compared to petrol engine bikes. The direct comparison of running cost is set at an approx 9 bucks for 100 kms, which translates to savings.
    Anjali Rattan, Business Chairman of RattanIndia Enterprises said “Revolt is happy to join hands with Domino’s in this partnership which not only makes sense environmentally, but also offers great cost savings for the company.”
    Revolt electric motorcycles
    A boost for the Indian auto industry is expected to come from electric two-wheelers. Viewed as a growing segment in the global bike market, it thus seems an attractive investment opportunity for investors. With the market expected to grow in the next couple of years, it’s likely to create a significant number of high-growth businesses in this space. Being an industry that continually emphasises on a cleaner tomorrow, the approach towards e-bikes needs to be based on holistic.
    Business growth potential
    Apart from demand drivers such as population growth and disposable income levels per capita in India, there are other factors that are driving demand for these vehicles. For instance, government’s focus on increasing the uptake of two-wheelers by providing them with access to subsidies and growth drivers.
    This provides an opportunity to both manufacturers, and retailers. The large number of lifestyle segment consumers is also a significant contributor towards the growth in revenue from these bikes. For investors looking at making a foray into this market, research recommends taking up electric two wheeler manufacturing and distribution to have a clear market share in respective segments.
    Indian electric two wheeler market is expected to present an attractive investment opportunity in a range of business avenues. This includes parts manufacturing, distribution and focus on charging infra among other things. Given the growing variety of electric two-wheelers currently available, it is important to understand that there are a number of different markets they cater to. Clear outlines require the new age industry to follow the government’s requirements for registration if they want to continue selling their bikes under government-backed schemes. More

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    Revolt Electric Motorcycle Price Benefit Rs 58k – Rajasthan EV Policy 2021

    File photo.Incentives offered by the Rajasthan Government amount to Rs 10,690 per motorcycle and refund of 2.5 percent GST
    Joining the list of states of Maharashtra, Gujarath, Tamil Nadu and Delhi, now Rajasthan has become the latest to introduce special incentives to buyers of electric vehicles. This new policy with works in tandem with the FAME II policy of Government of India seeks to add further impetus to electric two and three wheeler segments.
    Apart from the states mentioned above, more than 20 states across India are expected to introduce state specific electric vehicle incentives. The benefits offered in this category in Rajasthan is of a different incentive structure as compared to that offered in other states.
    RattanIndia’s Revolt to Benefit
    Under the new incentive scheme adopted by the Rajasthan Government, buyers of electric two wheelers will receive incentives based on battery capacity. For capacity of 3.24 kWh packs, the incentive for Revolt bikes will be at Rs 10,690 and this would also include a SGST refund of 2.5 percent on the cost of the vehicle.
    This is over the FAME II incentives offered to electric vehicle makers that amounts to Rs 48,000 per bike for the Revolt which would mean a total incentive of a minimum of Rs 58,690 per bike sold by RattanIndia in Rajasthan. Of this, Rs 48,000 will be paid to Revolt by the Central Government while Rs 10,690 will be credited to the bank account of the customer.

    Revolt Electric Motorcycle Price Benefit

    Rs. 25,000 + free registration + zero road tax

    Rs. 20,000 + free registration

    Rs. 16,200 + free registration + zero road tax

    Rs. 32,000 + free registration+ zero road tax

    These incentives come at a time when fuel prices are escalating by the day. It not only makes the initial cost of the electric two wheeler more affordable for buyers but users also benefit in terms of day to day running costs. Falling battery costs will also make electric vehicles more affordable than their petrol powered counterparts.
    Maharashtra was one of the first states where Revolt commenced sales in February 2020. The company predicts increased demand in the state with the Maharashtra Electric Vehicle Policy 2021, in addition to the FAME II incentive, which will accelerate process of EV adoption in the state.
    State-wise incentives range from Rs.25,000 along with free registration and 0 road tax in Maharashtra and Rs 20,000 and free registration for buyers in Gujarat. Buyers of electric vehicles in Delhi can avail of a Rs 16,200 benefit along with free registration and 0 road tax and this benefit goes up to Rs 32,000 in Meghalaya along with free registration and 0 road tax.
    Running cost for Revolt bikes could work out to Rs 9 per 100 kms as against Rs 250 per 100 kms on petrol bikes. Apart from the saving to customer, large scale adoption of electric vehicles will also result in zero auto emissions and the aim of the Central Government is to boost use of electric two wheelers to over 50 lakh units over the next 5 years.
    Revolt RV400 Bookings
    Following the latest incentives, Revolt India reopened bookings for the RV500 on July 15th. However, bookings had to be shut within two hours due to overwhelming demand and the company has put up a ‘Notify Me’ for buyers who could not book their vehicles.
    In earlier sales, Revolt Motors claimed that it sold Revolt RV400 worth Rs 50 crore and deliveries of the first lot of bikes have commenced to these buyers. The RV400 now sees a price cut by Rs 28,000 following the FAME II incentives relating to a price tag of Rs 90,799 ex-showroom Delhi as against an earlier price of Rs 1,18,999 while it retails at Rs 87,000 in Ahmedabad. More

