Tata vs MG Electric Cars: An Advertising War for Your Attention

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Tata vs MG

Tata vs. MG: The Electric Car War of Words – Advertisement Get Creative – Join the Debate

The advertising war between auto manufacturers is an interesting phenomenon that has been going on for years. In this case, we have jabs being traded over 2 respective electric vehicles.

What started as a single image shared by a Tata dealership on Facebook, has taken on a life of its own during the course of the day. The launch of the MG Comet micro EV has sparked a new advertising war. And it keeps the focus on electric cars. The marketing messages used on behalf of both companies reflect the growing conversations around electric vehicles, and the need to distinguish oneself in the marketplace.

Tata and MG: A Battle of Electric Proportions

“Own a car vs not a cartoon,” was the first find of the day. Highlighting the practicality of their electric cars. The word “car” suggests that Tata is offering a legitimate mode of transportation, while the word “cartoon” implies that the MG Comet is not a serious option. It likely plays on notions of being a more serious choice, as opposed to a quirky and playful vehicle like the MG Comet. Aka cartoon in this instance.

In response, the ongoing banter now positions the Comet as a new, modern, and technologically advanced option with their messaging “Ice age vs new age.” The word “ice age” suggests that Tata’s cars are outdated and old-fashioned, while “new age” implies that MG’s cars are futuristic and cutting-edge. MG is targeting customers who are looking for a stylish and cool car that stands out from the crowd. It positions MG Comet EV as a modern and forward-thinking option. It’s a clever play on words that plays on the idea of a technological revolution from the Ice Age to the New Age.

Tata vs MG

Electric Car Advertising 101: Tata and MG Get Competitive

The messaging “Old school vs new cool” is a further attempt to position MG Comet as a modern and trendy car. The word “old school” could suggest that Tata’s cars are traditional, outdated, and reminiscent of the past, while “new cool” implies that MG’s cars are modern and fashionable. And thereby targeting customers who are looking for a car that reflects their personality and sense of style.

The notion “taxi or tech” is another dig at Tata, suggesting that their cars are only good for commercial use, while MG’s cars are high-tech and trendy. Probably to click with those who want a car that is not only functional but also represents their lifestyle and values.

Tata’s Taxi Cars vs. MG’s Sexy EVs: Electric Car Marketing Heats Up

Finally, “say tata to taxi vs drive something sexy” sounds a bit more like a direct challenge to Tata’s brand image. The word “taxi” suggests that Tata’s cars are taxis / cabs, while “sexy” implies that MG’s cars are sleek, stylish, and desirable.

These marketing messages are all about positioning respective brands in trying to distinguish themselves, and capture a share of the growing electric car market. If you are in the market for an electric car, take a test drive, weigh your options, and make an informed decision that suits your lifestyle and values.

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