Yamaha India Sales Feb 2023 – R15, MT15, RayZR, Fascino, FZ

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Yamaha YoY sales grew in domestic markets but fell MoM while exports suffered a YoY and MoM de-growth

2023 Yamaha R15

Yamaha sales in domestic markets increased by 13.15 percent YoY in Feb 2023. Sales which had stood at 34,817 units in Feb 2022 improved to 39,397 units in the past month. However, on a MoM sales, sales dipped by 0.73 percent from 39,688 units sold in Jan 2023.

Yamaha Domestic Sales Feb 2023

Yamaha FZ was the most sold model in domestic markets in Feb 2023. Sales improved by 28.87 percent YoY and 34.63 percent MoM to 17,262 units. There were 13,395 units and 12,822 units sold in Feb 2022 and Jan 2023 respectively. The FZ which commanded a 43.82 percent share in Feb 2023 saw an increase from 32.31 share held in Jan 2023.

Yamaha India Sales and Exports Feb 2023 vs Feb 2022 – YoY comparison

The Yamaha R15 also saw a YoY growth of 20.17 percent to 7,697 units in Feb 2023 from 6,405 units sold in Feb 2022 while MoM sales dipped by 2.88 percent from 7,925 units sold in Jan 2022. MT15 sales were at 6,132 units in the past month with a MoM de-growth of 29.82 percent from 8,738 units sold in Jan 2023.

Every other model on the company portfolio has posted a YoY and MoM de-growth. RayZR sales dipped 42.67 percent YoY and 6.83 percent MoM to 4,790 units in Feb 2023 while Fascino sales fell 47.07 percent YoY and 15.98 percent MoM to 3,396 units. YoY and MoM de-growth was also reported for the Yamaha FZ25 down by 51.22 percent YoY to 120 units from 246 units sold in Feb 2022 while MoM sales fell by 88.24 percent as against 1,020 units sold in Jan 2023.

Yamaha India Domestic Sales % Share Feb 2023

Yamaha Exports Feb 2023

Exports finished in the red in Feb 2023 with a 28.18 percent YoY de-growth to 15,694 units, down from 22,161 units sold in Feb 2022. MoM sales also ended in the negative, down 13.84 percent from 18,215 units sold in Jan 2023.

Yamaha India Exports % Share Feb 2023

In export markets as well, it was the Yamaha FZ that commanded the most attention despite YoY and MoM de-growth. Sales of the FZ stood at 7,110 units in the past month, down 29.88 percent from 10,140 units shipped in Feb 2022. MoM exports fell 18.80 percent from 8,756 units sold in Jan 2023. Share percentage dipped to 45.30 percent in Feb 2023 from 48.07 percent held in Jan 2023.

At No. 2 on the export list was Yamaha Saluto with 368.87 percent YoY growth but 0.63 percent Mom decline. Exports were at 2,832 units last month. While 2,850 units had been exported in Jan 2023. More positive results were seen for the Saluto RX which improved YoY by 1461.11 percent and MoM by 45.85 percent to 1,686. This was against 108 units exported in Feb 2022 and 1,156 units exported in Jan 2023.

Yamaha India Sales and Exports Feb 2023 vs Jan 2023 – MoM comparison

Exports of Yamaha MT-15 improved 1625 percent YoY to 1,380 units from just 80 units exported in Feb 2022. MoM exports slipped by 8.12 percent from 1,502 units shipped in Jan 2023. Thereafter every model on the company export list suffered YoY and MoM de-growth. Ray ZR exports fell 34.45 percent YoY and 17.21 percent MoM to 1,212 units while FZ 25 suffered a 79.51 percent YoY and 57.14 percent MoM de-growth to 552 units. This took the share percentage down to 3.52 percent from 7.07 percent MoM.

Lower down the list was the SZ with 524 units shipped in the past month, down 21.56 percent YoY and 17.61 percent MoM. There were also 398 units of the Yamaha R15 shipped last month, a 40.06 percent and 21.65 percent YoY and MoM de-growth respectively. Fascino sales also fell 100 percent MoM from 55 units shipped in Jan 2023 to 0 units in the past month.

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