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    Revolt Electric Motorcycles July 2021 Batch Sold Out In 10 Minutes

    File photoIn June 2021, Revolt had to close bookings in less than 2 hours – While in July 2021, bookings had to close in just 10 minutes
    Revolt Electric Motorcycles are in huge demand, claims the company. After opening the bookings earlier today at 12 PM, the company had to close the bookings in just 10 minutes as the entire batch got sold out. RattanIndia’s Revolt Motors has not revealed any numbers. Last month they had said that they got bookings worth Rs 50 crores in 2 hours.
    Anjali Rattan, Business Chairman, Rattanindia Enterprises said, “Revolt bikes being sold out within minutes is strong testimony of the product quality of Revolt. With petrol prices reaching upwards of Rs. 100 in the country, it is hard for customers to miss huge savings that Revolt bikes bring.”
    FAME Incentives
    Thanks to amendments made to the FAME II policy, prices of electric vehicles across India have reduced drastically. Electric scooters and motorcycles have been the biggest beneficiaries and the same can be seen as their demand sees meteoric rise. In addition to the FAME-II incentives, State Govt’s have also stepped in and offered additional benefits for EV buyers.
    Revolt says, “With falling battery prices, EV bikes prices are already comparable to their petrol counterparts. In addition various state governments are giving significant incentives to customers buying electric bikes. For example Maharashtra is giving incentives of more than Rs. 25,000 per bike, Gujarat Govt. gives incentives of Rs. 20,000 per bike, Delhi Government gives direct incentive of about Rs. 16,200 per bike for Revolt customers.
    Revolt Electric Motorcycles Sold Out In 10 Minutes
    Similarly, Meghalaya has incentive of Rs. 32,000 per bike for Revolt and Bihar has also proposed a similar amount as incentive. In addition states of Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Delhi have also waived off the road tax for EV two wheelers.”
    Revolt Motorcycles
    Both electric motorcycles share the same mechanicals while using the same frame and components of Chinese company Super Soco’s TS motorcycle. The e-bikes look nearly identical with the primary difference between them being the motor and battery capacity. RV300 comes with a 60-volt, 2.7 kWh Lithium-ion battery pack which is paired with a 1.5 kW hub motor. It is offered with three ride modes namely Eco, Normal and Sports.
    The top speed attained by RV300 at respective modes are 25 km/h (Eco), 45 km/h (Normal) and 65 km/h (Sports). Their respective single-charge range is pegged at 180 km, 110 km and 80 km. The battery takes 3 hours to charge from 0-75% and 4 hours to juice up fully 100 percent.
    RV400, on the other hand, uses a higher voltage and bigger capacity battery pack which is paired to a more powerful motor. A 3kW motor draws its power from a 72-volt 3.24 kWh Lithium-ion battery pack. It offers the same set of ride modes as offered in RV300. This bike can clock a top speed of 45 kmph in Eco mode, 65 kmph in Normal mode and 85 kmph in Sports mode. The single-charge range in respective ride modes stands at 150 km, 100 km and 80 km. The charging time is 3 hours (0-75%) and 4.5 hours (0-100%). More

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    Revolt Electric Motorcycle Bookings Reopen On 15th July At 12 PM

