Suzuki Misano Concept Electric Car Inspired From Track Motorcycles

Suzuki Misano Concept

Suzuki Misano Concept is a futuristic electric two-seat roadster with superbike inspired design language built only for design study purpose

Not always do we come across a design that is meant purely to showcase one’s talents. The latest Suzuki Misano Concept is one such design that is a culmination of the Japanese automaker’s two souls- car making and bike making. The design concept is a result of hard work of 24 master’s students at Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Turin, Italy in collaboration with Suzuki.

Superbike Inspired Design

The name ‘Misano’ has been derived from a motorcycle racing track called Misano World Circuit in Italy. The electric sports car takes plenty of inspiration from a track-focussed motorcycle for instance its aerodynamic design and its two-seat layout in tandem format on the left-hand side of the car.

Suzuki Misano Concept

Misano Concept sports a classic barchetta (boat-like) silhouette that embodies the contrasting essence of driving and riding an automobile with a futuristic twist. The IED students have managed to keep the dimensions of the car fairly compact. The car measures around 4 metres in length and only a metre tall while the design comprises a mix of curves and hard edges.

Design highlights

Upfront, it flaunts S-shaped headlights integrated on the front grille which resemble the Suzuki emblem. Copper accents have been added to the roll hoop behind the rear passenger and alloy wheels in order to give a contrasting touch to an all-black theme of the car.

Suzuki Misano Concept

While the left side has been occupied by front and rear seats, the right-hand side has been utilised for carving out a luggage space as well as space for keeping the battery pack. It comes with a single door on the left side of the car featuring a glass panel that makes the driver feel closer to the road.

Suzuki Misano Concept

The rear of Misano Concept has been designed with emphasis laid on enhancing aerodynamic qualities. The motorcycle – car connection goes further deeper as it employs a control stick instead of a traditional steering wheel and pedals.

A small windscreen up front is another element taking inspiration from a motorbike. The designing team from IED comprises students from various countries including India.

Misano Concept has been created simply as a design study and is highly doubtful to reach the production stage as there are no powertrain details attached to this prototype. It will, however, be displayed to the public at Mauto, the Italian national automotive museum in Turin, on 15 and 16 June this year.

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