    File photo.Revolt India is all set to start accepting bookings of their RV300 and RV400 electric motorcycles from 15th July
    RattanIndia-backed electric motorcycle makers, Revolt recently announced the dispatch of its latest lot of RV400 electric bikes. These bikes make their way to buyers across the country from the company’s greenfield manufacturing unit in Manesar, Haryana. Now, the company has announced that they are ready to reopen bookings of their electric motorcycle.
    Overwhelming Response
    RV400 is the company’s flagship model and it has been met with much demand. The last time bookings were open, the company had to close bookings in a few hours of opening. Revolt Motors had opened its online portal on 18th June and sold RV400 units to the tune of Rs 50 crores within 120 minutes.
    These orders were from buyers in the 6 cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. Deliveries are being made in the shortest possible time. Now the company is getting ready to reopen bookings on 15th July 2021. It is not clear for how long the bookings will remain open.
    Price Cut
    The recent revisions in the FAME II policy has seen reduced costs and increased demand for electric bikes in the country. The RV400 electric bike is priced at Rs 1.06 lakh. However, buyers in Gujarat can avail of benefits upto Rs 20,000 in the state while buyers in Delhi get a benefit of Rs 16,400 on e-bikes.
    Revolt Motorcycle Delivery – Ahmedabad
    Thanks to these benefits both under FAME II policy and Gujarat EV policy, the RV400 costs Rs 87,000 instead of Rs 1.06 lakh in Ahmedabad. Delhi pricing is at Rs 90,799 due to added subsidies offered by the Delhi Government.
    Revolt’s RV400 is presented in a single variant of STD. It receives features such as a sleek LED headlamp unit, wide handlebars, side panels that are completely covered and rider footpegs that are interchangeable from mid to rear set positions. A full LCD instrument cluster with 4G connectivity, mobile app with smartphone pairing, bike locator and real time bike information and diagnostics along with geofencing for added security are among its on board features.
    Power and Performance
    The RV400 receives a 3.24 kWh Lithium ion battery pack and a 4 hp electric motor offering 72 V power, a range of 150 kms on single charge and a top speed of 85 km/h. The company offers an 8 year/1,50,000 km warranty along with free maintenance for 3 years/30 kms and product warranty of 5 years/75,000 kms. The battery can be charged in under 4 hours upto 100 percent. RV400 gets 3 riding modes of Eco, Normal, Sport and inverted forks and adjustable mono-shock with an aluminum swing arm.
    The Revolt RV400 competes with the other electric vehicles in its segment that include the Ather 450X, TVS iQube and Bajaj Chetak. The company is also offering a state of the art VOLT– Vehicle OnLine Tracking system for its customers who have booked Revolt e-bikes so as to track their deliveries. More

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    Revolt Electric Motorcycles New Batch Ready For Dispatch To Dealers

    Revolt Electric Motorcycle New Batch – July 2021 DispatchRevolt Motors announced today that their latest batch of electric motorcycles is ready for dispatch from company plant
    One of the fastest growing electric two wheeler brand in India, Revolt Motors has been struggling to keep up with the demand. Bookings for their electric motorcycles are closed currently, as they have already received enough orders and the company does not want to collect huge booking orders, which will only result in huge waiting period for customers.
    Instead, Revolt opens bookings every few weeks, collects enough orders so that they can meet demand for the time being. The last time Revolt electric motorcycle bookings were open, was about 3 weeks ago. The demand was such, that in a matter of 2 hours, the company had to close booking window. In that short window, they collected orders worth Rs 50 crores.
    New Batch Ready For Dispatch
    There is no update as to when the bookings will re-open. But there is good news for those awaiting delivery of their Revolt e-bike. The latest news from Revolt Electric is that the new batch of e-motorcycles RV300 and RV400 is now ready for dispatch to dealers. Existing dealer network is in cities of Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mumbai.
    Revolt has not release exact number of electric motorcycles which will be delivered under the latest batch. Owners who are awaiting deliver, can check the progress via the new VOLT feature. Revolt launched VOLT feature for buyers who are awaiting delivery. Via this, awaiting buyers can track the progress of their e-bike from booking stage to delivery.
    Revolt Electric Motorcycle New Batch – July 2021 Dispatch
    Thanks to rising fuel prices, and updated FAME-II policy, there is a renewed interest in electric vehicles across India. If that was not enough a booster, some state governments are adding even more benefits. For example, Gujarat recently announced added benefits for EV buyers. This has made the Revolt motorcycle buyers avail benefits of upto Rs 68,000 in the state.
    New Revolt’s ready for dispatch
    Revolt e-Bikes
    RattanIndia’s Revolt Motors has received outstanding demand for both the RV400 and RV300. The RV400 gets a 3.24 kWh Lithium ion battery pack that offers 72 V power, a top range of 150 kms on a single charge while offering a top speed of 85 kmph. The battery pack comes in with a warranty of 8 years/1,50,000 kms and free maintenance for 3 years/30,000 kms along with product warranty for 5 years/75,000 kms.
    The Revolt RV300 receives a 1.5 kW motor with a 2.7 kW battery pack. This smaller capacity powertrain allows for a range of 80-150 kms on a single charge and a top speed of 65 kmph. Its key features include internet and cloud connected features and MyRevolt App.
    Revolt, in association with Google is offering a connected helmet with the RV400. It is an accessory which allows the bike to start with the command – Revolt Start. It also gets the dedicated mobile app that offers features such as satellite navigation, bike locator, real time bike information and diagnostics and geo-fencing. More